How a 2b2t Impostor FOOLED the server for YEARS

Publicerades den 30 jan 2021
Today we discuss how a Minecraft player pretended to be a 2b2t legend, and how they managed to fool everyone until someone became suspicious of the impostor.....
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Old Griefing Footage - TheGuby123 -


  • I can't believe they made 2b2t sus (in all seriousness, awesome video :D)

  • I clicked because I see the word “imposter”😳😳😳😳😳omg sussy sus😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳minecraf 2t2b sussy Baka😳😳😳😳😳😳oooooooo

  • Amogus

  • Imagine researching into somebody's mannerisms and past location history ingame to steal someones identity and fool people for years in a CHILDRENS SANDBOX GAME ABOUT BUILDING. This shit is wild and I Iove it. Straight up identity theft with no real consequences is a bizzare thought.

  • Kinda sus

  • Ngl its smart he already had respect and builded it up even more with faking even tho he is fake he has build much respect anyway


  • Sounds like he just wanted a quiet life

  • So now he's trying to copy ME

  • this shit is so stupid i love it

  • Well thats *SUS*

  • *claps hands* Wow. So impressive

  • “I will finish what you started…” -Kylo Ren


  • There is an IMPOSTER among us....


  • he looks like a combine in the thumbnail

  • When- When the- When the imposter is sus

  • im just glad he spelt impostor right

  • A player from my team leaves the server a other guy joined by the same name but with a slightly different gamertag but then the players brother convenienced her to rejoin and both the people coexisted for quite some time then I left the server for some months and when I rejoined both were gone and ya I am not talking about 2b2t

  • When pop bob is sus!

  • I feel bad for policemanmike

  • Among us

  • hes a sussy baka on 2b2t

  • that's definitely the only reason?? theirs no way that username now linked to that account would gain him access to password reset links or somethin weird like that right?

  • the fake police mike is a very good impostor but messed up

  • Simpsons did it first with Skinner

  • S U S

  • For those who are wondering: When added all together, the Harry Potter books contain 1,084,171 words.

  • Sus


  • Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that will need it help v

  • Brug


  • Sus no good

  • I swear 2b2t history is better than real history.

  • Policmike is Prison Mike’s alter ego

  • Impostor AMONG US

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  • Sus amogus imposter

  • Pretty mental how many sociopaths that 2b2t has attracted.

  • “and don’t be sus”

  • Kinda sussy

  • So when police mike donated to etika on stream in 2019 it wasn't the real one.

  • when the anarchy server is sus!


  • Impostor amogus?

  • amogus

  • amogus :O

  • Fit sus

  • there is a imposter amongus

  • i wont be sus

  • I miss the real FitMC

  • What is 2b2t's community

  • sell fit account to me lol

  • That’s pretty sus

  • crewmate, there is one imposter among us

  • 1:23= vote em

  • My Roblox girlfriend 0:00



  • Idk man he seems kinda sus

  • A 2b2t what?!?

  • fit: "a 2b2t legend..." me: 0:42 a youtube legend... *the arrow*

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  • Its sus that he was A M O N G U S for years

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  • Hm, seems like there's still an imposter Among Us.

  • Big respect for the fake Mike and the real Mike.

  • When the Imposter is sus am I right

  • This is the same of my friend allenwave but his name was allenwave12 i got fooled for 10 months untill he didnt know where his base was lol and i notice but i still contact him everyday and play with him in minecraft

  • I mean I'd do it just to see if I could and how long I could

  • Predicted among us

  • Title is like amongus

  • when blockman sus??

  • When the Imposter is sus 😳

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  • Mogus imposr beware

  • I recognize that discarded account. See you soon.

  • Aa when the impostor went to 2b2t 1!1!1!1!

  • Like thst but my dad is gone

  • 0:05 yo that happened to me irl

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  • 10:25 AMOGUS

  • Typical case of saying too much for clout.

  • This sounds like a book I read

  • Sus

  • Fit, do you know the user Rain? he's a 2b player. i would like to buy his username for 3000 euros.

  • 0:00 Yes, but I would never steal my old friend's identity

  • Sus

  • If anyone cares. I was the 114.000th like