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Today we celebrate the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft's 10th Anniversary by travelling to a city built in honor of the history of the server!
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Additiona Footage/Images:
xcc2 (Render)
Base Builders:
FF9, Age of Calamity (Daruk's Theme), Guild Wars OST, Kirby (Factory Investigation)


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  • Waw fitmc,so vital,so important with his self importance obvious to all,wasnt even asked to participate in the build. Just a journalist noone wamts except to documemt after the fact

  • 2:19 i mean, u can sell it right?

  • when you went to the bedrock i IMMEDIATELY looked at the coords

  • I wanna know how mega builds on 2b2t are coordinated and planned between players

  • 4:24 “Now this looks like a cozy attic” *it’s an upstairs bedroom*

  • Stupid question (I don't know much about playing on servers), but how do you get this huge amount of material to build all this stuff?

  • 13:05 looks like team fortress 2 logo

  • This reminds me, a lot of things are going to turn 10 in the next few years. And they will probably make me feel VERY old.

  • 3:22 got some dora the explorer vibes

  • I'm always vibing to the FFIX bgm whenever I watch Fit's Vids XD awesome choice for bgm ❤️

  • @pyrobite

  • I need techno blade to go back to his birthplace

  • Lol it's an ugly sweater too! That's epic!

  • now..... will 2b2t destroy what is supposed to be a 10+ year trofy for them

  • guys 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server?

  • Fit showing off his elytra skills with that roll at 9:37 lol

  • Nearly older than me ._.

  • Is it just me or does hause look like hitch from criminal minds

  • imagine a minecraft server being older that you

  • wondering did he use the serious sam christmas music

  • guys i’m not sure but i think 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • what hacks MAY you use on 2b2t i rlly wanna know for example can i use flight

  • I hope popbob doesnt grief it

  • E

  • 11:10 Serious Sam christmas map theme? and "Aaaaa yourself?"

  • How do you have new totem

  • Griefers suck

  • 2b2t is older than me for 1 month


  • I’m so lucky that I got there before the griefers lol

  • Its going to get greifed lol

  • Based my mc skin off of Ratrx, looks nothing like it but is still cool

  • Imagine if someone made a mob switch

  • First vid I ever watched of you now I’ve seen all of them and watched this one 5 times 🤣 keep up the good work man

  • New sub today 😎✨

  • Thank you! Thank you 🙏🏼

  • I actually wonder how he has the new textures on 1.12 when they where implemented in 1.14.

  • Yeah

  • Boi

  • 6:42 "*at-at*"

  • Fun fact: The Tugboat build is based off of a real life tugboat named Theodore.

  • "The statue is so tall its covered in snow!" >base is located in snow biome

  • Gotta love the FF9 music

  • Nice.

  • B

  • You know what fits

  • The server is older than me

  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Fit you are wrong We Want To Thank You For all this time of you making youtube videos :D

  • While i am still 9 years old :/

  • 2b2t really have super genius builder, I love it a lot

  • Happy birthday, 2b2t!

  • I hope i can find the server and get there

  • Happy Birthday 2b2t! 🎂

  • thx for playing at the start daruks theme i love it :)

  • You should be a history teacher dude


  • 11:12 you know your rich when you throw a god apple and walk away without picking it up

  • Its gonna be a sad they when Fit quits 2b2t

  • he finally said 2b2t before he said the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • wow u are such a genious u dint even save this map

  • U pronounce it ay tee, ay tee

  • 666 dislikes???

  • 1:26 an extroverts thoughts in quarantine

  • Did he just call an A T A T a at at?

  • A shame a lot of relics from the facepunch vs 4chan war was never preserved.

  • Its not an server of anarchy its a server of chaos.

  • So is this area completely gone or is some of it still intact

  • Pirobite when whatching video seeing the wrath outpost remade: perhaps I treated you to harshly?

  • If i had a doller for every fps, i would have 1000 dollers

  • Wrong Name

  • I’m the exact age of 2B to

  • You shouldn’t say something is close to spawn because that could eliminate millions of blocks for griefers to find it

  • Why are you in 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17?

  • i wonder if pyrobyte watches these videos

  • 10 years old Just like the age of the normal 2b2t player

  • pops off the map art to reveal there is actually the block under

  • This is the greatest base in 2b2t and if anyone disagrees Idk what to say to them

  • Bruh 😎 fit is like a kid in a candy store

  • The builders of 2b2t are soo good at building it is sad to see it will all get grieved

  • props to the builders!! they did an amazing job!!!

  • 7:13 did he get wet to an icy crafting table?

  • haven't seen a clean attic in a while.

  • owo

  • This is like a history teacher going to Washington.

  • bro. im a huge star wras fan and it hurts how he says AT-AT. XD ädädä

  • Bruh this server is like twice as old as my spouse Jesus.

  • CONGRATZ 2B2T!!!

  • I wonder how many players grief this

  • Can we just say thank you to Fit, if it was not for him this awesome art would be never documented, and the 2b2t would be appreciated.

  • love the zelda music

  • Never played on the server but you kinda posted this on my Birthday so it's even more interesting to me since I started playing Minecraft when I was 16 and now I'm 26

  • Ayyy

  • now 2b2t is the same age as me -_-

  • I played in 2016 once it was too crazy for me

  • oh 2b2t isnt legal yet...

  • Dude this guy is so rich that he eats notch apples as regular foodXD

  • this was filmed on my birth day

  • I don't know how, but Fit can make every word he says sound dramatic.