Minecraft's New Update will CHANGE 2b2t

Publicerades den 10 okt 2020
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Today we take a look at how the Caves & Cliffs update will change the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, for better or worse.
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  • The Caves & Cliffs Update: Coming to 2b2t Summer 2031

    • @Me Get noob I mean everyone else has been waiting 11 years

    • this is a joke it will never happen

    • You do know it might not be possible

    • I just figure something out what if you zoom with telescope and zoom with client is it 2x zoom??? 🤔

    • Ok

  • I wonder if new terrain would spawn under bedrock in already laded chunks because of the negative build limit.

  • music at 2:40?

  • I remember them like this: Stalagmites: Like endermites, they're on the ground Stalactites: They have to hold on tight or they'll fall Hope this helps someone.

  • did you see the zombie died from one the cave update thing yea spike trap

  • Telescope would be useful for anarchy server on bedrock.

  • I can imagine someone either spawning wardens or somehow getting them to spawn to kill new players.

  • The new Caves & Cliffs Update Coming to 2b2t on 4/20/69

  • Fun Fact! Moss blocks can be used to delete bedrock.

  • "stalagtites and goats wont do anything to anarchy servers" when the update releases: 2b2t player "what a great day to log o- why am I floating off 4 blocks?" goat and stalagtites below: "bite the dust mate"

  • The might holds the world up the tights holds on to the roof for dear life

  • Phantoms will FU*K WITH 2B2T

  • is it possible to put shulkers in bundles because that means 64 shulkers in one slot, sounds good for grifers grifing stashes and noomadic people

  • What about the height limit change?

  • 4:27 did i just witness a murder??😯😯

  • I cant wait to see someone dupe a billion stalagmites and cover all spawn bedrock with them to kill any players that try to cross the bedrock.

  • hey fit how good r u at afk bc i bet im better than youuuuu B) (sorry for being a bit toxic but yeah

  • Another block that could have meme potential:moss Imagine if the people started replacing the lavacasts with random green growths, i just think it would be interesting

  • His teacher personality really showed when he gave us the meanings of stalactites and stalagmites

  • fit there is one problem why server wouldnt be able to update to 1.17. Since one of snapshots increased world heigh below and above original limits, the old worls with origian world limits cant be loaded in thoose snapshots. thats why server wont be able to reach 1.17. Well 1.16. they can reach but not caves and cliffs.

    • @Austris Saulītis bruh do you know that the snapshot that had normal world high is temporal right? And wont be like that in the final version Also learn english please

    • @Maidab because one snapshot that had normal world height or any other previos version wasnt able to load after snapshot that increased world height. if this would happen to 2b2t thou it would be realy hard.

    • @Austris Saulītis ?

    • @Maidab exactly. and remaking world height might reset the server.

    • i think not because 1.17 in realase you will be able to load old worlds and intantly optimize them into the new highs

  • but it won't because it will never happen

  • Minecraft Caves And Casts

  • 2:36 skips the sponsor

  • sculk sensor traps will revolutionize 2b2t forever.

  • 0:04 I think you said excitement instead of rage. Don't wory all of of make mistakes ;)

  • fun fact: ever he started doing these videos 2b2t stopped updating.

  • I was at 22 in the queue then the server restarted

  • 0:13 mojang definietly listen what peoples want. People : can we ride dolphin Mojang : no

  • 2bt2 will change because of warden will kill you easily

  • Hi

  • Fit: *sees telescopes as meme potentials* Me: *sees telescopes for guarding beds*

  • Did AFK arena really pay you to say they have a Fresco art style? That's pathetic, they look nothing alike.

  • I've seen the stalactites and stalagmites and I know they have potentials

  • part 2 with the new items and features

  • Y'know they're gonna be able to weaponize sculk sensors somehow

  • Imagine if u could get people stuck seeing on a telescope

  • 93,000th like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I dont mean to be rude but what about the increased build limit? that qould make the obsidian structures on 2b greifable from the top. :/

  • There's GOING to be some sort of bundle banning.

  • Now... 2b2t might get 1.16 update in a few months

  • 0:53 damn i wish we had that in bedrock edition

  • Thanks to FitMC, I passed my geology test.

  • Are you kidding me ? Bundles mean only dupes

  • Telescope+hack client=super zoom

  • I feel that there’s gonna be some game breaking dupe with bundles, There also quite useful for newer players serving the purpose of early game shulkers.

  • Hackers u cannot defeat me with my amazing hacks Warden: *say that in my good ear?*

  • Stalagmites, MIGHT reach the ceiling. That's how I was taught to remember.

  • Peeps could put Wardens in spawn to deter new players. :(

  • Sadly this isn’t possible :(, worlds and servers made before 1.17 can’t run because of the increased world height. Also Ik this video is old lol

    • it's because the team are working on smoothing the 1.16 and 1.17 chunk border. in Bedrock the old world works in 1.17

  • ya but if it goes to 1.17, it will have to be a new seed due to the new world height.

