2b2t's FIRST War - 4chan vs. Facepunch (2011-2012)

Publicerades den 12 dec 2020
Today we take a deep dive into the history of the first war on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and how it changed the server forever.
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Additiona Footage/Images:
IronException (Renders)
Chezhead (2011 2b2t Footage) : selists.info/less/video/qt2kjs1ucaSGq7g.html
Kiershar (Dupe footage) : selists.info/less/video/l9GjjaahiZVen9Y.html
bball0928 (Beta PvP Footage) : selists.info/less/video/l8ukjrymgKSZqJs.html
Octopath Traveler (Tension, Forbidding Corridors, Beneath The Surface, Creeping Dread, Decisive Battle I)


  • A big thank you to 2b2t legend Chezhead for providing a lot of feedback during production of this history video!

  • Sometimes I wonder what would 2b2t look like today if the face punch republic won

  • 5 year from now A blonde guy took control over the entire 2bt2 server because he declared himself in a third person style that he has a "dream".

  • its like star wars

  • If all these 2b2t videos were put in a book it whould be like 500 pages withot pictures

  • Typical 4chan

  • I like how FitMC makes cheesehead sound like vercingetorix and the 4chan guys sound like Rome.

  • stupid 4chan, ruining everything

  • I can’t believe a anarchy server has history it’s fascinating and funny sometimes

  • I know 4chan 4chan was involved in the internet's greatest mystery The puzzle was solved He was involved in sending messages from dark web The puzzle name was CICADA 3301 First you will hear The numbers are 1 3 3301

  • Controversial opinion of the day: All wars should be fought on minecraft servers

  • 4chaners literally have no life, it’s just sad

  • THE FACEPUNCH REPUBLIC fell but they did not go down without a fight

  • Damn shame what happend to the FACEPUNCH REPUBLIC

  • Facepunch made Garry's mod, so I am on Facepunch's side.

  • 4what

  • Wait popbob was helping people in facepunch then went “lone wolf” and started to grief as 1 of his bases got griefed?

    • He didn’t, he was basically untrusted from day one because he was already a known ass that leaked everything

  • Leaving a comment so that I may find it in thy future

  • I can't hit the sub 'cause I'm already subbed.

  • We tf2 players wont surrender! They got no chance in first place!

  • This sounds like an amazing origin story for Popbob. Scarred by the horrors of war and the futility of undoing chaos, Popbob set out to make every player in the server feel what has been done to him.

  • For most people this video is to learn about the server but for me it is to remember and refresh my old memories on the server... 2b2t never die on me.

  • i hope all the facepunch bases are preserved somehow rather than just being lost to history

  • My elder brother was in that war when I was like 5 now I am playing minecraft and i use his account to play 2b2t

  • There's no way the face punch republic could have won because 4channers literally have nothing better to do so they can keep the war going indefinitely

  • You see, this is why you NEVER mess with 4chan. Unless they provoke you, if they do, you should just surrender.

  • you are a very good narrator or story teller

  • normies lost nothing to see. But I always wonder why /v/ sucks at game?

  • 2:33 you are implying that 4chan is not a community?

  • So sad 😪😂

  • Both 2b2t and 4chan are all just homosexual people...

  • Holy shit

  • "People who wanted to do a little good in a toxic place and hold order together vs 4chan itself and a comminity of hackers." We know who loses, but props to facepunch for trying

  • Facepunch actually makes games what are amazing like Rust.

  • Huh.

  • I just imagine a 4chan Empire on 2b2t, lead by Emperor PussySlayer69_88 I

  • Lol.

  • this is basicly the vietnam war of minecraft.

