2b2t's Most Chaotic Minecraft Highway

Publicerades den 17 okt 2020
We explore the most travelled overworld highway on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and figure out just how far it actually goes....if we survive.
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MarkusVLA - old.reddit.com/r/2b2t/comments/gbp22k/a_render_of_the_10k_obsidian_palace/
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  • 11:35 nice part ;)

  • I feel like a tourist.

  • Fit: 170k block thats a short distance right Me: …

  • Wither hates squids

  • i am on that highway right now

  • why did u kill that guy in the bigining i feel bad for him

  • everytime i watch a vid i feel sad for the builders that took years to make there work

  • Mans really didn’t repair the bridge 🤦‍♀️

    • It has no use lmao

  • Me when I finish the art that took me 3 days to finish while still being lazy: 17:53

  • Rip MagnusBolet, forever in our hearts

  • Awwww BiG pOrTaL

  • 5:46 its a bad idea to build on 2b2t. play on tamer servers if you dont want your base griefed.

  • this road has given me an idea to do it to all my survival worlds.

  • 13:09 giant lava cast me: yay I wanna mine throught that when finished it will be like having dug through a mountain.

  • i dont know why but 2b2t feels depressing

  • Damn, FFIX music goes really well with this footage!

  • So, is that mansion actually 6 years old?

  • Me when The guy abandoned the cats:🤮

  • I district 2000 bedrock we'd 30000TNT

  • "When A Mosquito Lands On Your Testicles You realise Violence Isn't Always The Answer" -Wise Man

  • Ahh Big portal -Fit Mc

  • i dig the super mario rpg music

  • I love 💕 the soundtrack of your video it has a final fantasy reference of your minecraft adventure keep it up idol


  • Me after I poop: 8:43

  • Seriously, it's like an virtual archeology.

  • A 12 y'o kid snacking upon fries whilst fighting another player on 2b2t FitMC: And here we have a *warrior.*

  • 4:03 Really, there is?

  • Goodguy fit. Handing out totems to noobs.

  • 7:37 You probably have to be drunk to purchase prio queue in a childrens block game

  • Now that's strong for a bone creature :)

  • So rude to the beginner ): he just wanted to travel with you

  • What is the name of the song / music at 0:00

  • 1:33 : (

  • Hey fit have you had a good day today?

  • In that begining when he killed someone funni


  • 2 signs with my 2 of my birthdays in a single video

  • What the flip

  • Wait you use hacks

  • hey like this comment as a petiton for fit to carry the highway to world border

  • 16:57 yeaah clown down

  • daddy

  • I don't play on 2b2t, and I don't play minecraft... but I watch these videos.

  • This makes me want to be a highway builder now.

    • its boring

  • 11:37 nice

  • i have a rule, if he starts sprouting about "the oldest anarchy server" i stop watching. today that was 8 seconds

  • Andy sixx? 08:43

  • I travelled this road some years ago and I can still remember some of the ruins :)

  • FitMC: Researching and documenting with very elaborate and well scripted videos Also FitMC: bIG PoRTal

  • Fit what client do you use?

  • I went to the GitHub site, it 404’d, rip

  • Slovakia

  • Nobody communsits during the cold war: must of appreciated art but not food

  • I thought you didnt need a sadle for skeleton horse

  • How much did ur hacks cost if they cost anything? Im on console I cant do anything with the info just curious

  • 11:40

  • I wouldve slaughtered those cats on the highway without a thought.

  • I played Minecraft in 0.15.0 or less that person that used jack o lanterns it’s kinda like me

  • minecraft glide music?

  • 6:13 “Awh big portal.”

  • stop those adds before i watch the video.

  • I learned 1 thing,Corvobis does NOT deserve any human rights

  • 12:00 that cat has gone through so much adventures

  • Guys, Jesus is lord and he died on the cross for your sins!!!! Repent before it is to late!!!! 🙏🏻 😃

  • 2b2t, the oldest and most depressing Anarchy server.

  • 2B2T really *Fits* you

  • Wow.....

  • Other anarchy servers: Yea its enough if you just travell 20k - 30k blocks away from 0x 0z to be safe 2B2T: Good luck on your 200k blocks journey :)

  • He’s got an amazing sub percentage

  • i'm gonna download java, dupe some iron, figure out redstone, and make a secret facility somewhere on the eastern highway where nobody will see it not even with hacks

  • The fact that this is what has accumulated over the years is Amazing ! I dont understand If there is a world border how is the whole map not fucked up over you said 10 years ?

  • can we bring up the name *davidv2002* this guy deserves this, hit that like

  • 11:38 I knew I recognized the name of that cat. 7:00 That same name was used on a sign in the first checkpoint lol

  • Damn its like he literally got married to his voice, and every word hes saying is one in-put --__--

  • Loving minecraft to its limits❤️

  • You know the lava that's been made into cobble ( sorry forgot what they were called) are really pretty if you look at them the right way

  • Road trip

  • Damn so chaotic youtube crashed three times before I could load the video

  • 13:58 The only Grief that I approve, Skydom

  • *” look at this big log “*

  • I really wanna hear this guy say UIH PETAR

  • On the oldest anarchy server in minecraft the oldest anarchy server in minecraft is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft. Did I mention the oldest anarchy server in minecraft?

  • whats you're client?

  • What is your Hacked Client? 😂

  • I liek minecraft

  • Wtf is 2b2t?

  • Why do people destroy all these beautiful structures? Stealing in the chests I'd understand but griefing and lava casting? Why? What do they gain?

  • 2b2t isnt an anarchy server

  • Tobetote

  • 1:32 rip lanusbolet

  • 9:44, look it's the infinity incursion simble, it's floating btw

  • this server is crazy. It just blows my mind that players created such a history to this server. All the griefed bases, artifacts, that we'll be able to see even 10 years from now. Its kinda sad to see all these bases and huge mansions griefed.

  • Policemike55

  • i bought a gaming pc and it'll arrive in 3 weekks then im instantly gonna download minecraft and join this server maybe we're gonna meet idk

  • There should be a group of players dedicated to maintaining the highways

  • This just gave me too much memories

  • "5k in one sitting, i am going to bed" Man, thats just the kind of sign youd expect to see at the end of a highway, hope the madlad slept well

  • Basically anything built on 2b2t is basically automatically effected with decay

  • 17:50 is that guild wars I hear?