How Minecraft BREAD Was Weaponized on 2b2t

Publicerades den 10 apr 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover how bread has been turned into a weapon by a group of players, and whether the bread itself is dangerous, or if it's something else.....
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Anything can happen on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t....including Minecraft bread being weaponized.


  • Download and play AFK Arena: Join AFK Arena's 2nd anniversary event from April 6th until May 5th and get 100 free summons and 1 special gift code! Gift code: aaz27uvgfi

  • next title: How players were weaponized in 2b2t!

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  • I love how this isn’t clickbait

  • It’s like everyone on 2b2t has a carb allergy

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  • 4:16 **Frantic factory plays**

  • By dying, Henry actually escaped the trap. Well played.

  • 9:41

  • whats next? "how texture packs got weaponized on 2b2t"

  • Next on 2b2t:dirt block has been weaponized in the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Okay guys, so I basically just bought an extra Minecraft account just to test people trying to ruin my life with a loaf of bread

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  • 9:42 Here lies HenryCarls_ You will be missed

  • WAIT 2B2T ON 1.6 WHAAAAAAT????

  • i am 1.17

  • What next? milk weaponized?

  • how jomama was wepanized on 2b2t

  • What is your mod menu

  • anyone noticed someone named "GayCutie"

  • So this a child abduction on the oldest anarchy server on minecraft, 2b2t, correct?



  • air was weaponised

    • this is a joke to mock how 2b2t players weaponise random stuff)

  • Dream: I killed 3 men with a piece of bread Everyone: ok Dream: not in 2b2t Everyone: oh this way sir


  • its a bad idea for 2b2t to update to 1.16, netherite armour will be too op...

    • Not really, all netherite armour really does is remove knockback, which people can already do with the velocity hack

  • so they used laff loaves as weapons

  • Rip HeneryCarls

  • One of the fake "thank you" signs is by a person named Poop Bloob lol

  • We're about to just loop back around to "How SWORDS Were Weaponized on 2b2t".

  • welcome to the bread store

  • I have 1.17 so no banning

  • I love how 2b2t people try to stole france idea for making a Bagguate a weapon

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  • How Does the Skylight Push machine work

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  • 4:02 "So that means we can't teleport bread anymore!"

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  • 2b2t will become a weapon itself one day

  • POV: your French

  • any minecraft item: exists 2b2t players: I will use you to commit several war crimes

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  • "I have done nothing but teleporting bread for 3 days" Sounds like something TF2 soldier would do

  • The way he died😂💀 9:36 😭😂💀

  • you can Give server ip

  • ive owned a group on different minecraft smps called the breaderen and we can finally destroy those murderhobos

  • Imagine being a little kid joining 2b2t and getting banned because some people offered you bread.


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  • This stupid guy that fell on a hard surface and not in the water. Haha

  • On the oldest anarcist server in minecraft (x10000)

  • Next Time, we'll see a video about Cake being weaponized

  • I laughed when he said people getting banned by a piece of bread That would be sl embarrassing

  • Imagine getting banned from a server because of some L I G H T

  • I love how I’m able to recognize that one of the songs I heard was in a gauntlet level in Geometry Dash

  • 2 months later Dream kills 2 people with bread in the first 5 minutes of the 5v1 rematch

  • unrelated but i'm happy that fitmc likes izold :D

  • that why dream use it at latest video

  • I have done nothing but teleport bread for the past 3 days…

  • I haven't hatched the vid yet but when I saw the title I was like oh teah bread iz OP!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The song in the backround is the one from the first level in the acid gauntlet in geometry dash

  • *How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your life?*

  • what next are they gonna make carrots a weapon

  • He dead instantly


  • Soldier would be proud

  • Tf2 love and war sfm Mc version

  • im guessing they just teleport you to a very laggy area that makes you either crash or disconnect and whenever you try joining back you just crash or disconnect instantly


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  • fitMC is you see this you need to visit fallen anarchy on bedrock edition on realms I promise its more crazy than 2b2t just look up the realm code on google

  • Tacobot: Minecraft Edition

  • wait till 1.17 glow item frames get weaponized.

  • Bread

  • Rip henry carls You will be dearly missed

  • "if it has anything to do with teleporting bread" *TF2 FLASHBACKS*

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