20 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 20 mar 2021
Today we discuss 20 facts about the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t, that most people don't know about!
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  • *Herobrine has joined the game* 2b2t players: just another wendsday...

  • 1:17 bruh in that ad i saw dream's monster that i have

  • Video games: design play disrupt Meanwhile: 2b2t: destroy pillage disrupt

  • Pollytheparrot said that he was gonna PVP Obama and win

  • you cant place command blocks in survival

  • This guy...lived through everything...

  • What was the "Secret" Things He Said???

  • Then I taught I was the longest joke.

  • the reason no command blocks have been placed is because you can only place and interact with them in creative mode

  • He makes it really sound like you become a legend if you subscribe which is good because you do actually become a legend

  • Something happened to the guy? I wonder what he said because it doesn't seem SElists does much with the comment section.

  • When the 2b2t admin joins and gets caught. 6:27

  • I actually have one of the books shown in the video. That's how I found out about 2b2t for the first time. I never looked up anything about it until I saw memes about it though.

  • "this is the one you've probably been waiting the entire video for!" youtube: oh boy time for an ad

  • Yeet

  • 1:25 why monster legends...

  • Where is your monster?

  • Yeah no one cares about herobrine

  • 2:25 is where the sponsor ends, it's free to use this timestamp

  • The tightfisted cold simulteneously push because button basally surprise over a painstaking dolphin. calm, little trip

  • The finicky stamp spectacularly copy because industry arguably pause aside a grubby gruesome stinger. wide, alike mark

  • someone tell me the thing you cant say

  • I got monster legends but every time I click the link it sends me straight to the app store where I don't get any extra stuff :(

  • Heard about this server for the first time today. Do ppl who play this server frequently actually do anything legit on this server? Or is it just griefing and running around?

  • Fact:2b2t in mcpe dont have priority que

  • Fact 21: 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Fit pollytheparrot said he was going to kill the president of the usa and he wasn’t caping I heard from a player on 2b I can’t give his name he said not to btw love the content

  • When u hear abort 2b2t so much and want to join it but even if u bought the premium queue ur pc would crash after waiting for that time or ur wifi

  • Anyone know what Polly Said

  • 2:25

  • just found out popbob is transgender

  • Fit be lookin like a football playing lumberjack

  • Hey fit, is that future client?

  • now i just wanna know what pollytheparrot said

  • Fact number one I am the best at tdtd

  • Stinky steve ahh yes my fav book

  • That transition between monster list to monster legends tho. 👌😮

  • for number 10 u lied cause it was in one of your videos

  • 17 is very wholesome

  • Next time: 2b2t is bought by the government of US, for the government to observe how people would survive and thrive in suck harsh environment.

  • 2b2t should have netflix documentary with min 10 episode

  • fit: The server once had illegal gas- advertisement: allow me to introduce myself

  • 0:00 here’s what you came for • thank me later

  • Damn, fitmc loves his square enix music

  • Popbob is a legend. i dont mean he was good I mean he discovered so many glitches and gave us so much content

  • Fact: Herobrine's skin is now a catboy.

    • Ik, herobrine skin but he's in a cat suit

  • does anybody know generally what polly was visited for?

  • In hive survival games, I was killed immediately on full hearts by someone with the name of herobrine... just something random I wanted to share

  • Nice

  • Polly said he'd end the current president of the United States. And apparently on facepunch, not on 2b. Probably some glowie that saw the thing lmao. Would have been funnier had he said that in 2b2t instead. It would mean the fbi plays on 2b too lol

  • *random hacker joined the game* 2b2t players:LET'S GO DESTROY HIM WITH CRYSTALLS

  • as a fact u can't place a command block in survival

  • did you know tree exist

  • Not sure this applies to Java, but on bedrock command blocks aren’t able to be placed in survival.

  • Disliked because of the sponsor :^)

  • I am 4 years

  • What is 2b2t

    • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

  • If anyone is wondering Polly the parrot said he wanted to pvp Obama that’s the best hint I can give without being arrested

  • 2:40 hi

  • E

  • I need more of these videos

  • Out of all the things I’ve ever learned from FitMC, the one thing I’ll never forget is that 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  • Hey, I actually have one of those books that talked about 2b2t! That's literally how I found out about it...

  • The fact he used the music of the game of my pfp

  • Vibing to the sonic adventure 2 music

  • Hey I think I saw one of those books I remember the pic at 4:34

  • Am I the only one who wants to see fit just play 2b2t?

  • 2b2t is so toxic, that its above nuclear waste levels.

  • I'm 100% sure there are more snow golem occurences, players just didn't explored singleplayer/other servers enough.

  • Look, Tomar, it's you!

  • Thank you!

  • waiT IS TAT NH MANS SKay

  • fitMc looks exactly how i imagine him to

  • check out hausemaster on name mc seems in 2015 he released the name on his og account, might have just gave it to an alt but I thought it was interesting

  • I actually have the book pictured at 4:34, and have had it before I even really started watching youtube, or heard anything more than what was shown in the book about 2B2T

  • wooohooo i dont play 2b2t but mabey becuz im on bedrock but i still injoy the videos

  • Me: *trys to go in the 2b2t on mobile* Phone: WHAT THE FU- BOOOOOOOOOOUOUOUIOOOOOUOOUOUOUOOOOOM

  • Here’s the time stamp to skip the ad 👉🏻 2:26 yeah *YOUR WELCOME*

  • You should try Ark

  • Is tb2t still p2w?

  • I watch dream

  • herobrine joining 2b2t ina nutshell: *Herobrine has joined the game* [random guy] Just a normal day [other random guy] Ya [Herobrine] FEAR ME [random player] Who are you? [Herobrine] It is I the feared myth and legend [other random player] Hey I think I saw you before right umm what was it- oh yeah 'HeroShrine' [Herobrine] No it's Herobrine not Heroshri- [other random player] Whatever [Herobrine] Anyway you shall fear me [that one guy] nah [Herobrine] Why? [Random guy] u noob [that one guy] u noob [literally everyone] u noob [Herobrine] Sto- [Everyone] *u noob* *Herobrine has left the game* [that one kid] yessir

  • His channel could be a netflix documentaty Also i feel like hausemaster is the creator of minecraft cause of his server people know more bout minrecraft and know how it works more then notch

  • Wow

  • In the sponsor why is dreams dragon there?

  • 1:04 dream in thegame ????!!!

  • I'm not sure, but I think 2B2T might be the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

  • Herobrine sus

  • That stinky Steve book is a bop tho ngl

  • I have an endermen spawner because house gave me the egg a few years ago.

  • That snow golem is going to be killed now u put the cords in the viddd ;-;

  • Me: Alriight letss gooo SElists: Ay U want an ad

  • Now im wondering why the command block wasnt used. If they can obtain it then couldnt they go into creative and use it? They could summon an enderdragon and use it to level spawn

  • Secret service part is at 13:10

  • 7:10 do someone know where to find this vid?

  • Captions: GAS spawners

  • Fit: the server has illegal... Ad: you shall not know the untold truth

  • 9:37 i once broke bedrock with some type of glitch but i cant remember how i did it :(

  • 4:18 I read the first 2 books they are so epic

  • Funfact: you cant get banned on any server if you have a space in your name

    • No, not how it works at all Some servers report to majoring if somebody has a space in their name, because it fucks with server functions like anticheat/commands

    • What?? Do you have any proof or explanation?