Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...

Publicerades den 20 feb 2021
Today we attempt to survive the youngest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t France. Will we survive? Or will the server's community drive us out?
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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Neverland Themes)
Banjo Tooie (Isle O' Hags, Jiggywiggy, Temple Theme)
SMRPG (Dodo's Coming)
FFXV (Stealth Theme)

Additional Footage/Images/Information:
Fuze III:
Dara, Anakoni, brickzebra (Information)


  • 2baguette2trebuchet

  • I used to watch Fuze

  • what


  • Well well well. I hear some music from banjo kazooie

  • Sadly now we cant play :(

  • This is literally france...

  • Do you hear the people sing singing the song of angry men

  • In bedrock its easy to mlg water bucket and powder bucket

  • I'm actually a server regular. (IGN: TechnoD0g You may have seen me)

  • FitMC: join 2b2t France Pyrobyte: (☉_☉ )

  • Now thats my kind of server...

  • When France at least give u chance unlike the other one who just want to stay relevant

  • 2b2t could definitely run latest version with a custom made server using c++ since it's many times faster then Java.

  • Rpz mon gaaaaaars tkt même pas qu'on va finir par faire une faction française et déclarer la guerre à tout le monde sur le 2b2t original et ensuite ils vont détruire 2b2tFR ça va être le bordel AHAHAHAHAHAH Je suis tellement défoncé bordel

  • where baguette

  • Why does it feel like hes flexing his minecon cape

  • He couldn’t go 4 seconds without saying it

  • I'm guessing the /op status and keeping items after death is just a quick start to make the "hacked look". Probably gonna change after spawn is "done" and there is some history with "hacked" items and such. It's still cool tho :)

  • I wonder how many Revolutions they have had

  • whats the ip?

  • All fun and games till a german player joins


  • 4:46 AGREED

  • Are you sure this was France? They're behaving more like French Canadians

  • Vi va la revolosion!!!!!

  • It's Ridley, you can tell because of the tail.

  • 0:26 ``Fuze twa`` LOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!


  • No, you are not literally risking your neck by playing a video game.

  • FitMC joins french 2b2t The server :Guess i have to surround the entire spawn with barrier blocks

  • I hate how he says gillottine (that’s the way he pronounced it, not how you spell it.) and not giyotine (that ALSO how to pronounce it but correctly

  • Such a well done video

  • Bonjour

  • Whats the mistake?

  • Bedrock has free cheats where you can make custom enchantments like sharpness 37457 etc.

  • “Speedbridging, so much easier with hacks” Or bedrock edition where you can just place blocks in front of you 😃

  • next video pls join 2b2t viet nam,it call 2y2c

  • Just casually tells us about an arrow that can literally ban you

  • Whats the IP?

  • France 🤮

  • At least 2b2t France isn’t as brutal as the original since keep inventory is on so I think it’s good for those who wanna practice surviving on an anarchy sever before going in the deep end metaphorically speaking.

  • i dont have java but if i could join 2b2t my objective is to kill and bedtrap popbob, grief the bedrock comet and protect new players

  • 7:30 completely ban Me drink milk

  • does anyone know the command to make the arrows shown??

  • “Saiss ouoi”, lil that’s not sit down, “assit toi” is

  • fuze iii mindgames

  • *I was called?*

  • Use wurst client

  • Only three seconds...

  • 2b2w (2bored2wait on 2b2t)

  • 2b2t France: *Exists* France: REVO - LUTION

  • France was a mistake.

  • Wow hé don't like you

  • You just got franced

  • you should play 8b8t

  • What is the ip

  • dude wtf that was so anime, he beats the dude then they became freind lmao

  • Did that armour have the curse of vanishing?

  • S'asseoir SIT DOWN!

  • ze oldeste anarchie server en minecraft

  • Fit, do you have auto jump on?

  • 2:00 makin' my my downtown

  • the admin is called "maison"

  • 9:35

  • Fit mc drama : i took photo to survive **painfull**😭😭😭💥💥

  • FUZE TOI X))

  • Just like france

  • Jesus is Lord

  • XD now I kinda want to join this server

  • They should be name Napoleon 2b2t

  • 2bguillotine2tNeopolean

  • Doctor: red Dream doesn't exist he cant hurt you Red Dream: 10:16

  • Viva la France

  • Hi😊 if ur new hi welcome to FitMc channel he is uploading some 2b2t and welcome

  • Whats the difference between a Circle and France? A circle only have a 1 revolution

  • What is the IP for Tue server

  • i mean who wouldn’t show off if they saw fit

  • what is the ip

  • 10:16 you can escape by build up to build limit and crossing the barrier blocks, and then mlg water bucket

  • the youngest baguette server

  • vive la revolution

  • Fit:We already have stone tool in start that different from anarchy server Mineberry:Am I joke to you

  • "I have never thought 'Clout' would be a survival skill" Never have agreed on something that is so wrong before

  • im owner of the youngest anarchy server lol i made it day ago

  • I feel like joining the server and try building german flags


  • I actually play 2b2t france i and i beat it in less than 10 min legit.

  • 7:01 SAO skin!!

  • this might be the most peaceful server I've ever seen

  • Gillateen

  • Try to use the meteor client

  • I Love that Fit Takes Music from Kindgom Hearts and final Fantasy (my fav Childhood Games) this Makes the Videos even GREATER to watch

  • What’s the IP address for the server?

  • do you want to join the insurrection? - that did not age well.

  • fit:has feather falling 32k boots also fit:water bucket mlg's

  • There should be a canadian anarchy server

  • pkxd

  • "Fuze troa"

  • An arrow that if you get hit by you get instantly banned Holy shit