The Truth About 2b2t's "100,000 Days"

Publicerades den 9 jan 2021
Today we discuss the history of time on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why the in-game passage of days isn't as accurate as you may think.
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  • This reminds me of various mythologies (real or fictional) where there's a god of time that invents time. Especially TES, with the period before the final day count reset being the Dawn Era.

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  • watch out for day 420.069

  • Fitmc: the truth about 2b2ts 100k days Other youtubers: I Survived 100k Days in 2b2t... Heres What Happened!

  • Bro I told you Marty, don't interact with yourself in the past you tore a hole in the space-time continuum.

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  • day 69.42 was done when it was my birthday!!!!!!

  • Isn't one part of why the nether days are behind because the nether was put in the game later?

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  • man i completely didint expect someone to say "so it slowed the passage of time"

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  • General relativity of minecraft lol

  • Half the reason I had to subscribe was because of your voice and the other half was due to the amazing content!

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  • Can’t wait till it reaches the point where time starts counting back which is when it reaches a number that java doesn’t recognize.

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  • actually its closer to 150k days...

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  • This makes no sense because if we divide 263,000 by 20, it would be 13,150 real life days and if we divide that by 365 it would be a total of 36 years even though the server is only been up for around 10+ years but if we do 100,000 divided by 20 that would be 5000 which then if we divide that by 365 it would be a total of 13 years which is much closer to the actual release date of the server but if the server was created in late December 2010 until 1st May 2021 would roughly be around 3804 real life days and if we multiply that by 20 would be that 2b2t has officially been running for a total of 76,080 minecraft days!!!!

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  • There is a point where days go backwards in minecraft.. This also deletes blocks placed in the world.. But this did not happen because it takes a few million years for this to actually happen and by then 2b2t would not exist anymore. Eventually 2b2t will be completely reset anyway due to file corruption.

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  • So basically 2b2ts world is almost 800 years old

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  • man the day 69420 was a great day on 2b2t. it was a huge milestone for the community and i am honored to be here.

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  • I run my self some server for me and my friend and it can be that some plugins reset some data or when you update the server to a new version it can also reset!

  • so we are about 100K behind schedule? we need to do some catching up LOL


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  • Fun Fact: in Bedrock Edition, Day 7 is the Max day count before it resets back to Day 0


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  • When your server is so chaotic the flow of time doesn’t work anymore

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  • don't forget that the server changed when the youtube invasion arrived i think

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  • God of War Norse mythology: That's my boy! (Because there in some places time is slow and Quick.)

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  • u said that the server went through a loop. I think u meant to say that bites the dust went into effect

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  • 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft temporal time anomaly

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  • wow i didnt know 2b2t has existed for over 230 years