Minecraft's New Update will CHANGE 2b2t

Publicerades den 10 okt 2020
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Today we take a look at how the Caves & Cliffs update will change the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, for better or worse.
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  • The Caves & Cliffs Update: Coming to 2b2t Summer 2031

    • M

    • @AndySuhh yes.

    • 2031 that’s a long time

    • 2031? I thought it was 2021

    • The Caves & Cliffs Update: Coming to 2b2t NEVER. Because they never gonna add support for multi threading for Minecraft java edition.

  • I doubt it will, mostly cause I don't think people on 2b2t will actually want it, also I think the wireless redstone will become something super malicious so the creator of 2b2t probably won't let the update be on the server.

  • Bundle dupes

  • You're telling not all of the server has been loaded in??

  • hmm i wonder how the new height limits will affect the server...

  • 3:48 fits inner teacher coming out

  • You been saying this since the 1.14 update but yall never update

  • if 2b2t is again flooded into an ocean (again) axolotls sure would be useful and also bundles that can contain the buckets of it, I can also see the sensor block being exploited, like making it have the extended range to detect players.

  • Everyones gonna go to pob bobs base w the archeology brushes

  • Is it possible that this is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft??? holy shit

  • What about snowier snow?

  • never happen...

  • 2b2t was updated 1.16.201

  • It will change forever

  • They c@n tipp you off for @ tr@p

  • There not going to update

  • Massive fan

  • you came up with ideas I never even thought about

  • While Mojang made firework rockets they STILL dont have firecrackers.....

  • Stalagmite, might reach to the ceiling from the floor. Stalactite are hung on the ceiling tight. Might, and tight.

  • bundels can only hold 1 armour and 1 totem and 16 enderpearls because a bundle can only hold a stack and those things are known as stacks

  • What is housemasters email ?

  • "Mites crawl up, Tights fall down" - Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch

  • it's funny how he does this every time as if 2b2t will update i mean the server would be unplayable with 250 players on newer versions

  • yay goats!!! if there`s elephant i will like it:)

  • It’s 1.12 in 2b2t. You said the same thing but with the nether update. No it will not change 2b2t.

  • still waiting for someone to make an axolotle army on 2b

  • Dream is the reason glow squids are in the game.

  • Umm wat happened if the owner resets the overworld nether and end what would happen

  • ah yes the biggest upadete I guess

  • I searched this up hoping he made a vid on this

  • just when we thought the nether update was game changing the cave update gets announced

  • our trick in french is stalactite (t) tombe and stalagmite (m) monte

  • i rather 2b2t staying on 1.12.2

  • Me realizing2b2t is older than me 😢

  • Make a video on what if 2b2t will release everything at once? What will even happen? No one can say..

  • All the updates will change it.

  • I like to remember stalagmite is ground cause it has a g and stalactite is ceiling cause its got a c

  • i hope 1.18 will give us an update where you can play with ur friends in a world without any thirdparty programs

  • Would bundles be able to avoid detection of illegal items if the anti-cheat hasn’t been updated by that time

  • Well good luck finding new chunks for the update

  • man imagine if the new stuffe found under ground and the terain generation would require the server to be reset along with everything else to be able to accsese it o_o

  • Good Iuck finding a chunk not loaded

  • the telescope make you zoom in further then optifine

  • How to defeat the warden: Build up a couple blocks Keep hitting it

  • I miss the old days of Minecraft when there where little blocks and stuff, good ol' days.

  • Spawn will still look like shit. Pretty much forever.

  • Not so long ago, they revealed that the build limits, up and downwards, will be expanded on the new versions, how is this going to affect the server? It might create some HUUUGE gaps of void between new and old chunks

  • does anyone els feel quite overwhelmed by the update?

  • What if 2b2t got updated to 1.17 But Housemaster said: Update denied

  • Was that Trollface in the thumbnail!?!?!?!??!?!?! THATS INSANE! Great video :D

  • Dote forget about the other updates like thorn and 1 more type of armore

  • I’m not excited

  • Wait how about reset the entire server and set the max players allowed to be 150??

  • Cool

  • The warden will be so easy to defeat with crystal pvp

  • Now that they've increased the height/depth of the world, I can't wait to see how it will affect 2b2t.

  • Minecraft: has an update Minecraft SElistsrs: it's a free real estate

  • Good thing it won’t ever come ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The ultra lock archaeologically divide because milkshake primarily groan apropos a bizarre bedroom. alert, abhorrent authorization

  • Imagine the kind of traps you can make with that update

  • Ikr

  • Wouldn't jump from 1.12 break the map even more? And no i don't mean chunk borders.

  • Bludle and shulker can make infinity storage.

  • Fit:"axololt is not going to get use on 2b2t" Me:"they make a sea creature farm include fish" Note: is just my think about his vid ok. Dont hate me.

  • Pointed dripstone then a player drop on top of them then almost die then grab god apple then realse that the boots almost broke by that fall.

  • Putting shulkers with a lot of bundles in an echest is amazing

  • What if you can use the zoom from the hacks while using the telescope

  • Once this update comes have u considered that all the previous updates will also be added so village and pillage and nether updates

  • You literally make these sorts of videos with every single update. Stop, those updates will never come.

  • Anarchy Server Players: The only scary thing on the server are the other players. Warden: *You talking mad shit for someone in hearing distance.*

  • We all know all active 2b2t players be watching this video

  • Wait a minute for all those terraria fans out there dosent the spore thing in the glow berrie cave look just like a plantera bulb

  • I feel like bundles will be used as weapons just like they used furnaces and double chests as weapons

  • Someone from 2021 here people. TLDR any world not made in 1.17 cannot be updated. So 2b2t will be stuck in 1.16 until it crashes, then gets re-booted.

  • Do you know a server that is cracked with no rules also.

  • what

  • 2b2t will never update

  • I remember stalagmites and stalactites like this: Stalactites hang tight And stalagmites might reach the roof

  • Smack a telescope on a crossbow, boom scoped crossbow. Probably useless but I thought it would be cool

  • 2b2t isnt an anarchy server

  • Policemike55

  • plottwist dripleaves can break bedrock when directly placed underneath it and click it with bonemeal

  • Stalagtites hold on tight easy.

  • This new update Is a big disapointment. All this whining for the past 10 years, as my friend says, also Minecraft Is a medieval fantasy game, not space age or something. So WHAT does Mojang add? Wireless redstone! What the hell Is that?! Also, they killed Combat V2. Thanks, Minecraft community. You killed something gorgeus.

  • Before we get started... AFK ARENA PLAY FOR FREE IN THE APP STORE

  • its sad seeing my favorite game change

  • I don’t have the caves and cliffs update :(

  • The oldest anarchy server

  • *STALAGMITE* *G - Ground* ------------------------ *STALACTITE* *C - Celling*

  • I could easily see people bringing thousands of wardens to spawn to kill new players

  • he didnt mention that dripleaf plants can break bedrock and end portal frames

  • I bet that all of the world generation would just reset.

  • You forgot Lightning Rods, they could potentially be used for lightning triangulation.

  • Stalactites are the ones hanging down like... as the name suggests Tits.

  • if you bone meal drip leaf under bedrock it breaks the bedrock

  • Errrmmmm so u know all the builds on 2b2t... There all gonna be wiped. Its a change to the overworld wich means that the land will be gone and so will the builds. 😢😭

  • we don't cer abwut 2b2t

  • come on now fit we all know 2b2t wont be updated

  • ayyyyyyy i play afk arena