Is Minecraft's 2b2t FINALLY Updating?!

Publicerades den 17 apr 2021
Today we discuss how the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t, is FINALLY updating for the first time since 2017, and what you should expect in the coming weeks.
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The fact that Minecraft's 2b2t is FINALLY updating is a big deal, which is why I wanted to make this video. I would greatly appreciate if you would hit that like and subscribe button. No pressure though


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    • @__ oh crap sorry wrong update

    • @*#Miraculous.Bunni#* it is updating to 1.16, not 1.17

    • the first thing i will do is Weaponise copper

    • not be able to login because of the queue

    • Don’t know

  • You should know Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 1 and part 2

  • i hate netherite

  • I won’t be surprised if bees go extinct if the update comes out

  • Anyone else able to join the test world in 1.17.1?

  • 2b2t is like me when I install I was on 1.12 and I go to 1.16

  • Why has nobody been talking about this since this video 😕😕😕😕

  • 2b2t: aa how is everyone doing. Me: hey is the server Updating? 2b2t: um just wait i think I have to go to bed, can we talk sometime later? (2 hours later) Me: hey can we talk now? 2b2t: just sometime later I am having lunch now so tomorrow? Me: yo I just want to know is the server is Updating man. (2b2t has ban u from the server.) Me: "the server will never update". It is just a joke I am sorry if some of u got Offended or something. I like to cut g.........

  • Fit I think you put your info on the sponsher idk

  • Pls cave and cliffs should come fast coz I also want to join from my andriod

  • This my suggest but i dont play 2b2t

  • And auto permenent ban in 2b2t if the minecraft have and hack client

  • Put an anti hacker and clients in any versions is the minecraft app have a client of hack password required for they joined

  • If it dose update phantoms are going to be a pain

    • turns out you dont need to skip the night just get in a bed

  • why 2b2t isn't non premium?

    • Minecraft's single threaded servers limit how many players can be on 1 map forcing 2b2t to need a queue


  • i think they should use a new map

    • Theres so many history in this 2b2t map, we dont need a new one

    • the map is why 2b2t is good

    • why

  • April 1 2019? hmmmm

  • Its still on 1.12

  • Did it?

  • You mean cave update

  • Pillager raids will become weaponized for wars

  • I wonder how the hardware looks lik, I mean it's 10terabytes of map

  • You still havent uptated so i still havent subscribe. i mean.....yeah

  • tho finding new things would be near impossible considering that a lot of chunks are already loaded

  • I'll subscribe to you if 2b2t updates to 1.13 or above.

  • When Dave is going to be updating and then only one or two chunks that are going to be updated

  • wait they weaponized kelp

  • Im betting the amout of exploits 2b2ters find out is gonna break the game after it updates and theyre gonna go back to 1.12

  • netherite will be so hard to get bcause so many chunks have been loaded

  • Can't wait for "How Blackstone Was Weaponized On 2B2T"

  • Me who play bedrock edition: Mom can i get minecraft? Mom:we have minecraft at home Minecraft at home:

  • If 2b2t updates, there woulf be floating geodes near spawn, and floating anchient debris on the nether spawn because most of the terrain is rekt in spawn

  • It’s been 2 months, any updates?

  • Fit will finally be able to stab people on 2b2t with a sharp pointy stick

  • Is there a bedrock 2b2t minecraft server?

  • Everyone excited about 2b2t, me: what the heck is that background music in the beginning

  • Imagine : How crying obsidian actually made people cry on the largest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • i really need you to answer this can people hack your acount and other things on 2b2t? cause i wanna play but not get hacked

    • its quite rare for people to care about a random player you prob wont get hacked but have a very strong password that you store on a sticky note in real life and also don't download any menus that you dont know about (only use confirmed and well known menus if you are going to use them)

    • its happened before. but it doesnt if your cautious

  • 2B2T has to be the most goofy useless sever of all time I get that is a anarchy server but still kinda pointless

    • if you consider the worst of the worst griefing and the best of the best vanilla builds goofy. then sure. its goofy. but most people consider skyblock goofy. and 2b real. 2b is like the original 4chan mc server. so i guess you could say 4chan is goofy to. but uhh build competitions and all the dumb games other servers have are not goofy. lmao. you sound like a goof to me bud.

