The History of Minecraft's Cancelled Sequel in Space

Publicerades den 12 sep 2020
Today we take an in-depth look at Mojang's cancelled Minecraft followup, what went wrong, and why it was cancelled many years ago.
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0x10c Ship Animation - Elou44 -
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0x10c Gameplay Footage - Notch/Mojang
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C418 - 0x10c Original Soundtrack
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  • is it just me who felt really nostalgic when they saw the name 0x10c? I remember being so hyped for this to come out... those were the good old days

    • exaccctly! I was hyped for it too, and to this day I really thought it would have been pog to play it

    • Nostalgia

    • I remember people calling it "OXTENCY", which is how I will always remember it. I remember some people pretending to be extremely cockney british reviewing it.

    • I'm the 69th like. NOICE

    • I remember playing a game called StarMade. It was sorta like a space-minecraft. It got a bit too complex in terms of basic ship systems for me eventually though.

  • Ngl it would be a nice game now days

  • Mojang Amogus doesnt exist they cant hurt you Mojang's Amogus :

  • It would have been better if was just released, even when Minecraft becomes popular at that time.

  • The EULA Turned out to be good tho I don't really want to pay money on a stupid server XD only hypixel is good

  • And it turned out in amogus.

  • Wait what the character looks like among us characters uh ......

  • if minecraft ever gets old mojang should make minecraft 2. there would be diffrent mobs and diffrent bioms and dimensions

  • Looking sort of sus

  • That is not a real sequel.


  • I really dig the simple style

  • notch wasnt able to make an always online massively multiplayer game that combined the building of minecraft, the engineering of satisfactory, the exploration of no mans sky, and the space physics of elite dangerous? i wonder why

  • There's an alternate universe out there where this game got released and Among us never happened.

  • So notch tried to ripoff elite?

  • laughs in Space Engineers

  • 0x10c actually seems actually an interesting game

  • 3:41 those models look kinda sus :0


  • The closest thing we have to this is a game called space engineers


  • The oldest minecraft remake in the internet

  • Kinda sussy 🐖

  • Someone is going to make a fan recreation, just wait.

  • If Notch would care enough to start his own indie studio, maybe this game would see the light of day.

  • 0x10c was the predecessor to No man sky

  • How tf u got gameplay???.

  • I feel so sorry for notch. Having to deal with being pressured to make this game better than basically the greatest game in history would be too much for anyone

  • hytale be like:

  • I'd totally play if it was another dimension like the end but with no air, micro gravity space minerals etc.

  • If you think about it it’s our fault the game didn’t come out

  • Clicked the thumbnail, thumb hovering over the unsub button, Button pressed.

  • Amogus

  • So he was making Elite Dangerous? 😕

  • Huh, it’s like Space Engineers.

  • You know it would be great if mojang created a Minecraft biome called lunar and the way to reach it is via redstone flying machine.

  • It honestly sounds like a dream game maybe we'll get something like it in the future

  • With 3D then Doritos 3D popped up lol

  • 3:41 sus😳

  • the could have called it "SciCraft"

  • That Meinkampf

  • Wait a min... PSO episode 2 music !

  • Finally something that's not 2b2t thank god

  • Masterpiece??? You mean he had no other ideas he can steal from.

  • Amogus

  • I’d love to play this game, it seems exactly like what i’ve wanted- multiplayer space survival.

  • Where oldest server 2B2T?

  • Well I want to make this game but waaay better


  • I’m so sad this game sounds so cool

  • 2:56 SOOO COOL and maybe educational

  • terraria otherworld vibes

  • they should continue the development

  • This sounds like the best game of all time

  • Aw man, this would've been good.

  • Is it just me or do the attackers look like among us ppl

  • I feel bad for notch but then I remember he’s transphobic.

  • How is that a Minecraft sequel

  • Minecraft:What did it take Notch: Ox10C

  • Why do the people look like among us in vr

  • Bruh it looks like Karlson If you don’t know what karlson is it a little game Dani is working on and it’s number 9 wish listed on steam

  • Could’ve been amogus but then, no......

  • looks like among us

  • *_0x10c IS JUST 268 in HEX. WHERE did he get 200 trillion?!_*

  • It got leaked

  • amogus crewmate in min craf sequel????

  • Space engineers without the Space engineers


  • This video: exist Minecraft Dungeons: but....

  • I don’t want to ruin the vibe but this totally sucks. If notches supporters would have not complained and maybe helped him with ideas and supported him. The game might even be out. Being famous is a huge pressure and botch could have easily come up with new ideas by now. I hate to see that he sold it because of all the stress. But this game will always be in are hearts. And maybe, just maybe, notch will come back.

  • I acctually wanna play this shit

  • Space engineers is just minecraft in space.

  • We got space engineers and I guess that's the closest thing we have

  • Suffering from success

  • Amogus

  • Sooo among us copied this game and got popular!!!??

  • after that many trillions of years, the universe would have no matter in it. the player would've been woken up long *long* before that.

  • The what

  • Please make

  • 5:47: Fit: Then whey are we not playing that now? Me: Because we’re watching your video?

  • Even before the 5-minute mark, I can already tell why the game didn't work out Feature Creep Coming at mach 0x10c

  • amomg us

  • This who've been so cool

  • This game would have been way ahead of its time

  • So is like some Chad's going to make the game? Ya know for closer and all that


  • meanwhile Cobalt (another game by mojang) is a pretty dead game

  • amogus mincraft

  • among us fps before among us

  • Is it just me or do those robots in multi-player look too much like clap trap from borderlands?

  • Amogus

  • hmm so they canceled this minecraft in space game around the time hello games announced their minecraft in space game NMS??? hmmmm fishy.... EDIT : oh and this minecraft in space game had a ability to jump from single player to multiplayer and back without leaving the game or breaking mean like no mans sky's nexus ?...hmmmmm fishier....

  • this inspired amogus

  • It honestly sounds just like No Man's Sky.

  • amogus

  • This is starting to sound like no mans sky...

  • I remember dreaming about this

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • hello