How a 2b2t Impostor FOOLED the server for YEARS

Publicerades den 30 jan 2021
Today we discuss how a Minecraft player pretended to be a 2b2t legend, and how they managed to fool everyone until someone became suspicious of the impostor.....
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Old Griefing Footage - TheGuby123 -


  • I can't believe they made 2b2t sus (in all seriousness, awesome video :D)

  • Sus.

  • Awesome video

  • That's honestly pretty heartwarming. You have to wonder how much stress that guy went through when he was found out only for so many to say, "You might be using someone else's name, but we're friends with _you_ and want to keep it that way." Also funny that he mentions how join date isn't all that relevant because so many that have joined more recently have pulled off some amazing things. I'd argue that this counts as an example of that.

  • a 2b2t what?

  • Amogus

  • Same happened with me i was very respected in one bedrock server i had a lot of friends then i stopping playing on that server so a hacker stole my account and pretended to be me then for 5 months then i joined that server back to see my friends only to know shocking things then the hacker got reported and i got my I'd back

  • Sus imposter

  • sus

  • Identify theft is not a joke jim! Millions of families fall victim every year!

  • Wait popbob was a server regular and disappeared around about 2017... Is policemike55 popbob????

  • "the impostor did his homework" The impostor can't do tasks, 0/10 fake story.

  • when 2b2t is sus😳

  • i don't know why but 9 years ago on 2b2t popbob kept chasing me...

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  • When The imposter is sus😬😬😷😱

  • Amogus


  • Fit is hause

  • Damn fit put a beard on his yt pfp (nice)

  • The intro was a little too specific, like have you ever met someone in a block game then stole their identity?

  • when the impostor is sus

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  • Sus

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  • susest amog us

  • Just want to say GG to the imposter. Not saying you should do that, quite the opposite, but just saying.

  • It's a shame, they had a cool skin doe.

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  • A FitMC video that doesn’t mention Redstoner.... Did u sell your account?

  • When the impostor is sus

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  • Imma call you 2b2t god And 2b2t players obey u

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  • sus


  • Still cant believe all this drama and history comes from a game, even more so in an old server :o

  • Amogus

  • We do a little trolling

  • If anything, the fake police mike did become the real police mike...

  • sus

  • I’ve never regretted staying until the very end of the video before

  • He should have changed his name to "`prisonmike55"

  • did somebody say IMPOSTER?

    • sus

    • amogus

  • When the imposter is sus! 😂

  • What if fit was just a elaborate plan of taking some other dudes identity

  • He was sus

  • Amogus




  • aMoGuS?

  • Title: how an imposter fooled 2b2t for years Me: my two favourite games have merged Among Us and MineCraft

  • Identity Theft? Hellooo??

  • "i don't wanna ruin it for him" that is a good manner

  • Meet the spy

  • Imposter? Sus

  • Yes, that person who left was me

  • 4:01 "The impostor did his homework"

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  • I would do something like this just to see if I could.

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  • that friend is a really bad friend he clearly said it was a secret *and then posted it on reddit* What a horrible friend.

    • But who asked

  • impostor is sus

  • Plot Twist: it was the original Mike 😜

  • Sus

  • 2b2t is so sus......


  • Sus

  • Random 2b2t player: "Policemike55 sus"

  • i think this is the only smart impersonator that i have ever seen in my life


  • I know of one other guy who did the same thing last year and is still under cover but I'm not saying who so as far as you are concerned I'm just making this shit up =)

  • amongus

  • this isntn a block game THIS IS REAL LIFE

  • Lmao this guy is based. Literally fakes everything for a year, but Is such a good guy that people just go "oh, okay"

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  • I need to stooooopp i just stayed up till 2 am watching nothing but fit mc 2b2t

  • If you plqyed in 2010 then you were either a child or you're a boomer now

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  • Sometimes when watching these videos I forget this is Minecraft not a real thing

  • How a 2b2t what????? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • caught venting 😞 (skipping queue)

  • Sus

  • Is FitMC really FitMC?

  • Imposter (O_O) at the end he said dont be sus o_O is he a imposter

  • Pretty crazy. I assume a lot of people didn't care because his "fake mike" act wasn't really to sabotage anyone, he just helped everyone like he did before.

  • 4:36- to be honest that does look like black mask akechi

  • sus

  • The real mike should’ve just went along with it and let the fake mike let all hell break loose

  • Amongus

  • I you not take this game seriously?

  • Who's gonna buy TheMilkManMike's account when he quits?

  • Kinda sus 😳😳😳😳