How Delivery Robots REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
Delivery robots have REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t, and today we uncover how this advanced system actually works, and if this service is even lawful. These delivery robots have revolutionized not only 2b2t itself, but Minecraft as a whole.
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Never thought I'd see the day where actual delivery robots revolutionized Minecraft's 2b2t and the economy, but here we are. I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! From VTubers invading, to immortality machines being built, and even actual crimes destroying bases. It never ends.


  • 2b2t is advancing faster than actual civilisation

  • bro if 2b2t had no griefers it wouldve been like a mini earth

  • 6 years later : We Rebuilt the Entire 2b2t

  • Have curse of vanishing on all the bots armor and gear, and have the bot put the items in a Ender chest, so once it gets to a location it can get the items out of the ender chest, look for another chest, put the items in that chest, and if they still have the gear, put that in the ender chest, then self terminate. And if they died on the way? Well the killer doesn’t get the shipment, and they get none of the gear.

  • While charging for in-game items certainly is against the EULA, I'm curious about the possible applications for this and have a few ideas to improve it.

  • Whats the website name

  • Amazon

  • They will be making the flying cars

  • The bot looks like it could be used to find duped stashes or hidden bases through chest detection

  • with how tf2 is dealing with bots i'm a little worried for 2b2t

  • Do you have any twitter account?

  • Is it sad that I want to order from them now..........anyone know how

  • ı love it but ı dont have real minecraft (Only on my phone) *sadness*

  • The bots can just use enderchests can’t they

  • Everybody gangster until the drone pulls out a sword

  • redstoner: exsists also redstoner: *lets make server crash billion times and involve in an EULA breaking practices*

  • are you sure these are robots and not Mr. Meeseeks?

  • 2y2c

  • Isn’t redstoner that guy who put his pc in the freezer because he duped on 5 minecraft accounts

  • I was expecting a dummy account on a 4 direction slime flying machine. But yeah, not disappointed lol.

  • Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that will need it help j

  • 16 seconds. Good job!

  • Next: bots create their own channel and cause the next SElistsr invasion.

  • I’m starting to think that the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • redstoner was apart of the bread ban

  • “Your mother found on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft”

  • Next video, how a bot challenged popbon and then made weird noises

  • I'm new to fit but I like his insta fitmcsippycup

  • Eventually 2b2t will become the next Space X with Hausemaster as the new Elon Musk

  • What about tp

  • He used sonic music

  • Sonic music is popular

  • “Orders under 100k blocks are fast, but orders after 100k take a very long time” Me who ordered at 100 001 blocks:

  • Damn, Redstoner is literally involved in EVERYTHING in 2B2T recently. Dudes a legend!

  • Cant they just put the items in a e chest then get to the point, open it and give the items?

  • This is absolutely impressive.

  • 4:26, P I N G S P O O F I N G

  • suprisingly civil tbh

  • As it breaks Minecraft eula I can not endorse it in any capacity, yet he makes a video about buying stuff from them!! 🤣

  • Sounds like a good way for them to collect base coords....

  • Wait he was pop bob

  • Minecraft's 2b2t?

  • Me with an intellegent:Give the delivery full dia armor with thorn,prot and unb 100000

  • how did op void effect this?

  • anyone wanna link me

  • Fit probably has a ton of stashes

  • 2b2t in 2050: how 2b2t is slowly starting to come to life in real life

  • Popbob?

  • wow i remember this youtuber duckio got kits but he was smart he didnt go t his main base he used his old base so no one could track him

  • you said that u would not make anither video about 2b2t ai

  • I saw the thumbnail. Nice full on beard Fit.

  • ...

  • like a billion percent true

  • delivery bots = if mineshaft or chest is below lava he dies

  • Fitfam, I love that you're using Sonic Adventure music. You're a legend

  • It’s like rust but for people who’s parents drop them off at work

  • Im glad I found your channel. This is just so interesting to me

  • What is the Website?

  • oh my god the sonic adventure soundtrack aasdhjjfasgjaafgsd

  • Imagine if a bunch of AI just went against their programming and started waging war against other players. A new war in 2b2t’s history

  • I’m friends with fax machine me and him destroy bases

  • hey can anyone why 2b2t isn't cracked bc its an anarchy server but these bots are so good

  • Using crypto is smart because now the money sent is untraceable.

  • RIP 2b2t shutted down for 3 weeks :(

  • 7:57 popbob????

  • The intro music brings back way too many memories, Sonic Adventure was a gem.

  • Bot when it has made its delivery: CALCULATING CACTUSES

  • What if it saved his armor and tools in a end chest, so that nobody can get the kit and it doesn't go to waist. Then it grabs it with another end chest on his base

  • Get ready for a ton of random chunk trails

  • Anything exists on the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  • I still think Wynncraft has a better economy than 2b2t.

  • Lol 8:57

  • 1:54 a youtube video on the hacker screen xd

  • When a Minecraft anarchy server is more advanced then real life 😄

  • dam 4k comments how many people did you show

  • so jeff bezos plays on oldest anarchy server in minecraft?

  • this feels like death stranding

  • In case anyone is wondering, the part of the video where he talks about silk road, the guy fawkes mask hacker isn't real. The programs displayed on the three screens is definitely geektyper because I used it a long time ago to troll people. Go google what that is if you have no idea what that program is :P

  • Someone is gonna make an order to the world border

  • 1:50 hacking screen is a yt video

  • What I like to do is wait on a common bot road, kill them and wait. They are programmed to walk the same way again. You can even time it to know how long it'll be until you can kill them again. It's very profitable

  • 4:52 What is that cursed gap in the sand doing there?

  • Someone's totally gonna abuse this lol, using the robot to get the coordinates and then steal items.

  • what is stopping the creator of the script from logging the cords of the delivery?

  • Tomar look it’s you

  • Did you just rated out the guys running the whole operation immediately?

  • If this is real money then it is illegal.

  • I feel like redstoner is just entered the matrix at this point

  • what website did fit use to see the 2b2t maps? can someone please tell me

  • wait I got an idea what if I crystal the bot when I see it and just get unlimited items

  • Oh no, someone trying to make money selling shit in 2b2t? Time for someone to crash the economy with exploits.

  • They have to waste a full set of diamond armor and elytra for every delivery

  • Ok, that sudoku moves are pretty genius. I thought it was only to go back faster

  • I wonder. why they dont wont place chest by themself ? Is there any risk included ?

  • 8:58 FitMC Having a laughing fit made my day

  • "Hi, Here's your pizza." *proceeds to put self in the oven*

  • This is hella interesting to watch

  • Dose anyone know where I can buy one of these?

    • @XI static XI Well fit did say it comes with some risks like the bot glitches or gets attacked

    • @Anonymoose its a scam i wasted 12 bucks

    • shulkerroad

  • Same day delivery, next level

  • Sonic adventures Amy music?? In the beginning??