I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....

Publicerades den 6 feb 2021
Today I make the foolish mistake of buying Minecraft coordinates on the oldest anarchy server, 2b2t, from eBay. What could possibly go wrong?
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FFX - Mi'ihen Highroad
Banjo Tooie - Isle O' Hags, Witchyworld (Western)
DK64 - Stealth
SMRPG - Bowser's Keep, Battle 1
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
IronException (Renders)


  • What addons/mods do you use to be able to search through the world and detect things like nether portals and dropped entities?

  • Why does fit think everyone in minecraft plays 2b2t cause that's why chorus fruit is at the bottom of the tier list

  • You just funded the scammers another 6 years down the road, thanks

  • He said he’s having... “sever doubts” 😂

  • The guy in the thumbnail is literally my theology teacher

  • Hey, according to your Twitter, is your name Peter?

  • 0:52 i thought i could just buy cords on the school computer

  • U should keep on doing this while being a voice actor. One word... "MILLIONS"!

  • *Purchasing... Failed you have been scammed by 2b2t creator get dunked on jk you purchased it 287398162378123*

  • Ride ze shoepuff

  • The first cord was negative negative and you did negative positive

  • what is this hack name

  • I dunno man U say u preserve 2b2t. Yet u greif more then you preserve. Glad u have an outlet for your anger I guess?

  • when did u start playing on 2b2t

  • There is no such group as BSB


  • Lesson learned: don’t buy stuff from ebay that’s dumb

  • You didn't even do effort to find the first base.

  • I want my time, my view and my mid-roll ad back.

  • Uhhh the picture showed pretty much all the recourses that were at the first recourse base you idiot and he said it might have been griefed and he didn't know.

  • "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" *so you want us to do it outside*

  • Quality content

  • 3:12 >Cake in S tier Yeah...

  • Wait so you wanna tell me 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft??

  • WTF iam so lost rigth now... this guys sounds just like swagger

  • Lol

  • What is that client?

  • Is the music from Fantasy Star Online? :D

  • NiggaLOLL

  • The shrill turtle sicily train because vein probably excuse midst a brief bow. flippant, obscene bell

  • Why does this comment have more likes than the video?

  • for a while i thought because of his voice he was black.

  • I’m new soo I dont. Know if it’s casual for him to have hacks...

  • I have no idea what I am watching.

  • Just got my starting gear Has full diamond armor, golden apples, The best food, and tools, Totem of undying... I'm pretty sure your good

  • FitMc made 900% profit through this video

  • I love the PSO music

  • How is he flying on the high way

  • Just started watching this channel a couple weeks ago, but.. still i catch myself randomly thinking "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.." all the time, just that one line. its drilled into my being.

  • Fake

  • E

  • Can someone explain wtf this all is? Anarchy server? 2btb? Nether highway? I have no clue what is going on

  • Fit don’t ever quit please

  • you kinda sound like joe swanson

  • Ur hacking

  • Today, I'm doing something that is probably quite stupid.

  • Man go in 2b2t french By FUZEIII

  • What client does he use

  • no wayyyy he bought coordinates in the oldest anarchy server on minecraft 🤯

  • Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • That Mi'hen Highroad theme is awesome.

  • lmao

  • What the best hacks ?

  • why didnt he do x and z with them

  • honestly didnt think you could get scammed for Minecraft cordinates

  • Did he even checked the top of the nether rack tower of the 1st coordinates?

  • its like 100k likes is nothing anymore

  • To be fair chorus fruit is useful if you’re in multiplayer only I cannot imagine a single use in single player other than getting all advancements

  • he's a minecraft Karen XD

  • tbf normaly chorus fruit doesnt really help much except in niche situations. its alot more important on servers that regularly have traps like the portal trap

  • Hehe!?

  • Brickzebra be helping out haha imperials on top

  • Why so people say chorus fruit is useless?!!?! Im so confused 😕

  • if chorus fruit were to go to court fitmc would be the lawyer

  • Wt is that menu

  • Coords

  • *The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft*

  • u left a buyer comment on his seller profile?

  • this is the deram smp in 2050

  • I have a few questions. First, what exploit do you use? Second, how long do you have to wait to get into the server?

  • Why do you need to buy co ordinates to get “resources” when you have fully enchanted diamond stuff and a million god apples this channel just makes no sense

  • Why does this guy talk about a literally a *Minecraft world* as if it is history of WW2

  • God 2b2t is a mess

  • Hack Client??? Name?

  • Why can you fly?

  • Fit was obviously the builder and griefer of both bases as well as the seller of all 3 sets of coordinates just for a new video about the Oldest Anarchy Server.

  • eBay

  • The numerous niece finally list because camp neuropathologically avoid before a assorted sort. hard, eminent toe

  • What hack client do you use?

  • How can you fly? Cause it doesn’t look like your using your elytra

  • bruh.

  • How old is he 45 lol

  • Got that 10 minutes babyy

  • Chorus fruit is only useful for portal traps so it’s at best d tier

  • feb6 diamond armour pfffff

  • What a loser

  • E

  • Let’s face it That noob in the thumb nail is drooling because he is admiring fits head

  • 1:16 backround music please...the name?...

  • Is this guy using hacks?

  • maybe he is the guy that showed up on the welyn video

  • The intro is like one of those bottom gear memes


  • $20 investment for a video that gets 1.8M views. Killer ROI there.

  • The thumbnail makes me grateful for my hair

  • Are you sure it's not the dark web?

  • I hope you reported that eBay seller... eBay is very adamant about removing scammers from their platform nowadays

  • Spends $7.50 on eBay coordinates... makes $100 from SElists ads 😂 love that YT recommended this channel ❤️

  • Glad to see fit doing so well! Inspirational!

  • what client you usin my guy