2b2t's FIRST War - 4chan vs. Facepunch (2011-2012)

Publicerades den 12 dec 2020
Today we take a deep dive into the history of the first war on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and how it changed the server forever.
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Additiona Footage/Images:
IronException (Renders)
Chezhead (2011 2b2t Footage) : selists.info/less/video/qt2kjs1ucaSGq7g.html
Kiershar (Dupe footage) : selists.info/less/video/l9GjjaahiZVen9Y.html
bball0928 (Beta PvP Footage) : selists.info/less/video/l8ukjrymgKSZqJs.html
Octopath Traveler (Tension, Forbidding Corridors, Beneath The Surface, Creeping Dread, Decisive Battle I)


  • A big thank you to 2b2t legend Chezhead for providing a lot of feedback during production of this history video!

  • 4chan ruins everything

  • 8:15, I don't know why, but this is touching.

  • georgeeehd was George not found

  • I am looking to join a player group when I join prayer group that won't kill off players just for the fun of it I have an idea but I can't tell anyone yet until I play I start my own group I hope the group that I was helping originally this is??????

  • I always said that the only way that 2b2t could get better was if 4chan got involved. My prayers were answered.

  • I remember joining 2b2t, I was killed instantly :( but I joined in 2013

  • I hate 4chan

  • How do you defeat that... which has no life...

  • damn only if face punch had kringoz

  • Luke literally pulled a Micah on them

  • I love how the lore behind 2b2t just writes itself just like actual history.

  • more advanced and more plot than the dreamsmp lol

  • Ngl kinda wanna see 2k 2k today

  • So that's why Popbob was who he was

  • If there was no rules in real life i bet something really bad will happen because its not minecraft and also you only have one life.

  • Oh, came here because i thought it was GMod vs 4Chan haha.. *WAIT TILL YOU SEE GUN RALSEI*

  • the forces of entropy are truly an amazing thing

  • He didnt pioneer pretending to be someone else. He just didnt.

  • i want to play on 2b2t in 2010

  • Imagine if everyone was trapped in 2b2t and if you died in there you died irl

  • "He could be in this very room..."

  • is GeorgeeeHD GeorgeNotFound, if so 0:57 you can see him lol

  • There should be a movie or a show of events of 2b2t

  • It’s basically newer players are immediately declared nuclear war on

  • WW3-ehhh 2B2T-AGGHHHHH!!!

  • Skyward Sword but it’s baby block game terrorism

  • *some, went rogue* Is this PopBob’s origins? The hate and vengeance PopBob had for the 4channers was too much for him to beat, add the loss of his friends, turned him into a monster.

  • Popbob helped newcomers, I don't believe it

  • i blame 4chan

  • The wiry sturgeon psychophysically bathe because learning fortuitously carve till a shaggy motion. ethereal, psychotic flower

  • If bodies were left behind I genuinely can’t imagine the mountains of bodies scattered around the world.

  • This is a parallel to Afghanistan. A centralised foreign people invaded with nation building ideas, but the original inhabitants, although not united, went together to force the invaders out through decentralized guerilla campaigns. This is hilarious.

  • Imagine, this happens again now and all of minecraft gamers on earth will choose and join to those old minecraft clans/groups

  • Dang, why does 2b2t have a history? 2b2t should be a movie.

  • Never mess with 4chan.

  • Face punch is filled with dead people and 4chan is a reddit orgy

  • why dont they teach this in school

  • 2b2t isnt an anarchy server

  • Nothing better than watching this after the PoliceMike insident.

  • Isn’t Facepunch the dev of GMod?

  • Policemike55

  • Why I am sad? 😂 This is minecraft!!!

  • I think the 2b2t history could be adapt in a movie like a LoTR genre.

  • Bro you should make a podcast

  • "all hack, they die" -sun tzu, the art of war

  • "The republic will rise again", -eGod.

  • 2:46 does anyone get reminded by L'manberg by this

  • Legion vs NCR

  • Don't mess with yatsouba's thugs

  • OOF that’s what I have to say

  • This begs the question, has 4-chan ever lost?