  • Literally the first 5 episodes of star wars.... but in minecraft

  • In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened

  • i was a 4chan member and i griefed 2k2k, it was soooooo fun :)

    • @XxExoticButterzxX dang it was i atleast doing slightly good

    • @Killerclown9206 it was pretty obvious from the start i was just hoping you’d keep coming up with stuff

    • @XxExoticButterzxX u finaly found out :)

    • @Killerclown9206 You’re obviously bullshitting about being a 4chan 2k2k destroyer and it’s pretty funny ngl

    • @XxExoticButterzxX i have the right to not tell you

  • Do you see the difrrens *$* $

  • 4chano facepunch war

  • Man this so sad

  • Feel like this guy can make a 2B2T documentary.

  • I have an exam tmrw but I’m out here watching this. I never even heard of this server.

  • Did i heard goverment? Ill call techno

  • Holy shit, I just realized. I and my friends got on this server a few years ago. It was raided later that night when built a base at bedrock when we were far out of spawn (around 300k-500k) and it was raided with TNT and lava.

  • Did anyone notice the player DemonSpeed8 has the same skin as the toxic king (kinda forgot his name)

  • 4punch

  • this is like the Vietnam War

  • So basically 4 chaners are straight virgins

  • Texturepack?

  • Face punch was doing something honorable.


  • the power of weaponized autism

  • I thought facepunch the people who. Made rust

  • Fun fact, FacePunch is based in the small town of Bloxwhich, just down the road from the town I'm from.

  • I wish there was a movie of the history of 2b2t

  • Imagine normies winning that war. The cool kids would had moved to new server making the old lose its popularity and eventually decline.

  • You have great potential as a teacher

    • he used to be a teacher lol

  • 0:57 I knew it. GeorgeeeHD Is GeorgeNotFound

  • when 2b2t is almost as old as my ittle sis

  • 3:10 Big PP Grave

  • much more interesting than us history ngl. I'd do amazing if there was an AP 2b2t History

  • Who knew that a single Minecraft server NOT Minecraft alone could tell more story than a book.

  • Lovin that octopath traveller background music on your vids

  • I just nosied something were is your hunger bar?

    • I have only been playing Minecraft since 2016

    • Oh oops I don’t know that

    • Well 10 years ago we didn’t have hunger

  • Not a server

  • 2b2t's STICKIEST piston in HISTORY is now UNVEILED. i

  • "oh hey this 2b2t looks pretty cool i'ma try it" >sees first swastika >gets scared and leaves

  • "Luke2thebun would end uo griefing camp face punch attempting to provoke them into a conflict that would eliminate them from the server" That is just like the Sepoy Rebellion in India!

  • I Search for Facepunch Via Browser And It's True That They've Been In War I Searched 4Chan And I Regret It

  • 2b2t make 2billion 2tousand blocks

  • 7:43 man said febwuawy

  • One day: We'll get a Timelapse of 2B2T from 2011 to something like 2031 for example. See how it became worse and worse plus good quality. From the moment everyone spawned in to the end. Maybe there WILL be an end to 2b2t and somoene might do it.

  • I’m gonna make a school and teach them about this no cap

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  • Fallout New Vegas (2010)

  • 2b2t hoi4 mod when

  • 2 seconds to say "T H E O L D E S T A N A R C H Y S E R V E R" XD

  • rip 2k2k

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  • The ways he talks about the FacePunchers collapsing made me cry lol

  • Alternate title: Popbob’s backstory flashback

  • Facepunch was doomed from the start because the facepunch forums aren’t active anymore

    • The 2b2t threads on the website went down long before Facepunch went down. The admins on Facepunch kinda hated the people talking on it lol

  • Happy wheels vs not so happy wheels

  • i always liked the facepunch republic over 4chan

  • A few hundred years from now these videos could be mistaken for real life history

  • what if CoD players joined theyd be like when you die: *"D O G W A T E R"*

  • Maybe if this is how history is taught I would actually listen

  • "4chan's dedication" /pol/ and /b/: Amateurs

  • Vietnam War depicted in Minecraft:

  • everybody gansta til the facepunch republic shows up

  • 2k2k is the older version of lmanberg

  • "Facepunch"

  • We must repair the rebuild the republic

  • respect with F in the replies bois

  • :’( and you should join us and P please