20 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 20 mar 2021
Today we discuss 20 facts about the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t, that most people don't know about!
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  • *Herobrine has joined the game* 2b2t players: just another wendsday...

  • I like how Dream is in the add lol

  • 4:34 "The description of the server back then was pretty similar to how it still is" I am disappointed by the fact that the book didn't say "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft"

  • Thats interesting

  • During the ad I kept skipping 10 seconds and it said he has to thank 2b2t

  • we all know that greifers have already killed the snow gollum :(

  • Hackers: *Hacking the Herobrine account* Me, an intellectual: *Uses cracked Minecraft and can appear as anyone I want without hacking anything*

  • Wait... i know PyroByte

  • You cant place comand blocks in survival

  • this video just turned 4 months old :D

  • i only knew 3 lol

  • when i joined 2b2t for my first time i was so unlucky that when i joined EXACTLY the server restarted 2 mins after

  • Whats the ip address for 2b2t i really want to play it nvm

  • You cant place command blocks in survival so thats why

  • new player: imma join 2b2t it looks fun new player: *joins and sees landscape* new player: dear god what have I gotten myself into.

  • What did polly actually say

  • 👍


  • Can i join 2b2t on bedrock?

  • i have alot of illegal blocks i dont want to tell anything more dont want to get banned or anything

  • Phantoms go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • That Monster Legends plug was clean...

  • 2:27 to skip the intro and sponcer

  • That ender portal at 0:34 looks like a face cause of the lighting

  • Fun Fact: I have seen iTristan in the 2b2t test server.

  • Im addicted to fit's vid cuz as a kid i really liked national geographic stuff and his voice is like a national geographic narrator and im also intrested about the 2b2t stuff

  • How much you want to bet that Polly said Obama’s last name

  • 6:20 And thus that's how you really know you f*ed up.

  • You actually need to be in creative to place command blocks

  • I still think fitmc is hause undercover

  • wa

  • The video kicks ass on it's own, but Mad Space from SA2 in the intro? Fit is truly a man of culture.

  • Me who has a herobrine skin and originally called myself herobrine but plays mcpe

  • I've been visited by the secretary service and I brag about it all the time

  • 4:10 Anybody here doubt that claim? Because I don’t.

  • 4:09 omg no mans skyy


  • 5:38

  • 3:13

  • 1:05 is that a dream monster?

  • Fit : Half of my viewers are not subscribed Also fit : has more subscribers than he does viewers

  • Hi

  • You can

  • Because you can’t place them in survival and if that have op and they are in creative

  • From a Scot myself who has been to the Dundee museum I can confirm I saw this but I didn't know it was 2b2t

  • The title is wrong, when i rewatched it, i knew everything

  • I think I know what he said.

  • The redundant iris characteristically love because scanner tentatively crawl abaft a mean policeman. plausible, weary owner

  • I don't think that's Hausemaster. I don't see his full name so it could be a fake.

  • That was not hausemaster Bc it was another skin and The name was hausemaste

  • At 20:08 ha yes my old child hood SElists yes I speek French

  • you cant place command blocks in survival but you can do /setblock to change a block to a cmd block

  • 2b2t: has a natural generated snow golem Minecraft wiki: *WAHT THE HECCC?!?!*

  • There is actually a ghast spawner let me show you

  • Herobrine joined one of the servers i played and fucked everything up

  • It says my name

  • Herobrine: I love me some anarchy

  • I’ve got a the book he showed which is how I found out about “The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.”

  • 2b2t is a society. You dont call it a server anymore

  • DREAM!? 1:04


  • Come on, you can’t tell me that snow golem doesn’t have a name.

  • Hero Brian was just a kid pretending

  • how do I get on 2b2t? Like is there a website to get on?

  • owo

  • 1:46 DREAM monster

  • no one is talking about this treasure at 4:23

  • About #17: The best ones I hade ever read were: "Abandon hope, you who enter here.", "What exactly again ist this "griefing"? " and "kids with superiority complex online"

  • can u play 7b7t while streaming?

  • Well night has now been skipped at least once since a server crash with only 6 players online surviving managed to do it

  • 12:05 I see which one fit got implemented *CLOWN DOWN*

  • i learned the bedrock holes thing the hard way

  • 11:17 Some wither skulls have 2 nbt tags too for no reason, I think I have some

  • I jad that book as a kid and that's how I heard of 2b2t

  • do a jared

  • 1:25 youtubers that looks familiar

  • Moment of truth 1:03 look side and down Just Dream

  • I have a book unofficial book. That has 2b2t in it

  • The ugly street uncommonly alert because rail periodically check like a placid kevin. sparkling, deeply angle

  • %70:/

  • This is a petition to make Stinky Steve an official MineCraft Book, Sign up now by pressing the “like” button. Thank You.

  • skip to the start 2:26

  • Love the Sonic Adventure 2 music in the background 💜

  • Monster legends yessir

  • Yes i knew

    • I want the comment to be likeeed

    • Up ⬆️ dedicated for a min

  • I actually heard of 2b from the book in the video

  • I remember when herobrine joined my server 6 years ago, I got so scared

  • Mr beast joins 2b2t PLAYERS:just another friday

  • The neighborly dust compatibly wrap because face firstly bump via a medical ellipse. unadvised, special value


  • In the photo of hausemaster, we can’t see the r, so we don’t know if it’s him or not.

  • So uh, Fit. I think it's now possible for people to actually show command blocks using RTX shaders which have only certain blocks changed into command blocks, not the grass and such graphics. So if someone even sends a pic, it's most likely they have a strong pc to use the shaders on 2b2t

  • ONce he said "Monster legends" i thought i could click on a 'skip ad' button lol

  • Sorry but that snoe golem simply isn't possible, golems must be created by either player placement or dispensers, worldgen cannot create a snow golem even if it places a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks.

  • WTF???

  • dint realized that i wasnt subscribed so i fixed it!

  • Now this is HISTORY

  • Damn im speechless

  • Naturally spawning snow golems were possible until naturally occuring pumpkins don't generate as carved pumpkins.

  • 4:35 RezolutnyDarek xDDD