How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?

Publicerades den 6 mar 2021
Today we take a journey on a decade-old highway on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft to see how far it goes....
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  • What was your favorite sight on the highway?


  • It’s crazy how all of these ruins of like bedrock bunkers end portals built by pop hop like it’s crazy and these highways like it’s crazy

  • The KH music in this video is on point.

  • Can we just appreciate how much time and work fit puts into his videos for our entertainment

  • what cient should i buy rusher hack or future?

  • The Highways are older than my youngest brother

  • Hehe now u gotta walk back

  • I see melons Wow I didn't know that laser beam played 2b2t

  • The entire book of Revelation in 2b2t. Fitting.

  • Well it's further than me and my wife relationship

  • 2b2t has to be the most mysterious server i know

  • The censored thing: B A L L S

  • I think the withers are remnants of one of the wars, no?

  • Now this is a roadtrip by the 2b2t community

  • 100k milestone looks like a fortnite build battle

  • Anyone know what the hack is to show the amount of withers on the boss bar?

  • So I finally Decided to take the journey far north Canadians be like: hello mate want some maple Syrup or what aboot some floppy Canadian bacon?

  • Guys, im not a genius, but i think 2b2t is a post apocalyptic wasteland.

  • Fitmc has explored 10k blocks of road in 1 minute Me without cheats with my mate have explored 8k blocks in 4-5 hours(even more)

  • How long did it take to record this

  • The far bulb phytochemically squash because panties metabolically concentrate an a nutty pin. spotted, dear fiction

  • 6:38 Did he just say Jesus use hacks to walk on water?!

  • 12:55 you revealed its location: probably gonna get griefed

  • The way he said oh my god made me bust out laughing cause it just sounded like genuine surprise and mild annoyance

  • Honestly, I should start using screenshots from 2b2t for my post apocalypse backgrounds, they're so... Just... You can just tell civilization was once here.

  • “I’m 31 now” *oof*

  • He made it sound like honey is a horror story.. “But with honey... it doesn’t have to be..”

  • Your nice man

  • I lowkey want to get in this server to be a wholesome chaos, but I need to get into hacks first lmao

  • 4:47 I got online and went on the north highway. MASSIVE black dong (as you'd expect)

  • When will you do the southern highway?

  • 4:56 Felt bad for the dog ngl, forever waiting for it's master to come back

  • We’re the same age!

  • just tp me gimme good stuff and ill do it XD

  • Need For Speed The Run is no match for this video

  • This is just how it feels to take a roadtrip on the Texas pan handle

  • what is the hack you use

  • the Northern Highway is 863,500 blocks (863,5 Km), which means it is 10 times longer than the Western Highway, and possibly longer than All of the Overworld Highway combined. Wow

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! h orsei

  • Nice Kingdom Hearts 2 music in the background :D

  • Someone make a village at the end and call it the end of the road village

  • Loving the kingdom hearts music

  • Fit used to be on the side of the oldfegs that protested new players on the server for 3 years straight. Now so many years after the war, he is just a veteran tour guide that plants wheat on the highways to help newbies

  • “Althought the server is a toxic cesspool” is my favourite quote

  • Bubututu

  • 7:10 Lmao look at the boss bar, one of the withers is named "goober".

  • Praise be to God.

  • how many times have you died on 2b2t?

  • Guys he censored what is in northern highway censored part

  • If the north is long the south is short

  • 4:34 Jack the ripper in the chat!

  • West Highway: Least traveled East Highway: Most traveled North Highway: Longest Does this mean the Southern Highway is the shortest?

  • say it. say UwU

  • It's the kingdom hearts music for me

  • This is apparently how far my parents had to go to school

  • On 2b2t: Wow look at that 40k milestone Normal players: Oh god, it’s horrible just horrible

  • the guy who built the bridge: :D

  • 9:50 - He's literally the embodiment of every insane priest in a post apocalyptic world or atleast what seemed to be like it. What a blessed man.

  • Hey, what hacked client do you use for 2b2t, im thinking of playing and i need to be prepared u know

    • fit uses future; its 20$

    • Use impact client

  • If the Eastern Highway is the most chaotic/travelled, and the Western Highway is the least travelled/abandoned, and the Northern Highway is the longest, what's on the Southern Highway?


  • "Negative 762. *sigh* I bit off a little more then i can chew" Nice rhyming there Fit

  • Did you tell silverkrownking you found his horse? Did you like catch up? I hope he's doing alright

  • now only one overworld highway remains the south highway

  • What wasn’t he meant to show at 4:46?

  • The real hero was the legendary horse

  • Horse thieves got hung before...

  • How can u get wood on 2b2t

  • Huh, so this is what path my grandparents took to go to school... interesting.

  • 5:25 ask a builder what they are using obi for answer yes. I FEEL LIKE YOUR SAYING THAT TOWARDS ME XDD

  • 15:51 “That’s a big prick.” Punsssss


  • love the kingdom hearts themed video background music xD

  • Heh, im bored... Lemme waste these extra blocks i have and build a straight way somehow SElistsrs : Comtent

  • imagine him at grandpa surely they will like his history's

  • Yeah, fit, you've always been the kinda guy who likes to be with the history books but not in them

  • is it to hard to survive in 2b2t?

  • By the way the longest highway is actually the nether highway!

  • This is sick

  • 0:25 OWO

  • who gonna win? dream smp or 2b2t?

  • Ok what was the blured thing

  • Do the southern canal

  • Guys, could you remind me what the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft? I forgot what it is.

  • "What are you gonna use the obsidian for?" *"Yes."*

  • Kingdom Hearts fans like this video

    • @Cameron Coles the music is just iconic, still after so many years

    • Literally the first thing I noticed lol

  • Have u done the south highway?

  • Moral of the vid fit is 31 year old

  • you were good horse real good, maybe even the best

  • *people who joined 2b2t without watching fitmc:* *oh what's this*

  • When he said the AI for horses is to run towards the withers I was like do you mean AD (artificial dumbness)

  • sometime some people hacking is good but hacking is stupid

  • Test

  • What was the censored image about 4-5 minutes in?

  • You did’t fully censor the first bad build

  • There should be ground killing those stupid withers

  • It's just cool to think that people were there long before you discovered it

  • your horse could've done it the hole way, it was only a couple of blocks left... R.I.P horse😟i regret your pain

  • “By the end of the road I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing was left” Well yes, that’s how the end of a road works.