How 2b2t Bases Are Turning Invisible

Publicerades den 27 mar 2021
Today we uncover the mystery behind a decade-old Minecraft exploit being used on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t.
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  • You showed the coords of this base. Was that intentional?

    • @FILMZbyzach no. He just doesnt care about it because the block is goana get patched soon

    • e

    • e

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    • Structure_Voids are creative blocks that act similarly

  • 7:33 so... phantom piston

  • Isnt bloc 36 like Strucure_Void?

  • ok thats how block 36 is manufactured, but how did they walk on it? How did they interact with it? What?

  • I guess structure void?

  • so basically this block is schrodinger's cat

  • 03:19 when your mother wakes you up in the morning for the school 😑

  • 🇧🇷

  • And of course it’s in a desert

  • Block 36 is barrier bur better

  • my cat died on mar 28 2021

  • Isn't the ghost block the invisible "Piston extension" block?

  • shrodingers block

  • Schrodingers block

  • plot twist: block 36 is known in later versions of minecraft as moving_piston

  • Coords of tht Block36 town pls

  • Shameful clickbait

    • @Nicholas Szabo "How 2b2t bases are turning invisible" implies standard bases are turning invisible. You have to intentionally build it "invisibly" to make it invisible. It is clickbait

    • Its not clickbait

  • how air was weaponised in 2b2t

  • I never heard of block 36 before but thank to you I know now

  • Schrodingers piston head?

  • I think I vaguely remember this being mentioned in one of Docm77's Hermitcraft videos a year ago about The Button. If you're a Hermitcraft fan you'll know what The Button is. Basically Doc mentioned that he could cover the button in Block 36 and nobody could touch it but that wouldn't be fun.

  • in short, this is schrodinger's cat but not a cat instead a block

  • its only a matter of time before they start cloaking their bases

  • this is a super old exploit thats been around for years lol

  • oh god i just remembered the old netherrack texture

  • barrier blocks in survival mode pog

  • Schrödinger's block

  • They are walking on sunshine

  • schroedingers block

  • The beginning of the video I just thought of quantum blocks

  • I thought it was something new it was just a headless piston lul.

  • Bro, forceken is my bestfriend

  • 👍

  • Wait ohhhhh omg did i just 🤦‍♂️6 Years ago (i was 7 years old) I made that block 36 before but I didn't know what i am doing because i was just playing with redstone stuff and exploding stuff i was breaking my creation then the piston head was floating 😂

  • Isn’t that just a barrier block

  • I want to cover the whole 2b2t map with block 36 but i cant but i wish someonee who wants to be in the history of 2b2t reads this

  • little do you know... what if there was a block 36 highway from one base to another..?

  • If b36 becomes mainstream, spawn is going to turn into hell

  • Its actually moving piston head block.

  • "Its just a piston head that exists and doesn't exist at the same time" So basically Schrödinger's piston

  • 3:55 If it wasn't difficult to produce and replace, it would be a good way of protecting bases from greefing.

  • Entry number 17 (undertale) Disk 11 (minecraft) Block 36 (2b2t) They all r creepy stuff

  • I somehow got this block in my world which I was working on a map once by accident and was confused as I couldn’t place blocks there, then somehow realized it was an invisible block as the clone command actually works with it.

  • Fun fact: You can /setblock it in 1.16.4 /setblock ~ ~ ~ moving_piston, that’s why you can get it from piston heads.

  • schroedinger's piston

  • This dude knows the history of every dirt block on 2b2t

  • perfect trap for this just make a pit fall with 32 at the bottom so they cant build out

  • Schrödinger’s piston

  • So it’s basically a barrier block for survival mode

  • This can prevent grief cool

  • So it's basically Schrödinger's piston head.

  • What I learned from this: gappy's soup bubbles are piston heads.

  • This is some anime shit.

  • phones charge is 36 rn

  • Is it still not patched?

  • Bruh Ken is like a Mad Scientist

  • block 36 is there a block 34

  • My diamond pickaxe and 4 stacks of iron just despawned

  • -Block 36- Quantum block

  • So, quantum mechanics?

  • Any stories of intentionally building griefed looking builds to people leave you alone?

  • My survival MinecraftWorld has loads of floating lava. No idea how I got there it’s bedrock by the way

  • yea the spawn might get spam block 64 and you cannot build anything there and escaping will be almost impossible or might be impossible

  • Exist and doesnt exist at the same time? Time to build quantum computers

  • normal people eating(single player world) eats beef 2b2t ppl eats enchanted golden apple for hunger(LuL

  • Its like an sep

  • Is block 36 just the invisible bedrock block?

  • If Schrödinger made a block:

  • Block 36 most people name it ghost block

  • Quantum state

  • I'm pretty sure the block is called moving piston.

  • This block reminds me of the barrier and the structure void

  • Subbed!

  • does it work in vanilla? because i wanna confuse my friends why is there a floating sign that says "like ya cut g"

  • Let me guess it’s air block

  • How do these people discover this?

  • Sneake-e’s new location

  • I think It is structurevoid

  • Schrodinger's piston

  • *slap* WAKE UP.

  • I’m more scared of the color of the sand in the thumbnail rather then bases turning invisible

  • how do you make a full row, i followed the picture of it but it doesn't seem to work?

  • Greetings from Latvia!🇱🇻

  • minecraft java edition has a lot of these types of glitches around small ponds or lakes where grass will float untill updated and sometimes a water source block block will float in the air which is interesting, this glitched block reminded me of it

  • Block 36: "My name is barrier block."

  • Block 36: "My name is barrier block."

  • M a g i c

  • Quantum mechanics, dark matter, damn... minecraft got way more complicated these days, than when I played it xD

  • The malicious segment coincidently heal because brochure ontogenically blush amidst a drab snowflake. black-and-white, cruel buzzard

  • 6 months later: A giant cube of more than 2.100 million blocks 36 was built in the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • This could be used to get a player to respawn in air, and fall to their deaths repeatedly.

  • No joke, a way to mirage blocks would be incredible in vanilla

  • Hello fit my dream is playing 2b2t but quenue is not letting me to do it i thing you have enaugh power to make 2b2t's player caphasite bigger i hope you will do it.

  • What if FIt makes a whole video on april fools without saying 'the oldest anarchy server is minecraft'

  • Schrodinger's Block

    • dammit joke was already used

  • fun facts block 36 is an structure block just glitchier

  • I watch FitMC when I’m in queue for 2b2t

  • You want to know what I think block 36 will be added as a block from commands only it could save people can Minecraft a whole lot of building trouble

  • A block that doesn't exist and does exist? *Must be my dad*

  • Fun fact: Structure Void on Bedrock works on a simillar way