How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made

Publicerades den 26 dec 2020
Today we uncover how immortality was accidentally discovered on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why achieving it came at a cost.
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  • Nothing on this server surprises me anymore. If you want to support the channel, you can try Dashlane Premium for free on your first device:

    • 10:02

    • 10:03

    • the username "theADHDkid" is a entire explanation of my entire existance, put into one username

    • Fair enough I guess way to many things bazaar happen on this server lol

    • 10:00 “even after all these years, this server continues to surprise me”

  • can someone explain em the girl in the left corner at 6:25?

  • The sever admin is a scammer and lazy as f, the machine was part of a demonstration.

  • The sheer amount of FFX music in here makes me happy.

  • 2b2t is my favourite anime

  • This kinda reminds me of the devil's engine book's.

  • Everybody gangsta till they pull this up irl

  • Superhero origins be like:

  • 8:52 ZA WARUDO

  • Thats radiation

  • moo

  • moo

  • Antvenom was one of them

  • actually legendary

  • 7:35 u forgot to blur something lmao

  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • This weapon is as ominous as the one from the Prestige

  • “T H E O L D E S T A N A R C H Y S E R V E R I N M I N E C R A F T” Just say it right, it’s called 2b2t

  • it's year 42069 we found a time machine and warn you about immortality discovered while we try to attempt to create alpha version of server

  • i thought it was going to be NordVPN ;-;

  • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • Ah yes rob stew

  • Hey fit I've been experimenting on this build in a solo world. And managed to be invisible though hit boxes were still there. I haven't tried on java though since the build was done on 2b2t though since there are plugins and stuff I wanted someone to try it for me. On a regular solo survival world. Since I had experiment on it on bedrock. The results were surprising but since Redstone in java is different on bedrock than it would take a long time to get it to work.

  • Imagine someone doing this on your world

  • Seeing AntVenom there was a surprise lol

  • Should 2020 be called 2bt2 like or reply to agree

  • be honest you clicked this video because of the thumbnail

  • “The most unlikely place...” Bro this is the most unlikely to NOT discover it

  • how time was stopped on 2b2t

  • When u realize one server made minecraft in its server ANYTHING POSSIBLE

  • Ahaha that moment a Redstone machine can be called *EMP* is legendary

  • It’s like the Chinese accidentally making gun powder but it’s flipped

  • This is like the equivalent of the death star in Minecraft

  • "No rules" they said "No moral norms" they said

  • Minecraft 1.12.2?

  • Waited to upload this so we can’t have the fun with that red stone machine? Lameeeeeeeee

  • Them: Spent ages building a giant and expensive machine Me who just did /gamemode @s creative: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*

  • Dude stop already 2b2t is just a server amd it will die eventually

  • i still dont understand how red stone stuff can do all this

  • 8 seconds to say “The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft”

  • I saw something like this on the scicraft server they reprogram the game by loading and unloading chunks with redstone contraptions

  • I saw invisible potions effect on the invisible player

  • Mojang who make games : want ro make a fun game that is compatible for any age Anarchy server : helo

  • Well when i wonder how do palpatine built the Death Star without anyone to notice it, this show that its possible

  • Minecraft can be a scary game....not in the horror a experimental way

  • Tb2t is the server of hell,the first and the best....well maybe the worst?

  • I like ur voice

  • No one: 2b2t and technoblade: VIOLENCE

  • hmm i wonder if this is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • FAKE

  • In the dash lane ad he linked his credit card details

  • Isn't this basically the plot of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind?

  • I wonder when people started saying "on accident". I have no idea when it started but it was in the last few years for sure lol. It's "on purpose" and "by accident", you don't swap them

  • I remember at 2b2t trying out a hack called PortalGodMode. Trying to exploit with the hack, accidently find out to move out from the nether portal by using pigs lmao

  • They made the Opposite the Chinese made gun powder

  • *ERrOr 2b2T.ExE hAS StoPPEd woRKinG*

  • 0:51 hax

  • ;-;

  • fit mc more like 2b2t mc

  • This is actually really mind boggling, I could start something big...

  • This is some Elder Scrolls storyline

  • mumbo jumbo: oh i’ve seen this one redstoner: what do you mean its brand new

  • pog

  • ''its so safe'' Shows card information

  • Your so wise

  • eAsY uSe CrEaTiVe MoDe

  • when you try to destroy the world and become god instead

  • New Idea: remove all dirt from spawn region

  • The machines was named the “EMP” SHEEESH

  • That honestly the most likely place for something this stupid to be discovered

  • I love the thumbnail

  • What client are you using im using wurst is it god or bad

  • Anyone else get Chernobyl vibes from this?

  • oo

  • It's cringe how he hypes this server

  • It’s videos like these that show how amazing 2b2t actually is

  • It caused a server desync

  • *I n f i n i t e l i f e*

  • I find 2b2t history more interesting than rl history

  • BALD

  • i can be the only one that thought the thumbnail was moving

  • Ok thanks for da credit card info

  • Anyone know the background track/song that starts playing at 6:36?

  • hehehehehe, powerful, rich, Imortal, hehehehehe STANDO POWAH


  • Judd

  • Even if you don't like Fitmc you have to admit his transitions to sponsors are great

  • Just binged like 10 of these vids, the lore behind a minecraft server lol... who knew. Plus that voice, he could make reading a cooking recipe sound epic.

  • Final fantasy music yeah boii

  • This is like an Scp

  • it my revenge Time I Need To Trun On And Builld againg

  • Man 2b2t is such a weird place but we love it

  • The thumbnail could be seen as offensjve

  • i whant your hacks thats what we all wont now man now im mad at you all you vids dont have a link orsmithis to get em >:(

  • wait this is not scp

  • The reverse Death Star

  • The rarest block on 2b2t dirt

  • **mom said it's my turn to watch the news**


  • This is some super hero origin story shit