    • 2b2t has already change seed a lot due to update so this shoudn't be a problem

  • stalagmite - g - ground stalactite - c - ceiling I've always used this but never seen anyone else talk about it. It's a super easy way to always know which is which

  • All I care about is the fact that tech mods won't have to create 50 types of incompatible coppers. It's all I ever wanted from a vanilla update...

  • What about the height limit...?

  • I wonder if any bundle dupes will be found

  • Stalactite trapping will become a thing

  • stalagmites MIGHT reach the ceiling. Stalactites hold TIGHT to the ceiling

  • Violent chunk borders exist already. But 300 block high cliffs going down to old 1.12 generation sounds too violent. But they will probaly be made compatible OR end up like in the snapshots with old generation just going straight down to a new 1.17 weird superflat

    • in Bedrock the new mountains chunk border are pretty smooth

  • If they do not make the 2 generations compatible either 1.16 is the limit or we gonna have the farlands 2

  • I can see copper being used as coordination exploit since it can only rust when people are nearby

  • I mean, it's all moot now considering that the way the world generation for 1.17 is gonna be so radically different it's not gonna work without a world reset (which I repeat, nobody wants), but it's still interesting to see this video from time to time.

    • ya unless they move the server to an old snapshot from before the world hight changed

  • Its gonna 1.30 update

  • Lol

  • how about candles or below-zero hight

  • bundles store one stack of items. if items are non-stackable, they take up all of the space. items with a 16 stack also limit the amount of space.

  • stalagmites and stalactites were renamed to dripstone.

  • does the zoom feature in hacked clients render more chunks though?

  • AFK arena: the game so bad that even the title admits that you don’t want to be there to play it

  • ... BUNDLES. ARE. NOT. SHULKERS. They have very different uses. Shulkers are basically an extra inventory, bundles can store only a stack of items. You cannot use bundles as shulkers. Bundles are supposed to organize your inventory, not add to it. You cannot fit more than one totem in a bundle, same applies for armour etc.

  • For busy you

  • I wanna know if ranboo will be able silk touch hand the amethyst geodes

  • it can't

  • When you wish you could make copper armor

  • Spy glass could be usefull

  • The lack nights all over the bottom of the ocean and the insidian in roof

  • Fit:goats are useless The drop:Am i a joke to you?

  • Stalactite: the c for ceiling Stalagmite: the g for ground

  • It won’t come on unless the server fully resets bc the bedrock lvl is different

    • @Tundra Fizz ya but the problem is u cant do that. minecraft literally wont let u load it

    • The new Y level won't effect its ability to update; you can go from 1.16 to 1.17 with no problems at all. Sure there'll be be gaps of air between new chunks at bedrock-level, but that's not a problem. There's already countless bedrock holes in 2b2t anyways

  • warden vs a tower of four blocks

  • BRUH troll face tho

  • Kid:N- Kids Mum: is he trying to say Neel to me? Kid:nOOoOOoOoOoOoOoO Edit:Nope I’m not gonna let this happen

  • The difficult fountain modestly joke because clarinet postauricularly waste beyond a vigorous cocoa. chunky, forgetful lettuce

  • 6:24 alright i am killing every goat

  • Oh i forgot the snow bucket can place on nether

  • The dup glitch wit bag

  • its a shame you sold ur soul to one of those clickbait moneygrabby micropayment infested mobile games :(

  • Fitmc:The telescope is useless Mojang do u know what optifine is that's why added it

  • Fitmc I think you mean 2021

  • I always remember Stalactites vs. Stalagmites by the C or G. C for ceiling, G for ground.

  • cave update kinda sucks lol it changes WAAAY to much things and some of the items like bundles and wireless redstone are just stupid lets hope it dosnt update for a while

  • I was told stalactites hang tight to the celling and you might trip over a stalagmite

  • Wireless red stone?? More like redtooth

  • Another way to remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites: Seri Pixel Biologist once said that the way she learned it is "stalactites hold tight to the ceiling, and stalagmites might grow tall one day." Also once the update releases on bedrock I WILL have my axolotl army! Lol

  • netherite armor and stuff idk

  • Put full stacks of blocks in bundle! Fill up the shulker boxes with bundles! Now fill your inventory with shulker boxes 😶.... So how many actual possible items we can store in inventory?

  • I remember stalagmites and stalactites by "the mites are on the ground"

  • What about a new 2b2t server created in 1.17?

  • What the f is the pinned comment, is that a typo or a joke or something? ALSO haven’t the players explored pretty much all of the terrain? Wouldn’t there be no new cave generation? ALSO stalagmites and stalagtites, stalagtites hang on tight, Stalagmites might reach the top

  • Nobody Cave opdate whant java

  • Me who know if optifine + telescope gonna be gud