2b2t's Largest Death Trap (The Obsidian Labyrinth)

Publicerades den 22 aug 2020
Today we take a look at a dangerous death trap setup with the intention of trapping 50 people together at the same time on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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Additional Footage:
The Milk Maids: selists.info
End of the Line OST - Lars Erik Fjøsne, Arslan Qureshi & Mike Hillard
Legends of the Hidden Temple - Olmec Remix - selists.info/less/video/iNumdrmOm7yeecY.html
Wrecked Rails - selists.info/less/video/kZuJiKx-qJOihtY.html&
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  • "they airlifted a cow 6,000 blocks" does 2b2t even surprise you anymore?

  • How **rails** have become a weapon in 2b2t.

  • I like the end of the line soundtrack

  • This is some HxH shit

  • Fun fact: I’ve never played on 2b2t yet ive watched a lot of his videos.

  • /kill?

  • imagine air lifting a cow 6000 blocks away crazy lmao

  • i love near the end of the video the church has been comlpletely griefed who am i kidding it's 2b2t

  • Why the players coulnt just enter in the portalback to the nether? That would make them leave without worries

  • I just realized this is probably what pandora's vault evolved from.

  • Why the hell are the captions korean?

  • Just make a nether port

  • You know telling everyone about the maze is gonna make it hard to get people to enter the maze lol

  • No one else gonna talk about the TF2 music?

  • "A few thousand blocks away in the nether." The how is it in the overworld?

  • 2bTg= 2 Builders 2 griefers

  • lmao in a free client is a hack that makes no debuff so you wont have mining fatique xD liquidbounce *cough*

  • He didn't say it for 19 seconds.

  • Who will win... a 7 week old cube.... one hot boi in a bucket or one white boi in a bucket

  • Why didn’t they just /kill

  • Go to the edge of the maze and use chorus fruit

  • Why did someone kill the elder guardians before the event? 99% of people on 2b2t are shown to be a*sholes well maybe not 99% but somewhere near there

  • Baritone:Hold my beer

  • SElistsrs: alright guys I got minecraft premium and I'll be playing 2B2T cracked minecraft players: 6b6t people are actually more deadlier

  • You do realise Obsidian can indeed be broken, right? Wither, Diamond Pickaxe...hacked clients, potentially...if people were determined enough to escape this place, they could, relatively easily.

  • When my friend was watching from a distance he managed to spot Fit

  • I love the idea of using guardians to make an anarchy server more of a regular server

  • why dont they come back through the nether portal

  • Fit do you make gym videos too? I’m out of shape :( Also this is proof that the milk bucket is in top 5 of the most OP items 😂 And your style of documenting history is awe inspiring 🔥

  • Fit in 5 years: “the time we got the record for most players in one spot”

  • I love the fact he has music from the legends of the hidden temple over this

  • Cant you just use the portal?

  • Beautiful TF2 Music Near the Beginning

  • So that 'idiot' is prob watching this and went haha thats me

  • Me in minecraft : Just found iron 2B2T : Makes the labyrinth of Knossos Palace

  • why dont they just go back out the portals

  • that one suicide

  • pandora's vault: prototype

  • U should have made the floor out lf carpet so they could not place end crystals

  • Is this worse than the pandora vault

  • thats so easy just make a nether portal to get out

  • The elastic interest marginally order because seashore moberly whistle through a stiff client. empty, grouchy aluminium

  • Its just like this movie cube

  • I helped make the odsibain maze

  • Isn't /kill is a thing on 2b2t?

  • Cool

  • fit why is the video 10 mins exactly? change it to 9:59 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (ps: i created a server tracker that gives me your coords when on a server you should be expecting more flying baritone )

  • Legend of the hidden temple music?!?!? That made me laugh XD

  • wat if they went back to the portal and to nether and escaped??

  • Fun fact your a penny picker

  • whats the point of a maze with no exit

  • Can’t the players just go back through the nether portal to escape?

  • Huuh...! did anyone says dream smp prison ?

  • 20 seconds without saying the oldest anarchy server in minecraft that’s got to be a record

  • Smh, 2b2t ripping off the clone wars

  • cant they go back threw the portal?

  • i am in the ii club lol

  • baritone goto 0, 0, 0 ez

  • JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • hahaha love the legends of the hidden temple music

  • ummm what happens if players go back to portal?

  • Why didn't u ask them to come to labyrinth ?

  • 99k Likes Get It 100k

  • 2b2t isnt an anarchy server

  • They can just put their stuff in an enderchest and do /kill

  • Policemike55

  • Guy 1: "I'm trapped here" Guy 2: "So am I" Guy 1: "Cool, we can be friends until we get out, after that it gets difficult"

    • Guy 3: Sorry bros but I got End Crystals, too bad this entire maze is made completely out of OBSIDIAN!

  • Being a Chronicler, like FitMc, must be the most fun thing to do on 2b2t

  • Why cant the people just go back in the nether portal?

  • Theyre reenacting the clone wars in minecraft.

  • Holy shit was that first song at the start the end of the line

  • Im watching this while in queue to play

  • "Airlifting a cow" is a sentence you'll only hear from 2b2t


  • 0:32 look it’s the hunger games logos!

  • This makes dreams prison look like county jail

  • Hey he used TF2 music lol

  • This cube is very scary ngl

  • I can see this as an netflix series

  • Korean Subtitels?!

  • Hey Mr FitMc is it the end of the line? Tf2.

  • +rep for end of the line soundtrack

  • Elder guardians: die The other guardians: ah s**t, here we go again

  • Couldn't you just make your own nether portal?

  • ive been waiting to get into 2b2t for the first time in 7 years and its taking 6 hours already

  • Some how this feels like dot hack storys coming to live on minecraft 😄

  • pandora's vault: *O.o*

  • Why couldn’t they go back through the portal

  • I liked the video becais ehe said idiot

  • should've placed withers and other mobs inside as well, make an actual dungeon there.

    • withers wouldve broken the obsidian

  • i wonder if this was used as reference while the dream smp prison was being built

  • Kinda reminds me of the cube movies

  • I'll be honest of all the Mobs in Minecraft I hate the Elder Guardian and the Guardian the most

  • why make the tunnels more the 2 high...

    • @Dan not if, they WERE more then 2 high in places.

    • if the tunnels were more then 2 high people couldve used a flint and steel and made it a nether portal

  • It's called the cuckshed

  • I thought 2b2t was a small server with a player limit of around 100

  • This may be the closest thing to a normal troll ever done on 2b2t as it uses vanilla mechanics

  • People can spawn withers to break the obsidian

  • Bruh I’m how to easily escape u need blocks sponges and a wither u can block yourself in sponge the water the wither

  • Me: goes back into the portal