2b2t's Nether World Border Has Been REACHED (30 Million Minecraft Blocks)

Publicerades den 3 jul 2021
Today we document the race to 2b2t's Nether world border, a survival expedition that took over 13 months, 30 million Minecraft blocks, and the shocking result that nobody expected on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
Over a year is not exactly a speedrun.
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Additional Images/Info:
Zaanga (Information + Footage): www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPk76...
Dig Team's Full Write-up: imgur.com/a/EjSXHfp
IronException (Renders)

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2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17 update. Very exciting times!


  • The greatest achievement here isn't reaching the border, it's creating the longest tunnel.

  • There still is a milestone people haven’t achieved. Getting to all 3 world borders on one account

  • /ReturnMyLifeToMePLZ!!!! This message should have been there instead of ironexeption was here.

  • Scicraft did a journey to all 12 borders, and demonstrates the portal glitch. Their end portal machine was so much more incredible though, and I highly recommend watching their vid just for that. It was insanely complicated: Enough flying machines to work as chunk loaders all the way out to world border, An autosave detector, End gateway manipulation

  • 8:14 Achievement stolen is not accurate. It's never their so it's never been stolen. Another group did not use any their progress to make it progress.

  • Imagine spending a year digging a tunnel to reach the border just to find out someone did it in a couple minutes

  • Its the first people to reach the nether borderwithout exploit or teleport and the longest tunnel to ever dig in minecraft

  • next: diagonal

  • Who else is in bedrock edition just flying in a straight line in creative Tryin find the border

  • “May the 5th” me:that’s my birthday lol

  • Sheeeeesh

  • Iron cheated he teleported

  • Hare should not have apologize at all wtf.

  • Now go the other way...

  • this guy sounds like omni man

  • Next I’m gonna go to the height border

  • what was left was DISSAPPOINTMENT

  • Next tunnel from borders to bordersm

  • Hold up nobody talks about it but did they ever “touch” the border..

  • Thats a huge rip “on his birthday too”

  • The guy who stole the account, got mad and killed it is just sad, so very sad.

  • Ai and bots dont count

  • 'Starts to watch video' 'Gets smacked by nostalgia because of Guild Wars 1 music' Good taste.

  • 10:03 Ahsoka Tano?!

  • I tp to my base in my solo server instead of moving +2000 blocks

  • The team the digged did the most hard work, tho that bot is amazing too and the guy who teleported there was cool too :)

  • Clickbait?!?!?!

  • lol

  • 4:44 Imagine having so many Bottles O' Enchanting just to repair your pickaxes.. In my normal survival games i would get 3-5 bottles maximum and keep them as souvenirs lol

  • Imagine if they extended all borders with 100million blocks

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  • The annoying cat considerably expand because morning intriguinly alert outside a brave viscose. zippy, flashy engineering

  • Plot twist: Someone teleport to the nether border before iron exception but we haven't discover it yet.

  • That image at 7:15 is so cool looking, like looking at a massive fortress on a lava planet

  • Is this halo music?

  • The safest place FOR SURE has to be about 25,000,000x 25,000,000z nether. Its the lest traveled axis and hyper far out. No way in hell youd ever get found.

  • shoulda dug west as well to get the first fully cross-nether tunnel

  • I dont think any bots or exploits or hacks should count. And this video was so well put together man

  • This seriously looks like it could become a movie XD

  • Pro tip :- If you want to stop any zombie from despawning but you don't have any nametag, you can give zombie anything which he can put in his hand like any one block, any tool, etc things in Minecraft

  • 2b2t is debuged

  • 0:16

  • This just proves that 2b2t is really is just an anarchy server considering people are doing this crazy thing reaching the borders of all three dimensions I’m expecting them next to download a bunch of dimension mods and for every single player to try and also download those mods just so they can reach their world borders

  • *Now the final frontier is the nether world border corner!*

  • We all know that "glitch" was just one of them losing focus and falling into lava haha.

