How 2b2t's Most Famous Base Was REBUILT

Publicerades den 15 maj 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover how 2b2t's most famous base was rebuilt, and the challenges that had to be overcome in order for it to become a reality.
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Additional Footage:
Булджать ("Buldzhat")
Denis Filin

Translation Help: HunterSobachers, Slava_Marlow

Never thought I'd see the day where 2b2t's most famous base would be REBUILT!
Not a history of Minecraft's forgotten mobs, or the day 2b2t almost died, and certainly not the history of the dragon egg or kings, and definitely not how far the northern highway goes.

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The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! How crazy can Minecraft get?


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  • FITMC!

  • Was this compromised when fit showed it in his Highway video?

  • If The Flag Wasn't There I Would Think TheCsmpingRusher Came Back And Rebuilt It

  • Я один здесь от демора?

  • Russians rebuild valley of wheat OUR walley of wheat

  • So is this what resparked the Cold War?

  • Remember you passing this on the quest to see how far the road goes and you were like this ain't gonna happen

  • Я уверен все подумают что этот комент о чём то интересном и очень полезный: хвыир калдр быркл !

  • cool

  • 1:12 that's stereotypical lol

  • any1 realised there was "HouseMatter" in the group you can see it on 2.36

  • would be nice if the whole planet work together like that

  • Why does he sound like the narrator from pokemon. “Next time, our heroes travel to a new part of the region,the oldest anarchy server ever”

  • Griefers: the wheat valley can not be recreated Russians: холд май водка

  • There's something oddly bitter sweet(? Idk how to describe it XD) about seeing the massive pyramid towering above it's griefed territory, is that just me?

  • Theres like 100 ender dragon eggs there rn


  • 2:35 h o u s e m a t t e r

  • this is a little saying of mine what has been tor down can always be built up stronger then ever

  • if those maps brought your fps down to 2 then mine would be either me completely have my game crashed or make my frames go to 1 every 10 seconds

  • РА СИ Я

  • Wait you have a beard now?

  • Griefers… otherwise known as V.W.W.N.G.P ( Virgins Who Will Never Get Pussy )

  • Пятилетка менее чем за год! Догнать и обогнать Америку!

  • isnt golden dawn a fascist political party?

  • The sponsor stuff was so smooth baby skin feels like gravel in comparison

  • 9:46 Can someone translate this?

    • "Rokez and Denis Filin are gays." Denis Filin is a russian youtuber. who is Rokez idk

  • And now you made it so it gets fully griefed

  • Russians coming to rescue the western world after LGBTQ, BLM and Antifa has burned it all down.

    • @mónstēř okąý I’m saying 2b2t is anarchy, where junkies, leftists and marxists go hand in hand to destroy everything in the western world. Then there are the russian nationalists who will come in all this destruction to rebuild our society and make LGBTQ, socialism and BLM illegal.

    • Wtf are you talking about

  • Why is there haus master 10:15

  • In America you grief wheat but in Russia wheat grief you

  • May 1 is my birthday

    • No one cares

  • A player joined and instantly went to work on Uniting the russian factions and proceeded to leave a grand legacy on the East, are you sure this player isn’t the gengis Kahn of 2b2t

  • Now Rebuild your hair…

  • The Comments Invade By the Russians

  • hold on is that hausemaster?

  • hello I am from Russia I participated in this project it is still standing ask questions I will try to answer Доказательство что я Русский

  • Лучше Путин тоже был там

  • jang was the one guy who noone wanted to grief. so it took complete outsiders to end up griefing it

  • corrupted unicorn and soulfood pvp have entered the chat*

  • fun fact there is no translation for impossible in Russian there is only certain and uncertain.

  • За Россию Матушку!!!!

  • Я один от демора квадрона? 9:49

  • Теперь это долина овсянки

  • lok'tar ogar!

  • 10:15 Housemaster is also on the screenshot!

  • Russians : *check* Japanese: *check* what else?

  • Someone make the valley of beets

  • "Golden Dawn" Black Clover anyone?

  • Why would they rebuild it in the same place? They could have done it anywhere.

  • дааааазделали мы

  • Well now it’s defiantly blown up because you made it said more popular

  • -Large amount of players in Russian Base -Builds a shelter for edible crops -Anyone unwilling to work is kicked Ah yes, *Soviet Russia*

    • *Union* *Russia*

  • Russian power guys

  • The mother Russia we don't grief valley of wheat, valley or wheat griefs you


  • And I'm russian... nice

  • Оkay, okay. That's cool. I am very proud of my compatriots and I smile when I see this video. And you did your best to translate the whole story. Окей, окей. Это круто. Я очень горда своими соотечественниками и улыбаюсь, видя этот ролик. И вы очень постарались, переведя всю историю.

  • Россия это сила

  • That picture of the people had house master in it

  • I bet most of the griefers are probably younger than the OG valley of wheat

  • 2:35 hausemaster casualy chilling

  • Some very smart choices on the Russians' part. I also find it funny that the English group was griefing at first cus they were mad they lost the wheat race.

  • Вы сделали видос про русских Русские появились в комментариях из ниоткуда. Кажется, их тысячи.

  • я из России!

  • If 2B2T wasn't the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. "The best base on Minecraft's 134th oldest anarchy server."

  • Communism

  • FitMC: wait RUSSIAN PLAYERS BUILD THE VALLEY OF WHEAT? Russian players: да

  • о морген

  • I’ll never understand why some people just live to grief. Truly pathetic people.

    • the only way to not get griefed is to not build in 2b2t in the first place

    • its cruel, but thats 2b2t for ya

  • Знай наших.

  • Иностранцы использовали гугл переводчик чтобы прочитать этот комментарий.

  • Russia “moskau moskau ah vandy cap ho ho ho hey moskau moskau”

  • Take a drink every time he says the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • Русские загриферили комменты FitMc поэтому отныне под этим роликом будем жить мы


  • Гордость берет за Россию матушку Даже мои яйца стали прочнее а сердце как жаркое пламя ада из-за того что русские игроки смогли то что не могли другие

  • Прикольное видео

  • Я прослезился аж

  • This is really cool I’m happy it’s back 😊😊😄😄🤩🤩😌😌 2b2t is such a cool server ☺️☺️

  • I russian "В конце табличка рокез гей как и дениска филин" пхпхппхпх

  • when I went to dig potatoes but I got very carried away когда я пошел копать картошку, но очень увлекся

  • I think people tend to forget that a lot of Russians are crazy as it is. Shit like this might even be normalcy in some parts. Maybe. I’m not Russian, so.

  • 9:49 XD проделки оф**са, ничё не скажешь

  • POV: you're looking for comments that aren't Russian

  • 7:07 Its a Soviet Union

  • Все ребята что выполнили пятилетку такие «Ну, это. Зовите если чë»😎

  • It wasn't rebuilt or restored. It was a similar build. Fit quit it with the click bait mate. It was a renewal at best.

  • Help Im not russian


  • "Russians don't give up!"

  • !akus taylB.

  • 8nothing, who is a friend of mine irl, told me he started the restoration first

  • They have the better stuff: This building and Russian roulette.

  • Англоязычные:мы что-то делаем Русские:мы тоже Ждите сверх расу казахов

  • Давайте захватим комментарии этого видео, в честь постройки дольны Гречки и Обсидиановые Хрущёвок!!!

  • Everything: The Valley of wheat cannot be restored. Russians: hold my tea. And we don't play the accordion. bears are only found in Siberia. and not everyone drinks vodka. but we drink a lot of tea.

  • Это простая подготовка 2b2t к коллективизации и созданию колхозов