  • 2B2T brings a whole new meaning to "World War 3"

  • Imagine if the Facepunch republic won.

  • I didnt even Play Minecraft back then, but F, this is sad.

  • I have created an advanced TNT machine so powerful that it could destroy a large base from thousands of blocks away or fill the spawn ocean with sand. I've only built this in creative (no mods and no command blocks). I don't have the resources or time to build it on 2b2t. But one day I hope to see my machine used in 2b2t. I have not revealed my machine yet, I've been working on it for many years. See my vids of redstone jet fighters with TNT missiles and you'll believe me.

  • This was basically the Galactic Civil War but on minecraft

  • 7:56

  • Honestly this is the only way I'm going to pay attention to history.

  • Can somebody let me know the Name of the skin that is in the preview of the video? 😝

  • This is better than the world history

  • This was technically the first ever war to be fought in the server that would determine the direction going forward the republic representing some semblance of order and mutual cooperation between veteran players and newcomer and 4 Chan the armies of chaos incarnate. Honestly the crazy stories of 2b2t are worthy of a tv series inspired by these tales

  • No one: Literally freakin no one: Fit: On the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • I was 5 when this happened

  • The oldest anarchy server This is fit's chach phrase

  • The first war gives off *huge* KOTOR vibes

  • insane that this is where the notorious griefer started...

  • Facepunch sounded good like I know yous dislike new players but at least they gave them a chance

  • Shoutout to Octopath Traveler boss music!

  • Alright that explains the chaos. Its connected to 4chan.

  • The facepunch Republic got destroyed by 4chan

  • everyone: so this was the first war in 2b2t me wondering why is georgenotfound is in 2b2t: 0:56

  • 2b2t where the bad guys wins.

  • wonder what would happen if you actually hacked mincraft and banned a lot of people in 2b2t foever. how would they react tho?


  • Fate in humanity lost.

  • There’s not a single normal person in Thai world that likes fart channers, even redditors are preferable

  • 1:55 Enter... Cheesehead. I don’t know why, but hearing him say that was funny

  • 0:01 0:11 0:44

  • Y'all need lives

  • Chezhead: *Returns to 2b2t* _Return of the King_

  • Pop Bob was a face puncher

  • 2:38 Technoblade: Did someone say government?

  • So wait popbob was part of the team that was merciful to new players and wasn’t on the griefing team?

  • New FacePunch Republic 2021??

  • facepunch one of the most toxic gaming communities vs 4chan the internet's most toxic community duking it out sounds like the coolest war i've ever heard.

  • Back in the day was 4chan vs facepunch. Now is 4chan vs discord

    • They stood against all odds joining forces to take down Scientology websites.

    • The bunkerchan "raid" on /pol/was fun. A bunch of unironic communists spammed 4chan's /pol/ board with a low-effort wojak and so /pol/ in retaliation made bunkerchan unsuable for days. Transgenders on bunkerchan got actual depression everytime they got told they will never be women. Funniest thing I saw in a long time.

  • maybe in an alternate universe the facepunchers won and established a server wide government within 2b2t 2b2t could've been a place with law and order

  • It's the last stand of the samurai wait no it's the last stand of the facepuncher

  • Make 2b2t great again!

  • I love how this Minecraft server has dark souls like lore

  • Oh, is it really the Oldest anarchy server in minecraft?

  • The most interesting part of this whole thing is the insight into the story of popbob - popbob must’ve been the most passionate member of the team, yet unable to advance through the ranks because of his attitude problems, and when everyone else gave up on him, he turned into a monster. Dude’s like the Kevin Levin of Minecraft - went ripping crap up the moment the moment things started going wrong and left a different person than when he started. It definitely explains a lot, including why, as a human being, he’s such a weirdo.

  • Is the destruction of the Republic the "villain origin story" for PopBob?

  • Influx War I and Influx War II

  • "say hii"

  • oh how i love 2b2t i still remeber waking up on my birthday when i turned 11 and logging on 2b2t to find the first war on 2b2t had started

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • They should have made a lova cas base

  • 4chan, the old version of discord