2b2t's Most Bizarre Oddities

Publicerades den 21 nov 2020
Today we uncover some of the more bizarre structures found on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and the tragic story of their creator.
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  • im suprised there isnt any barrier blocks!

  • Lol I found the base

  • 6:37 I was actually stuck in something similar to that but I got out without dying. I was eventually teleported through the same portal again after like 3-5 minutes of being stuck :D

  • Me rn :Þ

  • I don't even playing on 2b2t, but I like history of this server

  • what hax are u using?

  • Good job fit

  • Why dose this Sound like a fairytale

  • 5:49 there was a small base he missed 😂😂😂😭😭😭 bottom left

  • How to break the 2b2t AAFK System get an auto clicker place a lever and your good to go.

  • "Do the roar" mine all day

  • fit i challenge you to place 1endportal frame&1bedrock on 2b2t in survival.

  • The guy who sent fit the coords, aka sanku, was featured in a tommyinnit video on 2b2t

  • Isnt that the person on Tommyinnit's Video

    • who tf is tommyinnit

  • 2b2t is the most complex type of try not to leave the server challenge

  • Why watching this feels like watching history channel?

  • how do you get these huge cinematic pictures of the map???

  • It’s so weird that Fit can recognize the years that something was built just y looking at the light sources and pathways.

  • I know its an anarchy server but honestly who finds a cool base and thinks "ima destroy this shit" instead of just exploring it and appreciating someones effort and build.

  • What you say the spawn community is so emotional

  • WAIT. Isn't bedrock obtainable using the Endersomnias- Oh right you version is 1.12 to 1.18... Not 9.8.2

  • what program is used to make the boat fly?

  • JoJos Bizarre Adventure

  • FitMC most bizarre oddities 1.Not saying the oldest anarchy server in minecraft every video

  • I saw a sign about Gojoun. I don't pkay 2b2t but I know him from tomyinnit lol

  • Hey! sanku and goujon were tommyinnits allies

  • SankuGG and _Goujon? That screams *Tommyinnit* (i am not a stan btw)

  • Expecally

  • Imagine how 2b2t will look in 2031 giant owo will be a part of history

  • 8:09 You should really be a bit more careful, some of those names.

  • 1:56 the person called Goujon helped TommyInnit on his vids

  • What’s next somebody hacks hausemaster’s account and installs a mod to the server

  • Sanku was in a Tommy innit video lol

  • The Bedrock Trap make me Claustrophobia even though it was Minecraft


  • P O I N T

  • S P A W N

  • O D D

  • What's the client hes using

  • I heard the name goujon before but don’t know where

  • Did anyone else see a sign saying goujon was here? Goujon was tommyinnits 2b2t friend!!

  • SankuGG and Goujon helped out tommyinnit as well :)

  • I'm still waiting for a 2b2t dramatization Netflix series, with Fit as the narrator.

  • How Did The Boat Thing Not Get Remooved Yet?

  • Flying in a Bote

  • minecraft one peice

  • end portal frames you can pistonit

  • There is a server without a fly hack anticheat :D

  • Fit:You heard this a million times Me : I like fit saying it : (

  • Howse should hard ban people who grefe multiple times

  • Sankuu from Tommyinit?

  • Bedrock isn’t illegal anymore lol. It’s possible to get in 1.12-1.15 and not that hard.

  • "a bit more later" - i am not native english speaker, but comon

  • Pov Never touched the server but knows that my base would get shit on

  • you know a percentage of my viewers are- lets just get in to it

  • You have the perfect voice for these things. Honestly have a early Pokémon announcer-esq voice just a little older.

  • did you put the blocks back

  • "2b2t

  • FitMc: Shows us player names and coordinates Me: writing down as much info as possible

  • To get out of the bedrock portal u can break the obsidian then put it back and light it and go through

  • i see name of herobrine you press tab

  • with the nether portal, its not actually foolproof, all you need is flint and steel. basically, if you get caught in the trap, you just break the nether portal from inside and light it again. the game will make you go back through

  • i love how hes saying on 2b2t the oldest anarchy server like we dont know what it is

  • “the servers most notor-“ me: POPBOB

  • Boat Go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • my b-day is on one of the signs 8.27.07

  • Look at sci craft that got bedrock in survival and you used to be able to obtain bedrock when ender men could pick up bedrock and you killed them

  • Another thing that u cant get in 2b2t its Water

    • Not water buckets Just water or command block

  • 4:02 I like how Fit renamed the notch apple "nom nom nom".

  • 2b2t only works on 1.12 ;-;

  • does fit mc hack?

    • you have to hack on anarchy servers or you cant even make it out of spawn

  • use the shaders when you are also playing, not only in the intro. Makes the game look better

  • The squealing thrill pragmatically strip because climb supply grin lest a parched baseball. previous, well-made bush

  • Is it the same sanku that helped mr innit

  • illegal blocks like bedrock scicraft am i a joke to you?

  • Pogggg

  • Fit: I promise this will be the last stop before we actually go to the base! Me who was enjoying the griefed base: :/

  • Fit, I'm turning off sign render so you cant use coordinate exploits. Also Fit, Shows an image with readable signs at 1:53

  • is it just me or is this like a movie

  • I feel like FitMC is the Archeologist of 2B2T

  • You lasted 5 seconds before sayng "the oldest anarchy server on minecraft"

  • Oh you like 2b2t? Name every block placed by a player

  • well atleast the flying boat suits the title

  • Yes they bully me

  • "mines two blocks" don't worry guys I'm not greifing

  • If there was a Minecraft school.... we have already found our history teacher


  • First!

  • At 8:35 one of the signs say Goujon was here who is if you don't know a good 2b2t friend of tommyinit

  • SankuGG the same person who helped TommyInnit

  • Can't type things on mobile

  • If anyone remember when Tommyinnit met you goujoun when he played 2b2t on the picture of the standing next to the end portal frames on one of the signs it says you join was here

  • Like how old is this guy 50?

  • Wwwait, Sanku and Goujon from the TommyInnit vid? Bruh I saw the sign and fit said Sanku gave the coords

  • 3:13 "Let's get a move on" *Boat spontaneously levitates straight up*

  • 0:07 So *that's* what defines the term "Illegal" on *the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft*

  • "Signs can actually be used as a co-ordinate exploit now" Fit you showed a screenshot of the base with signs in it, i dont think thats gonna work


  • FitMC is literally a historian. I love it.

  • How weird tags... minecraft history update mobs creeper raid nether sea monster dragon red 2b2t anarchy server fitmc fit oldest builds tour battle spawn grief hack client incursion tutorial dream herobrine hacked exploit glitch mojang flying redstone technoblade smp live campfire blast furnace parody song memes house piglin hoglin forest compost composter 1.17 bastion respawn anchor pvp popbob remnant chests chest animation speedrun duplication bed minecon mc unsolved mystery end caves cliffs warden beast mrbeast