2b2t's Most Chaotic Minecraft Highway

Publicerades den 17 okt 2020
We explore the most travelled overworld highway on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and figure out just how far it actually goes....if we survive.
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MarkusVLA - old.reddit.com/r/2b2t/comments/gbp22k/a_render_of_the_10k_obsidian_palace/
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  • "5k in 1 sitting i am going to bed davidv2002" last online: 8 months ago

  • *11:56** "Corvobis, are you even online right now?" "Meow"*

  • Pred who invited kid! Escapes in TINY CAR! And he won't stop!

  • Why he killed that guy in the start of the video ???

  • That guy fit killed at 1:33 must have been like "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOW I HAVE TO ESCAPE SPAWN AGAIN!!! WHY FIT!!!!!"

  • dude that oohh big portal got me good xD sounded like you got a big hit of dopamine share please

  • The cats were probably to prevent creeper explosions since that part of the highway didn’t have obsidian

  • My mind at 3:05 : oh lol it’s a prenis

  • The absurd amount of history on this server blows my miniscule molecule sized brain. You could produce a TV show reenacting the main events of the server and I'd sure as hell would pay to watch it. Keep up the good work documenting this stuff my man.

  • 7:45 "I was drunk when i bought qeque" LOL

  • 1:35 poor guy

  • 6:35 I usually ask that question when I found a dead SElists channel 11 years ago.

  • Hi

  • LOL corvobous the cat left on the east highway like 69k blocks away from spawn xD

  • 1:37 what a chaotic kill -rip

  • “There’s *wheat* at the valley of *wheat*?”

  • anarchy servers are where the world's most damaged and mentally underdeveloped bratty twats go to spread misery. Please stop playing minecraft (and for the love of God please don't reproduce) if you enjoy griefing

  • Why do you use hacks

    • its 2b2t, hacking is allowed

  • Omg its massive! That’s what she said

  • Jailmate: "What are you in for" Corvobis: "I left 4 of my cats on the Eastern Highway in 2b2t" Jailmate: *Backs off*

  • wait.. theres wheat in the valley of wheat?!?!

  • Rest in peace Magnusbolet

  • 2b2t would be a perfect anime

  • aughhhh bigggg portalll

  • Why’d you kill that poor guy?

  • This video gives me a feel that we are actually exploring some real life history!

  • *C O R V O B I S*


  • If I had an mc account I’d join that server and try to repair every structure with my best guess of what it used to look like! And I’m serious I patched a whole 50 by 60 by 40 area that was briefed in a realm it was originally a farm but sadly there was too much tnt the 2nd time and I couldn’t even guess what it used to look like :c

  • Whats the hack client he uses?

  • 7:41 I was drunk when I bought the queue

  • 1:35 lol

  • Shakespeare if he lived in the 21 century: 2b or not 2t

  • I hear a remixed version of Gareth Coker's Glide mini-game ost in the background

  • lets respect that corvobis took the time to get cats that far out.

  • Fit: "Now that's a big log." Me: *immediately gets a Scott toilet paper ad*

  • This is really cool, but at this point a bunch of the intact monuments are likely griefed because people know where they are now in this video I want to try out 2b2t but I don't want to have to install hacks to survive, that's too much trouble I think

  • You should make a decent house on the highway and see how long till it gets grieved


  • oooooo big portal

  • Why do you play spooky music?

  • That poor guy in the beginning who just got destroyed. I pay my respects to him.

  • Rip guy at the beginning

  • Yoy did it

  • Question for Any 2B2T player's that are here!!! What is the Distance on each highway rn?

  • "still in great shape"

  • I destroyed the slushie shack and stole the totem

  • it's intriguing seeing the ruins of old players, it's like a sort of archeology

  • 1:30 he crouched up and down why did you kill him

  • 7:46 that’s actually mine, it was a fort made of portals

  • 1:31 RIP "Ricardo Milos"

  • That server sound very interesting and fun but how does it work? Like I have never played in 2b2t so would I just be killed or would I be able to play in the server and do I need some kind of hacks?

  • 6:27 Me too, I feel kind of sad bc I rly feel sad and want to know about them!

  • 4:15 I was a part of that base and knew the owner

  • 11:37he said it

  • Damn


  • Templars is also the name of an organization in assassin’s creed

  • 9:28 i think "my w" = my wolf

  • That horses legs have been evaporated

  • These videos are like a documentary of the Mt. Everest or something 😂

  • Fit: im not toxic Also fits totem: EZ


  • not cool corvobis not cool

  • 12:30 This was founded on my birthday!

  • For "now" its done

  • Can you give me a name of a good hack client please? :)

  • Anyone else notice the song in the opening being from the new Smash Bros x Minecraft DLC? Why isn't this popular?

  • *Listening to the music* Does anyone else realize that the first song that plays is a remix of a track from console editions glide minigame? Or am I the only one because I've played console since a year after it existed?

  • Aaa *BIG PORTAL*

  • Club Penguin fart sound: 7:17

  • Its sad that people work hard but people come greif it. :( i feel bad for the owner

  • 10:15 that lavacast is art itself jesus christ.

  • FitMC's first words: da da Fit's dad:i think hes trying to say dad FitMC: The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Fun Fact: on bedrock saddles don’t need to exist on skele horses

  • 6:13 yes.

  • Dont say Gods name in vain

  • all these builds are about to be griefed

  • "There's actual wheat at the Valley of Wheat?!" Only on 2b2t.

  • Entity jesus

  • 2404 70 471

  • 2374 68 223


  • 180k blocks ha the northern highway over 800k

  • i think the cats are used for creepers to go bye bye

  • 1:34 rip that guy xD

  • Fit: oh there's undead horses here just take a trip to 170k it's just that close right? Meanwhile fit getting to the end (180k): THAT IS A LONG ROAD

  • 1:31 magnusbolet was just casually greeting fit in a respective manner then fit just slapped him with a sword lol xD

  • I'm gonna fix tb2t

  • 128 608

  • 2113766233

  • anyone see the i.i symbole all over the place and were the greifing is

  • You monster! 1:32 The Secred Peace dance is to show for peace! Not destructions

  • 12:42 is where Lynix went on his seconds video of 2b2t. It‘s pretty cool to see it intact yet

  • what client do u use?

  • Corvobis watching this like: 👁️👄👁️

  • Wait, You need HACKS to survive? I give up

  • How is the song at the start called?

  • I was gonna join 2b2t but THIS IS WHY I DIDNT

  • 100.000 like😎