  • That guy with the bot sounds like a cool guy!

  • I'm kind of new to the game, but why would reaching the world border in the Nether be "a fool's errand?" Is it longer than the Overworld? Does it have to do with all the lava and potential for enemies to sabotage it? I'm just a little confused why the other 2 aren't a fool's errand but this one is considered one!

  • 7:15 holy shit that looks like some hell portal shit

  • Ironexecption: AMATEURS

  • 8:57 I love how 2 dudes are like WTF

  • So, if we dig only one side, why don't we dig the 3 other sides?

  • Raftel…

  • One small step of minecraft one giant leap for block kind

  • well i feel like they should be awarded for the first ones to reach it bcs only them weren't using exploits

  • Well looks like the nether x highway is complete.

  • Has there been a void base before, it sounds like a good idea

  • I love minecraft history!!!

  • I did it in the end legitimatly

  • I've been a subscriber for a while, why am i Unsubscribed? :/ YT is shit sometimes to be honest...

  • I'm not gonna let that wonderful Guild Wars music just slide like it's not even there. Cheers

  • the border of ameracan hell(US Border)

  • 2b2t will be rocked you don't know what's coming Espionage rises

  • Minecraft’s final frontier has been reached

  • I don't get it. Why did that iron guy with teleport glitch place the sign exactly where these guys tunnel finally reached the border? How did the guys find his pitstop? Is there a fixed path that you are supposed to travel. Only then you can encounter these right

  • Took kurtjmac half his life to not even make it yet

  • Hey 😊 does anyone here know a survival minecraft server with no rules BUT with hacks being against the rules? I would love to play on a server with rules but i really sont like hacks

  • Imagine building the nether portal there

  • who else thought the nether world border would be a wall of bedrock like it was on legacy consoles

  • I know absolutely nothing about these Minecraft servers. I play vanilla on xbox occasionally 😆 but I struggle to see how they'd bump into other rest stops/previous tunnels over the span of millions of blocks? Surely the odds of bumping into someone else's milestone it you've started a fresh tunnel is staggeringly low?

  • 34 what!

  • MMMM

  • respect to my man iron sheeeeshhh

  • "IronException was here [...] It's the end of the world! If you see this, shit went down." What a chad, I thought for a second it actually was part of the backdoor until I looked at the date

  • Largest tunnel ever built? I think it's largest tunnel ever mined lol

  • What about the end world border?

  • 2020 Dec is when I did it

  • The first comment was a post to be I was the first to reach the nether border in 2020 Dec

  • Sorry I pressed wrong I meant to say useing tp is cheating

  • Useing top is cheating

  • And in the same month I spawned at the over world border I’m a legend

  • I did that in 2020 Dec I recheched it the nether border I was the first

  • Now I want to know how much netherite they got

  • I know this doesn’t relate to the topic of this video, but I’m going to put it here any ways. Bread: hel- 2B2T:BE WEAPONIZED BY THE COUNCIL

  • National Geographic Minecraft

  • Why u gotta talk so dramatic

  • “Teleport exploit” Smells like hax

  • So this is what the quarantine has gotten to

  • Lava and ghast: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • next phase : the border's corner

  • 素晴らしい

  • Mumbo Jumbo now likes 2b2t weapons hahaha

  • This challenge really feels like this quote: “you can think you can master something at your life. But remember: there’ s always a Chinese prodigy kid who’s better than you”

  • April was my birthday :D

  • I wonder if the milky way galaxy space border has been reach now.

  • Great vid like always ✌

  • I did that a year ago but i didn't think that was special, i quit minecraft when i turned 13 so yeah well i feel great reaching a mile stone like that

  • Hausemaster be like: Y'know what since they made all three borders, why not make it longer.

  • My man iron just win the race before it start

  • I'm honestly suprised it's only after like 11 years.

  • so whats next to travel past the border? what would they do then found a new country on the other side?