The Unsolved Mystery of 2b2t's End Dimension

Publicerades den 19 sep 2020
We explore an unsolved mystery 5 years in the making on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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  • I have lost 5 ships on the same place and I always die when I reach the place

  • Ever since I started watching content from this channel back directly after the Rusher War, and heard the stories of Fit in the End and his airships, and to see this ship after it being immortalized in legend is simply awesome. Gotta love 2b2t history and the people who chronicle it.

  • Maybe other players were in the chunk after or when you died. For example a guy flying an elyria can fly inside the chunk border and it moves about 20 blocks. Every person who came inside of the chunk just made it move

  • This is creepy

  • 6 year old me be like: 7:53

  • e

  • like theres is tnt

  • is kinda like the ship blown up

  • What if the ship was a chunk long then would it go forever 🤯??

  • my friend tried it then he Got kicked for flying and it stopped loading.........

  • "the rarest cobblestone ever"

  • Currently 2020,2021 FITMC is definetly my favourite youtuber all videos of his are interesting and entertaining life would be boring without FITMC :)

  • i just taked the redstone block piston and the sticky piston this is real i taked it when 2016 december 21


  • The airship has autopilot Change my mind

  • um guys i saw herobrine he banned me from minecraft aaaaaaaaaa

  • Why don’t you make another ship to generate even more?

  • omg

  • Lmao, you made history

  • You know that maybe a player was there

  • a horse was on the ship from the dimond horse armor that loaded the chunks then some how dided

  • Must be hero Brian


  • Wow this is crazy!

  • I'm sure the chunks were load by the minecart cause it's an entity ?


  • Whaoh!!

  • I just see that too i thought thats collapse but not i am in hard core i fell but i have elytra save

  • I don’t understand how that flying machine is clearing end blocks without a tnt duper in front of it.

    • there wasnt blocks there back when he did it, everything passed the ender dragon island was just void but it was changed


  • Why not use a piston airship if elytras are so dangerous

  • For Some Reason when i first heard you i thought it was male siri

  • cool air ship

  • Wati Backs 8000 Oh Not Esay

  • Easy me open You SAVE look me Dead .me

  • These videos are super interesting and scary at the same time..........

  • PLOT TWIST: The airship was a Tesla with AUTOPILOT!

  • Hmm a piston airship... I might try that on my server

  • You make me scream

  • Can’t u fly hack normally? lol

  • Robot uprising

  • Its 2021

  • Yeah, you kinda copied Dream

  • Now thats history

  • I think i have an explanation an mab was invisible boom thats all

  • Elon Musk entered Minecraft Made auto pilot

  • I did some research and i think i know what happend... Mabey a player hopped in it

  • I like you vidro,s!!!

  • why would you break that relic, why tho

  • Sponsor ends at: 3:04


  • ;3

  • sooo cool!

  • God loves you GO for him and Jesus Christ s d don’t say oh go# it’s a sin to god and Jesus Christ but you can say oh my gosh that is better but even if you say it he will still forgive and forget Amen👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼🙇🏼‍♂️❤️

  • i love that how you tell thing

  • air ship

  • dude herobrine was in alive in (2009)

  • a u t o p i l o t

  • Is it actually in Minecraft is that type of end dimension in Minecraft like actual Minecraft normal Minecraft without mods or downloads?

  • i think herobrine got in and was trolling you

  • Now your next part is where is your other pieces

  • minecraft:i think im loosing my mind with the end

  • nobody: that end portal: yas queen 3:08

  • It's like bring back memories

  • no

  • Gg

  • Maybe someone who was fly hacking already loaded the chunks

  • the black lines lounch the end ship

  • I have been there with a villager abandoned train near my big village

  • you mean 4 years ago

  • is like a rocket but it was forgoten

  • The piston, slime and redstone: Aight ima head out

  • who is 2b2ts I’m new at ur channel

  • This was pretty cool history and some cool memories

  • Minecraft: *ZA WARUDO!* Contraption: aight time to move Minecraft: *How is this possible*

  • 2:43 the lost chance If you don't have honey you are passing up free money it doesn't cost a Penny

  • Burnt waffle

  • Herobrine gone in it

  • Maybe it was flying for 10 minutes and a person right there right this and it keeps lying and playing and playing does there’s a person playing it and then he jumped up and get rid of the boat and it’s stuck there and another person found it

  • when you fell.. yes it prob stayed froze.. but when another player got within the same chunks it couldve reloaded them it move a few blocks the froze again.. rinse and repeat...


  • Can someone explain me how he deleted the chunks?

  • Yep it’s definitely Herobrine

  • POV: your looking for Argonauts comment

  • Surprised all the chorus fruit isn't all gone by now

  • i think 2015 was a very laggy version so your ship vanished into the blocks and for the cobblestone still being there im sure only the redstone and pistons and more electrical stuff got vanished into the blocks

  • Epic video! Does anyone know the song at 11:35 ?

  • No no way ur ship in end city how did it happen?!

  • I love this kind of videos so sub ^_^

  • Is it possible to design an airship in such a way that it can move faster/slower? If so, how much control could you have over that? I.e. Could you position and make an airship move at a specific amount of ticks per second that syncs with when the airship is both in 2 chunks and the server saves, repeatedly?

  • Your old base is kinda got raid and your base died f for respect btw

  • Remember the mineshaft I made as a home or a uninhabitable village a phenomenon kinda get into my head when the sun is like I stop the time from ticking and then I see up i see what it is it's a sun but there is something wrong with it it's in different version like the normal can burn your minecraft eyes but irl no

  • Imagine if someone was just walking around and found it so they got in for a while and then left so it could have time for 5 more minutes

  • I think I have an idea maybe there was an entity e.g a item on the ship which caused a lazy chunk to load I don’t know much about chunks or entities it seems like the explanation at the end of the video makes more scenes

  • This is so fuckin sick

  • I think herobrin wasin the ship idk but i think bc he is evrywer in minecraft

  • This is scary... And i don't know why.

  • he solved it :/

  • I think your flying ship was stopped after the chunk complemented

  • "You can build things in the past" -Daddy Fit on the rules of Time Travel