2b2t's Most LEGENDARY Base Was GRIEFED

Publicerades den 5 jun 2021
Today we discuss how 2b2t's most legendary base was finally found, and then promptly GRIEFED after more than 6 years of secrecy. What was an urban legend on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft has proven to be real.
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I always knew that 2b2t's most legendary base was griefed years ago, but had a feeling that it somehow survived.


  • Actually, there's probably even more copies of the base, Itristan knew that if they want they can find the first copy, but by hiding the base just a few million blocks away from the original base, it would give the illusion of being the only copy, but actually I think there's even more copies from the actual base

    • @FitMC did they really find it with the no comment hack?

    • @MysticGaming good luck getting past the queue!

    • @MysticGaming I guess there's some oldest anarchist servers in Minecraft bedrock, just search for them

    • Can u get on to 2b2t on bedrock? I wanna play

    • I was just thinking this, if they could make one why not more? Wasnt it a bit weird that, even though they only had three days, they couldn't fully perfect the copy? It takes a few minutes to use world edit and transfer items, especially with the power they had. The only explanation is he wasn't just spending his time making one, but he was trying to make multiple, and make them identical to each other rather then one be perfectly the original and another being very messed up compared to the original. I would say they spent maybe 3 or 4 hours tops on that one copy, so in three days they had the time to make at least another copy

  • It's always the Jared's

  • Wow, people that play on this server are so damn pathetic and petty 🤣

  • Don't think I don't hear that Serious Sam OST.

  • Cool, a flag of Ireland I think.

  • Man had a worse ego than sasuke uchiha

  • imagine Jared only destroy the backup of the backup of the backup of the backup of the backup of the backup of the backup of the base as maybe the members are active but not the backup...

  • 13:00 or is it the last…

  • what do these people do as a job haha, i guess you have to be rich af or a youtuber/streamer xD

  • Better than dream smp

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  • Hey fitmc it my birthday and want shout out for I triston because my brother owns that account please i watch all of your videos

  • The simple equinox fortuitously charge because spoon disturbingly puncture aside a spotless friday. five, smelly yew

  • there is more bases have been found and sent private so no one can find it

  • He has like 10 copies of the base and it took them this long to destroy just one of them lol

  • hearing Spiral Knights music made me cry, i love that game so much 😭😭

  • Is that spiral knights music?

  • lol how many times is fit gonna say "The oldest anarchy server" at the beginning of his videos

  • it took u 7 secs to say "The oldest anarchy server" LOL

  • why in 2012 the year i come to life

  • imagine if they used their brain power for something actually useful

  • Why do people find it necessary to destroy peoples hard work, assholes

    • 2b2t has no rules they can do whatever they want If you build a good base it's bound to be griefed But I agree going this far to grief a base is just dumb like go outside and touch grass

  • imagine if just one day popbob just hopped on the community would go insane

  • who else felt bad bc the base literally looked like it took years to build watching it get destroyed just made me feel bad for tristan if they have a backup that'd be sick

  • O

  • wow Smart Smart

  • Jared: I destroyed it al.. Tristan: there is another

  • Lol would be funny if there was another copy of imps

  • Why on 2b2t

  • Honestly I've only played mine craft on Xbox for a few months a longggg time ago and I'm addicted to these videos lol. This guy is great. It's like murder porn for gamers. Lol

  • this idiot spent 9 years to find the other base, bro touch grass its minecraft... how tf did someone push you that far..... rent free in your head for 9 YEARS!

  • no way someone who legit got backdoor to do this just for someone who didnt ever touch grass in ther e life to find it..

  • 2b2t will be rocked you don't know what's coming Espionage rises

  • what a bunch of petty children XD

  • Imps 3

  • 11:20 "Popbob logged in at the final link"

  • Math

  • Griefers just give off the “We are going to end the world” vibe but then the builders are like “it’s okay, there’s like 8 more btw Tristan and House was iconic

  • 13

  • FitMC: Explaining how they found the copy Me: *Confused Unga Bunga*

  • Its not an oldesz

  • Tristian: *getting notifny, someone just destroy the decoy base

  • These videos make 2B2T look like World War III

  • thats funny it was destroyed on my bday

  • at this point, the holy grail of bases in 2b2t will be a dirt hut.

