The Darkest Week on 2b2t

Publicerades den 31 okt 2020
Today we have a serious discussion about something horrible that has happened on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device:
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  • I hope today's video teaches you the importance of staying safe! If you want to support the channel, you can try Dashlane Premium for free on your first device:

    • @CLOUDZ never say heart pls

    • 5:55 annotate the video in post to say "an actual crime was allegedly committed" not potentially. In legalese, if this happened it was a crime but _it didn't officially happen until a court, a jury, or the perpetrators said it happened_ . Peculiarities of protecting the rights of the not yet proven guilty in a court of law.

    • its just a block game lul

    • it was ******

    • Hey there sir. Thanks for throwing this shit out in the open and warning us about using unsafe hack clients. I also want you to know that these stories you put out for the channel are really engaging and always get my interests peaked. Thank you.

  • i hate this server so much

  • I don’t use chrome 😎

  • why is he not sponsored by nord vpn

  • Is meteor safe?

  • I do not think that popbob ever 'left' the server, since he got probably locked out of his account.

  • Fun fact: The client's name is Ph***s and the creators are C***talLink and M**get

  • Ah yes, the fbi dealing with a rat that someone willingly downloaded

  • All of this is covered much better on Wifies’ video “Minecraft’s deadliest [Illegal] hacked client”.

  • 4:56 HAhA google chrome imagine using that, those people deserved getting their passwords sent off to the dev

  • Always write important coords down on Pen and paper.

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  • can anybody tell me which client fitmc uses?

  • Сподіваюсь хакером був *українець*

  • a good method of protecting yourself would be to run it on a virtual machine with nothing else on it. and if it does get hacked you can easily delete it and make a new one

  • 8:15 or just suck it up and learn how to code it yourself :D As a bonus you can learn code while making your hacked client

  • ok

  • The hacked clients first letter is p

  • i think the client is wurst

  • “I’m just as confused as you are” Then where is my script???

  • 2b2t is not even an anarchy server anymore. It's pure evil.

  • i was nearly about to use said client

  • stolen dreams, lost light works so well here

  • So let me get this straight there was a new client and then that client got hacked and then the creators of the client changed the client to hack peoples pcs and then they got arested? Straaaange

  • I watched a video about this event from another channel. It was really cool. I think it was Sipover or smth

  • Ty FitMC for warning me about this. Before this i have been wondering about joining 2b2t for like a day but now i am not gonna do it with hax. Ty!

  • idk, i am kinda on the devs side (of course not the stealing chrome data part) but the revenge part

  • the clint is callled phobs

  • :|I am happy I am young

  • Fit MC ur the best bruh ever.

  • this man makes me feared of what minecraft could really be

  • Yeah If you’re gonna use a hack client just use impact, don’t go to third-party websites

  • All this is teaching me is to never use hacked clients.

  • what bout wurst client

  • mhm

  • this the reason why you should not use any hack programs.. To hack in Minecraft its just the dumbeset thing i ever seen.. i mean.. to hack in csgo, warzone... its one think, but in Mineraft?

    • What’s wrong with hacking in Minecraft? It’s normal on servers like 2b2t where it’s allowed

  • Vídeo starts at 2:23

  • Plot twist: fitmc is dashlane trying to take peoples info

  • In a server with no rules, what would you expect? Peaceful people gathering clubs and sharing bases with no griefing? No way. Good thing I’m not interested in joining 2B2T.

  • This is why i keep purchases on Microsoft Edge

  • So yeah this is a crime but who technically is at fault here? The devs or the players?

  • oh great more federal crimes bc of a block game, whose surprised?

  • yikes FBI ? i thought the local police

  • im a small game developer and i think from this vid i can make a game which doesent make you go to prison a real one

  • An actual federal crime Me: god damn someone tried to make a taco and failed that is a crime

  • minecraft accounts have been stolen before.. That's pretty bad. Discord accounts getting stolen is just horrible. But never have I seen someone steal CHROME PASSWORDS, AND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. That is way to far.. For a darn block game.

  • what about wurst is that a safe one

  • Dude im just playing mineplex survival...

