2b2t's Most Bizarre Oddities

Publicerades den 21 nov 2020
Today we uncover some of the more bizarre structures found on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and the tragic story of their creator.
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IronException (Render)
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  • Lol

  • This is the same sanku that helped tommyinnit on 2b2t. If you look at the signs at 1:52 you can see goujon was there too.

  • At this point, who wasn´t betrayed by popbob

  • Popbob is a female btw

  • لا إله إلا الله

  • fit is like unsolved mystery but its mc

  • imagine if popbob was a 10 year old👽

  • If I ever go on 2b2t imma just steal every single piece of loot they have then I'll leave the game

  • Every one who agrees that FitMC is the best 2b2t SElistsr like this comment. (And no I'm not begging for likes I honestly just wanna see how many of you guys agree)


  • That head on a map is man called Baxtrix in Czechoslovakia youtube

  • ‘I promise, this is the last time I’m gonna stop.’ 9 more stops later...

  • if you puase at 1:57 you can see 2 signs have _goujon and _courier6_ the people who helped tommy

  • what if... FIT IS HAUSEMASTER

  • teacher: the test isnt that confusing the test: 3:11

  • Anybody realizing that Groupon from tommyinnit’s 2b2t video was on the sign? Or-

  • I really like when he takes a moment to remember the happy times when there was no fighting or wars on 2b2t.

  • i think the old destroyed bases were cool

  • Lol

  • You should make a history video on 2b2t every year.

  • Chain armor you can’t craft

  • Im gonna go back through and watch all your vids and take a drink everytime you say 2b2t, popbob and oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Ayy wasn’t sanku from Timmyinnits videos on 2b2t

    • Yeah Goujon’s name was also on a sign in that screenshot

  • I love how the god apples are named "nom nom nom."

  • sanku was in tommy inits vid

  • he is af 2b2t journalist

  • he sais Bizarre. THAT IS A MF JOJO REFERANCE

  • Did anyone notice Goujoun and SankuGG were the people who helped Tommyinit escape spawn in a his video and there both in this video

  • Policemike55

  • With the bedrock end portal you can break and replace the portal to go back

  • Wait sanku isnt that the guy who helped Tommyinit in 2b2t

    • @JayZzZWater yep

    • Ya and in the pick his friend Goujon put a sign “Goujoun was here”

  • Bro I’m waiting for a super hacker who has invincibility and can’t be ban

  • I always see _Goujon signs in 2b2t

  • popbob sounds like a real P.O.S.

  • its funny how the people tommy met, SankuGG and Goujon have been mentioned at least once by in Fit's videos

  • The unsuitable chord astonishingly marry because bar byerly slip over a panoramic technician. woebegone, ordinary antarctica


  • Most bizarre oddities; 75% of video is same old griefing from every other video.

  • 3:39 Fox: "I'm gonna check out the bio-weapon." "I'm sending the data to you guys." Falco: "Shoot a torpedo to help you see!" Peppy: "Looks like the pollution has started." Slippy: "It's awful..." "Wow! Look at that! It's beautiful!" "How's the Blue-Marine, Fox?" Peppy: "It's a good thing you prepared, Slip." Falco: "This thing will never hold together." Slippy: "Woah! Watch out!" Peppy: "Do a barrel roll (Z or R twice)!" Slippy: "Keep shooting. We've got lots of torpedoes!" Peppy: "You're the best, Slippy!" Slippy: "Thanks, Peppy!" Falco: "This thing will never hold together." Peppy: "I've got a BAD feeling about this, Fox." Slippy: "Watch out, Fox!" Fox: "I've found the bio-weapon." Slippy: "Enemy shield analyzed." Peppy: "Aim for the two columns." Slippy: "Fire a homing torpedo." Falco: "That's it, Fox." Peppy: "Go for the eyes!" Slippy: "Yeah! Yeah!" "Yippee! You did it!" Fox: "We're preparing to dock." "Thanks, Slip. Blue-Marine came through." Peppy: "Slippy's not such a screw up after all." Slippy: "Thanks a lot, Peppy!" Falco: "I'll take the sky any day." Slippy: "Sheesh, Falco! You, too?" Why yes, I did quote all the dialouge in Aquas from Startfox 64, all because I heard Aquas play in the video. I love starfox

  • "See you tomorrow Bro " -7 years later.....

