The Mystery of 2b2t's "Illegal" Town

Publicerades den 7 nov 2020
Today we uncover the mystery of a base from 2012 filled with illegal structures and "something else." Get 20% Off and Free Shipping at:
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  • I love how he uses zelda music as background music in his videos

  • 2b2t bedrock is probably much crazier in terms of illegal blocks. Bridges made of end portal frames, bedrock almost everywhere and more.

  • The back round music is Zelda music 🎶

  • Fit at an interview when youtube doesnt work out "So what are your skills / previous jobs?" "I was a historian." "Oh really? wo-" "On a Minecraft server."

  • rip the sign hack

  • This feels like an Indiana Jones movie in Minecraft

  • this is so cool, Fit is like a 2b2t archeologist

  • 6:26

  • 4:55 SUS amogus creeper imposter?!?!?!

  • I wonder what the base looked like before it was blown up

  • Popbob: griefs millions of build Also popbob: doesn't know how to make a ender portal

  • Nice Age of Calamity music in the beginning there fit

  • I started laughing so hard when he used boat fly.

  • Hyrule Warriors music nice

  • Fit looks like Keemstar but better.

  • Fit: *censored his position so nobody would know where he was* Everyone: I recognize those □■○○●□□○ blocks, I'll see you soon

  • 11:47 enable the auto-generated subtitles...

  • That base was actually from 2011 cause of the old block textures

  • This guy is my fav youtuber I discovered you like 2 months ago and you're already my favourite youtuber also pls up one so fit sees :)

  • Logan Paul 5:52

  • quakity skin

  • Fit makes an ad for man scape when most of his fans are imberb discord mods and 12 year olds (this is a joke)

  • 11:47

  • 6:43 (V-Tech just kicked in)😂😂

  • tick tock time is near!


  • "sexy bedrock"

  • Holy shit this guy is handsome!

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: FitMC: The first dead body of the video!

  • Shh

  • i think hypixel copied their mushroom cave

  • Honestly this guy is a true minecraft 2B2T historian

  • Can you upload 2b2t videos all day please i will do subscribe

  • "vtec just kicked in yo" fitmc car guy confirmed?

  • Hmm but PopBob had a ender portal in one of his other bases??? So doesn't this mean he stole the one there and used it in his new base. It would give PopBob a reason to raid.

  • How did they place the bedrock tho


  • You're the archeologist of minecraft.

  • I subbed bc of 2b2t uber

  • "Oldest Anarchy Server In Minecraft" never gets old

  • This is more entertaining than pyramids

  • Fit sees bedrock and other illegals in other anarchy server he is like the server is bad Fit see illegals in 2b "players were powerful back then" Just saying man :)

  • VTEC 6:40

  • 5:25 hey shitass, wanna see me build the upside down T out of bedrock?

  • I love 2b2t cos u has a sense of lore and history and nearly everyone is significant to the server no matter how famous they are

  • One day, fit should just leak HIGHLY important coordinates, like a huge base or gathering, and let his fan base wreak havoc

  • Uh SIR you hit my Vehicle

  • Idk why but the fact that he used Zelda music is just satisfying for some reason

  • 5:09 he said Bantastic yes that is true

  • You should explore 2b2t mushroom biomes

  • 4:13 Look at the sign at the top of the screen. Is the guy a time traveller?

    • lmao obviously its a troll

  • fit should be a world documentary person

  • What's the point in playing in a server like this only for others to to ruin your build?

  • x 58663 y? z?

  • bro this sounds like a movie a old lost city and its unknown how its made

  • 2b2t showed me that lavacasting is cool so now my world has lavacasts

  • “I’m not seeing anything unusual” *lava pool in snow biome*

  • Whhat are the coords of that near spawn town

  • The captions confuse me on a spiritual level

  • Courier is dutch for a guy in a stunt car and that is his job

  • that beard lookin' good tho

  • 2b2t was been a giant nation in 2012 but in 2021 it's like spawn is nuked with nuclear bomb then tryed to be rebuilded and People reunited but failed badly and all People was in small groups

    • You’ve probably never even logged on to 2b

  • 0:02 for "The Oldest Anarchy Server In Minecraft"

  • That sexy bedrock tho

  • How can you use a obsidian road with a boat?

  • Do you know about rotary engines?

  • How don't you get struck by Nostalgia when you do those videos?

  • Lol... I found the Creeper farm base. :)

  • When the "Something Else" Is just a cow named Something Else

  • F

  • 4:10 the previous signs said it was a rebuild

  • V-Tec just kicked in YO!

  • 5:50 You love to see it

  • Hey hold on, isn't 11:51 music from KH? why isn't it in the music credits, I've seen KH music there before. (Sinister Sundown, The Underworld in that one video about the longest highway.)

  • i didnt know fit had a face

  • I wonder if FitMC is part of the Tampa crew (EQ from pre-PoP). Seem to remember seeing a pic of him in times long past. Everglades hotel video makes me think so. Makes me wonder if Eats or DP is in that Everglades vid.

  • i don't like bold men, but u r fine

  • 9:10 theres a sign saying "nice bunker!" signed by rusher and mitch lol

  • 7:04 is killed me :D

  • I took place in the building of the bedrock city

  • Fit is a gigachad

  • P

  • I like that you use the legend of Zelda themes

  • Just want to say to the players on 2b2t that survive without hacks, I respect u and that must take great skill o7

  • I keep forgetting how badass you look

  • on thE OlDesT AnaRCHy SerVeR In MinECrAfT

  • thats the best watch time ratio ever

  • FitMC: talks about the sponsor and shaving stuff me: has no beard

  • ahh yes you gotta love the zelda music

  • You get a like for the vtec joke vtec4life

  • It didn’t work because he placed them the wrong way i as referring to the end portal

  • in a pretty old version of mc you can break bedrock with like 4-5 tnt blowing up at once

  • Its like an ancient civilization with unexplained technology. Haha

  • I don't have the skills to explore 2b2t, so I appreciate your vids on it!

  • Lol! Scary boat ride!

  • FitMC : look i have go to all place at 2b2t Man : theres a bedrock bunker FitMC im never understand this

  • 500 in queue rn

  • My dad said start watching educational stuff and I showed him this.

  • Would love to show you my kingdom! Just started a channel for it! 7 or 8 year old ps4

  • The mystery of how anyone finds the time to join 2b2t, not to mention build giant bases