The Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal" Town

Publicerades den 7 nov 2020
Today we uncover the mystery of a base from 2012 filled with illegal structures and "something else." Get 20% Off and Free Shipping at:
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  • Popbob is known for griefing and F'n up end portals 🤣

  • y6969 x69 z6969

  • orginaly build in 2011, doesnt read the next signs that said they started rebuilding in 2020, all the sifns here are 2020 this base is prolly newer than they said

  • Noooo all the end portals got removed thats crazyyy

  • What I find funny is that he said the shaver could shave any part of your body

  • Bald


  • The history and community behind this random server is making me legitimately consider picking up Minecraft again, although I stopped playing years ago. I'm conflicted because the community as this guy describes it seems very against new players, and I don't want to overcrowd it, but it also seems like something I could devote many hours to. This is some QUALITY content to make me consider picking up a game I haven't touched in years.

  • Reported for glitching

  • 5:56 wait you love to see a dead bode?? Huuuuhhh???!!?


  • FitMC those jokes in the middle of the video where really freakin funny

  • Turn on the captions :)

  • How did he found our old town

  • 6:44 *That one phrase make all car guys happy*

  • Did fit has the shitass skin..

  • Sir, you just hit my vehicle

  • Manscaped is a 0/10 for me. I used it on my head and the next thing I knew I was bald!

  • I remember there was a guy that can fly that gave me shulker boxes full of diamond goodies and illegals and end crystals

  • How did they do it?

  • What hacked client do u use? or is it even hacked?

  • 7:06 he needs to spend 15 minutes to save 15% on car insurance with GEICO

  • Is Fit an og OT'er??

  • Just finished the ad and I thought I was watching tomar

  • How do you run your mods on your end, but not display it on the recording at all? You were pointing out nether portals as if you had the finder mod on, but it doesn't show in the recording?

  • Infamous griefer Pop Bob :O

  • Y am I getting Barbie adds on this vid

  • ayo... Goujon??? like the TommyInnit Goujon???

  • hi elomars

  • Nobody: Stealth nachos: has a skrillex skin

  • What is your hack cliants name

  • "Any place in your body that has hair"

  • Anywhere?

  • is it easy to do the hecks for the boat end elytra?

  • 6:59 lmao traffic

  • Why on earth are the captions Vietnamese

  • 2012 where i was born

  • Dang... and to think these worlds are endless so there could be anything that has been lost to time

  • Why couldn't the people with bedrock make bedrock nether highways. That would be the ultimate chaotic good

  • 0:00 Age of Calamity lobby music. How did I recognize it so fast.

  • I built one but not tellin where:]

  • Are Xbox people able to join 2b2t

  • My base is still there for 4 years

  • The Cords Are... -dies-

  • Illegal no chance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Fit places a censor bar on his coordinates, but he won't censor the profanity in the chat. Xd.

  • yea i know its so crazy how this bedrock haven't been grifed

  • The portals 8 years old or they used a debug stick

  • So sad to see that forst base os going to be greaifed

  • I feel like tomminnit has a town called pussyville

  • Im confused, why is this server treated like some prehistorical findings?

  • I find it hilarious he uses a boat glitch to get around like a Mr. Krabs speedrun.

  • Noodle factory of the whole game how toHow did Andrew dragon even came

  • 7:04 he could’ve been heading there too

  • Has anyone else noticed how much he uses zelda music in his vis

  • He sounds like brian griffin

  • “Sir you just hit my flying boat”

  • Sponsor: Manscaped Content: Minecraft Me: i don't see a man i see a Legend

  • You have hacks?

  • I’m on shrooms and I can’t believe this community exists mind blow

  • 7:05 he jumped to warp speed XD

  • the backround music is from zelda

  • The "broken" portal never worked because one side is facing a wrong direction

  • how do i join the sever

  • Me and the boys finding ruins from the old ages.

  • 10/10 Best Quarentine entertainment

  • I was told right below 0 0 0 is a hacked base but idk

  • Why are you hacking

  • Are you using the wurst

  • T H E O L D E S T A N A R C H Y S E R V E R I N M I N E C R A F T

  • one second in and "the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft"

  • every block on 2b2t has meanings.

  • I havent watched this guy but judging by the comments he aint a good youtuber.

  • 8:51 goujon was in the video of tommy innit

  • Hi, I've watched a lot of your videos, and it's started bothering me as an anarchist: 2b2t isn't an anarchy server. It's lawless sure, but it's not anarchic.

  • 33031: 13: 2203 X Y Z

  • Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft speenrun PB World Record 2 seconds.

  • I love this channel seriously!!!!

  • Can you help me pls... I was adventuring then... I had gone to the nether then saw a Stronghold i know its like idk it was creepy there is no Strongholds in the nether Pls help me my acc is Wazzap9287 Pls Add me then Ill let you join my game Cya There

  • The background music came from the new game hyrule warriors age of calamity

  • “vtec just kicked in yo” heres a sub because i love cars

  • That Zelda music at the beginning was 🔥🔥

  • I've seen that block before. See you soon

  • Does anyone know which client he's using?

  • How do i get into 2b2t?

  • “I’m surprised these ruins held up as long as they did.” *legit made of bedrock*

  • idk why people grief :( its so sad

  • I am 15 and have a little beard already:)

  • OK fit did you not see the sighn in the lava pit stoping it from going somewhere im shor the tunnel is probably the secret

  • Dam he has a boatgini wow

  • 20 years from now this server better still be up!

  • Good job

  • Its the vtec for me

  • Hi. My little sister actually was one of the people who helped in the original project via a friend she met. The damage was caused by a mass amount of TNT. They just chucked it out for fun. Most structures at the time were mostly just shells with not much effort in interior. There were also statues of master chief, Mario, and MLP. Friendship faded and so did her involvement with the project. About 4 or 5 of her friends also pitched in for about 6 months.

  • JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • whos gonna talk about the hyrule warriors music

  • Not judging or hating, but whoever reads this please don't say the Lord's name in vain

  • FitMC r u my dad??

  • 9:48 wait what?!! Is that actually illegal for showing a video of multiple bedrock on a server?

  • BoatTEC kicked in yo