The History of Minecraft's Cancelled Sequel in Space

Publicerades den 12 sep 2020
Today we take an in-depth look at Mojang's cancelled Minecraft followup, what went wrong, and why it was cancelled many years ago.
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0x10c Ship Animation - Elou44 -
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0x10c Gameplay Footage - Notch/Mojang
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C418 - 0x10c Original Soundtrack
Phantasy Star Online


  • is it just me who felt really nostalgic when they saw the name 0x10c? I remember being so hyped for this to come out... those were the good old days

    • I remember people calling it "OXTENCY", which is how I will always remember it. I remember some people pretending to be extremely cockney british reviewing it.

    • I'm the 69th like. NOICE

    • I remember playing a game called StarMade. It was sorta like a space-minecraft. It got a bit too complex in terms of basic ship systems for me eventually though.

    • Get space engeneres and that is pretty much this

    • It looks like Among Us

  • Even if this was released it would have underperformed compared to minecraft. Especially since no mans sky is epic as hell now.

  • So wait, when i bought minecraft, microsoft got the money?! *sadness noises*

  • 0.47 because Notch was already swimming in cash

  • hey man, I'm a big fan of Minecraft and i don't think your a bad person for not pointing this out but i think it is important to remember all the kind of horrible stuff that notch would say and then also was getting excessive criticism but yeah he definitely sold Minecraft at least partly for having uncivil beliefs that got him de-platformed from his own company

  • Me looking at 3d shapes in ten to the c “Sofistikated”

  • Amogus

  • imagine someone completing what notch has left of 0x10c

  • this game sounds so cool to bad it was never finished :(

  • I feel like the least he could’ve done was release the code either publicly or a trusted indie dev

  • infiniminer 2.0

  • I got good ideas for mincraft 2 if it were to be ever released

  • Oh my God this drives me insane. It's not a sequel! It's not even related to it. It's like if people on their dial-up internet back in 2000 said "This new Animal Crossing game is clearly a sequal to Ocarina of time, I mean, same lead composer: Koji Kondo, same developer and producer: Nintendo, you even have the ability to walk in both games, I mean, the resemblance is startling!"

  • So it was space engineers

  • So this was basically among us except pixelated, 3D, and a shooter and also before among us was even a thing

  • In the thumbnail the astronaut looks exactly like it came from night of the consumers

  • This is so sad, I would have absolutely loved to play this game. I feel like it would have been a ton of fun with friends

  • Minecraft fans: What will come out after Minecraft? Microsoft: *D U N G E O N S*

  • I wish that a early build had leaked

  • space engineers :)

  • dang this immediately hits me with portal 2 vibes

  • You cant make a sequel to a game that doesn’t need one...

  • Policemike55

  • The concept for the game sounds amazing, it’s truly a shame that this game was cancelled

  • Similar to Among Us and Among Us 2?

  • The universe is predicted to end in 200 billion years so 0*10c is quite a long way off what is possible.

    • Most scientists agree (though there isn't an absolute consensus) that the universe will never necessarily end, though in a beyond-incomprehensible amount of time, it will be essentially empty: all matter would have previously turned to iron, black holes would dissipate and disappear through something called Hawking radiation, etc.

  • sounds alot like it was going to be elite dangerous but your not surgically grafted to a pilot seat

  • 4:45 >sounds familiar, doesnt it? yea, No Man's Sky

  • Sounds alot like space engineers to me.

  • I miss PSO...

  • LOL

  • Notch made no mans sky before no mans sky was no mans sky.

  • this videos gona be on the youtube algorthim in ox10c years

  • this isnt supposed to be a sequel to minecraft

  • We basically have this game now. Astroneer or Space Engineers

  • Among us but with guns

  • Notch was...... a baby. He loved it when he was getting attention, but hated getting negative reactions to changes he made. He LOVED fame, but hated being told he was wrong. He sold the company then a year later was seen crying about how he wish he wouldn't have gave up on the game. He made his bed, so let him lay in it. Besides, Microsoft hasn't done anything drastic to the game but have funded its progression, and what a wonderful game it has become. I am sure the game would have gone a different direction had Notch been running the show, but where Minecraft is now, is great. I see him post on his twitter once in a while about how hes working on something new, but not holding my breath that he will actually follow through. His creativity was Minecraft, and by himself, will never come up with something that is as good as or better then Minecraft.

