The Mystery of 2b2t's Nether Lavacast

Publicerades den 5 dec 2020
Today we investigate a mysterious Nether lavacast on 2b2t that shouldn't exist.
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  • The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • 5:16 can't you just.. you know.. smelt cobblestone?

  • 4:00 I think the builder won

  • Someone probably built it by hand due to how crazy it is

  • I just think that using those literal relics and places and objects with unusual properties can lead to things like this is so intriguing and unique. 2b2t is truly magical and amazing at least from a spectators point of view(and obviously the way you make your vids helps in delivering these full on legends)

  • Fitmc got adhd, he got distracted by ruins

  • This dude just tryed to prove if those rocks are real or not

  • there was an old glitch to get water blocks and these could be placed down in the nether me and my friends did this once not on 2b2t though

  • Lava

  • Lava

  • Lava cast? Interesting...

  • FitMc: Its 2 or 3 years old pretty recent. Me: yeah "Recent"

  • I joined 2b2t two days ago and made a little shelter for those who pass by and i managed to survive since i built it in vanilla

  • I actually really like lava casts they look like interesting and incredibly large mountains

  • 69k likes nice

  • i just cant believe that minecraft has a legendary history like this. what a stunning community

  • Only fit can make a bunch of rocks sound interesting

  • FitMC, lava cast connoisseur

  • This video feels like a story like atlantis, a base which is miraclously beautiful, but eventually got sunken by water(or lava in this situation)

  • Base was made 3 years ago “was make reason”

  • This guy needs to do documentaries

  • i love your history lessons

  • Fit: I'd like to thank... Me: Raid shadow legends, honey, dashlane, nordvpn...? Fit: *DRAGON RAJA*

  • This is Nutz

  • What if they just used cobblestone lol

  • Policemike55

  • Anarchy = Ignore every law, including the physics laws

  • Nether plugin goes brrrrrrr

  • Tbh I thought it would be an nether city that was huge and then got destroyed

  • Hard not means impossible 1:19

  • 2b2t is the only server that would grief a Lava cast

  • Watching this after the nether update after netherrack was retextured gives me nostalgia

  • Oh I know the nether brick is a nether fortress I'm a 100% sure ;)

  • When you stall the video so much that kids call this content

  • Alot of effort for something so stupid, meanwhile you making a video about and gets 1M views

  • Is it 1.16

    • 1.12 i believe

  • Water in the nether is honestly one of the least surprising things in 2b2t.

  • Wait wait wait isn’t it obsidian when water and lava mixed?

  • It use to be possible to put ice in the neither and mine it to place water into the neither.

  • I already play dragon raja it’s great anybody who doesn’t play it P L A Y I T

  • you can put water in the nether by melting ice

  • That base with all the water looked kickass!

  • imagine how much crap hausemaster knows or deals with or does LMAO

  • 2b2t is an amazing place it has so much history but can't play it since im on mobile and java edition isn't on mobile

  • SalC1 made it

  • I wonder which anarchy server is the oldest on Minecraft?

  • These video just hooks me man

  • Okay, but is anyone going to address how insanely awesome that aqueduct nether base was?

  • Name: FitMC Occupation: journalist/2b2t historian

  • 3:28 thats not a valkyrie symbol thats the nazi eagle just without the pinwheel

  • i remembered placing water on the nether back on 2015. using ice idk how i did it honestly but i wasn't suprised because i was a dumbo back then. i did this without a hack client or some sort but yeah [edit]: But i think it has been patched for now since i quit playing minecraft so idk if its patched or not but i just think its patched so if you try the thing. welp it will just go vanish or not because they patched it or not there could be a chance they did not patch it but its minecraft patches are patches

  • Whan i first saw this i was like "whats the big deal its just a lava cast?" Then I remembers the water thing I was just like "wait acctualy yeah wtf"

  • water

  • Why the heck would you want to remove work on the Nother roof?

