Is Minecraft's 2b2t FINALLY Updating?!

Publicerades den 17 apr 2021
Today we discuss how the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t, is FINALLY updating for the first time since 2017, and what you should expect in the coming weeks.
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The fact that Minecraft's 2b2t is FINALLY updating is a big deal, which is why I wanted to make this video. I would greatly appreciate if you would hit that like and subscribe button. No pressure though


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    • İm not that familier with 2b2t but i played on other anarcy servers that run in 1.16 all i can say you guys gone play over 10 hours for few weaks

    • the jokes never ends

    • Pog

    • I Predict that when the server updates there are going to be bases that can't be destroyed using tnt or other explosion due to the fact that you can now water log other blocks

    • Oooooooo

  • U look like tripple h from wwe

  • Did anyone see the FitMC pog in the thumbnail?

  • I LOVE 2B2T!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  • fit:THERES GONNA BE AN UPDATE IN 2B2T!!!! me:hmm what if the story about gold being one of the most rarest in 2b2t video

  • Wait, Update Minecraft 1.15 only updated bees ??

  • Now peeps gonna sleep

  • this server needs an ARM based server cpu system lmao

  • You know what's the first thing gonna happen after 2b2t updates to 1.16? There's gonna be a massive phantom attack.

  • 0:03

  • If 2B2T is only now updating pass all update like the village and pillage update and the aqautic update then how did 2b2t players get totems because it thought u could only get totems my killing evokers

    • totems were added in 1.11, you can kill evokers at woodland mansions

  • NOPE. this wont happen

  • I'll subscribe from 4 accounts after 2b2t become 1.16.x +

  • 2021: Maybe we finally end the cruel jokes Internet explorer : sh*t fam kelp almost destroyed the server

  • I'm expecting "How bees where weaponized" as a new video soon.

  • They heard that Pekora might be visiting soon so they want to welcome her properly.


  • Fit be poging

  • Plot Twist:Housemaster talked to Microsoft to fix the problems and he also bargained with hack clients that are very popular to 2b2t

  • FitMc has the best beard ever. He should seriously consider a facecam.

    • He even changed his pfp to have the beard

  • 1079: Yes new 1.99 version of MINECRAFT 2b2t: nah 1.12 is good boiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • "How Nether Gold Ore was weaponized on 2b2t"

  • You are better than my history teacher

  • If it's updating we will have a lot of fun with the Phantoms

  • Imagine They Weponize bee hive that if you break it will crashed your game becuse its has 10 billion bees xD

  • when you saw one of the comments in the vid OH BABY YESSS OMG I SAW THAT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *message gets deleted after*

  • Respawn Anchor PVP lets Gooooooo

  • U should make more content that would be nice

  • 2 sponsors in a row really

  • POV : U don't play on 2b2t but still watch this

  • I can see how the respawn anchors MIGHT be viable in combat, seeing how they can be used as a regular block in addition to being explosive and all, but I also feel like it's pretty important to say that it takes make times more inventory space then just crystals. in contrast to just 1 crystal, using respawn anchors takes 1 respawn anchor + 4 glowstone. It's also going to be really hard to pull of sustainably if there isn't a dupe discovered soon after the update because of how slow it is to farm crying obsidian from Piglins.

  • what is the ip of 2b2t? i never played it

  • Finally updatig... 2017... *gets tf2 flashbacks*

  • I dont hope that The server updates. I like that it’s in 1.12. Is actually quite nostalgic. Also, even if it updates, I won’t use netherite stuff. Diamond is more og!

  • pls don’t throw that trident at me...

  • If 2b2t gets the nether update, we need to bring the Crimson and Warped mushrooms to nether spawn. Terraforming time!

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

  • I really thought at 7:01i heard Kingdom Hearts music. Must be more Yoko Shimomura

  • i am 766 in the 2b2t queue {i bet it will take several hours to join}

  • 2b2t:Updates Players with netherite: oooooo yeah i am unkillable Potions:let me introduce myself

    • isn't netherite just diamond but with more durability & kb resistance?

  • i mean its cool if they updated 1.16.5 but the items are gonna get very op

  • Impact users: *OOF*

  • You should also say goodbye to the nether. Everyone is going to mine like crazy, even with dupes and X-ray, and there's going to be swarms of people fighting over the new ores.

