The History of 2b2t Speedrunning

Publicerades den 8 aug 2020
Today we take a look at the bizarre progression of speedrunning on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
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  • Good idea

  • I can’t get over how this guy sounds like swagger souls kinda

  • 2b2t is probably failed semi-anarchy in my opinion

  • Fax Machine's from spawn to an dupe stash is prty coo too!

  • *everybody gangsta till someone speedruns 2b2t 100%*

  • Family Friendly Wither

  • The dry scent partially smell because dinghy approximately admire towards a imperfect blouse. possessive, endurable lilac

  • I'm beginning to think 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server on minecraft

  • TorogaDude comes up with something that isn't much fun and that no-one likes. Bit like his music then really.

  • Fit should speedrun how quick in the video he can say “the oldest anarchy server on minecraft.

  • dudududu

  • DODoDODo!

  • Policemike55

  • Next challenge: fastest to be logged off

  • since the environment is a single ever-changing server, wouldn't it be a bit too easy for a speedrunner to set the course before running? for example one could simply grow a number of trees unusually close to spawn just an hour before starting to speedrun, or set a small nether tunnel the previous day.

  • I just realized that 2b2t is the only server that enjoyed the downfall of Minecraft after 2013 since they’re wasnt anyone playing on it ._.

  • Literally freakin nobody: Fit: On the OLDEST anarchy server in Minecraft

  • It's a cool idea. The problem is, that you can cheat in so many ways, just off the top of my head: a friend makes a good portal for you and protects you in whatever other ways. so it kind of has to be a 100% trust system

  • Speed run 2b2t

  • 0:09 check it out

  • «Maybe i’ll try to set a world record» yeah most bases leaked

  • nooner got the speedrun when i turned 12 my bday is 7//11//08

  • that thumbnail... kinda sus.

  • I’ll just log on 2b take cords of the nearest tree neather portal diamonds and sugar cane then kill my self so I go back to spawn and start the speed run that way I get the lowest time nobody will ever know because I’ll start the camera when I start at spawn

  • I got a challenge vid do a 2b2t without saying the oldest anarchy server

  • FitMC: The OldEsT anaRCHy seRveR iN MinECraFt

  • Maybe 3k comment

  • Summoning salt, is that you?

  • saying 'oldest anarchy server in minecraft' 100% speedrun (former) world record (0:18) (beaten)

  • The other day i Saw some one speedruning From 0 to find supe stash

  • "Ok this guy in full diamond gear didn't decide to kill me instantly, that's good RNG"

  • That Bomberman 64 music just slapped my soul from 15 years ago

  • lik this coment pls

  • You forgot to put the stashesh world record one

  • I'm starting to think this is the oldest anarchy sever idk though

  • Man I love how dramatic this channel is. Me watch screen on block game. It is so much more interesting

  • He actually already has a world record, saying "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft" the most

  • This video is the perfect time to eat 3 bowls of chicken noodles soup

  • Dream 2b2t speed run

  • 3:46 how low can you go!

  • funny how he uses dreams run when he said "speedrun" yeah thats not gonna go down well

  • I wanna see Dream do this.

  • Since you can respawn the dragon with crystals, they could have a category to beat the game... so long as an end portal exists of course. Unless the server isn’t on that version of minecraft yet. I don’t remember when respawning it was added

  • steve on thumbnail: *i dont know what i am, i dont know where i am, i dont know from i come, i. just. run.*

  • This is also the guy who said popbob you can drink my seamen

  • I play mincraft

  • Imagine FitMC forgot to say "The Oldest Anarchy Server"

  • Dré

  • Pls be president of Pakistani ❤️

  • you shouldve paid summoning salt to do this and put home music in the background

  • 7:07 Finally a french recognization from 2b2t players lmao

  • Dream : Speed runner Vs 2B2T

  • There should be a "Find a tree" run

  • Your look like jhonny sins

  • Every episode you say oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • 7:48 "both of his runs used very good movement" *shows him bumping his head on a block*

  • 7:49 "used very good movement" **BONK**

  • Hahaha edited

  • He should have played the speedrun music the whole video

  • Damn where did you learn to make such good thumbnails? Pretty good

  • my mans speedrunner looks like a great value Tom Cruise

  • I think SElists actually unsubbed me wtf I thought it was fake

  • Words that is always said on this channel Oldest Anarchy Server In Minecraft PopBob Mysterious

  • imagine if dream joined 2b2t

  • **dream enters the chat**

  • Imagine getting world record on 2b2t

  • Oh... a history lesson..

  • could you in theory pre locate and note the location of the items you need to find to decrease your searching time.

  • ''What started . . . as a challenge out of boredom has led to officially tracked categories years later.''--Fit The evolution of most sporting activities.

  • are you house

  • Couldn't you just plant your own tree and go to it once you start???

  • "fastest lavacast any %"

  • One word that every speedrunner fears: Dream

  • U have freinds from Smp live and Smp earth

  • Join Dream Smp

  • Fans of dream:dream i challenge you to speedrun 2b2t Dream:challenge accepted Fans:wait wha-


  • You forgot about the dupe stash speed run, where you look for a dupe stash as fast as possible

  • Huh, Summoning Salt sounds different.

  • Is it me or prop 5 is or was a thing? Or is it a mandela effect thing?

  • Now its impossible because of the water block in spawn

  • im just wondering whats keeping them from preparing a good path before they do the speedrun

  • Im always waiting for you to say: “the oldest anarchy server” :))

  • i need a computer so i can get java lol

  • 0:10 nice sword fit

  • Who remembers when Minecraft had only red beds

  • i’d think it would be funny to see someone like a dream do a speed run on here

  • Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft

  • 10K blocks is considered TEMPORARILY safe

  • Torogadudes profile Pic tho

  • Nobody: SElists: **

  • Can you respawn the dragon on 2b2t?

  • I wonder if Wines did it for a loved one, cuz, valentibes

  • that smug ass kirito profile picture bRUUUh

  • Speedrun death: 0:01 wr

  • "and was able to locate a tree 10 minutes faster than mines" Only on 2b2t

  • Cool!

  • Wow 20 seconds without saying "Oldest anarchy server in minecraft"

  • Now all we need is for someone to go around replanting all the trees...