The Truth Behind 2b2t's "Operation Secret Void" (5,000,000 TNT)

Publicerades den 26 jun 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft we uncover the truth behind 2b2t's Operation Secret Void, how 5,000,000 TNT were used to bomb the Nether during a secret project. We'll also attempt to escape spawn and put these new major obstacles to the test.
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  • You literally just rapped in the beginning of the video

  • So what only 2012 players are allowed on? And everybody on 2t2t is okay with this?

  • 7:42 great censorship

  • 3:36 started on my 13th birthday smh

  • Housemaster: I am server owner. Bachi: who is really in charge here?

  • I watched this video after I bought fast queue on 2b2t ;-;

  • Let me be honest all of this shit hasn't made it any harder. Baritone still can get me out almost every try. Food is the only real problem.

  • At this point if you can't defend them you must join them

  • dam I want to join tb2t and I can but dang what is happening now

  • I can confirm that this has made escaping spawn much harder than the lava wall / great spawn wall / black sky / water cube has ever made escaping spawn.

  • God 2b2t members just hate new players don't they?

  • Isn’t this how servers die?

  • when 2b2t players have more patience than me

  • Is it like a wordless message from old players that you *really* shouldn't be playing on this server? Like if your whole culture is about society suicide something's gotta be on.

  • if you play on 2b2t you are most likely a scumbag

  • I find 2b2t interesting, as someone who just builds and doesn't do PVP, I probably wouldn't even attempt to join, I'd probably get killed attempting to escape spawn, and I'm interested in why 2b2t hates new players

  • Bachi makes good content

  • Spawn trip well spent, the boss himself took you down.

  • 5 mil tnt = 5 megatons

  • Fit mc is now part of a base he is only telling you now but he has Ben in it for around 3-5 months

  • 6:46 French revolutionaries in 1792

  • still cant get past the portals tho without help... defenses won i guess

  • Infinity incursion feels just like the Tokyo Manji Gang

  • Watching this feels like we're watching the villains And I like it

  • If anything 2b2t is just evidence that people suck.

  • Bachi probably feeling legendary for killing a veteran

  • north korea in minecraft

  • well wish me luck I'm going to join the server soon and most likely going to die seven times in a row

  • Future generation of 2b2t players: Why is there random blocks of redstone on the roof of the nether?

  • O

  • Minecraft mafia.

  • here's a question, if no new players are going to be able to even escape spawn to start doing stuff, and old players are eventually getting bored and probably finding other things to do, how long will it be until the server's population starts dying off and basically disappears? The problem with things like this is that eventually there is going to be a need for new players otherwise this historic server will slowly disappear though how long that will take is anyone's question as its already survived for many years.

    • @BigToast420 yeah I guess that does make sense though if enough road blocks are put in place at some point it might just become nigh impossible to even get to that point though the amount that'd have to be added would probably be ridiculous

    • No. The idea of making it difficult for new players to survive is to make sure only the best can play. Basically a filter for little kids and trash players. Enough new players are becoming established to keep the server population constant. I would say 90% of the people who join the server never play again, and a small portion become the future generation of 2b2t players by consistently playing for a long time, this makes up for old players quitting.

  • They remove averything in nether in a 2k radius. Me: walks away in overworld

  • i would just use m hack client to run away

  • Whoever done that, is an A-hole!

  • I just started playing 2 weeks ago and had no problem getting out to 80k in the nether before I died of stuipedity. Still didn't have a bed then so... 0,0,0

  • Poor new players 🥲

  • Dear fitmc I have a little story for you but it is about discord

  • what a shame...

  • My next burn to use: Are you 2b2t, cause you are a wasteland in both relms

  • A wise man once said If I’m no executed I will be disappointed

  • I was contemplating about joining 2b2t, but after seeing this video and assessing my own skill level, I would probably just get frustrated and leave anyway, so I'm not going to try

  • I miss pop bob. I bet the nether would be 1000x more dangerous then it already is with him back.

    • How would it be more dangerous? He was just a regular player not some god..

  • 0:00 just doing this so I can be first on timed comments

  • End is safe

  • how to escepe spawn do im gona go in nedher or owerworld

  • I dont think its possible to escape spawn

  • I'm still surviving with my base in the nether

  • bachi's greeting was great

  • its dumb how the people from 2b2t are trying as hard as they can to just kill the server.

