The Mystery of 2b2t's Nether Lavacast

Publicerades den 5 dec 2020
Today we investigate a mysterious Nether lavacast on 2b2t that shouldn't exist.
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  • >hack water into nether on single player >Schematica + Baritone it into 2b2t I don't see why this wasn't brought up as the obvious possibility, esp. given that building that thing by hand would be a nuisance

  • "you would have to put in so much effort to fake something like this and it would be completely pointles therefore it is legit" After watch your 2b2t videos for a long time i can safely say this logic is wrong because come on it is 2b2t i saw people making stuffs that make no sense and take so much time XD So i would not even suprised if the person send you cordinations is the guy that faked this lavacast XD

  • That means there is a hole in the Nether roof. Could good for transportation!

  • I watched the person who made this lava cast make the lava cast it was cool

  • You sound just like the guy in my Costco training videos lol

  • When you realize that you can make a water source using a ice and a torch

  • The image of that base is in either his western or northern highway vid, I remember seeing that as there was a portal to it on the highway

  • I feel bad for the person who got their base greifed

  • What client does he use?

  • I think I know that happened at that cathedral place considering contacting me about it

  • I know how it happened it got backdoored with /setblock ~ ~ ~ water

  • If fit was my teacher i would actually pay attention

  • Plot twist that’s someone’s base he knew people wouldn’t think that’s a base

  • That was one of the dopest bases I've ever seen

  • Theory: they just built a big cobblestone structure.

  • well on 2010 or 2011 alpha there was a glitch water can be add on nether

  • How are you flying in a Bote?

    • @Foongie it’s a mod

    • @Foongie you shur it’s not an addon?

    • @Foongie hacking?

    • an exploit, basically a hack, but hacking is allowed

  • Also I know how to get water in the nether/set_block ~~1 water

  • Just why?

  • Jetzt habe er sich auch schon gemeldet

  • I don’t like the fact that lava casts are everywhere in your world

  • 4:58, loves how he says 2 or 3 years ago is pretty recent for a mc server

  • Music at 1:38?

  • Song from the advert? I can't find it in any capacity and everytime I see this ad on this channel I want this song soooo bad, help lmao

  • Fun Fact: Raja means 'King' in English

  • Beard man

  • I can genuinely see 2B2T as an Anime which scares me

  • Back in my day I went and bult a lake by breaking ice in the nether at 1,870,864 50 -1,798,869

  • Bruh fits comments ar so wierd

  • Fit: "Not only that, its been here for 2 or 3 years its pretty recent" Me: Excuse me wtf do you call recent in your 2b2t language srsly my version of recent is 1 hour ago

    • In terms of it existing for 11 years (I think), that's pretty recent.

  • test

  • I remember there used to be a glitch where you can bring ice into The nether and let it melt to make water, maybe that's how they did it

  • Can you try to find the tunnels the water went through I wonder if they are still there

  • Very simple,In that version you could melt ice in the nether

  • i should be in 2b2t soon.

  • How you got the video of 8:01 ??

  • I feel like every conversation you have day to day you eventually say "THE OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER ON MINECRAFT".

  • "If you see a nether portal, sometimes, just go through it. You never know what you might find." *Proceeds to find a crystal trap*

  • The judicious math serologically calculate because bobcat modestly spark down a female fertile fold. disgusted, hysterical jewel

  • I cant log in 2b2e cousin of 2b2t. Qeue 43 :( Love anarchie servers. I do not destroy others build. I respect the built... but im there in a huge under grond base. Collecting everyones items hide them in underground faults. I leave like thief in the night. But your build will still ve there

  • When fit makes a video about stones in a computer game 👁👄👁

  • Oww

  • This r

  • Bruhhh I was the one who placed the sign.....

  • When he said quirks the my hero fan just started quaking

  • Was anyone else waiting for the skip add button when he started talking about the sponsef

  • Cursed

  • wata in da fi ar

  • Beta version of Minecraft you can do a glitch that youl be seen water by ice

  • FitMC just recorded a rock and made it more interesting than school history classes

  • Dragon raja is a multiple games in one! So cooooool thanks fit!

  • This guy kinda makes history sound interesting

  • What is a lava cast

  • I was playing on an anarchy vanilla server a few days ago and went through a random portal in the end. I had nothing at the time so when I spawned in a cave and found some dirt I started to mine it. I found a barrel full of elitras. Needless to say, if there is a nether portal sometimes it is a good idea to go through it.

  • Anyone else remember breaking ice into water in the nether

  • maybe he built it hims- YOU JUST SAID THAT IN THE VIDEO DARN IT

  • Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  • Another youtuber did that

  • How to survive hell : go to 2b2t server

  • That’d be so cool of a base using water ducks in The Nether though 😭😭

  • What happends when your selfish

  • i just realized, lava casting can be used to terra-build, if you just edit the cast a littles, it a good base for a mountain or hill.

  • Wait, if water boils in nether, that means that temperature in nether is at least 100°c

  • 4:05 am I the only one who saw the volkrea(forgot how to spell it) symbol?

  • @FitMC you should check out some phantasy star online music theres some good stuff you could use in your videos.

  • I mean, someone could just make a schematic of a lava cast and put it there

  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • 5:16 can't you just.. you know.. smelt cobblestone?

  • 4:00 I think the builder won

  • Someone probably built it by hand due to how crazy it is

    • No joke he showed the water used for it in a previous video.

  • I just think that using those literal relics and places and objects with unusual properties can lead to things like this is so intriguing and unique. 2b2t is truly magical and amazing at least from a spectators point of view(and obviously the way you make your vids helps in delivering these full on legends)

  • Fitmc got adhd, he got distracted by ruins

  • This dude just tryed to prove if those rocks are real or not

  • there was an old glitch to get water blocks and these could be placed down in the nether me and my friends did this once not on 2b2t though

  • Lava

  • Lava

  • Lava cast? Interesting...

  • FitMc: Its 2 or 3 years old pretty recent. Me: yeah "Recent"

  • I joined 2b2t two days ago and made a little shelter for those who pass by and i managed to survive since i built it in vanilla

  • I actually really like lava casts they look like interesting and incredibly large mountains

  • 69k likes nice

  • i just cant believe that minecraft has a legendary history like this. what a stunning community

  • Only fit can make a bunch of rocks sound interesting

  • FitMC, lava cast connoisseur

  • This video feels like a story like atlantis, a base which is miraclously beautiful, but eventually got sunken by water(or lava in this situation)

  • Base was made 3 years ago “was make reason”

  • This guy needs to do documentaries

  • i love your history lessons

  • Fit: I'd like to thank... Me: Raid shadow legends, honey, dashlane, nordvpn...? Fit: *DRAGON RAJA*

  • This is Nutz

  • What if they just used cobblestone lol

  • Policemike55

  • Anarchy = Ignore every law, including the physics laws

  • Nether plugin goes brrrrrrr

  • Tbh I thought it would be an nether city that was huge and then got destroyed

  • Hard not means impossible 1:19

  • 2b2t is the only server that would grief a Lava cast

  • Watching this after the nether update after netherrack was retextured gives me nostalgia

  • Oh I know the nether brick is a nether fortress I'm a 100% sure ;)