Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t

Publicerades den 28 nov 2020
A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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  • Step one: Go on 2b2t Step two: Become the most notorious greifer on the server Step three: get access to backdoors Step four: Use them Step five: Make unstoppable plan to destroy legendary bases and monuments using ender chest locations Step 4: Disappear *2016 Back door incident*

  • So I guess I’m PopBob as I can’t make an end portal correctly lol

  • HAX

  • 8:19 why am i laughing so hard?

  • Anybody gonna notice the subtitles

  • god you were such an idiot back then. really, FISHING? when popbob was online?

  • imagine popbobs watching this just chuckling

  • The separate nation immuhistochemically hook because raincoat relatively trouble as a nimble bottle. historical, funny printer

  • Is popbob still active?

  • me who wouldve looted all of those shulkers anyway:

  • Plotwist: the melons made the sound

  • While I'm in a school lesson, I cant stop listening to your videos and content in the background. Thank you for continuing to make videos on SElists! (your voice is amazing)

  • Alex is popbob

  • Ilikebread

  • popbob is hausemaster protip

  • FitMC literally turns a tiny server in a block game into one of the most well documented servers

  • Am in captions and I see roarngeuz

  • Am I the only one who realized that he looked inside of an E chest saying their might be illegals in their?????

  • I hope 2020 goes better June 2020:

  • Hide them, close the path with more blocks. It needs to remain a secret location

  • wait so when someone opens an end portal the sound can be heard on the whole server?

  • I would laugh my ass off if he ate popbob’s bread and popbob just showed up behind him and just shredded through him and in chat “don’t touch my bread”

  • Popbob lol

  • at 8:13 you can see three buckets in a triangle around gunpowder, perhaps this is a reference to pop-bob triangulating the base coordinates, with the gunpowder signifying the lightning strike

  • Sadly someone destroyed it after u posted this

  • Fit is like a reporter for 2b2t

  • PopBread

  • it was flightreacts

  • 9:59 idk isn’t that u r stuff its a ender cheast🤷‍♂️

  • this is scary

  • Morale of the story is if you burn down a mans fishing but he will eventually become a SElistsr with 1.77 million subs

  • Dude gives monologues about Minecraft like someone killed his family then lit his dog on fire and he’s hell bent on vengeance.

  • “Well... he’s my boyfriend” -Fit

  • During that time me and pop were both 9

  • Ggs

  • Popbob: fit you stole my bread!!!

  • my friends told me they heard that and freaked the hell out

  • What hacks do you use FitMC?

  • Dont eat popbob bread it might be teleported...

  • 5:46 hold up is that a spawner no way I thought hausemaster got rid of them all

  • 2b2t is a more interesting story line then any history moment irl


  • Sounds like FitMC got some vietnam war flash-backs

  • I just realized something... A lot of newcomers would probably be terrified as the people looking for the portal could stumble into them and kill them, so maybe thats why everyone freaked out After all, why would a newcomer freak out about an end portal? This is just a dumb thing that crossed my mind so yea


  • Yay! He finde end portal yay!

  • Bet this ain’t it

  • 9:36 he said a nono word

  • wow the real Alex hopped on there server wow pretty cool man that’s rare

  • The real question is... *Where is popbob now?*

  • "impact protein blend" I can't tell if this is a joke about hacked clients or its serious and a coincidence

  • Just gotta love that popbob bread


  • since when do u swear

  • FitMC be like: The bead is probably 8 years old but let's try it next second dies

  • My base is still there😂

  • You should do have destroyed his base for revenge

  • Game this is no game project cinder is coming

  • Sum1 before watch this herobrine is the only creepy after watch this omg this server is out my ballls

  • 10:01 It not like its a ender chest

  • Hause will delete my base if I hide something like this inside

  • 9:36

  • 9:36 pop bob you son of a .....

  • Wow popbob is a pp

  • Pop bob some sweaty discord admin

  • Homie be exposin, now they be goner

  • pop bread

  • I would steal everything and take for colection

  • Did anyone notice the lol in chat at 4:07

  • I have no interest for Minecraft yet i sit here binging your video's. Talk about reaching out to a wider audience my man!

  • why did it make popbob

  • Why doesnt end portals spawn in 2b2t?

  • Is popbob alive, as in still active in 2b2t?

  • Holy I didn’t know fit swore lol

  • Da popbob bred mmmmm

  • Was popbob cheater or a good player?

  • Does popbob has any social media or anything that i can hear full story about him?

  • This is soo fking dramatic its beautiful

  • me hearing june 1st MY BIRTHDAY DATE

  • Where is popbob now.

  • more like "toxic no life griefer final secret"

  • fit I thought u didn’t swear

  • This music from final fantasy 10 is extremely nostalgic and it makes me kinda sad ngl

  • 8700th comment!

  • what is a good client you reccomend?

  • We need an anime about popbob


  • atak hm

  • hacker

  • His voice reminds me of that one dude from the bee movie that tried to kill the bee

  • I remember just minding my business and I hear that big ass ring from the portal and all the hairs on my back shot up

  • what is popbob's ign?

  • FitMC origin story 😳

  • anyone know where I can find videos on the oldest anarchy server on minecraft?

  • these videos are like crime series xD

  • everybody gansta till fit swears

  • the ffx music just fits so well in these videos omg

  • You should become a story teller. Ngl a giant story-like ''History'' book of Tb2t would be exciting af. from happenings 7 years ago told like present (for example when you got griefed by Pobob). to 7 year later (real present) told like present and happenings 7 years ago told like historical events (for example this video: finding ruins and leftovers or even untouched,never found territory and wanting to know more of the life of the long-gone historical figure pobbob) .

  • kinda fake

  • God this feels like watching archeology documentary.