  • I love the story of 2b2t I wish I had a role in it

  • He looks so happy In the thumbnail

  • hey fit. do you know how i can join 2B2T and when?

  • Geometry Dash Players AMATEURS

  • Netherite is going to be insaneley rare because most chunks in the nether have already been loaded by playerS

  • Hehe wait till they get bee hives there s certain exploit you can use to become things with them

  • I would be glad if 2b2t updated because i feel like it’s not worth it anymore to go out of my way and launch 1.12 just to wait in a nearly 700 player long queue

  • Tooby tooty

  • House master goes to ma dads supermarket I think

  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes yes yes wwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo halaluh

  • or 100 x 10,000 gpu for your server pc

  • FitMC: Minecraft 2b2t FINNALY Updating!!! 2b2t: Nah i like 1.12.2

  • If 2b actually updates, this would be tge best!

  • Im gona change 2b2t forever with Pigstep

  • We must have a rule to not kill bees

  • This man's beard is an ultimate sign of seeing alot of things in 2B2T

  • Once again I find myself shaking my head at fools who think anarchy is a valid model for what science has proven is the most social creature on earth. Who does nothing but excel with cooperation. Nothing is truly scarce in minecraft. There is no reason to destroy other factions for resources. Yet our society has been brain washed into believing this is the way we need to be. Sociology and psychology both disprove this notion.

  • imagine "pigstep" become a war song

  • Cant wait to find out how 2b2t players figure out how to make blue fire without soulsand

  • "how nether trees were weaponised on 2b2t"

  • *sigh* well, it was fun while it lasted boys. Say goodbye to the server, and say hello to queue times. I am surprised at how long the video took to get uploaded, we got an extra month. GG...

    • @aidan mordy probably. i played on the test server for a couple hours and it seemed ok.

    • Wait, is it actually happening? I was really skeptical about this, even though I thought it would be cool, but did the map really pass the test!?

  • The respawn anchor is going to extremely useful in nether bases

  • They’re gonna have to ban tridents Because of the trident-nados

  • hause better have gotten nasa on his mf servers to deal with such a high scale world on minecraft's dogshit code

  • Time traveller from 2035 here, update never happened. Sorry.

  • Fit will finally accomplish his dreams. IMPALING SOMEONE WITH A TRIDENT

  • Today is the day i subscribe

  • if a youtuber joins just play pigstep

  • This is just maybe with extra steps

  • bro 2b2t is maxed out enchanted netherite armor is an amazing and scary thought also respawn anchor combat? god damn

  • I cant wait for "how bees became weaponized on 2b2t"

  • I can't wait for you guys to start sending TNT rockets towards each other via slime machines. Hell, you could even make a transportable lava cast to make mobs spawn in the darkness.

  • I cant wait for "How bees where used to bring the 2B2T to its knees"

  • What's the music at 5:44 ????

  • Fit have you heard of purity vanilla?

  • why not just reset the map lol

  • 7:46 Ben Shapiro called, he wants his line back.

  • Imagine a 32k crossbow

  • Why is anchor pvp classified?

  • It’s probably lithium/starlight/hydrogen (3 fabric mods)

  • If they’re able to remove chunks that players have never set up in, but loaded it up anyway. This could be big.

  • fit: *this video* me: *getting hyped although i do not play 2bt2*

  • I cannot wait for BEES to be weaponized

  • Thanks for reminding me that 2b2t is actually the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.

  • In 1.16.5 server issues were fixed so i think that's why its handling very Well

  • Me: enjoying the video Sponsor: I CANT LET THAT HAPPEN!

  • I play on a server where is 900+ player at a time.. no issue.. If you want to handle a lots of people you need better than amazing servers..

  • “Is today the day you’ll finally hit the subscribe button?” Hit different

  • The AOT music is fire

  • Can't wait for the smithing table to be somehow weaponized

  • my computer cant even handle single plyer worlds in 1.16

  • I’m gone rush to spawn then use my glitch machine “unpatched for 1.16.5” I will update if it gets patched

  • That was the smoothest sponsor transition I have ever seen

  • 2b2t get update more toxic and a place for bad people.

  • I wonder if some bases might get even harder to grief. Because with a conduit much of the interiors can be flooded while keeping the place inhabitable.

  • im getting ready to abuse more exploits hope the update will come for real

  • Wait the chunk in 2b2t is already loaded is will not spawn