Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t

Publicerades den 28 nov 2020
A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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Additiona Footage/Images:
IronException (Render)
Homieonice (Instagram) - homieonice
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Meditative Training, Lost Woods)
FFX - (Phantoms, Auron's Theme)
SMRPG - (Sewers)


  • 1:07 the biome, terrain, and exact positioning of the crater looked so much like the ruins of my own that it startled me

  • How did you get the cords?

  • I found that popbob secret base one day after watching this vid and I ate one popbob bread and left

  • Man popbob seems a really cool guy

  • 11:26

  • Does Popbob still play on 2B2T

  • I love the Zelda lost woods theme from botw

  • Holy that netherrack looks so nostalgic

  • Guys here me out fit is popbob

  • is it just me that relised that when fit says it has a fifth stacked totem and a op stuff but that is just his e chest

  • When someone burns down your Minecraft house so you steal their bread 7 years later *Get FitMC’d*

  • Imagine popbob was fitMC all along

  • fit have you ever smoked the jazz cabbage

  • "he triangulated the sound of thunder..." what?!

  • Woof

  • Don’t say the b word

  • "he triangulated my position with the Sound of lighting" he W A T

    • I expect he just used the "PlayerFinder" hack module: unpatched servers tell the clients the exact location of lightning strikes, so you just need your client to inform you of the location

  • I swear if I get minecraft account and minecraft hacks ILL RECK THST GRIEFER SO HARD LEGENDS WILL KNOW

  • Pop Bob: bidoof bideef you base is now griefed

  • Dose popbob play 2b2t or did he leave 2b2t server

  • 9:35

  • Plotwist: Fit is Popbob and Alex

  • 9:36 Personal timestamp. Don't mind me, folks.

  • I feel like 2D2T is basically the world but in the 2010's as we see and discover the history of 2D2T

  • 9:36

  • Bruh now people are gonna grief it

  • trol

  • FitMC : speechless also Fit: says so many things i could even understand how does he gets speechless

  • I can never read this guy

  • Lamo I have popbob Client

  • Great news! Jesus died for your sins so trust in Jesus, turn from your sins, and ask God for forgiveness!

  • 9:36

  • Wow

  • Imagine what will happen when popbob, come back.

  • 2:03 Media on your commitment is your wife and coupons (Subtitles)

  • Ahh yes my birthday was when a illegal portal was open

  • "popbob, you son of a btch" 9:37

  • Popbob is the only one on 2b2t who can make end portals Popbob is the only one on 2b2t who can mess them up

  • Your so lucky alex showed it to you

  • Mmmmm my mouth is watering for popbob bread

  • wow

  • Alex is pop bop plot twists

  • Thanos' castle

  • popbob

  • Fit became an anime protagonist because of Popbob

  • Would mods which allow you to look inside shulkers without opening them be useful for checking illegal item stashes?

  • Popbob's portal should be told and maybe, he'll be banned by Hausemaster. Idk. Just a thought.

  • 11:12 Pause the video, then shake your head horizontally

  • :Popbop Breaths :Fitmc Write that down

  • 9:36 HE SWORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That was how old Fit welcomed new players

  • the infamous griefer popbob

  • Watch yo language

  • 2b2t is literally a peace of 10+ year history and its awesome what has happend in its timeline it's so interesting and cool


  • ^_- welcome fit

  • Such stories that emerges from this, love it! It´s "just" Minecraft, but it is what you make it to be. All these players creating this magic through different endeavours and happenings. Incredible.

  • wait... it happened in june 1st? that my birthday when that happened lol

  • "It's not about Griefing, it's about sending a message" -Joker probably

  • Bruh at 10:14 he opened popbobs enderchest so what he was seeing is his own item not popbobs Fake xD

  • Alex.

  • Fun fact, someone blew up the place the day he posted this

  • Uhhh guys I found Popbob Channel in SElists Just search Popbob Channel then There's only 1 Video 1 year ago😵

  • Ah good ol Alex for once

  • The server’s admin, Hausemaster

  • Wow FIt finally swear lol

  • "Popbob you son of a-" *Paused* Me : wait I'm 2 y/o

  • 9:35 : Popbob you son of a-


  • Imagine some guy telling to popbob "ahh hello popbob, welcome to the WALL some of most cunningem and notorius griefers i kept here, and now we have the infomuse popbob, your going to be here for long time..."

  • Guy: open's end portal at 2b2t Also guy: **immidietly gets on FBI watch list**

  • This is like Minecraft archelogy.

  • Me watching 9:37: man I thought this guy was kid friendly

  • Fit: *goes through an end portal* “Yup, just as I expected. We’re In the end dimension.” Me: :o I thought it would take him to the aether

  • Fit is hause.

  • Is it griefed right now?

  • The portals are destroyed

  • i shall track down mr popbob

  • This is like the malayalam story of the red asteroid which released a devil for 7 days

  • Alex after adding a extra ender-pearl: *The trumpets of the apocalypse*

  • Notice he took a quote from predator Dillion you son of a ########. Minecraft pop bob you son of a #######

  • Yo, there is no way you said a swear on popbob on a youtube video, sure you were suprised but so are we.

  • Popbop you son of a-

  • Holy mother of the lonely 3:26 i was there yesterday and the portal and the room is same

  • I wonder how old pop Bob is irl

  • Plot twist: Alex is Popbob

  • mmmm pop bob bread

  • I love this lore.

  • imagine pobob and pyrobyte being a team scary

  • you didnt grief the remaining popbob base for revenge, even a little , unsub..you said he changed minecraft forever for you

  • i dont even play this server and lore is so juicy when he said here you have this notorious griefer and he just has normal minecraft stuff thats like on the news they always say oh the killer he was so nice noone ever expected this

  • fit you son of a good guy

  • I know the coords to popbob's slave sky city. Pm me

  • popbob bread is the best bread. change my mind.

  • What if FitMC is actually popbob?

  • broooo what if potbob intentionally made the portal that way like he knew it wouldnt make a opening sound keeping his portals even more hidden from hm

  • i was there when it happened my user was O_Juicy i changed it to ModPFW now

  • jacktherippa: lol

  • omg

  • 2b2t has more history than my history books

  • lol popbob got clapped by kingoros