Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...

Publicerades den 20 feb 2021
Today we attempt to survive the youngest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t France. Will we survive? Or will the server's community drive us out?
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Fuze III:
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  • 2baguette2trebuchet

  • 2b2troll when?

  • He just opened the shulker box and became more stacked than all of his followers

  • Quellotine lmao

  • Your mom

  • FitMC is my history teacher

  • There's an user thats named FatMC with your avatar xD. Maybe you want to check it out

  • server already closed that was fast xD

  • Bonjour

  • Seeing the tail im quire certain its ridley

  • @FitMC um idk if u knew this but 1Tr1stan has a SElists channel

  • Im thinking EVERY SINGLE piece of bread is called Baguette

  • Think it's time for a challenge 2B2T

  • I have a special item from a creative server that went down three years ago. It’s an emerald helmet. A player head that looks like a helmet made of emeralds. It has 32k prot and thorns. I saved it in a toolbar and have been giving i away on mine hut servers.

  • Sana all po

  • This server is shit i was whaiting fo 10H and got to 4th and then server restarts and i am 400 place

  • 2b2t Greece 2b2t Germany 2b2t italy 2b2t Spanish...................................................................................................................

  • Tous les FRANÇAIS qui voi ça doivent likerrr !!! Reveiller vous !!!

  • Is it only me that noticed that the leader of insurection has asuna skin?

  • yes with the admin command pepole obtained the ban Arrow :(

  • "French Comrade" *Visible Confusion*

  • Ever since 1.13 the max cap for enchants is now 2147483647 instead of 32767.

  • Not first

  • i remember being a supporter of FuzeIII. then i realised how cancer he was.

  • I love how the boots are called “AirMax”

  • 2Baguette 2France

  • didnt expect that

  • 2b2t french will ever kill me

  • Could 2b2t survive Pewdiepie recording a video on 2b2t

  • Oh non...

  • Oh non...

  • What about 2b2t Phillipines

  • Where I’m from we didn’t join the France community we just took it yes I’m german and yes I made a haha funny nazi joke

  • What is the ip

  • You mean: 2B2OUI

  • *puts mending 2 on baguette*

  • Next video idea: All countries that have players in 2b2t and most famous of them

  • Gillo teen. Not geeoteen

  • Well, if you attack them they will surrender after 2 seconds of fighting.

  • You know what Turn on 1.16.4 hacks

  • The weebiest anarchy server in Minecraft is this. Why? 1.) Oppai Chestplate 2.) that one person who still got his OP status has an Asuna skin 3.) idk think of more and ill palce them here

  • “I have seen barrier blocks and bedrock blocks today” Not realising the fact that barrier blocks are invisible.

  • honestly france is just a real life anarchy server

  • Oui oui oui oui oui oui oui

  • "I never thought clout was a survival skill." That's basically the only reason Rick stayed alive this long in the walking dead.

  • they killed him because he’s a king👑

  • Keep inventory.. ew.

  • 9:33 Is that a Quebec flag on his back?

  • 1:09 This is an interesting because the last time the galltine was used in the world was in France in 1972

  • Did you just say gill-a-tean?

  • He pronounced guillotine wrong

  • Fit: There's no way you could drain this entire ocean with sponges alone Philza Minecraft: bet?

  • Fitmc after join 2b2t france : i dont think km très bon 1 second later : well guess i will be là guillotine Edit : this was too très bon

  • “Hello yes please don’t murder me” me on any pvp server

  • Please go to philippines 2b2t

  • anyone notice he changed the thumbnail?

  • Why cant the 2b2t server be updated to 1.16?

  • Joining a France has always been a mistale... We Czechoslovakians know that

  • Hey Fit there is this server called Lostshard and it has some history behind it but it had 4 or so resets. It started right after 2b and it has very little players and uncenorsed chat but it does have claims which is the bad part.

  • Title: "Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE..." FitMC: "It was nice to go on 2b2t France" clickbait confirmed

  • petit noob

  • Il vien d'où lui ?

  • Hey shitass wanna see me speedbridge ? 8:50

  • I heard FitMC is the housemaster?

  • Fitmc tryin to speak french is a complete failure loll

  • I would love to see more videos of french 2b2t

  • I fear no man but that thing. (10:18) It scares me.

  • *"It's 6 AM and today we're learning about the French Revolution. Did you know Obama was a big part of it?"*

  • Great video!!!

  • Bete a la mrs

  • ip??

  • penid

  • have to be fake frenchies, if they were truly french they would've surrendered upon a foreigner logging in

  • 2bread2croissant

  • *Frönce*

  • RIP

  • Absolutely love the Banjo-Kazooie music. Brings back good memories

  • The hospitable cloudy conversly pine because comfort hemodynamically fax down a squealing equinox. depressed, overconfident pressure

  • next german 2b2t please

  • Man please post more

  • Did my man just pronounce the l's in guillotine..

  • I know it it was him i still remember him even Like i didn't watch him for 2 years wtf

  • Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro Mathew santoro

  • Sit down is not "s'assoit" this word mean "to sit down" to say sit down it's "assit toi"

  • They only decapitate kings in France so no guillotine for you

  • Dream saying a Axe is the best weapon any 2b2t player books are the better

  • No-one: FitMC: "Comrade"

  • what is ip

  • Honestly, I live in France and France is cool didn't know 2b2t France was bad

  • I’m surprised they don’t have modded armour and just weapons.

  • is daft punk over there?

  • Test: Hobby/ies me answering: watching bald grown man play a game for children

  • Well once technoblade got assaulted by an adult french person

  • ah yes, another FitMC vid , another ruined server.

  • I've never played on this server I play on bedrock but its interesting of what the servers history is and what has happened because of it

  • it would be really interesting if you made a video about hausemaster

  • Yeet

  • 8:17 bruh when you said that I told myself “nah that’s Ridley” and then you said “maybe it’s Ridley from Metroid”

  • man the french and their insurrections amirite

  • Whats UR hacked client