I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPAN

Publicerades den 16 jan 2021
Today we attempt to survive for 24 hours on the recently opened Japanese version of 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. What could possibly go wrong?
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Additional Footage:
Xua.Channel - www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpUBU...
SMRPG (Barrel Volcano, Dodo's Coming) Vexx OST (vs. Sumo-kin) BM64 (Battle Select, Intro)
Rocket Man - www.youtube.com/watch?v=g__9X...


  • "I end up killing everyone I touch" so relatable

  • yesterday i found a dupe stash on this server

  • no chrouching IS the universal sign of peace in all

  • oh wait i saw somone spam use sigma lol

  • i saw when you shift to go down and you died lol

  • But the real question is who is better 100 Koreans or 100 japanese gamers

  • Ah yes

  • btw when u fly hack use nofall and use 3d mode on land to go insanely fast and not get hunger.

  • 日本人おる? Are there Japanese heare?

  • Main account: Fit Alt account: ness = Fitness

  • He died. I survived 24 hours!

  • Fit-Nes Hahaha!! Fitness!!

  • Hahahahahæ I witnessed everything

  • What hack client is he using (I don't wanna get a virus)

  • Ė

  • Me over here reading the Japanese perfectly lol

  • Not deku

  • 6:45 the kind of psycho that killed every monster in the underground

  • Fit, ness hmm…

  • hi fit what hack do you use on minecraft i really like to know

  • What’s the server address

  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMonika is up there with a totem

  • Away land in water when fly hack also me um fly hacks

  • fit nes

  • nice

  • what cliet do u use?

  • "its not cheating if everyones cheating" Hmm so ic an cheat on hypixel?

  • Me at the start Me:Oh thats a cool nane Me at the end Me:wait a minute was his name fitnes

  • No one thought of uundertale when frisk showed up? Just me? kk

  • "Fit" "Nes" I see what you did there

  • fit nes

  • "All of you watching at home, you did not see AAAANNNYYYTHING!" People at their house: 😴 People outside: 👀

  • Main: fit Alt: nes = fitnes

  • 1:39 rushia is quaking (pettan message)

  • whats the ip?

  • I don't understand what the Georgia O'Keeffe thing is, am I just not dirty minded enough? Is it really gory?

  • Spawn hasn't changed much since this video came out.

  • Bruh best name \/

  • fit+ Nes = dad

  • wow fit is really smart when it comes to making his names. Fit and nes when you combine them it becomes fitnes

  • Peta Incursion

  • Welcome fit

  • 3:04 😂😂😂

  • why do u use a hack client and what is it?

    • i meant ur's

  • Its a big ****

  • "it's not cheating if everyone cheats" romantic relationships: 👁👄👁

  • 日本ーー

  • pettan = flat

  • while on 7b7t use inertia if u want to meet me on the server my name will be plsgivemeakit

  • pls join it

  • FitNes

  • フィットエムシさん。。。2b2tまでやってきた。。。

  • me:*sees Riolu808 and inhales deeply* DDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

  • What was the blurred thing i really want to know

  • yameroimatiitaagafueterundayo

  • _“Somebody call Peta!”_ *_no don't._*

  • I kind of saw an airborne dog fight lmao

  • Crazy lil

  • Good

  • "I'll be on my alt, Fit2.0"

  • nofall exists sir

  • Wht client do u use

  • Ip?

  • Ngl the thumbnail looks like he kill titan

  • 1 fish = 1 life, good trade

  • is this server safe without a VPN?

  • The chat in the beginning mentioned this "hikakin" person. Hikakin is the nunber one SElistsr in Japan. Even featured in SElists Rewind 2019.

  • all i know from japan is anime B)

  • 3:00 that happens to me in bedrock edition

  • smack people with fish not bad

  • Someone needs to link the uncensored version for research purposes

  • 😂 LOL 3:03 and 7:36 and 11:02

  • Nihao bro what's up

  • I see what you did with Fit and Nes. Fit-Nes

  • Wat

  • what did he blur lol

  • 3:13 u can open nofall :)

  • what hack client do you use.

  • Did anyone get the joke his main fit And alt nes

  • I just saw someone is trying to clickbait the thumnail was u were the worse historian of 2b2t

  • ぉl

  • PK end crystal!

  • Lesson learnt use the nofall hack

  • Try and recreate a machine that causes mayhem on another 2bt2 server

  • the oldest old server but invaded with inapporpite builds is it a big dig prob

  • Anime land? 😳 😳 😳

  • they are so going to regret running the server in 1.16.5

  • The thing he gensored starts with a p or d

  • "A giant Georgia O"Keeffe" that was so funny

  • Thumbnail is Chinese XD

  • What hack client do u use?

  • fitnes

  • what is your hacked client

    • Impact client

  • 3:46 Sauce ?

  • we hit 2mil subs!

  • 7:58 theres actually an old english word for slapping someone with a fish: "cornobble"

  • FitMC: "My Account Fit" Also FitMC: "My Alt Account Nes" Me: Fit-ness!?!?!?

  • Fit... Nes... *You absolute genius*

  • Oh i get it. Fit-Nes

  • That was fun.