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11:13Why We Destroyed This 2b2t Minecraft Base
10:47I Visited a 2b2t "War Memorial"
I Visited a 2b2t "War Memorial"visningar 713tnMånad sedan
13:562b2t's Most LEGENDARY Base Was GRIEFED
2b2t's Most LEGENDARY Base Was GRIEFEDvisningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
10:12How 2b2t's Largest Wall Record Was BROKEN
10:40How 3D Minecraft Maps DESTROYED 2b2t
How 3D Minecraft Maps DESTROYED 2b2tvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
10:33How 2b2t's Most Famous Base Was REBUILT
How 2b2t's Most Famous Base Was REBUILTvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
11:40How I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t AUSTRALIA
How I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t AUSTRALIAvisningar 912tn2 månader sedan
9:54How Delivery Robots REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t
11:14How an ACTUAL Crime Destroyed This 2b2t Base
11:07Is Minecraft's 2b2t FINALLY Updating?!
Is Minecraft's 2b2t FINALLY Updating?!visningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
11:12How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2t
How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2tvisningar 1,8mn3 månader sedan
9:24VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t
VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2tvisningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
8:38How 2b2t Bases Are Turning Invisible
How 2b2t Bases Are Turning Invisiblevisningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
14:3420 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft's 2b2t
8:04Do 2b2t Lavacast Machines ACTUALLY Work?
Do 2b2t Lavacast Machines ACTUALLY Work?visningar 1,1mn4 månader sedan
19:03How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?
How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?visningar 2,1mn4 månader sedan
10:12Why is there a giant "OWO" on 2b2t?
Why is there a giant "OWO" on 2b2t?visningar 2,9mn4 månader sedan
10:52Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...
Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...visningar 1,6mn5 månader sedan
10:34What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?
What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?visningar 1,9mn5 månader sedan
10:11I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....
I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....visningar 3,1mn5 månader sedan
10:30How a 2b2t Impostor FOOLED the server for YEARS
10:032b2t's History of Man-made Glitches
2b2t's History of Man-made Glitchesvisningar 1,5mn6 månader sedan
11:36I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPAN
I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPANvisningar 1,9mn6 månader sedan
8:27The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"
The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
8:32Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"
Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"visningar 2,2mn6 månader sedan
10:31How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made
How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Madevisningar 3,4mn6 månader sedan


  • 3:36 started on my 13th birthday smh

  • fun fact popbob is a girl

  • Wow, people that play on this server are so damn pathetic and petty 🤣

  • This is so sad ;)

  • If i didn't deleted my akm all of these bots are bin killed right now

  • Fit insulting his viewers isn't real, he can't hurt you Fit insulting his viewers: 25:02

  • Hum just tape kill bots

  • i hope the griefers of this map will have a boiling hot pillow tonight

  • The entire 2B2T community: *How are you not dead?!* 2B2T: *I have no idea!*

  • Fit with hair

  • 5:55 fartropolis arc

  • I still prefer obsidian its just easy and people wont use pistons move the blocks to break through

  • Couldnt you just go back into the portal

  • Im kind of a regular on this server because ya know

  • This video shows that speed running is like 80% luck

  • *earth

  • "I end up killing everyone I touch" so relatable

  • This grief has been sponsored by Dashlane

  • I wonder who the only active player with ties to Pyrobyte is...

  • someone should rebuild spawn block for block

  • Everybody : pays respects The japanese 18+ watchers who are searching for the uncensored genitals : sneak 100

  • haha gold farm go brrrrrrr

  • Housemaster: I am server owner. Bachi: who is really in charge here?

  • Has anyone noticed how the splash text on his menu said "Don't bother with the clones!"

  • Thank you rusher

  • Fit I need help on 2b2t

  • You should know Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 1 and part 2

  • I just love your comentary. Will be getting this on my pc just to check out 2b2t lol

  • I love how out of both 2017 and 2020 mob votes players picked the LEAST interesting mobs. Don’t even get me started on the mfkin glow squid

  • Don't think I don't hear that Serious Sam OST.

  • next: diagonal

  • What hacked client

  • I was wondering when 2b2t players would utilize the mining fatigue debuff from elder gaurdians for a trap of some kind... took longer than I expected.


  • Hause 2021

  • I actually really like this video

  • Rip for henry carls

  • I love this, it's such an amazing work of activism

  • oh no tommy cant burn this one down

  • So extreme! It is extremely hard to two of the hardest thing in minecraft at the same time! Riding a pig while fishing! Unbelivable!!!

  • “It would’ve been the first mob to be able to use shields of any kind” *sad shulker noises*

  • Totally respect that you probably don't give a shit about my opinion and you're just tryna make that money but AFK Arena is pay to win. Just like every phone game. After the early game none of the "afk" mechanics matter

  • OWO

  • This was before l'ambrug *2012 incident*

  • You forgot Brad Pitt ville

  • Block game mecca is probably the best base name in the sever history

  • Not even the uncensored truth wont revive this game

  • I mean thise people are bad bcs they are seling items for pkayers who is stupid to buy it.But i dont know why is they buying it.That think can stip bye players stop owying rral money.

  • Wadzee has a full netherite beacon in legit survival with proof on yt


  • My heart when I saw the cats…

  • Serves him right

  • I wish I could join 2b2t but I have bedrock 😪

  • V tec just kickin yo

  • Notch apples are goolden apples for 2b2t comuinty

  • He use the cat to mark he was there

  • Hash browns

  • What would happen if 2b2t updated on 1.17