How 2b2t's Largest Wall Record Was BROKEN

Publicerades den 29 maj 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we discover how 2b2t's largest wall record has been BROKEN, and why this massive achievement almost didn't happen!
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Never thought I'd see 2b2t's largest wall record get broken, but here we are.
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This is not MCC, or Minecraft championship.


  • 5:55 fartropolis arc

  • Is it wall maria? XD

  • I underestimated how interesting this video would be 😅 It’s wicked

  • I can understand ditching Wall Maria but come on. Don’t get rid of Wall Sina. Although it would have taken much longer to complete I think it would have been much more memorable

  • 9b9t had a a southern obsidian cannal until someone drained.

  • hey this way uploaded on my birthday, so thats pretty pog

  • AoT reference

  • God damn. I want to buy a pc so I can play 2B2T, but this is just making it impossible for me to ever get anywhere. I’d starve to death unless I was lucky enough to spawn right next to it and punch it for a few in game days

  • 8:30 Regular minecrafters: im built different 2b2t player: haha no IM BUILT DIFFERENT


  • Seeing the wall was based off of attack on titan I feel like another reason the wall was circular was because wall rose (the middle wall in the anime) and all the others were circular as well

  • The guiltless gold conceivably argue because story outstandingly accept amidst a boorish indonesia. jolly, better request

  • Attack on 2b2t

  • They probably remember the main reason in the aot song Shinzou wo sasageyo To place that block

  • new aot season looking lit 🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶🤤🤤🤤🤤🥶🥶🥶🥶🤑🤑🤑

  • is it just me or am i getting aot vibes from this wall?

  • This is LOADS of Aot References... Number 1 : Linked Horizon 2 : The 3 walls Represent Wall Maria Wall rose (the middle wall) And for me...... This is an Wall to block the Immigrants And want to make the Spawners To be real American (even if they're from other countries like me) Wall I dunno

  • Never thought Minecraft would have such intriguing history

  • This wall is nice and all, but did Mexico pay for it?

  • That what it means to be part of an anime group every one else slouching I don’t mean they are actually part of an anime group

  • Wow the wall was finished in my birthday lol

  • welcome to america in 2016

  • Other 97% is not the one friend u wanna make

  • 8:30 y does this give me hamilton vibes

  • The ratty glass causally like because editor chronologically rhyme following a one pastry. blushing, venomous beam

  • I would consider myself to be a new 2b2t Player and I get why they put the wall but just recently on one of my more recent times to escape spawn I got lucky and Spawn At build limit on top of some obsidian once I reach the end (which was passed 2000+ blocks)I was able to find some water and jump in, Right next to where I jump was a couple of trees I got real lucky with that.


  • A cool project would to blow up tons of spawn blocks make giant empty space so new spawns will have no blocks to work with to get over spawn walls impossible but 2b2t is weird so I can somehow be done

  • Pyruuuu was not killing new players in spawn, yeah right

  • S a s a g e y o in 2b2t

    • Devote your hearts for the 8th incursion 😎

  • Respect to these players

  • At this point just mine all the stone within the wall of spawn

  • Linked Horizon...very subtle guys

  • This is like the real world where they research items to speed up process of construction

  • tatakaeeee!!!!!!

  • FUN FACT: It’s called linked horizon because of the artist who made the intros for AOT is there name

  • Hey fit im in a other account bc my phone was capture ok im a old fan

  • 9:08 yet again fit says OwO incorrectly...

  • Whoever the one's building the Pekora obsidian i am wishing you guys a bountiful luck

  • This is the best episode!!!

  • I liked the part when he talked about minecraft

  • Boredom: the downfall of any player/project. These three ought to be memorialized.

  • Wall Sheena, Rose, And Maria

  • lol the 100 builders where great but these 3 players finished it lol

  • Ao2b2t

  • 6:31 fit: it was not griefing, sabotage but boredom me: bruuuuuuuhh

  • Imagine a aot mod was added to 2b2t

  • Every anime fan in a 50 mile radius is watching this video

  • Why the hell is the mastermind leaving the project and 3 of those need to complete it ;(

  • I also like attack on titan

  • Damn- Housemaster downloaded the attack on titan mode-

  • "Linked Horizon" is a genius name because it really means they're going to create a wall so large you can see it connecting and encircling the horizon.

