2b2t's Spawn Has Been Flooded

Publicerades den 26 sep 2020
A massive ocean has appeared at spawn on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft! Where did it come from? Today we find out...
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Octopath Traveler OST
Pac-Man World 2

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  • The obsidian sky, the lava curtain, now the spawn ocean. What's next?

  • bachi reading the bible. such inspiration you can find in this book an durable cover to bring darkness to spawn- turning day into night a lava wall -a wall of fire to separate the egyptian army frpm the jews flooding spawn - a world endig flood to when the locust?

  • This is insane bto

  • props for the pac-man music

  • Uh Mr. Robot Pig?

  • im beginning to think this is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Liking the Donkey Kong Country water level music at the beginning of video

  • God I bet they wish they had kelp

  • How much can the spawn region be devastated? 2B2T players: Yes.

  • i actually saw this on 2b2t lol

  • No one: Karens: Video games don't require ur brain Video games:

  • NEXT: the permanent TNT explosion every second dispenser at spawn. Encased on bedrock. Why not make all spawn chunks 100% bedrock at all heights and see what happens?? ...or better yet. Big monster farms! ...and destroy every tree on the SERVER while you're at it, LOL

  • The spawn ocean had been drained since.

  • I wonder what the entire map would look like if it's was all obsidian sky. 🤔 That would probably be an impossible job to do.

  • 2b2t is just a movie series, and the main character is Redstoner.

  • dang i was gonna buy minecraft just for 2b2t

  • Disconnected. for now.

  • The one time I actually root for the griefers. All the griefers should team up and remove this big ocean so new players have a chance.


  • Bacci the absolute madlad

  • YEAH!

  • everything is art

  • wait are they trying to deter any new players from joining server or something?

  • Would be crazy if they made a massive trap maze instead would be hella annoying. But it would give new players constant false hope of making it out alive.

  • I hate these guys

  • Wonder if FitMC knows a youtuber talked to the leader and played with him with out really knowing them

  • Theres a lot of people hating on the project, its an anarchy server and it was destined to be like this. The reason why new players are interested in the server is because of shit like this, anybody who cant handle the absurdity that is total anarchy, they certainly shouldnt be in an anarchy server.

    • It's mostly new players crying about it because they drown as soon as they spawn.

  • And now 2b2t has gone Waterworld

  • Mumbo jumbo made a contraption that can put water source blocks quickly and efficiently But idk maybe it dont work in 1.12

  • Somehow I feel that the 2B2T fanbase should work on bringing more new players to the server. Large projects like this are impressive, but the goal of scaring off new players is pretty stupid. At some point the server just dies. 2B2T has become a battlefield. If you actively go against new players the basic idea of Minecraft is kind of dead. Apparently people need rules so they can evolve.

  • II leader be like: _I'm an agent of chaos_

  • How Does The Infinity Incursion Do It I Think They Are Very Insane

  • 2b2t declares war on the Dutch

  • Honestly, this kinda ruins spawn, I liked all the funky griefs, I know that was the point of this grief, but I don’t know, it makes a whole portion of spawn lose its magic.

  • ive been in queue FOR 12 HOURS

  • the II next progect making a overworld high way as wide as 10 blocks and is so long stretches all the way to the world border with people who like to build so people can rest stops along the way

  • At least is water, not lava

  • Hausmaster: What if we put the spawn OUTSIDE the water? Hmmm

  • Oh frik how newbies are gon play it now

  • I dont play MC much anymore but couldn't they just cover the water in lave a put a full cast around it?

  • The amount of time wasted on this server is insane.

    • Bruh it’s a video game what do you expect?

  • This server just frustrates me

  • It is work of art if you look at it closly

  • This server has some of the worst gate keeping ever

  • I want to ask if we use hacks will we be able to escape and why it was needed to do I will never will be able to join my favourite server 😭😭😭😭😭 first I need to get free minecraft account and now this it's like there are layers for me to play mc java

  • "turning wasteland Into an ocean" Okay evolution

  • E

  • Cant reply to the pinned comment so to answer the question Something ginormous in the nether.

