The History of 2b2t's MASSIVE Oceans

Publicerades den 15 aug 2020
Today we look at the history of the massive glitched oceans on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why they are more massive than regular Minecraft oceans.
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  • The fact that I was struck by lightning making this video means hausemaster is trying to mess with me

  • Fit, you could breathe on old boats and they would break.

  • The Mario odyssey music fits perfectly

  • Surely someone else recognised the place at 1:26 classic PVP moment!!

  • I just tried join 2b2t

  • 4:02 me, a mobile player: I still have to deal with horrible controls

  • 2 SECONDS 0:02

  • 0:09 looks like the wither from story mode

  • Cheat engine:allow me to introduce myself

  • Housemates is trying to mess with you lol

  • well i am a fast typer trust me

  • Are there Villagers on 2B2T I've never seen them mentioned

  • someone said if you say the youtubers name 3 times you get pinned FitMC FitMC FitMC

  • how can u view the map that way????

  • 2b2t Hardcore Mode.

  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • 2b2t stands for 2 bathes 2 tickles

  • Whenever I got a massive ocean spawn with a lot of guardian shrines, I just restart. What's worst is around it is just ice and beyond ice is just huge ocean again

  • 1:31 flat earthe

  • congrats to the chad at 1:36 who knew he was in this video

  • I have played the game that song comes from at the start...but cant remember what it is :(

  • 1:31 earth in 1500

  • Gotta say i liked the large oceans, it was like discovering America like colombus, your own private area

  • Whats your Hacked client?

  • having 1000 fps in 2b2t is the hugest flex

  • Policemike55

  • -4172144997902289642

  • Imagine someone in the year 2010 builds a house on one of the terrains/lands, and 11 years later, the house was floating in the middle of a massive ocean

  • Legend of zelda: wind waker

  • just tuning in on my history class

  • The sound in the beginning is like from mario odessy

  • Entity jesus...Pfftt

  • im sorry but at 0:15 is that the communist hammer and sickle or-

  • So this is how Jesus walked on water in the Bible he was using hacks he made for him self

  • 0:15 casualy ignores hammer and...

  • I think 2b2t world is drifting into Pangea

  • You really look like that 😳😳😳 i guess your name fits......

  • Did 2b2t have the end?

  • Lol mario odyssey music

  • “By Homer”

  • Nice Pikmin music.

  • I think big oceans should make a comeback. It’s cool traversing regular oceans but you never go more than a minute without finding land.

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • Imagine being housemaster

  • The music at the start is MARIO odyssey ship music

  • The withers swimming in the sea made me laugh-

  • My question is why are people so hostile to little bases there's literally no benefit of you killing them why why does 2b2t exist there is one positive you can see how terrible humans get when you have no consequences

  • Not going to lie I kind of wish that you could choose Continental over the generation we have now because ever since the ocean update those oceans are hell better than the landland mass that would be fun with the new features traveling miles of ocean to get to the nearest land mass that would be nice considering all the new stuff

  • its fake i think

  • The youngest anarchy server in Minecraft. I played this in 2011. Im sure my pad is still out at x 2.1 million blocks out.

  • Thats what im making on my 2b2t beta 1,6

  • 0:40 texture pack?

  • mr. bald pumped dude is playing minecraft with hacks

  • Hoenn in a nutshell

  • Ngl 2bt2 is like earth

  • 69000 LIKES POG

  • 2b2t's map is so scuffed

  • The intelligent map quickly cheat because panda conversely stretch beside a jazzy hat. fabulous, disagreeable community

  • Fun fact: You can still fall out of the world using a boat.

  • 1:36 shoutout to the guy who said hi youtube

  • 4:50 Chrono Cross OST?

  • 1:30 proved that the earth is flat

  • I like the mario odyssey music

  • The mario oddyssy music in the background just makes the history exploration and explantion better

  • So what would the name of the 2b2t island even be

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Hausemaster ban thunderstorm. Does that mean that footage of him being struck by lightning is recorded when thunderstorm was NOT ban? Or did Hausemaster just decided to f with Fit for no reason?

  • FitMC: boats would break easily Me a pocket edition player: sir cant relate

  • My sister thinks you're the best mc youtuber

  • Old chunks i bet

  • That upbeat music is fire

  • Now this history class i do like.

  • E

  • I didn’t even notice those withers at the start. The land looks like veins.

  • E

  • Bruh, using super Mario odyssey music? Really? (Scroll further) Keep going That's awesome!

  • I hear chrono cross ost....

  • Damn 2b2t has more a better history than my life does

  • Haus should release a "oldest anarchy" merch line.

  • 1:38 hi vicrum

  • Fitmc:ur gonna start to notice somthing Me: yes i notice a communist sign

  • jeez thats when i was born

  • Dang I wanted someone to make a pp island

  • See the world is flat

  • What resource pack is he using?

  • 7:00 ocean monument

  • I built a base out there it’s been ungriefed for 4 years now I abandoned it and settled for a farther spot I came back a year ago for the first time and it had been visited I came back last month and it was there

  • Steve T-Posing will give me nightmares

  • Your 🐕 dog is drowning keep him at the top of comments to save him!

  • Shoutout to Vicrum at 1:35. He waited 10 years to get into SElists.

  • This is one piece all of a sudden

  • 2.8 seconds in and we have a “oldest anarchy server in Minecraft”, isn’t that a record?

  • Did anyone notice the guy who fell in the void said hi SElists

  • 1:37 that once Kid that said hi youtube wasnt wrong

  • that also happens when you transform the "old" world into infinite in MCPE,from the 0.8 generation to the 0.9

  • imagine housemaster does a april fool where he deletes the whole map.... xD

  • “The Age of Exploration.”

  • 2b2t is an actual piece of art, it legitimately looks beautiful

  • Imagine getting lost in the massive oceans

  • Entity Jesus Interesting name.

  • this is basically one piece