How I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t AUSTRALIA

Publicerades den 8 maj 2021
Today I survive in Minecraft for 24 hours on 2b2t Australia in order to investigate some glitches that have occured on the server that have never been seen on the REAL oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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FFXII - Downtown
FFX - Shoopuf Theme, Burning Sands, Miihen Highroad
SMRPG - Docaty Railway

Additional Renders: Virl
Kangaroo Model: u/NitroHydroRay

Never thought I'd see the day where we would have to survive 24 hours on 2b2t Australia just to uncover the unsolved mystery of these glitches! I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! How crazy can Minecraft get?


  • "they're gonna send my horse to the glue factory" didn't make any sense to me until I looked up what glue is made from 🤣

  • वाओ गुड वीडियो इतस वैरी गुड :) 👁️👅👁️ 👁️👄👁️ 👁️🧘‍♂️👁️

  • u ruined the server :/

  • POV : you live in melbourne

  • ohh fit thanks 8may is my birthday thanks

  • Hey Melbourne isn’t destroyed!

  • What's the ip?

  • Alternate title: Fit making fun of Australia for 11 minutes

  • I love there’s loads of snow but there is like very little snow in Australia

  • As a person from Melbourne the way he said the spawn was terrible just like it I really hate this no offense tho

  • Ahhh yes the upside down world

  • a normal day in Australia

  • Ok just to clarify when the war against the ostrich’s happened we didn’t know how to defeat an ostrich that’s why we lost the war against the ostrich’s

  • Thank you for ruining 2b au my thr invasion, but I might be the only remains of the fit invasion, making me a veteran

  • As an Australian you right

    • No he’s not I am a fellow Australian and no it is not

  • As an Australian I can confirm that this is just a normal day

  • Since australia is upside down, diamond armored players are peacful instead of deadly

  • 0:24 don't forget china, they also lost too

  • I live in Australia this is basically true

  • Fit: Is a normal day in australia with wild animals trying to kill you Me: Bruh have you met the policticians they are the animals

  • 11:22 the wither on the screen just dancing

  • As an Australian, I must say yes.

  • China also lost a war to birds and, unlike Australia, millions died because of it

  • 3:21 - Fit hoarding items from polite australian 3:29 - chat... :D

  • 8:00 Is that an Australian Nomad Hut?

  • You ruined the server

  • In Australia we use hacks in real life

  • what is IP

  • F*** YOU... MELBOURNE IS BETTER THAN THIS!! (also not f*** you because this is awesome and i love it, keep up the good work man, take that initial blow as a lil joke ok?)

  • what is the hack cliten your useing?

    • @A It’s future

    • It's look like sigma client, i do not sure if it's that the client

  • Do the German one

  • Honestly I’m not trying to offend anyone but I play on American and Australian servers and I’ve noticed that Australian players are much nicer than American players, but I guess that isn’t true with all players and you Who clicked on this comment are a nice person so I hope you get what I’m saying.

  • I’m Australian and I love it how Americans are like scared of being eaten by crocs or drop bears ( or koalas ) but if you leave them alone they won’t eat you

  • The birds are back

  • 80℅ Of the Video is Filled with Australia stereotype.

  • I wonder if its an insult to call someone an Emu in Australia

  • Must've been hard to play upside down.

  • ive had the chunk error at the begining happen to me on a regular survival server i was a prominent player one it spawned on top of my base and wiped most of my large underground setup it was pretty cool, still got screenshots oh but mine went thru bedrock, you could fall out of the world in my chunk error

  • what about china? they lost a war to birds

  • I think the dragons were getting duped because they went through and end gateway and got stuck which caused the game to dupe all of them and either started going to back through or maybe someone loaded the chunks they were in and they flew back to the main island when they tried to perch

  • sing along the chunk error song with me! Big big chunkus big chunkus big chunkus

  • FitMC: Yeah, where right in the Outback. Me a Australian: Mate, its literally snowing.

  • sort of Australia, except there's less drop bears and such, sadly the use of slurs and such in chat and wither names is Australian.