  • 8:35 two Parzi-s :0

  • Infinity Incursion is my favourite faction in this anime

  • 800-ish in 2b2t queue

    • i want to play ONCE in 2b2t, at least once.

  • Epik nether update 2b2t's Griefers sorry bad spell : HAH WATERCUBES ARE USELESS WE HAVE SPONGES (PROUD)

  • 8:46 Mein Kampf

  • Eventually 2b2t will be forced to reset the map due to the inability of new players to do anything. But just imagine what would be done to the new world as soon as players could join...

  • I think it would be absolutely hilarious and kinda neat if there was a secret organization that's been slowly chipping away at things from the shadows with the goal of making the 2b2t landscape look normal esc again.

    • I hope there's some group that places signs and stuff with the goal of helping new players escape

  • Someone just used the beta version water bucket !!!

  • LOL

  • Now just surround the whole thing in a lava wall lol

  • Bachi: Its not about the popularity or clout, its about sending a message.

  • Out of curiosity, does all of this still exist at the spawn?

  • FitMC: The obsidian sky, the lava curtain, now the spawn ocean. What's next? Me: A giant Rick Astley

  • Am I wrong for thinking Bachi is a good leader? How does he motivate so many people to literally create an ocean?!

  • We should be glad they didn't use lava

  • Once they update to 1.16 I can flood the entire server, watch me.

  • I know Im really late but.... 2 choices i see. Lava spawn. Or Obsidian Spawn.

  • They would have been able to do this so easily if they had seaweed, poor guys. Overall this has to have been the most insane grief blocker EVER

  • why exactly do they want to stop people from exiting spawn

    • @TheMysteriousStar how can a naked new player defend himself against a geared player with max armor and gapples Its so stupid, even the best pvpers cant defend themselves if they are naked and the other player have max armor and gapples

    • Prevents people are not skilled in minecraft from becoming server regulars

  • Wait, won't the ocean destroy the lava wall.

  • Might as well add an event to the timeline called "The Great Flood".

  • Wow thanks.. now I cant even play the server :(

  • 1.13 : hmmmm fish


  • Guys ngl... i think it’s the oldest anarchy server in minecraft...

  • Me: *fills inv with shulkers that hold doors* lets do this

  • next: replace all the remaining space in the nether with obsidian

  • I like how the leader would sacrifice himself getting attacked so the other members would continue suffering from working instead of suffering from dying

  • LOL these guys are so dumb they could have made a flooding flying machine and id would have taken them 10 minutes.

  • 9:42 prob backdooring server and removing spawn xD

  • Dude love the pac man world 2 theme music in your vid

  • Just wait until someone becomes more powerful than hausemaster

  • aka the biggest inf water on the server

  • -15 21 40 -205 14 40 -137 10 40 -137 10 48 -188 14 46 -198 19 32 -203 13 35 -205 15 39 -206 14 40 -207 17 40 -212 11 33 -205 13 63

  • That obsidian statue is the most impressive part of this

  • 0:52 i was scared ngl

  • they are so fu**ing cool

  • Why the eagerness to send 2b2t to oblivion? If you make it impossible to enter 2b2t player will disappear and only the few clans will be there. In the end 2b2t will be forgotten and just a server like many others out there. Its these many usual players who make 2b2t live, Yes these clans make 2b2t so interesting but its nothing without all these normal peolpe. What whould Beyoncé, Madonna, Rihanna be without the fans? Just wondering?

  • Oh octopath music

  • Next floor nether in lava lol

  • Next projekt be like: Flooding a 10000 × 10000 area from bedrock to spawn

  • A name was Alex and Alex had made a sound of the end portal

  • Watch, next their gonna drain the entire water cube

  • The only way to top that would be to ungrief the server.

  • UWU

  • That sculpture literally made my jaw drop... these guys are LEGENDS!

  • How long did you rendert the Map lol

  • He forgot to mention that this is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • "the reason is surprisingly quite simple: we live in a society"

  • My dad thought i was watching natural geographic

  • I started to play yesterday and i haven't spawned in the water cube. :( would have been nice to see it

  • 🪁

  • I want to see what the ii will do next