How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made

Publicerades den 26 dec 2020
Today we uncover how immortality was accidentally discovered on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why achieving it came at a cost.
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    • Hey 2b! Start working on a Minecraft Death Star

    • @SL-Sh1ny you are are

    • Ok

    • Fitmc if you have been playing for a little bit me hahaha rooky numbers iv been playing for 6 years

    • And ofcourse AntVenom was there, needs to be banned tf

  • 2b2t people that build that machine: *i am now god! >:D*

  • imagine it in real life lul

  • Steve , The Buddha of Minecraft

  • Did anyone realise FitMC made this video the after christmas

  • so its not an anarchy server? it has rules

  • You sound like Whang.

  • They have ascended, the creation ran amok and now serves a purpose other than what it was made for.

  • This man could talk about grass growing and I would listen

  • I came looking for copper And I found gold

  • If I’m gonna be honest, this sounds like a fortnite live event 👁👁

  • Didn’t know “scientists” could be in 2b2t 🧐

  • I thought there were NO "RULES"

  • This is, quite literally, something that happened in The Elder Scrolls lore

  • i try this irl

  • Redstoner was also in Avalysium on 2B2T

  • Why does 2b2t have stories better than anime

    • beiing better than anime isnt exactly hard...

  • why is it always redstoner

  • I've never played a minecraft server I've just played single player survival yet I've watched almost of these videos

  • Fit: The secret to immortality has been discovered! Me: *Uses Creative Mode*

  • The strongest weapon is the strongest shield

  • 'How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made' /gamemode 1

  • Isn’t the oldest anarchy server in minecraft the most likely place

  • I never knew AntVen0m played 2b2t

  • Drinking game. Every time Fit says “oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.” Take a shot.

  • These guys becoming invincible after standing next to a server destroying machine is one of the most superheroic minecraft story I ever heard

  • It would be called “The oldest anarchy server on Minecraft” or “the tales of 2b2t”

  • That breaks the login thingy

  • 1:46 Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!

  • bruh... just use totems

  • Dr. Manhattan origin story

  • The oldest anarchy server

  • So this is what’s under Buckingham Palace huh

  • The oldest anarchy server in The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • What a fool you are! I'm a god! How can you kill a god?! What grand and intoxicating innocence! How can you be so naive?!

  • “The secret to immortality, and the key to the great one’s awakening has been discovered on 2b2t.”

  • 5:50 *Final Fantasy X music starts* 6:27 *Final Fantasy X music intensifies*

  • J

  • "OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER ON MINECRAFT" every single video -_-

  • /gamemode creative

  • Whos footage is at 6:26

  • everytime he says "the most unlikely place: 2B2T" im just convinced people on this server do shit just to do shit, like someones gonna get the whitehouse nuclear codes via base coords, I no longer think that its unlikely, if it can happen then it will happen on 2B2T

  • EMP Out

  • The Heart Of Lorkhan

  • I would have asked rays works to help me find out what happened

  • I think that it's convenient that he gets sponsored by people who keep information safe while he talks about a server where people get hacked often.

  • Did anyone else realize that a minecraft youtuber, AntVenom, was in here??? Insane

  • Putting stress on a server causes Immortality, Stress on a college student causes instant death

  • This is actually the exact opposite of the invention of gunpowder.

  • Netflix: deserves this Tubi: also deserves this Regular TV: MUST have

  • Im curious about that totem tho

  • Sikp sponsor 2:12

  • We need a FitMC podcast

  • I þink because þey put it horizontally it didn't work because vertically it in þe same chunk and it will work

  • It’s like biting your tongue on accident and it hurts But when you do on purpose it doesn’t Why you biting your tongue?

  • Hey guys at 6:28 what texture pack for the totem is that

  • Mumbo Jumbo watching this be like: 👁👄👁

  • Fi

  • Imagine one day. They create a anti-ban machine.

  • Basically Scp-963 but more complicated

  • i like how in the outro he stated that 2b2t continues to suprise him.

  • 2b2t has more history than other countries

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fit: If you're subscribed you alright. Not subbed me: Wait do you mean that *Gun clicks*

  • Creative mode

  • The secret of immortality is creative mode

  • You did a great job pairing the music to all the different events in this video.

  • 0:00 what?

  • man just broke the 1st rule of fight club

  • I suppose that i could have been JVMs garbage collector who had deallocated some of the memory resources due to error of some kind caused by too many block updates

  • 9:42 it could simply be that they were just lagging so much it didn't appear..

  • 7:19 Other SElistsrs: if you hit that button you're amazing and I love you all FitMc: you're alright

  • that is how heroes are born. mostly be accidents

  • yo!

  • Did he just show were he lives???

  • Parents: “Minecraft is a kid’s game. Stop playing it.” The Game:

  • i support lagging out servers, if theyre ptw or just horrible people

  • The music makes this video all the more better

  • Thanks for rage quitting against me in smash bro 👍🏾 the computer was better than you anyway

  • Creative mode: am I a joke to you?

  • How long until a malevolent intelligence evolves?

  • When I saw this video I randomly pressed the subscribe button I was not able to unsubscribe (actually true) guess how lucky you are

  • i came here to create weapon but i turn immortal

  • did you use the bedrock death screen at about 3:30 ?

  • The philosophers' redstone machine.

  • O cara que traduziu isso so jogou o negocio no Google tradutor vey, ficou horrível


  • All it needs is a Golden Throne

  • 5:54 see skillful technical minecraft player lol

  • Y does this guy sound like zaheer from the legend of Korra

  • Mfs treating this like a stellaris megastructure

  • 3 months ago i subscribe to this channel and im enjoying it and this video was what got me to see more but this wasn't my first video that I saw from him

  • ,

  • Herobrine. The answer is always herobrine.

  • I like how he made Steve the ancient one in the tumbnail

  • so can anyone go 2b2t

  • so god mode but hacks have god mode esp and killaur and I don't think

  • Antvenom: **In one of the clip** Also Antvenom: New video. Its about server!

  • Fun fact, for 3 months I didn't click on that video because I misread "Immorality Machine" I feel dumb now lel

  • So this pokemon's ultimate weapon but reverse? Instead of turning a machine that can give immortal life into a weapon, it's the opposite.