  • You are coming to me in australia when covid is over

  • Next 2b2t Philipines AAHHAHA try beating me in my war!

  • Where are the huge mobs ?

  • I am not sure if I should be offended or laugh

  • Florida guy goes to Australia

  • Here's a theory of mine so basically the ender dragon went out of chunk radius and went really far out and the game got confused so it spawned another dragon repeat cycle a way the dragon could've gotten far away is by goingoring into the end gateway portal but that's just a theory A GAME THEORY sorry I was thinking of that lol

  • I don’t get why Australians want to have a virtual anarchy server when the real thing is just outside their door

  • yeah this is australia. brb ender dragon knocking on my door brb

  • 10:32 no that’s Florida

  • 0:27 bro shush, no ones supposed to know that bit, come on mannn

  • 10:32 yes

  • Hello from Australia

  • Yeah this server is too life like to evreyday

  • Australia is just a bunch of mad lads and other shit

  • Lol spawn in 2b2t Australia is a snow biome

  • Is a dragon a bird, cause you did say they lost a war to birds? No wonder the rule the end dimension.......

  • 2b2t England 2British 2Tommyinnit

  • War against birds. And lose

  • melbourne grand prix crash lookin bad

  • Your right about that being australia

  • Woah I know he's been including Animal Farm references for a while but I only just realized the glue factory one!

  • What hacked client does fit use in pretty sure it’s future but idk

  • Fit: "I have never seen this chunk error especially in 2b2t before" 2b2t be like: " *sad 2b2t noises* "

  • When Australia is upside down, the 2b2t is also updside down

  • As an Australian I can confirm that it is a normal day in Australia

  • No 10:35

  • am i going insane or is the 2b2ts world seed

  • as an australian i can confirm this is just a normal day in australia

  • Of course Australia has to be involved 🤣 it's already a wasteland in the you know what I'll stop🤣

  • How did you find so easily, it took me 20 to find 5

  • I live in Australia

  • Fit: i havent seen anything like this before even in the original 2b2t Fit one month later WHY IS THERE A MASSIVE HOLE IN 2B2T🤔

  • Maybe the dragons are /summoned

  • i only subscribed because i wanted to be a legend

  • My theory is that they killed the original dragon got the egg for a dupe. But respawned the dragon while the previous was still in its dying animation. Leaving 2 dragons 1 a "zombie" the other the actual dragon. The zombie dragon is still a full working dragon but cant be killed.

  • 434trf3e2wq

  • this is how you fix 2b2t australia name it dinnerbone

  • Mate, the elytra can be use without fireworks IF you have a good Elytra + or similar.

  • Bruh why is man referring to his “contact” as if he’s a high schooler talking about his dealer

  • Itristen is messing with the server now and has been for a lil bit

  • My home

  • Wow

  • I thought the server is upside down

  • My Opinion Is That The Player Vision In That Server Should Be Upside Down.

  • Well there is snakes and spiders and other things I remember like 4-5 yrs ago me and my family like our household and grandma were at the gardens in Sydney I was mucking around trying to catch lizards near a lake near bushes on top of rocks and a red bellyed black snake was under it it chased me and my dad and I walked away slowly and then ran but my dad stomped screamed and ran yeah the complete opposite of what your meant to do and there is always huntsmen spiders and red backs in my room

  • After i saw the S3X books thing i [LAW AND ORDER] bum bum

  • If it were the regular server he would have annihilated a new player at spawn lol

  • Can we get some appreciation for that generous Anonymous Australian?

  • 2:21 Lol I'm guessing some withers were named with a few bad links?

  • brazil 2b2t B) wait no NO NO

  • im from AUS and im not sure if ive been insulted or complimented

  • "bizarre cousin, 2b2t australia"

  • 10:45 im from Australia and this is 100% true

  • Ramdom wither head ‘\(:/)/‘ 9:05

  • How the hell did you survive without your ground harness

  • 3:32 "anyone found fit?" "no"

  • We play on these servers cos time difference btw