  • How does he make anything on this sever interesting?! He could literally make a video on the oldest dirt block on 2b2t and I would still be entertained

  • That is legit one of the coolest bases ever

  • Fortress probably what it used to be

  • Strange video, this was

  • “You never know what you might find” obsidian in your face

  • 5 seconds guys new record for saying oldest anarchy server

  • The first time I went into the nether on 2b2t I saw water and instantly questioned what I was getting myself into

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • What ever happend to the Hole in the Bedrock?

  • plot twist: it was a replica of the nether in the over world underground

  • I love this this history more than my history class😒andddddd i really live to play in 2b2t server but i dont have money to buy a pc


  • i would have loved to see wether the aquaducts are still there in freecam, but that looks super cool nontheless

  • If you would like my best answer it would be; way back when you could bring in packed ice and break it to get flowing water, that’s the best I got

  • This dude sounds like the narrator of how its made

  • courie six griefing 🤮

  • Alert: Cobblestone has leveled up.

  • Well now i know what hapend to our base xD

  • 2:23 haha loook in the chat :) *РУССКИЕ ВЕЗДЕ, ВАМ НАС НЕ ОСТАНОВИТЬ!*

  • Huh... I kinda want to make a lava cast in one of my single player games now.

  • Plot twist: the guy built the cathedral to look like it was already grieffed, and now nobody cares enough because they think somebody else grieffed it first.

  • Fit: found proof that there was water in the nether Also Fit: Oh yes, this have to be legit.

  • I was the one who did that lol it’s fake

  • maybe they just build the lavacast???

  • 6:46 This lava casts looks very smooth. I want to build on them

  • Packed ice

  • i know how thy did it

  • Didn't salC1 make a lava cast in the nether?

  • Normal minecraft player: this server is such a mess, there's destruction everywhere Fit: oh the history and unsolved mysteries that lie here. This is beautiful

  • My dad said if I get 2k subs I can get a pet cat :)

  • Bruh i was on this a loong time ago built a hotel out of dirt i wonder if its still ok somewhere

  • Does any one know what hacked client he uses

  • Maybe the lava casts were placed block by block? Lmao

  • What you can find beyond the powers of creative mode is where you need to go in order to find the modpack. What you need is a trustworthy friend. He must be someone capable of controlling his own desires. He must be someone who is not interested in political power, fame, diamonds, or quickly spamming shift up against someone, and who chooses the will of Notch before the law of humans. Will I, HauseMaster, be able to meet someone like this one day? What I also need is the lives of more than 36 humans who have griefed, because those who have griefed harbor a strong power within. There are 14 phrases that one must keep in mind: Popbob Castle, Anarchy Server, Baritone Bot, Sharpness 32k, Anarchy Server, Recognised Bedrock, Anarchy Server, Crystal PVP, Incursion, Spawn Queue, Anarchy Server, Crystal PVP, Camping Rusher. I'll enscribe these words onto my Sword so I won't forget them. What is most necessary is "courage"; I must have the courage to throw my Sword into lava momentarily. As it disintegrates, my Sword will absorb the souls of the 36 griefers and will give birth to something utterly new. Whatever is born will "awaken". It will show interest in the 14 words that my trusted friend will utter... My friend will trust me and I will become his "friend". Lastly, I need an appropriate location. X axis, 28 degrees, 24 minutes, Z axis 80 degrees, 36 minutes.. Go there and wait for the new moon.... That's when The Aether mod will be installed onto 2b2t, *The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft.*

  • I saw ice blocks in the lava cast. They melted ice to get the water

  • hausemaster is such a party pooper lmao

  • you know for an anarchy server there's alot of shit that isn't allowed lmao

  • If you place a ice block and break it turn into water

  • him: if you see a nether portal, just go through it me: goes through one and immediately gets trapped. also these people are like architects with all their systems like aqueducts and anti-aircraft weaponry, what's next, some sort of nuclear weapon?

  • That Nether base with the water flowing through it was so beautiful! Why would anyone want to destroy it?

  • Griefing someone's cool build? Not very based tbh.

  • has to be a fake.

  • Maybe they just made it with a lot of cobblestone

  • It is not rja it is raja