  • 888888th viewer

  • I totally approve of the nostalgic Phantasy Star online music as the background music. And 0x10c might be the spiritual predecessor to Faster than Light.

  • Just play KSP

  • no man's craft

  • well, we have Minecraft dungeons right?

  • Fans actually tried to do what notch did after he canceled 0x10c, and that project also failed. Forgot what it was called, but it had "project" in its name.

  • Me: Alright time to develop a new minecraft server that completly recreates this game lmao

  • 8 yo me: Teleports myself to Y 2000 Wait none of the chunks Are loaded Notch:Always has been

  • Isnt No Man Sky is practically 0x10c

  • so... no man sky is minecraft 2? jk

  • Someone should make a 0x10c mod in Minecraft, it would be pretty interesting.

  • 0x10c, the only game to take place during the Degenerate Era... We could have had a type-b alphaverse!

  • among us lmao

  • It makes sense it went this way though because people kept calling it the next Minecraft. it was its own game and probably shouldn't even be compared to Minecraft. it shouldn't have to top Minecraft to be good in and of itself

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • Imagine If He Made Another Space Game, But It's In The Minecraft Style. I Would Like To See Many Games In The Minecraft Style.

  • So the game was pretty much no mans sky

  • those PS2 graphics tho

  • I like when you do videos about something other than 2b2t. Dont get me wrong they're very good but all your videos are watchable

  • it created a whole genre of space sandbox games.

  • all the points that had the same face at exactly 4:56 kept on making "Mozambique here!" ring in my head and I don't know why

  • I would argue Minecraft is the most influential videogame of all time lol.

  • It’s kind of an unreleased predecessor of No Mans Sky.

  • In some way, that game made the future of Minecraft. If Notch never started the game and got through everything that happened in that time that leads to the sell of Minecraft to Microsoft, the game that we know today wouldn't be the same.

  • I feel like this became pulsar

  • Fun fact 90% of ppl who say they know this game and we're excited for it are actually 11 year olds that probably have never beaten the ender dragon solo without cheats and have no idea of this games existence

  • Idk man, feels like space engineers

  • If 0x10c existed it could be possible for steve to be a traveler from 0x10c who came to a planet, that might explain randomized world gen

  • 10 to the c 10 to the c 10 10 10 10 to the c Edit why

  • Minecraft otherworld?

  • Poor notch :(

  • IMPS ON TOP!!!

  • umm anyone sees the among us

  • I mean. It's called Space Engineers.

  • Why do i head Phantasy Star's music 😳

  • I feel like space engineers was inspired by 0x10c

  • Cool

  • Wait this sounds like no mans sky

  • Fun Fact:The SpaceShip Where There on is actually the among us ship...

  • Notch selling Minecraft was a huge mistake because it has gone down hill

  • Ah yes, early among us

  • Me when notch sold minecraft to microsoft: disconnects*

  • Isn't this just No Man's Sky with extra steps?

  • Notch nearly beats the Swedes and nearly creates Space Engineers.

  • I hope we get a space themed update for MC at some point

  • So people pressured Notch to release it But the pressure caused Notch to not release it Criticism is usually bad

  • Don't worry it was actually developed, its called Among Us

  • How to get 1000 dislikes:

  • DJ K. uhm notch! *Suffering from success*

  • This is actually kinda great its a shame that it never got made 😢

  • If we could just get a community of SElistsrs who care THIS much about tf2, the game would practically be resurrected.

  • Someone should code this game but add more and better graphics and stuff I would definitely buy it it would be awesome

  • Dam it sounds really interesting wish they realese it someday

  • This sounds a lot like: "no man's sky"

  • Why was cancelled

  • This is literally the Suffering from Success Meme

  • just think of what minecraft could of been if notch never got invited to millionaire orgy parties

  • would be cool to see a fan remake!

    • Just imagine 0x10c pocket edition

  • I don't think it was a sequel, but it's cool to see a different Mojang game

  • i would have played it

  • this game was basically a earlier version of no man sky

  • bro notch prodected among us but diffrent

  • The game remembers me of Sea of thieves