2b2t's Spawn Has Been Flooded

Publicerades den 26 sep 2020
A massive ocean has appeared at spawn on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft! Where did it come from? Today we find out...
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Pac-Man World 2
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  • The obsidian sky, the lava curtain, now the spawn ocean. What's next?

    • @PartPixel vi

    • Obsidian Box ??

    • Netherspawn lava ocean? (I feel comfortable commenting here and not having my inbox flooded because there's a max of 11 more comments after mine lmao)

    • Destroying all Nether portals in spawn and Nether Spawn. This will remove all ways for noobs to escape with advanced hacks.

    • Season 2 the flood

  • Interesting never thought I'd waste so much time watching other people waste even more time. 🤣

  • 2 years later: Spawn has become an filled obsidian cube.

  • I couldn't add my comment to FitMC's comment what next how about a lava wall in the end

  • Next they'll probably encase the cube in obsidian, they've already done the top so just the sides now

  • Do these people not have jobs? Do they live on the server? If everyone immediately dies when spawning,....what's the point? Anyway....is it still flooded?

  • I.I. is stupid

  • Slave labor

  • so how tf are they gonna spawn?

  • Next project: lava perimeter

  • This is proof that the pyramids were really just made by abunch of bored people.

  • Next project: Removing all blocks 10k blocks around spawn, lol.

  • Maybe there are many players in 2b2t But griefers are Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger -copied from others

  • Maybe the incursion name shouldn't be retired...

  • the next thing is lava ocean

  • They finna make the overworld into the nether lmao

  • "Baki would login to divert the griefer to him so the other can complete the project" A true hero

  • next project: somehow remove the bedrock so you fall into the void or just a lava floor lmao.

  • I appreciate the Pac Man World 2 ocean level music.

  • i bet they are gunna turn nether spawn into a big ass cube of obsidian

  • Pac man world 2 music is goated

  • Only the strong will survive the water cube

  • I wanted to start playing 2b2t🙄

  • I first visited 2b2t a few days ago the water block is hard to escape

  • I like how one of the workers was just "some kid"

  • 2b2t really defines the beauty of destruction.

  • they should pour lava over the water to make a massive obi cube

  • everything was peaceful untill the water nation attack

  • Next is encasing the water cube with obsidian and then no one can get out of spawn duh... 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • A lava ocean like in the nether?

  • Bet they're good at architecture

  • What if they did the same thing in the nether with lava

  • Me being new to 2b2t: So the spawn is an ocean... 😐 Me: Wait what- 😃

  • They can start to clean up the sever. Hopefully reduce it in size and make the server less laggy

  • They're actually making spawn safer BUT also making it harder to survive at the same time.

  • Pop bobs name was on the list

  • It’s not even a cube... like half of the name and they couldn’t even get the sides equal, that’s a fail

  • I just realized that this is when I tried playing on 2B2T for the first time. I had no clue why I sometimes spawned at build limit on obsidian over a ton of water instead of the typical lava cast. From the dates each section was filled, I definitely escaped spawn in the middle of the construction.

  • Someone should’ve covered the spawn with bedrock by using hacks or some sort of method

  • Work of art.

  • Hausemaster: /drain 1000

  • Only ogs know the background music

  • Up next: Flooding 2b2t, world border to world border

  • FitMC in 2100 2b2t's first 100k blocks have been flooded.

  • The mixed turkey intialy heal because hot especially request onto a stupid chair. observant, obsolete rifle

  • I played like last week and there was nothing there

  • Is this new?

  • Cd

  • that was a masterpiece

  • Has anyone thought about a massive obsidian cube?

  • I know no one will see this comment, but with the big things the Infinity Incursion are doing its obvious Bachi just didn't have enough attention as a kid.

  • mom: why do you have bad grades if you are a good student ME: watching the whole history of a minecraft server in clases

  • You make everything LAVA

  • 0/0 on 2b2t is the greatest greef in Minecraft history

  • Next up will be taking over the server

  • Anarchy comes in two ways. "It's KILL or BE KILLED!!" Or "Order...Without government involvement." Aside from that: MAN! These people are sure VERY dedicated to produce such a massive water project. one month of life used just for this... Now that is one WATER of a project! Props to them for being very determined.

  • Bruh they r spawn trapping 2b2t, they're gonna go on a masicer

  • Well i dont think Noah survived this

  • Lava wall, flooding, could spawn be filled in with obsidian?

  • Someday someone Will just delete everything

  • Does this still exist?

  • Policemike55

  • Griefers grief spawn, movie at 11.

  • Ouroboros

  • *its not about the fame fitmc its about sending a message*

  • I wonder how people are gonna grief this.

    • @Sólyom Sógor well that’s to be expected on 2b2t

    • They drained it like a week after this video was posted my dude...

  • I hope the II takes their next project to the nether...

  • Nether lava ocean? Except the highway?

  • So I logged on to 2b2t and was surprised cause I spawned in an ocean with no end as it appered It was so annoying

  • Hey fit, could you let me know what shaders you use?

  • This channel is full of virgins lmfao

    • Ok christian

  • So if I try to play for the first time on 2b2t I can’t play

  • 0:00 I appreciate the donkey Kong underwater level music

  • Uh

  • Is spawn still covered in water?

  • Wait a minute Is this minecrafts oldest anarchy server?

  • When your logo looks like boobs

  • Hello I'm under the wator pls help me There's are too much raining oooooo

  • They're secretly worshippers of the Cubeaist god Poise.

  • is Baki King of 2b2t?

  • but what if there are good players that want to help 2bt2 and the ocean spawn makes it difficult

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  • "from bedrock to build limit" i dont why, but that sounds cool

  • Why are some people so selfish

  • Lots of people play so why cant others have fun to? Answer that FitMC

  • theres no reason to be mean to new players

  • And people just wanted you dead for no reason

  • imagine if you were a new player who wanted to play


  • What client do you use I want to go on 2b2t but don't have a client

  • It's simple. Hes the jokah baby

  • If u arent subscribed to him but u watch his vids i apologize but u sir are mad

  • I need that texture pack with hausemaster as the totem

  • Basically, the new players were being used as slaves lol

  • Next month: ii covers the entire map in bedrock

  • When visiting the spawn ocean you should've use a riptide trident.

  • Couldn't they just make a flowing water cube then use kelp to turn it all into source blocks so only the build limit needed source blocks.

  • Is it still like that?

  • Okay hear me out here what if they acrually rebuild spawn and make it livable

  • what if you're a new player and you keep dying? this was kind of mean of them.