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11:12How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2t
How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2tvisningar 1mn12 timmar sedan
9:24VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t
VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2tvisningar 1,4mn7 dagar sedan
8:38How 2b2t Bases Are Turning Invisible
How 2b2t Bases Are Turning Invisiblevisningar 1,1mn14 dagar sedan
14:3420 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft's 2b2t
8:04Do 2b2t Lavacast Machines ACTUALLY Work?
Do 2b2t Lavacast Machines ACTUALLY Work?visningar 971tn28 dagar sedan
19:03How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?
How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?visningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
10:12Why is there a giant "OWO" on 2b2t?
Why is there a giant "OWO" on 2b2t?visningar 2,6mnMånad sedan
10:52Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...
Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...visningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
10:34What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?
What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?visningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
10:11I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....
I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....visningar 2,6mn2 månader sedan
10:30How a 2b2t Impostor FOOLED the server for YEARS
10:032b2t's History of Man-made Glitches
2b2t's History of Man-made Glitchesvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
11:36I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPAN
I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPANvisningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
8:27The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"
The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"visningar 1,1mn3 månader sedan
8:32Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"
Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"visningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
10:31How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made
How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Madevisningar 2,9mn3 månader sedan
2B2T's 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIALvisningar 1,2mn3 månader sedan
10:202b2t's FIRST War - 4chan vs. Facepunch (2011-2012)
9:04The Mystery of 2b2t's Nether Lavacast
The Mystery of 2b2t's Nether Lavacastvisningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
12:27Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t
Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2tvisningar 2,7mn4 månader sedan
9:472b2t's Most Bizarre Oddities
2b2t's Most Bizarre Odditiesvisningar 1,6mn4 månader sedan
8:32Trolling 2b2t Players with a "Magic Carpet"
Trolling 2b2t Players with a "Magic Carpet"visningar 926tn4 månader sedan
13:11The Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal" Town
The Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal" Townvisningar 2,8mn5 månader sedan
8:59The Darkest Week on 2b2t
The Darkest Week on 2b2tvisningar 1,9mn5 månader sedan
8:46How Mr. Beast Destroyed Minecraft's 2b2t
How Mr. Beast Destroyed Minecraft's 2b2tvisningar 3,5mn5 månader sedan
18:452b2t's Most Chaotic Minecraft Highway
2b2t's Most Chaotic Minecraft Highwayvisningar 2,4mn5 månader sedan
13:11Minecraft's New Update will CHANGE 2b2t
Minecraft's New Update will CHANGE 2b2tvisningar 2mn6 månader sedan
8:48This Bedrock Survived 8 Years on 2b2t
This Bedrock Survived 8 Years on 2b2tvisningar 968tn6 månader sedan
10:092b2t's Spawn Has Been Flooded
2b2t's Spawn Has Been Floodedvisningar 2,1mn6 månader sedan
13:14The Unsolved Mystery of 2b2t's End Dimension
The Unsolved Mystery of 2b2t's End Dimensionvisningar 3,4mn6 månader sedan


  • 3:25 yo- you did thus before it was popular

  • Video games: design play disrupt Meanwhile: 2b2t: destroy pillage disrupt

  • Portal traps, bed traps, now bread traps

  • why am i not surprised lmfao

  • The real question is if the title is clickbait.

  • I just saw a comment in old fits video saying “ few years later - how bread was weponized on 2b2t “ oh boy how right he was

  • 2B2T bois can make a sealing spell out of any item


  • R.I.P HenryCarls_

  • This is what I call “Quality Content”.

  • Is an update to 1.16 confirmed for 2b2t?

  • The worst youtuber that exists on earth

  • baldy pants hehehehe ( im 27 )

  • what about popbob

  • Pollytheparrot said that he was gonna PVP Obama and win

  • Nice

  • Bread BREAD What isn't weaponized??

  • R.I.P HendryCarls_ Died trying to escape a ban trap

  • I have a idea build one of those ships again

  • Long live HenryCarls_ may he prosper where he ventures next.

  • You got that right


  • must've been -pain-ful to get banned

  • Next video:how Minecraft glass was weaponized in 2b 2t

  • Saddest anime death of all time: The death of Henry Carl’s... 9:41

  • Fun fact this is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • laughs in firefox

  • *dies from bread

  • Poor Henry

  • Oh the far lands! I know where those are

  • i wish the blaze thing won blazes are my favorite mob

  • Mr.Beast: (joins 2b2t) 2b2t members: 2b2t members! Assemble

  • Man, I didn't know that carbohydrates can get me kicked from the server

  • Im bready

  • "This is bread." "Dear God..!" "There's more." "No..."

  • Incursion time! Probably...

  • /kill @a

  • Next up: How Minecraft DIRT wiped player profiles on 2B2T

  • All Phantoms do is spinning around in air

  • 9:41 rip henrycarls "he just had redstone dust why grass block, WHY?!?!??!"

  • killin it with the dk music I approve

  • this almost put me to sleep

  • This has to have an Anime Adaptation. STUDIO WITS, you know what to do.

  • next video: How they weaponized air in 2b2t...

  • Kingdom hearts music nice

  • Teleporting bread in tf2: You’re weak. Teleporting bread in 2B2T: I’m you

  • Rushia was actually the first v-tuber appearance in 2b2t, aka the great obsidian wal-


  • Henry will be missed

  • why didn't they build it underground? or slowly increase the landscape over like 50,000 blocks so that it slowly went up so if people were to walk the area they'd think they're just walking straight when really 10 blocks down theres a massive cavern with an island in the middle


  • Rip henry he lived with fit for. 1-10 minutes what an honourable person


  • But died

  • I saw the blaze king onece

  • The mine art would still be loaded before the main red stone update because they were an entitie and you were in it so it would’ve thought you were in it for a while

  • 9:33 perspetive** 9:39 Reality 9:43 Bruh***

  • If you had a powerful enough pc, i wonder if you could survive long enough to hop back through the portal... we need someone with 2 3090s to try this

  • Poor Henry

  • Rip henry

  • Why would u even grief a giant project

  • "ive done nothing but weaponize bread for 3 days"

  • Ayo im glad afk arena sponsored u 😎 i play that game alrdy lol

  • All updated mobs: Glow Squid, Bees, Phantom, Dolpins

  • Imagine if there a Kpopbob cult

  • 3:44 As expected of Japan

  • did you use the bedrock death screen at about 3:30 ?

  • Minecraft players: We having a bot crisis TF2 players: first time? And basically it is now "Mann vs Machine Minecraft Edition"

  • Explain why I, a player who never has and probably never will play on 2b2t, got so excited when I heard that the server was gonna get updated to 1.16

  • Wow, Tristan is from my shitty ass city.

  • So lol if you actually got bread

  • bread is just light with extra steps

  • "I fear no man" "but that... thing" *bread* "It scares me"

  • sheesh

  • The phantom is easily the LAMEST mob out of the four, how the hell did it win??

  • The closest thing we have to this is a game called space engineers