The Greatest 2b2t Base in History

Publicerades den 1 aug 2020
Millions of blocks from spawn, the single greatest base in the history of the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft was built in secret...
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Univercius (Intro cinematic) -
Superlooma (Thumbnail)
Thebesandsound (Base render)
l_amp (Base render)
Rebecca Tripp - Fungi Forest Symphony (DK64 Arrangement) -
SiIvaGunner - Forest Interlude (Beta Mix) - Donkey Kong Country 2 -
Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack OST
The Below - Vexx OST
Byrnsy's Post:
Univercius's Restored WDL:


  • omg did POPBOB grief it????!!!

  • I hate the griefing shit. Really kills my fun on servers. Don't understand the appeal.

  • On the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  • greifers suck

  • why do people grief stuff like this....

  • The hermitcraft sever: pathetic

  • I would enjoy banning the griefers who did this from minecraft

  • The Minecraft movie that is supposed to be released in 2022 should be about this base and it's history

  • 6:12 and again nazis. This symbol is called "Schwarze Sonne" and was used by the SS soldiers

    • not necesarrily nazis, maybe just ethno nationalists. they're not the same thing btw

  • My Feeling of the Pig Face Reminds me of Technoblade

  • I have visited it before it was grief man it was so big

  • Fun fact: it took 17 seconds for fit to say “the oldest anarchy server”

  • I have learnt more about this minecraft server than I have my own country.

  • Wait a minute this is my dad base

  • How can you push a game to its limits when it is limitless?

  • of course there's nazi shit in the build lmao

  • Ugggh i wish my bedrock on ps4 servers worked and that it could have 2b2t

  • "When A Mosquito Lands On Your Testicles You realise Violence Isn't Always The Answer" -Wise Man

  • The first to find out how many pickaxes were used in mu megabases construction will get 1000000000 dollars

  • these builders are better than the youtuber builders or anything than ive ever seen

  • ngl sounds like a bible story

  • .

  • Idk whats good abt griefer they are just making pple sad

  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • Funny how people on this server can get together and do something spectacular but just choose to do dumb shit.

  • Them: can make bases that look amazing and are more than 1000 blocks across. Me: who can’t even make a house look good

  • Atleast it was preserved in water, than grief to dust

  • Can I be the mascot if It gets rebuilt bc my last name is Miu

  • I love how my username in roblox is lamp and theres a man named l_amp

  • Why is does the beginning of this sound like a Pokemon movie 😳

  • there could be a secret base larger than this no one knows about.

  • I think 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server on minecraft,

  • those griefers should be banned from earth

  • This sounds like those civilization founding level type of legends, this is insane

  • how do you get videos of these bases?

  • I swear I’ve hit subscribe like 10 times on this guys account

  • That was a genius anti-grief

  • What cheats does fit use?

  • Can i get a copy of the single player map

  • That' just some Zelda lore with extra steps

  • Jered sounds like a pain in the behind.

  • I'm so deep down this rabbit hole.I didn't even know minecraft servers had lore/stories so dense.Mahn I can forget about studying at this rate...

  • i fell like making stuff in survival is nicer

  • i wonder why they griefed it, its so beautiful!

  • 0:16

  • 6:08 LMFAOKK

  • Bro I don’t even play Minecraft and I’m mad someone destroyed it all

  • I love hearing; The oldest anarchy server in minecraft.

  • Was that a Nazi symbol behind the Mew? Lmao

    • Yes now idea how noone realizes

  • When you said it was griefed 4 months ago, I said noooo out loud lol

  • I went there and put my base under the mountain

  • Lol mu with the Viking symbol looks cool

    • That's not a viking symbol bruh

  • The loose wing biologically arrest because face plausibly welcome pro a second-hand day. wooden, receptive mimosa

  • I bet there’s a base much much larger and greater we just don’t know about it

  • The fact that you’d want to greif this for sense of happiness sickens me it’s absolutely disgraceful

  • Survival on 2b2t lol, with all the hack clients it's basically super creative on ultra easy mode

  • 6:12 ummm isn't that a nazi symbol behind mew 🤨

    • @Grass Whistle the SS were pagans, so no, it isn't a satanist symbol. it's a "nazi pagan" one

    • It’s also a satanist symbol, so they might have just added it to be edgy

  • "It's enough to make a grown man cry"

  • oldest anarchy server in minecraft speedrun: 0:16

  • I’ve never understood why you’d grief these places, imagine how insane the sever would look it things were left alone. Sever already looks insane but that’s a different type of insane lmao.

  • Dude who griefs such beautiful place?

  • Why do people grief such beautiful buildings ? That’s just being a man absolute dickhead

  • Wanna hunt furries for sport? Play “Hunting Season” by:rare_huemongous *on roblox*

  • 0:17 he went 17 seconds without saying the oldest anarchy sever

  • What I don’t get is why people don’t just make their own world to make something like this.

  • this thing should be thaught in school at history, so interesting

  • Imagine hause just watching fits videos to learn about 2b2t

  • Just imagine this base was made in adventure

  • SELFISH B1t3H how could u grief this


  • Can someone tell me what the music at 5:50 is from? I have very shady memories of it but cant remember what it is

  • Why does this feel like a video that would be shown in social studies but better

  • You build it for a month and only lasts one day

  • I feel like the people could prepare them selfs into war. They were so may people that they could just defend it. It’s not like the people that destroyed it had 32k swords.

  • Man, these greefers are such losers. Screw them

  • Did anyone save the layout?

  • Why are all your Videos about 2B2T?

  • Imagine what they could acomplish if they wern't playing a kids game.

  • Not very Fun fact: Currently right now there is a chance your 2b2t house is being griefed as you read

  • 2:09 that’s the center North Pole the only thing you need to get there is follow the compass 🧭 it points to the holy grail it points to the exit it points to what you crave the most compass 🧭 come and pass

  • 10:40 2v2t?

  • No one cares, unfortunately the sad truth.

  • Did nobody else see the sonnenrad at 6:10 ?

  • poopoo

  • This made me cry :(

  • -3651

  • How do people who spend all their time on 2b2t make a living?

  • Uh why was there a nazi rising sun

  • Can you download this map

  • This dude talks about it like its real life

  • 21 years old and want to still play MC

  • This is So Awesome ! Anyone From RAVKLOK ?

  • This was actually much better hisory class than my school class !

  • Why people are so damn stupid to destroy something that awesome...

    • Because this base was built by N A Z I S

  • fun fact: when my friend and I were going to weird discord servers to see who could get banned the fastest, we found Offtopia on a fat fetish server just gonna put that out there

  • just recommended to me now and all i can say is...holy-

  • Hause = horse

  • This was actually the story' of MU

  • It just made me kinda sad hearing something like this geytting griefed i mean how can people be so obnoxious to grief something that takes years to build

  • It's honestly kinda sad that someone would actually take 2 weeks to travel and blow up 3 years of work just for fun

    • It’s 2b2t, everything gets destroyed eventually. They knew that, or they wouldn’t of built it