  • well, whatever god wants

  • not even here for the history... im here for the smooth segways into sponsor advertisements

  • "ᴵ ᵃᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ"

  • since pog is no longer acceptable, pog.

  • 1:18 , the server is still on 1.12.2, the jokes will go on forever :(

  • Fit i told you that it update

  • “I might have netherite soon to keep me safe, just like dash-“ *skip skip skip skip*

  • Bro wake up its 1.17

  • I cant wait for “how people made it out the world boarder withouht dying”

  • Cool just have to wait till 2025 to get 1.17

  • Sheep Raider OST? Respect

  • these comments on 1:16 makes me mad, if the server dont want to update, then dont make a joke about it.

  • i didnt even know what 2b2t was until fit, but i am so interested in the lore

  • 2b2t is literally an awful server in all categories one can judge a server by

  • Upon watching this video again, I realized that I had actually joined 2b2t for the first time during that 2019 April Fools test.

  • i see you with the octopath traveler music fit (:

  • I thought that was babish in the thumbnail

  • For

  • The server Updated

  • i actually jinxed myself saying "the oldest....."

  • Imagine he updates to 1.16 and then 1.7 comes out

  • what hack client do you use?


  • anyone know the test servers ip

  • If 2b2t really updates, then we need a survival series for the new updated anarchy server

  • fit pog

  • me:why do i cant join the server in 1.16 it says lost connection do i really need to wait???

  • What happens when Minecraft gets to 2.0?

  • 1.16 has glitch that allows you to break bedrock. Imagine spawn on void

  • Havent watched the video yet but I’m gonna say no

  • Thumbnail : FIT POGGERS

  • Minecraft will be able to run that smoothly, because Minecraft 1.17 will run on Java 16 not 8(as all previous versions did), this brings huge performance enhancements as the newer Java version is way better optimized.

    • With Java 16, state-of-the-art garbage collectors can be used that lower average RAM usage significantly (and to a lesser extent almost eliminate the processing time when the game stops completely to do GC), but all other problems with the game remain, especially the single-threaded game logic. Over the years there have been multiple attempts to rewrite server software from scratch with multithreading in mind (apart from running independent parallel worlds with warps), but they all would essentially require you to rewrite Mojang's code to take advantage of that, not to say break compatibility with existing plugins entirely.

  • fitmc's beard be bussin bussin

  • Pog :♡

  • where does 2b2t mods post their updates?

  • piglin brute can make you suffer hard

  • I found out a way to weaponize saplings, says some guy who plays to much sky wars

  • if they do update to 1.16 they NEED to remove phantoms because no one sleeps on 2b2t to skip the night so it'll be impossible to survive if ur a new player

  • when FitMC does a pog face: **POGGERS**

  • Welcome to the new oldest anarchy server!

  • HauseMaster or HouseMaster


  • If 2B2T Updates, I might actually Subscribe.

  • Can't wait for the "how striders were weaponized in 2b2t" video

  • Starts at 2:33

  • i now where u live now from the thing

  • Thumbnail is fit Pog

  • You know why i like 1.14 so much? I changes all the textures!!!

  • owo

  • Bruh even 2b2t is getting an update before tf2. This is getting ridiculous.

  • I swear this man is a Viking

  • 2b2t will go into renessance with map art

  • they have more things to weaponize

  • It might be easier to use the crossbow with fireworks for pvp it is a lot more powerful and easier to use

  • Did anyone else have to go back and see if he actually leaked his credit card info? 😂

  • Us: 2b2t will never update 2b2t: because you said that i will update to 1.16

  • They should wait till cave update part 1

  • oh the duping problems, the drama, the glitches oh no

  • Can't wait for how ancient debris was weaponized in 2b2t