The OFFICIAL 2b2t Tier List (Famous Minecraft Bases)

Publicerades den 10 jul 2021
Today we've created a Minecraft tier list ranking the most famous survival bases in the history of 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
Which one will come out on top? We must think carefully, making this "official" is not a process we can speedrun.
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2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!


  • anyone know if 2b2t have a discord server and whats its name

  • My guy may I just say your beard is S tier

  • What should be famous that you are a fraud and shall be sued by housemaster

  • You forgot Brad Pitt ville

  • mans be lookin like santa

  • aureus city is definity A tier imo.

  • Who is the krobar guy? Does he do anymore things??

  • For first time he didnt say oldest anarchy server

  • you look like a viking fit

  • 1% talking, 99% beard physics

  • Gabisa basa inggris

  • Dude some of these builds are insane.. it’s actually really cool to see how creative people can be

  • Imma bet that the longer his beard grows, the more powerful he becomes

  • Can't believe Kratos died and got reincarnated as a minecraft anarchy server historian

  • * Cringe *

  • “cringe”

  • What about space valkyria 2

  • I reckon you should have included The Lands, PopBob's castle, and the Jesus Doughnut.

  • How dare you not put valley of wheat in S Tier!?

  • I the The Boedecken and Space Valkyria are probably the two most iconic bases of 2b2t.

  • Popbob sus

  • I remember when i tried to build a base in 2b2t But after 2 days i found it completely destroyed and looted

  • He looks like Kratos

  • omg an actual edited tier list video, not 2 hours long for once

  • Everyone: hey look at my really cool bas- Krobar: *extreme bass booster dupstep* OH HELLO THERE

  • Do a part two

  • The only base I disagree with in this list is Wrath Outpost. B tier for me, the rest are spot on.

  • Fitmc: The minecraft viking

  • fit mc: then you have d and c my mind who is just listening: Did not continue?

  • niflheim is definitively the best one.

  • 0:40 what was the pun?

  • What about The Drain and The Lands

  • Eventually Fit’s beard will grew so much that it ends up covering his head giving his hair back

  • SS Tier: Brad Pitt-ville

  • builted

  • Bald

  • So I was watching one of your old videos on the rarest 2b2t item and I was wondering if there is potions/arrows of luck on 2b2t???

  • Fit you should have added the base “The Lands”

  • Fit you should have added the base “The Lands”

  • Noice beard

  • Guys, if your wondering what a good beard looks like, this is it.

  • These people made this in survival but i can only build boxes in creative

  • Is Future the best Client?

  • hey fit i have a question youv talked about the facepunch republic before which had the same logo as the company facepunch that made a game called rust was rust based on 2b2t

  • Jack the rip off riped it of

  • wintermelon, valkrya, plugin town, the lands, jherico cty, the drain and rhadamantis thats should be all

  • Did you make them in crative

  • When I get my new pc I was considering a huge construction project on the northern highway. My own little contribution to the infamous 2b2t if anyone would like be a part it would be greatly appreciated

  • nice tier list

  • i wanna build a base like the end base but i want to add rings to in and make that storage or something and making it extra large, damn that would look sick

  • Cant wait for the steam deck to come out. Im so gonna be playing 2b2t on that thing.

  • How do you get on 2b2t?

  • Do you think popbob it likely to return to 2b2t?

  • I think I’ll just stay in my single player world…. 😬

  • Sooooo, umm, technically Fit didn't say "The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft" this time. What does it mean?

  • i wanna bomb the overworld so much it reaching bedrock and the world border

  • What about donfuer

  • hi if you read this fitmc you should do a video playing on 2b2t

  • Hey Fit, there's an FB Page with your name and videos on it. I'm curious to know if it's legit or if its an imitation/fake account?

    • It’s legit

  • Hey I actually cleared all the lava casts off of the dinosaur skull at 4:02 before that it was completely unrecognisable

  • I'm just drinking a milk.. in a cup •-• for just a drink

  • Just waiting for a new fitmc video, I've already watched this one.

  • After watching this channel for a long time I feel like 2b2t isn’t Minecraft it’s a whole new game

  • I dont really knoe much about this server, why do people like to grief other peoples bases? And how much time does people take to build each base

  • PLOT TWIST: fitMC IS HAUSEMASTER and started playing legit 2 YEARS LATER!

  • 2b2 sounds like a cool server

  • Cuz I made it

  • Armorland add that

  • all i can ask is… How??! 🤐😂

  • I really like how you actually graded them on their style and looks, not on personal relation to the bases or who owned them. Good shit Fit

  • I need some stuff in 2b2t pls help me

  • Have you met channy yet?

  • hi , im new on the canal

  • viking

  • The best base ever hasn’t been discovered yet…

  • What hack client do u use?

  • valkyrie and wraith and boedecken are my favorites. if valk was an actual base and not more like a temp camp i think it coulda been s. i hope someone rebuilds it somewhere else. maybe the nether. and really does it up the right way.

  • come on fitlantis is as good as the pyramid at least

  • Fit go on 5b5t aka 2b2t replica

  • Question. How long do you guys think 2b2t would last if it suddenly got turned into a hardcore world?

  • uh oh fitmc is out of content

  • I've learned more about 2b2t then history

  • I couldn’t build mu if I had creative mode and all of the time in the world

  • I fond a old base at 187. 75. -3885

  • your beard is amazining

  • You forgot the nomad hut....

  • Nice beard pony

  • fit shouldve put bradpitville in the meme tier

  • What about the end portals

  • It breaks my heart that all of these bases are gone

  • What about god Donut

  • I totally just punched a Child directly in the eyes

  • Bruh sometime I wish they would just build in survival or creative

  • Kingslanding seems a lil amateur like they tried to work together for they’re builds however they prolly didn’t work good together

  • Inverted hair

  • Where was jesus donut at?

  • Fitmc is the chad keemstar

  • Imagine if griefing never existed ☹️

  • NFE