I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPAN

Publicerades den 16 jan 2021
Today we attempt to survive for 24 hours on the recently opened Japanese version of 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. What could possibly go wrong?
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Xua.Channel - selists.info/less/video/f9aJdritr7Ooo6w.html
SMRPG (Barrel Volcano, Dodo's Coming) Vexx OST (vs. Sumo-kin) BM64 (Battle Select, Intro)
Rocket Man - selists.info/less/video/l8WTbbtvq6Zep84.html&


  • Fit:”even though there’s a language barrier...” Me: *Spam Crouches* Japanese player: Ahh yes.

  • "Oh no, Georgia o'keeffe is back"

  • Fun Fact: Nes is a Nintendo character

  • FRISK BE LIKE: im still on my way to mt. ebbot

  • "this is animal cruelty, just abandoning them out in the middle of no where" - 5 mins later *kills an horse*

  • I just randomnly see this because of 2b2t france😀😀

  • fun fact: if you combine fits main account and his alt accounts name it will be fit-nes

  • I visited every place Fit went to in this video!

  • 2Bento2Takoyaki

  • on an anarchy server called "FineMC" i built A BUNCH of purblic farms IN SPAWN and they haven't been griefed yet also, should i post the server IP here for you to join?

  • What did he blur lol

  • gives 4 fish. "were friends now"

  • Use nofall lol

  • domo was hello

  • Imagine how hyped weebs are about this

  • 2b2t isn't even an anarchist server, the owner bans cheats, and even items. The Japanese version lives up to it's name.

  • The thing you are censoring is it a v you know what I mean

  • YOU DID NO SEE ANYTHING me:yea yea i didnt

  • FitNes is your passion

  • Fit+Nes=Fitnes

  • Oh o-228 yoroshikune b

  • Japanese people are nice in general :)

  • Law and order in Japan? Who would've fought

  • I hate cencored thing, can you make 13+ video so the Cencored is gone?

  • what happens if korone chan plays 2b2t probably simps

  • Domo Arigato

  • Am traumatized

  • main: Fit Alt: Nes Me: FitNes

  • when NES gets his god rod ;o

  • FITMC can you use Nofall

  • 2b2t Japan is true anarchy and by that I mean the admins probably haven’t logged onto Minecraft in years

  • What was the censored build

  • Timestamps: 0:11

  • when using fly hacks use no fall too:)

  • you just vibin' and jotaro comes to beat the **** out of ya and then says ez.

  • Ohhh god japanese people are cultured

  • やあ

  • What about 9b9t, that's what I play on bc I to lazy to wait for 2b2t

  • They kill you politely!

  • Did you get banzia charged in the server

  • 6:50 I mean

  • what hack client do you use

  • 2ビルダー2ツール

  • What is yore hack clint

  • You just escaped _pettan_. Reminds me of a certain necromancer cutting boa-

  • use no fall because you wont die when you land when you fly with nofall

  • It’s not illegal if everybody does it (proceeds to sell drugs)

  • Did you know, you can activet the No fall hack, now when your flying and you want to come down you are not going to take any damage.

  • 優しくて草

  • I found these two accounts in a place on midgard called Minecraft. I call em "fit" and "ness" so when you put em together they "fitness"

  • when u said always land in water with fly hacks why just not enable nofall???

  • i think it really is the oldest sever ever

  • I didn’t see anything

  • You sound like Luke the notable making a hardcore world

  • “Everyone I come in contact with dies” -Fit

  • "Everyone that I will come in contact will die" You had covid19 on the server or whan

  • Fit... Ness. Fitness. You sly dog...

  • Why is this donny hacking

  • fly hacking is kamikazie flight at japan

  • 4:40 the guy that he see is named pettan=flat chested

  • FitNes

  • Good luck

  • Fit... nes... I get it

  • What is the IP fit on top or nes or something

  • Fit: It's calm here Popbob: *Plays gamer music* It's time

  • Why do you have to blur Georgia okeeffe?

  • 7:33 wait that's me wut 0_0

  • Zero zero on anarchy-......

  • Gud vid

  • I can see the next incursion being a toxic raid on the Japanese 2b2t

  • When someone sees "Nes"'s eyes...."What....Is...that....FIT!??!?!?!??"

  • I was so relieved when he was like “the oldest anarchy server in Japan” then 8 seconds later: “IM SURE YOURE ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER IN MINECRAFT”

  • You can't fly-hack on 2B2T?

  • 2btfrensh

  • come on whats the painting

  • what client do u use

  • Name : Fitmc Stand : alt account Abilty : can make up to 100 alts at a time

  • Fitness Ha

  • what is that armour hud you are using???

  • What client did you use?

  • Which hacks do you use?

  • Fit: "Someone's gotta contact PETA on twitter" Also Fit: *Accidentally kills horse*

  • whats the ip?

  • Some japanese guy flies to fit, gives him 3 bread and then flies away, what a gentleman.

  • i love how the text in the thumbnail is chinese

  • can't wait for the JP ver of an incursion

  • Fit what is your hack client?i wanna download it too

  • You should turn No Fall on

  • Eh fitmc

  • "George O'Keeffe painting" 😭😭

  • $400 says that you can’t survive 5 games of Hypixel Megawalls with any hacks you need


  • 8:06 anyone realize the deku skin ( im kinda wibu )

  • (Western players joins server) Japanese 2b2t players: Hello Western 2b2t players: (unsheathe enchanted sword) BANZAI!!!!

  • Fit... what else do you expect? It's Japan

  • 3:44 now I really want to see what the hell they made

  • helpful tip if you ever come back to this server, the client has a “translate” hack right in the main options GUI and it uses google translate to translate the chat, books and placed signs

  • I actually wanna see the Georgia O'Keefe thing

  • Can you do the unconcerned thing on Twitter

  • 2B2T north Korea