  • What if there is another copy and its more bigger and better than the destroyed copy and maybe its in the edge of the 60 mil blocks away from spawn so nobody can either have the balls to find it. my theory is his base can either ba a clone of one of 10 bases all scatterd the server and this is his plan to leak it so the base is duplicated

  • No one can find my house in my server cuz it’s made on 2 places world borders down and up

  • seeing the pekora face just makes me so happy inside hehe

  • Ah, yes; classical 2b2t.

  • Why do people find it this important to destroy peoples hard work?

  • feels like I just watch the history channel

  • Orsin flippin Indiana Jones out here.

  • Imagine being petty enough to hold a grudge in MINECRAFT for NINE YEARS

  • I never knew that u could use math in Minecraft lol

  • me with my 8 year old secret 2b2t base: hehe boy

  • There's only one replica, or is it?

  • I'm dumb I thought the 2b2t legend in the start of the video was Luvonox haahhaha

  • Imagine sweating this hard in order to grief some1 's base, Nerds.

    • 9 years TOOO LOOOOOOL they must of had a bad fall out

  • yo i dont play minecraft no more but damnn that man is a man of Focus, Commitment, and sheer will he spent 6 years for revenge thats freaking crazy

  • 7 seconds this time

  • Jesus Christ these people are bored

  • Spiral knights bro wtf, nostalgia...


  • Itristan is going to heaven for creating a statue of Jesus/God Jared will go to hell for griefing a statue of Jesus/God

  • they started the grief the day after my birthday

  • 11:49 so the base is german.

  • Man, I hate jared and tristan with a passion. Two morons who have to ruin achievements of years before just to prove themselves

  • I didn't know that math was in games

  • Woooow. Destroying one of the greatest bases in minecraft. They sure must be proud. 😑. 👏👏

  • May 2021 something unthinkable happened Ad plays

  • How has he figured out that the base was moved from the north west to north east based on the text in the screenshot???

  • When you dont know who to Root for but then HermeticLock says his reason for participating that can make any apathist cry: I just wanted to feel something

  • The extents that these griefers take is beyond unholy

  • Things like this feel crazy to me for how devoted and serious people are about a game.😐

  • What if notch join 2b2t

    • He would obliterated the sever for godly status. And punish the unpunishable

  • Wow, this is really sad, you didn't even say your phrase: "The oldest anarchy server in minecraft"

  • Plot twist: iTristan created multiple copies

  • Whoops, sorry not sorry 😅

  • What if he has multiplie copies in places others cant even reach, with admin powers he could have potentialy made a fake sky using item frames and world editing stuff on top of that

  • Dang the greifers name was jared, it makes sense why he greifs

  • Orsin really carried the hunt

  • He was searching for base for years

  • Why didn’t he just make 3

  • ayo no way, spiral knights music

  • Some people just want to see the world burn

  • these kids r kinda weird spending hours on end to grief a Minecraft base

  • His videos are like full of amazing storys

  • "Revenge after six years!" "Became the best base finder in history!" "Got a truly unique experience" Talk about a participation trophy lmao

  • this is sad

  • World editing with hacks is fast but Itristan had a day with access before Hausmaster knew about it therefore Itristan (theoratically) world edited Imps base to a lot of locations.

  • WHAT

  • Aye my birthday was the day they attacked

  • Imagine if ITristan said there was another

  • I know y’all are some data scientists, y’all need to work for hedge funds not the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.

  • Mango shoco

  • Pilot twist : there where two buckups of the base

  • Hermeticlock aka *The Bored Legend*

  • At some point some one is just gonna delete the server

  • My IQ just went up

  • Nice Serious Sam OST!