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Today we celebrate the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft's 10th Anniversary by travelling to a city built in honor of the history of the server!
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Additiona Footage/Images:
xcc2 (Render)
Base Builders:
FF9, Age of Calamity (Daruk's Theme), Guild Wars OST, Kirby (Factory Investigation)


  • What if housemaster isent a person but a group

  • is it sad cause this server is older than me?

  • 6:43 "I'm a bit of a starwars nerd" fit: calls it an AT AT, and not an A T A T

  • It’s sad to see the fortnite kids take over the camping rushers channel

  • I want to play 2b2t but I can't afford minecraft so I play on tlancher 😞😞

  • "Clown down.." Damn

  • The Legend of Zelda music is a neat touch 👌🏻

  • Who else saw the new textures gapple and totem

  • oh my birthday yupppp

  • i visted that before it got griefed

  • I was kinda hoping for popbob to just showup and say hi then leave

  • 2B2T is older than the majority of Fortnite players

  • Omg I didn't realise raaanch was one of the builders he's one of my fave streamers

  • 2b2t opened when i born

  • I thought the statue of house master was randy marsh from south park lol

  • 2:15 hmm someone gonna get coal

  • yuh

  • Botw Gordon music at the start I think it goes well

  • “Do you recognize this?” Fit sounds like Dora jeez

  • I kinda want to see an update video of the location :D

  • Can anyone tell me if it's destroyed? Im too lazy to walk there

  • Wait that bird looked like Prussian bird


  • ive never played 2b2t but i really appreciate you explaining everything your a great youtuber you got my sub :D

  • I’ve found more fellow STAR WARS NERDS

  • im one of those who's not subscribed hahah blehh

  • It’s the same age as me lol


  • The blew it up in 20 minutes... great way to show their appreciation

  • 6:08 Come on fit, It's a snowy biome, there is snow everywhere 😑

  • "unlike any other server" :) mco


  • imagine 2b was peaceful and no one destroyed anything, just everyone is minding their own businesses

  • Is there a world download of this??!! This is awesome!!!

  • 9:37 that spin do be cool tho

  • Can't believe I recognised space valkryia

  • Policemike55

  • I believe that someday we'll start hearing stuff like "my dad used to play on this server"

  • 1 hour later after he left the base was turned into a spawn recration of 2b2t XD

  • Ohh your a Star Wars fan, name every planet 😂😂😂 lol

  • Wow, this was sick!

  • Why would you do that on a server with people that wanna destroy everything

  • Man your awesome

  • Where is camp facepunch tough?

  • "I was not expecting to find a bedrock bunker near 2012" HAH! U can see bedrocks every where u go if u join minecraft bedrock edition anarchy server

  • *_FitMc : *Talking about replicas of famous 2b2t structures_** *_me who just known about 2b2t yesterday : 👁👄👁👍_*

  • The camping rusher has unfortunately fallen to the fortnite disease in more recently times

  • I hit that button sir fit

  • I may not be an Anarchy server player much less a 2b2t player but I love the work you have put into the videos Thank you for documenting so much history.

  • God Fit really sounds like those documentary narrator

  • sometimes i wonder why people grief these things

  • very nice!

  • Video Idea: Patrick Warburton plays 2b2t

  • Doğukan adal two faund skywalker 3 🎉

  • Who is watching this in 2021

  • I never thought I’d cry at a 2b2t video... Nostalgia hit me like a truck... I stopped playing after my player data was corrupted and I lost all my loot this made me so happy and nostalgic. I missed old 2b2t

  • When I founded out 2b2t is Older than me: O_o

  • its my birthday

  • Its older then me! Wowww Im am only 3!! That kool!

  • ATAT the way he said it triggered me so much

  • Damn. It's as old as I am

  • i love the guild wars music you used

  • hittin me with those insane Kirby 64 beats

  • hello

  • Never mind im older

  • How come you have 1.14 texture pack?

  • Its pronounced ay tee ay tee not at at fyi

  • That formation flight gave me some hope in 2b2t and plus it’s just... nice

  • I watched some of your Videos and asked myself if 2b2t is the oldest anarchy minecraft server


  • wow the rainboom room from bottlecup with the wool from his sky city almost made me cry and I dont even play minecraft or 2b2t... holy cow I can totaly feel why this is such a special place for you, and tbh if I would have made this video and discovered all the fractures of the past that happened there, I could not hold back my tears. wonderful please keep on doing 2b2t history... even though its a very very dark and not youtube friendly perspective : I want to ask you if you could explain more about the naz* history of the server? In many many videos and bases i can see the cross sign and it makes me curious

  • Trump will end up using 2b2k to commute

  • i just found out after watching fitmc for 2 yeas that 2b2t is the oldest anancy server

  • it is really Interesting to see the history of the server and to record them all so that no one can forget the past love the video :)

  • 7:14 Why arw you laughing like that😂

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • being able to skip that ad at the begining is great. But i still watch it to support my man FIt

  • Fit: throws god apple and leaves it. Me: WTF

  • Anyone that blowed up the build is a karen

  • Happy 10th birthday 2b2t!

  • An “at at” Really

  • Nice FFIX music fit! Pretty epic.

  • I really appreciated Daruk's theme in this

  • This makes me remember Unnus Annus, so much hard work, now all culminating into nothing. Momento Mori, I guess.

  • Why does no one make a thick lava cast and then build their base in it

  • "It's nice we can use fireworks and glide around in formation like this" Formation: Chaotic Swarm

  • what version is this

  • I'm on team AT-AT

  • 6:43 me, a Star Wars fan when he says at-at instead of a-t-a-t 😡

  • Over, the year's of 2b2t i still remember the old days they were the best there was basically no griefers back then its just sad to see all of it gone now to griefers that broke it all.

  • My heart has grown three sizes *kills child*

  • I will be making something for you. JSYN, I am just over a year older then 2b2t.

  • Don’t stop making videos plz. I Just found your SElists channel and you are amazing. Keep playing 2B2T.

  • I'm wondering if my house is still out there from 2011.

  • Leaving a comment

  • Ahhh you're using Guild Wars music... So much nostalgia

  • ye~

  • Just another 8 years and we can lewd the server

  • Love it

  • it's sad to think all of this was built knowing it would be griefed