  • if ya'll want a longer vid check out wiffies he also made a vid on this event

  • What about wrust client is it safe

  • “Why would people commit felony’s in a simple block game” Dream SMp dream: *nervous sweating*

  • Before you tell the intro (What happened lile the accounts), me:When i have a computer, i want to see 2b2t As you tell the intro, me:I changed my mind i will only watch the videos

  • People need to chill the f out, Next thing you know someone will actually murder someone irl over 2b2t .

  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • Dash lane makes it eas-

  • OX22 is such a Chad

  • you honestly should have said the client so i dont get hacked :/

    • @Jaded Jaden ah yes i cant believe i forgot. silly me

    • Just use future.

  • u don't deserve the clout this is the only channel i ever heard of this.

  • 1:46 thats a bit shady

  • The client was wurst 2.0 The one at the begging that got the stuff stolen was impact and another one I forgot

    • What? Impact is safe and wurst has nothing to do with this

  • 6:15 i found some coords here :)

  • Most common phrase by fitMC: “The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft “

  • Do you know why I Love Paper? No one can hack into this shit.

  • "hehe i hak in bloK gAM it no gO rONg"

  • What’s the music being used it sounds dark and I like it

  • Hm fobos popping,off in a fitmc vid

  • I hope he realises that by not saying the name of the hacked client people won’t know that need to avoid it. Because they won’t know what name to avoid.

  • Nice

  • 2022: New York City has been LEVELED in REAL LIFE because of a conflict on 2B2T

  • You don't commit felonies while playing Minecraft

  • He shouldve kept the dashlane sponsor ad at 5:29

  • I don’t play any server at all. Not even hypixel, why do I watch these? I just play my survival world.

  • F

  • today we talk about something horrible that has happened on the oldest anarchy in minecraft. try dashlane premium free on your first device - Fit 2020

  • Dashlane really is not out of place in this video unlike other videos They just say use dash lane and proceeds to play a game wich is already safe or other games

  • Playing without hacks is like abstinence

  • 1:16

  • almost at 2 mln.

  • when i looked at the ratted code it had the phrase "Future Accounts.txt" innit. now they are so ded

  • Does anyone know the name of the songs in the background?

  • AND its on HALLOWEEN

  • I am a coder and I can say you can prevent discord from getting hacked by switching your discord folder name. The malware code will malfunction and instantly you will know if it’s malware for discord.

  • Can you pls tell me good hacked client for bedrock edition plss

  • 2b2t just got real?? 😳😳

  • Im shocked and late but if those Dev's that made the client transferred money from a victims account to their account it can be traced to the Dev's and they can be caught like that cuz steal personal data is a federal crime and they can be put in federal prison for that

  • Is wurst safe? Google said it was scanned with tons of scanners and it’s saying it’s safe

    • It’s safe I think but there are better options

    • Wurst is garbadge also use creepy salhack

  • The easy way to stay safe from stuff like this is by playing the way I do. I have one hard drive designated to only games. It has nothing else on it besides that. My second hard drive is for everything else that I do, but games such as Minecraft are on their own designated hard drive. I know that not everybody can do that, but its one way to protect your virtual stuff.

    • You mean 2 different boot drives right.

  • "how are you in prison" "i hacc in bloc game"

  • “When you end up potentially harming thousands of people... _you don’t deserve the clout from a FitMC video._ “ Anyone get mad chills from that?

  • There is a video on wifies channel on a hacked client that I think is this one It is called the worlds deadliest hack I think

  • It actually funny that someone actually told the hacked client's names in his own video from two months ago, and watching that before this video makes this video even more sense. I also can't believe that a single 4-liner code is enough to be a powerful malware. I love how you show us that code detail. Thanks a lot.

  • They shall be hanged ok I am joking

  • "you do not deserve the clout of a FitMC video"ego check.

  • Aristois is safe

  • laughs in firefox

  • He sounds angry about that unsafe hacked client and I understand why.

  • Well everyone probably knows the name

  • I'm lucky I'm Playing bedrock so I can't play Java 2b2t

  • can we say ph***s in the comments

  • "fully playable"