I Visited a 2b2t "War Memorial"

Publicerades den 19 jun 2021
Today we visit a build dedicated to the 5 year anniversary of 2b2t's largest conflict!
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2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. There are no rules, and it has been online for more than 10 years, with a size of ‭9567 GBs. Over 603,244 players have visited at least once,
including high profile SElistsrs such as Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, TapL, and more! Jschlatt even plays here on an alt but you didn't hear that from me.
Anyone is able to brave this server for themselves, but you have been warned, it can be a dangerous place. Join at your own risk.


  • This was an awesome creation to see today! If you want make creations of your own, download Core! - bit.ly/Core-FitMC

  • So is core like roblox but made by Unreal

  • That was cool

  • if hed on 2b why does he have the new default texture pack

  • Core is big boy roblox

  • Why were the new textures in use for this video?

  • 3:55 the way he said it lmao

  • Veteran soldier remembers war flashbacks *

  • Little thing that bother me It's not 'the castle from dark souls' It was the undead parish church with the tower with andre and the entrance to sens fortress.

  • i liked and subed and i also liked in every vid i see

  • 79% of people can’t find the opposites of these words: Always Coming Take Me Down

    • Syawla Ngimoc, Ekate Em, Nowd

  • I love how mankind can still find ways to wage war in different ways and for different reasons.

  • Lol the community hates him so much he has to play on a alt

  • Man that ememorial was good until the greefers cales i know cuz i also was there

  • rusher recording fortnite now


  • now he plays fn 🤮

  • I remember this

  • I will never understand griefers. Oh well, i'll add it to the list of things in this world that does not make sense. lol.

    • I guess

    • Must be the griefer to understand the griefers

    • Destroy others work = funny

  • my parents explaining their way to school while we ride the town be like:

  • This video is like the Bible of MC or if what holy book you use and pray with this is the version of mc

  • This is so crazy! The castle looks especially epic! Those greifers arrived right on time

  • This guy has more alt accounts then subscribers

  • Every block in tb2t has a story. Insane

  • woah that looks awesome

  • your thumbnail and video ideas are quite good but they got some boomer side to it, i suggest watching other content creators and trying to replicase some stuff. Also for gods sake get a better camera Fit. 👌

  • one of the three builders of the event is the first guy to reach the nether border i think

  • i have idea prob 1000 iq, make blastproof wall (wall using water logged blocks)

    • The issue is that they they can mine it and if its the explosion and mine proof one you can destroy the redstone below it

  • I wonder when fitmc will actually use his real account

  • Would definitely love to see an eventual 2b2t fireworks show like Usada Pekora did for their summer festival minecraft stream

  • 6:55 Fit: Creeper Me: Aww man

  • Is there a museum for the Third incursion or maybe even the back door dramma imagine a re-enactment of when popbob places the last bed in the chain back

  • Ken dez nuts

  • It always feel sad to me to see beautiful builds grieved. Except.. it’s 2b2t

  • And remember kids, all of this deep lore took time and the blood of noobs. But above all, it wasn’t forced… dream, you a-hole.

  • Core is literally like a clone of Roblox

  • for anyone that wanna pkip the sponsor thing: 2:22

  • Epic Games Store?..... Sorry but no.

  • Does that make him an veteran?

  • Core is litterally a Roblox/Gmod ripoff. Roblox and Gmod are better regardless. Roblox has more games and actively has better features as a platform, along with being an overall more updated platform, and Gmod isnt infested with 2 year olds.


  • 6:09 do you have a goat?

  • This is like a war veteran going to a place where he battled

  • you being a history teacher and a person who archives the bases of 2b2t is quite the exquisite experience you manage to prove the value of history on an accelerated timeline proving to people why preservation of knowledge is very important and it gives a magnificent example of why i love your work and am proud to see what you do.

  • 2b2t IS like a story thats Been overloaded

  • i dont have friends lol

  • Like watching the Civil war reenactment hahaha

  • cyrus' theme playing in the melon farm feels so fitting for some reason

  • the other day i was playing cubecraft and and an account named hermeticlock was on the server clapping cheeks, if you guys have also seen him let me know, i dont know if he was real or not

  • Man i miss the rusher war i remember waiting in queue all night in 2016 summer just to log on for like 5 hours. It was so worth it tho. Man i was 12 years old shit now im 17. Btw i was on the rusher side because noone knew fit back then. Only during and after the war is when he started to get more subs.

  • The only history class I would listen to

  • FitMc’s 2 catch fraces 1.The Oldest Anarcy Server In Minecraft 2.Clown Down

  • Do u guys ever feel emotional when watching his videos?

  • Why do people keep Grefing stuff on 2b2t

  • I like how griefers are just a natural phenomena like vultures when there's a corpse

  • he has cords on

  • I like how as so as it went to chaos fit was like welp time to make it accurate 🤣

  • A Minecraft SElistsr colabing with the creators of fortnite

  • Imagine if the war happened after the nether update (netherack armor, starting pillager raids at enemy bases) that would be epic

  • Core is just a wannabe Roblox. I wouldn't use it

  • how has it been 5 years, time is so weird.

  • title: going to a war memorial thumbnail: HAIR!??!?! OMGASEGHE

  • I just noticed fit is playing octopath traveller music,I approve of that

  • Better than DreamSMP

  • POV: You have hair

  • Come on giefers weren't they part of the war

  • HAIR!?

  • Fit: "now then, let's get started" Me: *chills*

  • Eyyy i know that background music

  • Coords On?

  • When the war is over : Oh say can you see……

  • Its funny to think rushers now a fortnite news channal

  • Im a bald man

  • The worst griefers 😂😂😂


  • They had a war against griefers at a war memorial. Are they gonna make a memorial for the war at the war memorial now?

  • Holy. Time flies. Can’t believe I’ve been watching for 5 years

  • Is this the oldest anarchy server on minecraft???

  • Congratulations on 2 million subs!

  • Isnt core just rtx roblox

  • Tapl posted a vid of 2b2t

  • History in Class: Boring History about video game: 600,000 people : *Y E S*

  • Now for the real question is there a world download?

  • i can't believe this was 5 years ago

  • Secret Void video when?

  • new vid better be on nether world border

  • How many old Accounts fit has?


  • Pecherwood's war

  • Most People: 2b2t Some People: 2builders2tools Me, An Intellectual: *2 Builders With Each 1 Tool*

  • FitMC: talking about core me: -> -> -> -> -> ->

  • eqqman

  • Damn I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since this happened, I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • how do you join the server 2b2t?

    • Go on the right version and put the ip into the new server tab

  • 6:55 aw man

  • 6:55 AW MAAAN

  • Can you play 2b2t on the World Most Powerful computer or a supercomputer that’s available

  • Gotta love the hypocrisy,fit talking bout fighting the youtube invasion like he takes such pride n how hes a 2b2t og n yet now....hes a youtuber.what a douchebag

  • The shield breaking on the statue was a pretty awesome build

  • i wish this is how they teach history in class hhahah