  • FitMc:'Breaks block' im not going to grief this place. Me:bruh

  • Now this is what I call history lesson

  • Can a custom hacked client get illegal blocks or do you need op

  • Only four seconds. If you know you know, but you probably do cause you’re watching this video

  • I’m starting to think this might be the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft....but I’m still not sure

    • copied

  • 1020776.2, 166577, -386629.87

  • Did anyone notice the player head (popbob)

  • what is your client?

  • 0:04


  • i like it when you stop more :)

  • Hope you don't mind me asking this, but was it true that popbob was female?

  • 5:49 oh wow... first time hearing that

  • What hacks you use

  • The fact his gapples are named nom nom nom

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • “That’s enough nostalgia for me” *takes off in boat*

  • FitMC : you kown what you hear this a millom time Me : yay, skip

  • SankuGG Actually helped tommyinnit lolll

  • 1:42 that fort or castle seems cool to build

  • everybody sub because he actually skipped the viewer subscriber thing, what a legend!

  • I want to know what the signs say tho

  • sanku? as in sankuGG from tommyinnits vid?

  • “...but that’s enough from me, let’s get a move on.” *hops onto a magical boat casually*

  • fit used wurst

  • Yo 8:35. The vid was posted on 11/21 but the sign says here 12/11

  • It’s funny how he named his golden Apple “nom nom nom”

  • There are no shilds 5 years ago

  • How can signs be used to find cords ?

  • I love how fit makes everything more dramatic lmao

  • This man makes this block game into real life

  • 2b2t is that one server, which you debate whether or not to play it, but once you do, you can't stop

  • Sanku? Hmm have I heard that before? Isn't he TommyInnit's Friend in 2b2t?


  • How are you getting the 3D renders of the 2b2t map?

  • fitmc:we going to tha stash *ends video about being betrayed* me:Welp im outa here

  • the Hell How Do U Make Boat Fly?

  • 1:18 what is that lava cast

  • fun fact pop bob is a girl

  • “It’s actually one of 2b2t’s flooded forests” Me a monster hunter fan: *grabs longsword*

  • 2:40 oh ur holding a photo of a czech youtuber!

  • who nows maybe im OMALIYMIX and maybe I play on my alt so people dont recognize me

  • Im sorry with your friends that they quit minecraft

  • I have the flying boat glitch

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • I got an ad about some goth looking guy trying to teach people how to speak to plants on this video Why

    • i have SElists premium because of raid shadow legends

  • such a nice guy :D "im not griefing this place, putting the stone bricks back when we are done"

  • My name apper in this vid lmao

  • “Just a block game..” and now, you have officially carried it too far buddy

  • the boat fly me: wow transportation

  • In mcpe there is accutually there is a option to break bedrock

  • i seen stuff like this but more.. im not gonna say it.. buts its all wierd.. the name is *** and there is always only one player called c88r and i think he died by his computer because he never moved for 6 years now.. i attacked him.. and kept on getting kicked.. and there was alot of damage on the server.. and laggy..

  • 2b2t ice berg

  • This dude talks about players in a video game wreaking havoc like he’s an immortal storyteller recounting the epic saga of an ancient battle he witnessed

  • i bet popbob is using a stolen account to go unnoticed in 2b2t

  • This gives me the vibes of Obi Wan Kenobi telling Luke the stories of his Jedi Adventures

  • Bro you always show you image holding a gold play button and Bald head

  • Popbob was actually a lunatic lmao

  • 7:45 “don’t worry I’ll put them back” so respectful to the builds and history he says this after mining two blocks

  • Yup, took him 4 seconds to say it