The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"

Publicerades den 9 jan 2021
Today we discuss the history of time on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why the in-game passage of days isn't as accurate as you may think.
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  • Wait a minute, is that a......

    • wait... is there a bug that can cause the tps to be 21..? (or more)


    • No.


    • It's quite simple. The server isn't on 24/7 so that's why the time is different.

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  • It's interesting to me how people when given complete and total freedom, with no irl rewards or consequences, when there is "total anarchy" people still form groups and with those groups select or submit to leadership and accomplish usually positive goals. Even groups dedicated to making spawn inescapable are doing something positive in most of the established players eyes as it makes it harder for new people to join which would hurt their culture. Afterall 2b2t is their home, and most don't want new people in it. But it's crazy, there's no rewards for it but people build canals, roads, huge bases, groups, etc.

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  • This video is not available anymore due to a strike from "Luke TheNotable"

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  • TPS is 10, the time is half of normal.

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  • Now it shall be around 270k days

  • Why is dio on the thumbnail

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  • Huase's Bizarre Adventure part 6: Stone Tools

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  • You guys think 2b2t could be the oldest anarchy server on minecraft? I never hear anyone mention its age.

  • 2b2t is probably the only server I can think of that is SO broken that immortality was invented, time itself is screwed up, and the game's behavior has completely changed.

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  • when a server is so anarchic even time doesnt follow the rules.

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  • 100000 plus the 46000 uncounted days never corrected means 146000 days should be on the counter, but I did the math and if 2b2t should be at 263000 days I divided the two numbers to get 143000 is 55.51% of 263000 and using that knowledge and the fact that 100÷5=20 ( the tps) I simply divided 55.51 by 5 to get that on average 2b2t's tps is at 11.1 which is crazy Like if this was helpful

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