    • No they really aren’t. They are trying to kill all the new trash players so only good players become established. Oversize the server would be overrun with children

  • my theory is that they want to make sure the only players who have stuff in 2b2t, are the pro ones. they don't want some noobs going around with diamond gear looking all powerful, they want players than can engage, and help them. (also 2b2t is such a big server maybe they want to make some people quit)

    • You have a point, than again, few players got good stuff even before this.

    • lmao, the 'pro ones' they're trying to make are actually becoming sore loser to me. Seems like a good server but the way they're running 2b2t is so frustrating so I might just leave the server immediately

  • Incursion + Redstone masters + god bridgers + Project Secret Void = CHAOS

  • Does someone want to explain why there is multitudes of autismo griefing groups in this server tying themselves to symbology and names relating to hermeticism?

  • So knowing even nether is useless how do i get out of spawn?

  • fun fact: the project started on my birthday (march 20th)

  • But other hand,u just give me an idea.track the down guy and harass him till he quit as well like the top griefer before.......and I wanna see who's gonna be the clown now

  • Basically just so called old player just want to stay relevant cuz irl they're basically just a loser.......heard enough's has few amazing base builder..... too many to count assholes who like to do crimes in-game but not irl.......heh

  • Lol if only the dudes griefed there stash

  • Me doing it for 13 hour.... Just quit

  • I hear Rayman 2 it's going on

  • 2b2t is reallly diffrent from other servers full of chaos i like it

  • @FitMC I need to tell you something in private that might make griefers and most hackers quit 2B but I need to tell you this in private

  • well ive recently started watching ur vids and i wanted to hop on and i gues theres no point now

  • Pyro better come back to make sure Bachi doesn't take his title as King of 2b2t

  • 2b2t always manage to impress me with the things that happens in that server.

  • that's alot of sand

  • bachi catching up to fits alt is menacing

  • I'll find a way out

  • "The oldest anarchy server on Minecraft."

  • Every day you don't join 2b2t it becomes harder play on it

  • The debonair bakery directly rob because sardine morphologically muddle from a miniature straw. didactic, knowledgeable bookcase

  • 2 bee 2 tea

  • bro are you using hacks at 7:42because it pretty much seems like hacks to me i mean : nuker, wall hacks, bow aim, long jump, parkour, spammer,antivanish, anti afk, auto totem , autofish, scaffhold, and more... can you pls answer i just dont get why pls?

    • Because hacks are allowed on the server. You can’t be banned from 2b2t

  • What's 2B2T players have against a new players? I'm confused as to why they wouldn't want new players.

    • They want to make sure only the strongest players survive. Otherwise the server will be overrun with children. Natural selection.

  • seems like a can never play 2b2t cus I did not start playing hope i get out

  • This man is the narrator of 2b2t

  • When bachibach is watching this. Vid: nani

  • Like the concept but in the end this is how the server dies. Obsidian in the sky cool, this whatever glad I don’t have anytime invested. This is crazyyyy

    • This will definitely not kill the server. In fact as long as fitmc is still relevant the server will keep living

  • when ever i gotta get out of spawn with nothin in my e chest i just run 2k in the overworld then keep going out till i find a portal. nearly never die or get portal trapped.

  • Yoo that phantasy star music brought me back for sure.

  • Alternative title for 2b2t : destroying minecraft within 20 years

  • Someone needs to trap the Infinity Incorporation into a Pandora’s Vault Replica

  • Now, how the highway maintenance team will react?

  • I play bedrock

  • Saw one of these videos and tried to join the server but ya know. everyone of these vids make me so hyped for when i finally join

  • baka

  • Bachi:poor guy lol 'kills' Fitmc:you f_ck up bigtime Fitmc to:log in to his real acount get his items and kill bashi Plot twist btw

  • Man, the people in this server are assholes.

  • I don't think the "PVPers" count as such in this instance, PVP implies a fight, this is just killing a new player because they can.

  • “if i am not executed, i will be highly disappointed”

  • I kind of like 2b2t. You don't really see minecraft that chaotic anywhere.

  • It’s kinda stupid to stop new players from joining since when the 2b2t player base grows up no one will be able to get past spawn so what’s the point of playing.

  • Now they just gotta build a lava cube in the overworld

  • Bachi sipping tea, watching this.

  • im just waiting until someone makes the server so unplayable

  • Bachi 2b2t legend

  • 420? I don't think they chose that on random if ya know what I mean XD

  • "If I am not executed, I will be highly disappointed"

  • "420 just random locations"- FIT

  • why didnt he run past bachi?