2b2t's History of Man-made Glitches

Publicerades den 23 jan 2021
Today we discuss the history of glitches caused by either human error or faulty plugins on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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    • 2b2t: we have glitches mcpe and windows 10 edition: hold my beer

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    • im a man made glitch

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  • You are so close to 2 mil OMG

  • plot twist: 2b2t actually isn't the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  • \(0.o)/

  • FitMC saying 2b2t is the “Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft” is as certain as Chris McFeely saying your favorite Transformer was offlined by a “Cosmically Powered Starscream”

  • Uhm, all glitches are man-made

  • If my password manager wouldn't store my pwds unencrypted, I would be very worried

  • How is the lava thing a glitch if it's done on purpose? Wouldn't everything added by a plugin that's not in the default game be called a glitch then?

  • Aren’t all glitches man-made?

  • 2b2t really making java into bedrock

  • Oh god, I think that's the worse thing to hear in 2t2b, just oops.

    • 2t2b

  • Popbob

  • I wonder if 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • even if i dont play on 2b2t i subscribed cause your videos are so nice to watch. thinking about taking a look on 2b2t

  • We learned your name from this, Robert Stewart

  • A glitch that nearly destroyed my hardcore word. It makes me move trought blocks underwater. All u need is soulsand

  • I found a glitch once in minecraft pe year's ago. I shot an enderman with bow.

  • Hey what if all off the subscribers made a new account and subbed to fit

  • The glitch gremlin loves it here

  • I've had ghost light sources in my single player Minecraft world, without any mods or plugins of some kind.

  • I was asleep and awake listening to this

  • my fav ytttttttt

  • I have an Xbox which will randomly stop generating chunks. You can fall about half way down them before the screen starts to shake. It great when it works as it allows me to break blocks instantly and create floating water. It's an Xbox One so I can transfer a copy of a world onto it.

  • I think 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server

  • Guys I just wanna ask how a fishing rod made a pig fly forever? Ok I don't even know what I'm doing.

  • Whoops- -God, 2 seconds before mass extinction

  • All glitches are man made Developers are people too

  • Imagine if someone took all of these videos, removed the ad shit, and then turn it into a documentary.

  • Are pig spawners still removed?

  • Well The Light Suspender Plugins will stop Bread Team right ?

  • Hihvfuhit

  • 2b2t is the best mod with these glitches

  • Theoretically since this is a man made and human programmed video game....ALL of it is "man-made" right? :)

  • "thE olDEsT MIneCraFt SeRvEr 2b2t"

  • like minecart+void=crash

  • Ona an anarchy server i play on (that has no queue, because it is not very well known, and also was created in November of 2020), i am trying to live in the end dimension. :D

  • 5:08 it is harmless but if you fly through it it will be harmfull

  • Spawner room without spawner. Me in 2015 : Totally normal everyday phenomena .

  • Need to update the Video with the April Fools joke of 2021, biggest glitch of all 2b2t time

  • thanks for reminding me I almost forgot that its THE OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER IN MINECRAFT

  • oldest anarchy server in minecraft sub 20, les go bois!

  • Ranboo staring at this about the impossible on how getting a spawner is: *E n d e r m e n*

  • What is your HACK client calles

  • hey fitMC i hope u know this but the reason why the axe sharpness value were gone is because accorrding to mojang minecraft the enchants obtained from enchantment table are there main enchants and the plugin thought they are illeagly obtained so yea i hope u understood

  • fun fact, glitched lava is a thing in minecraft console legacy, trust me ive found suspended air lava in the nether a few times

  • what if that was all of his info and he just said "idgaf im doxing my self and leaking all my shit cuz YOLO" XD

  • But... every glitch is man made

  • I once saw a squid with a Fox's texture

  • Saying that the workers at mojang aren't actual people is kinda weird but I guess else the name of the video would be too long

  • Can I have the ip of 2b2t to join server?

  • Did he say No-Lifing it, or No-Wifing it? Because both make sense

  • In my single player world my lava cast also glowed for no reason

  • Dashlain again

  • the only glitch I’ve found is floating sand above water

  • 2b2t is a old lady , she has been through many hardships and experienced mass chaos But she never yet fails to maintain her "unusual beauty" till this day

  • Fun fact: i remember a bug when i played console edition that was similar to the light bug.

  • Can you not say the frase ,,the oldest anarchy server in minecraft" for one video as a chalange?

  • When fitmc's great grandfather was born: the oldest anarchy sever in minecraft

  • He went 9 seconds without saying the oldest anarchy minecraft server

  • pov: you tried the credit card number

  • Cool will 2b2t have pillagers because the recourse

  • My mom calls me a man made glitch :)

  • every glitch is man made if you think about it

  • I wonder what's the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • Who else plays PS4 but watches this

  • Ammmmm

  • New player: joins 2b2t 2b2t players: *and I took that personally*

  • 9:56 L sand :L

    • 9:54 wrongs numbers sorry guys :L

  • Way to change the subject

  • House: whoopsy poopsy.

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  • Anarchy server: restarts Some rando in chat: "spam ban pls"

  • 4:20 I have some of those in my personal creative world and we don't use glitches like 2b2t does

  • Instead of dungeon no spawn,mine was dungeon no chest

  • The ghost light sources were kinda common at my Minecraft world on the Xbox360

  • The light glitch isn't just from a plugin. I run into that glitch on a daily basis on Singleplayer.

  • hey @FitMC is there any way to play 2b2t on bedrock edition?

    • No

  • Plot twist: the glitchs were modded in to make the server dangerous

  • Why is watching history of hackers my favourite channel

  • I'm so glad I subbed to this channel. I know quality content when I see it.

  • scam

  • the whole game is man-made so technically every bug is

  • I call the end bedrock cotton eye joe Bc I have two questions “Where did you come from? Where did you go?

  • "oh the turntables"

  • PLEASE! How do I stop that damn rock glow! The moment you said it I was like “Yes!! The light source I can never explain that continues to ruin the top of my spaceship!”

  • Dream really changed how you tubers operate. Now just by putting the percentages of subscriptions people gain wayyyy more

  • Imagine if command blocks came into the server

  • Pretty sure its all man made bro...

  • 1:12 why is that 9 year old doing java in intelliJ?

  • Me: *Creates a safe base* Hause: *Inadvertently causes a glitch that makes it disappear* Me: HAUSE!

  • im pretty sure ive seen frozen lava in the nether in vanilla in beta before

  • 1:26

  • The most common glitch I ever came against with was floating water

  • 1:14 Visual Studio? Nice

  • I swear one day Hausemaster will reset 2b2t or the server will reset its self from its age

  • shenanagins

  • every glitch is technically a man made glitch

  • Me:seeing you talk about a app Also me: skip skip skiiiiip

  • Video starts at 2:00