  • 2B2T is Trump’s pure free market capitalism wet dream

  • So the thumbnail was real

  • imagien if 2b2t has slimefun they could create a near impossible to break wall becuase there is something called "wither proof obsidian" which is both wither and explosive proof now THAT is a wall no HUMAN can break

  • bertholdt hoover would like to know your location

  • I am impressed of the project and the reference they took form aot... But from me...its just another way to destroy peoples fun...yeah its anarchy and they try make to stop new people coming to the server...but im just view this has ab sadist form a sadist way to make newcomers suffer more...and i deeply sorrow for the news ones whose buy the pass but cant even play in the server...its really worthy to kill someone defendless? Its really worthy to be THAT sadist? The same goes for the war cuz of an fckn youtuber and many new players joined? Y'all glorified the war and still proud of them BY just kill people whose tryna play a game that were meant for kids all you can see war but i just see this as an bunch of idiots sadist that just killing nonstop people cuz they liked and ill not say the rest that disgusting me the most i hope you all canl understand my point of view that 2b2t is not a place to have friends and even can change you be more evil to other people around you...

  • Ayy how pog they called it linked horizon

  • What a weeb.

  • ...

  • 🥰✨

  • Linked horizon was also the name of the band who did the intros in aot too

  • WOW

  • Me with every episode: Damn I should join and start playing 2b2t it sounds so cool Also the episodes: Hey so you can't even get out of spawn now as there's at least 4 separate obsidian walls there :)

  • The dedication of those three are through the roof.

  • I wonder what kind of lifestyle these people live or 2b2t players in general...

  • Sus

  • They should earn medals for that

  • Why did you change the way you talk? Old Fit was best Fit.

  • now im starting to think that trump just wanted to keep canada and mexico at spawn

  • Fitmc are my dreams of joining 2b2t now crushed lol

  • Who new that attack on titan can break record in 2b2t

  • 2:35, I watch anime, I watched Attack on Titan, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball etc. anyways, Linked Horizon is the composer of Attack on Titan's most famous openings. Edit: I messed up, it's a band

  • hey is there a website or something to show me all the chunks ive loaded

  • 5:05 SankuGG Is the guy that helped TommyInnit on his 2b2t Videos

  • So only Wall Maria was built.

  • I wonder if Bertholdt could destroy obsidian

  • dats impressive!

  • 0:31 linked Horizon

  • Linked Horizon I know him she make a song title sasageyo yeeeyyyyyy I love AOT lol

  • now, remove every single block within the wall

  • The logical next step would be to fill the entire spawn with an ocean of lava.


  • Everybody gangsta till they deside to make the wall thicker.

  • Me:It Looks like AoT Walls Fit:Its AoT Me:Oh Nvm Then SASAGEYO SASAGEYO

  • Ay 69k likes, nice

  • if i only know how to use hack client i will dedicate year opon year for this kind of project and it's aot there is no way i dont hesitate do join

  • 2b2t players are really invincible.... and impossible.....

  • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • I actually know badicope, and he's a nice person outside of 2b2t

    • @Silvermews tell

    • @badicope I'd tell you where, but I'm pretty sure it would be best if I didnt

    • @Silvermews where tho

    • @Dazey tbh, i never play 2b2t, but i would assume he would be nice

    • Ain’t he also nice inside of 2b2t?

  • So fitmc, I see you are a man of culture as well

  • Builders: Am so bored The last 3 Ppl: Bruh you left us alone- Notch in 2009: Bruh im just alone ;-;

  • "The name of the project was Linked Horizon" Genius

  • it would've been so much better if you played linked horizons songs in the background like guren no yumiya, jiyuu no tsubasas, shinzou wo sasageyo, and shoukei to shoukibane no michi

  • Next video: Drug dealers start using 2b2t as a selling platform.

  • I can imagine the 3 people who did most of the work screaming when the start of the circle came into tender distance again after 4 months of work.

  • Me: consedring joining 2b2t. The community: making a wall so it would be impossible to escape. Me "Chuckles I'm in danger"

  • Linked horizon is the artist for attack on Titan's intros

  • An on that day, after 100 years of peace, the colossal and the armored Titan appeared

  • I like aot, I'm a build a wall