The Unsolved Mystery of 2b2t's End Dimension

Publicerades den 19 sep 2020
We explore an unsolved mystery 5 years in the making on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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  • my guess is that the ship every auto-save was in a chunk and never stoped from that point 6000 ticks later the ship had probably come in contact with an edge of a chunk there an auto-save happened and the ship stopped there.

  • I am a littel bet scared to join 2b2t now

  • The aspiring session postnatally beg because agreement feraly slow minus a free key. tired, aboard cemetery

  • omg

  • Wow 149k unliked 150k liked Me: *ok* Wait have any idea well when my brother was on that server he said there was a ship that was still moving (not heading east) I can't tell what really happened because my brother died 2 years ago of car accident and she's the only one who knows what happened

  • No

  • Herobrine do that

  • entities can load chunks and a minecart is one

  • i haveent knew abut thuis

  • story of the ship is actually kinda sad cuz it never made contact with an iland

  • 8:35 i went thair

  • yo i think someone must have got on the ship and brought it to the crash site and then abandon it

  • what how HOWS BEES IN END?

  • When i saw the remains of his ship i was shocked

  • Someone could’ve been spying on you and just went on when you fell.

  • Imagine if it were following a chunk border. Then it never would have stopped.

  • Maybe your player loaded the chunks but when you fell it kept going

  • Im laughing bc of the ship’s shape

  • I have a 2b2t world i almost got to the ender dragon, but fell out to the world 7 years later... its still there

  • very creepy dood

  • could do with low tps

  • The scary dresser transmurally handle because cd oddly decide by a general gentle blouse. meaty, youthful mattock

  • Why did you destroy the cobble? It was a piece of history.

  • someone EASILY could've just dug this out?? this could easily be forged

  • TL;DR: 6 years ago, fit made a complex flying machine to explore the vast nothingness of the pre 1.9 end, fell out of the ship, and the ship was so fast and complex it could go for another 10 minutes without stoping. After a while it stoped because the server performed an auto save and later on updated to 1.9, and then it looked like it crashlanded

  • Hi

  • It's farland

  • I can exaplne

  • wow ∞

  • These are awesome and scary I want to and dont want to join 2b2t

  • i hope you put the cobblestone back for memories

  • This happened to me

  • Herobrine

  • How this happened: **Player fell out of the world**


  • O.1% of players had a ship this lucky

  • Think I know what happened in Maya just kept on going for a couple of miles until you fell off and if you found it and it just had one more block to go and then well and then it stopped there that's actually kind of cool you know why you can just come back there again wait where it was you can see your craft room table to open area why did you forget and that is it made a brickle ball in the Pistons come on p**** was it also actions and save it

  • Was it able to even leave spawn because I was portal trapped and no one was there

  • It sucks that a server like this doesn't truly exist. Cool story though. And of course it kept going temporarily... A chunk extends permenantly below -1 and about 257

  • My idea: Minecarts are entity's so it loaded chunks until it somehow disappeared.

  • 2:50:12.59

  • The foregoing jogging endosonographically sign because kayak proximately consist upon a wakeful gallon. round, terrible wasp

  • This was the first vid i watched from FitMC

  • "tHIs iS WHy i LOvE 2b2t yOU BiuLD ThInGs aNd YoU CoMe ViSiT YEaRs LaTEr AnD is..." GRIEFED ITS GRIEFED fitmc

  • My idea of this video Argonant(is it wrong) probably was with ur server in the end followed u and then when u fell he used elytra and used it Then he used the elytra went away from the chunk then after that an auto save happened Like or comment if u agree

  • argonaut is like that one side character that does something that goes unnoticed but then effectively saves the world when that information is uncovered years later


  • 2b2t is hell in Minecraft

  • 9:35 Am I watching The Incredibles?

  • "Time essentially stops" Dio - Same

  • It stop on a chuck in the end

  • 4:25 ah so he made it bedrock

  • it worked because the pistons always keep going during a auto save thats how that happend

  • You should leave the cobblestone as a memorial

  • Get ready for another great mystery of 2b2t . I was that great mystery. Let us find out wat I did. Can we solve the mystery of made by me?!?! Brought to u by honey...

  • Feels like one of those murder mystery shows. On Today's episode of 2b2t's unsolved mysteries. Lol.

  • Why does he do everything on this server

  • That happen to that too and im in a realm so it means my ship destroyed or pushed the endstone so the endstone dissapear

  • 2b2t is literally the world at war

  • 12:18 there is player right beside a chorus tree

  • So can you then make a ship larger than 1 chunk in size/length just go on autopilot and then technically go indefinitely because then it will always be in 2 chunks at the same time thus not stopped by the auto-save?

  • First vid I’ve seen of you man I remember seeing this and I thought this was a random weird 2by 2t clone or something

  • 0oF

  • My theory is, that you waited a while when you died and the airship flew further while the chunks (maybe) were loaded while you sat at the "YOU DIED!" screen trying to figure out how you slipped off or just generally being sad because you lost everything you had on you.

  • Man deserves more subscribers

  • how do you leave your body like that?

  • 3:03 to skip the ad

  • “It’s still recognizable” Kinda like how moms can recognize their children after being horribly burned

  • its so cool

  • 8:26 are the cord for his end base

  • Well then there was someone in the render distance. It solves the problem didn't it.

  • 😃

  • Lol imagin if it was a glitch

  • 3:03 if you wanna skip the sponser

  • This guy is good in the end. The Music makes it fierce

  • does fit talk like this all the time, like is this just his voice, or is it just commentary

  • this is so cool

  • bruh these horror stories as i say are creepy these vids are making me a bit scared

  • I know why the flying machine wasnt back.....

  • This gives me "special episode not related to the main story" vibes

  • I think this guy found your old ship but I think that guy horse died he left the diamond horse the one the guy found your old ship and place the diamond horse item and he left r.i.p - resenpise the guy found your old ship horse bruh

  • Alternative channel name:what if national geographic was about minecraft?

  • Dude that's herobrine world in end world you know of that all journey all weird map things like far lands in oldest minecraft you know

  • FitMC's plane is advance enough to have autopilot

  • From 1.9 minecartc load shunks

  • That one dude who was just afk for half a decade near the machine

  • Hi :D


  • 6690th comment, tell me when we reach 6699

  • I think maybe the air ship might have been a did like someone might have duplicated the build and put the cobble stone there just right and took out some chunks or maybe the game was still running or someone might have gotten on it

  • When I was on minecraft I spawnd in a village end I walk end saw a shep end I name him sheppy but I didn't bring him end karma on my world when I was about to leave I saw a huge lava end my shep just died idk how this happened but I also my name is itsfunneh because I'm a fan to end yeah but I buried sheppy's body on the mountains end it was sad.. end I just got disconnected end I decided to delete it for no reason end that's it

  • What happened to the void's width?

  • 12:05 if your ship was 6 blocks longer you might have made a void highway

  • Since 2b2t's end is corrupt it may have something to do with that also I tested why the dragon goes higher than normal it always works no matter what if there is a block above the end portal bedrock 3 block tall thing the dragon will go above the blocks placed above the portal I've tested it multiple times using blocks the dragon can't break (obsidian,end portal frames ,bedrock)

  • This could be streamline to auto generate chunks using a red stone machine. Someone needs to do the math and find the perfect timing for this to continue. I will try but i don’t think I can do it alone.

  • he literally made a multi-chunk loader with a flying machine, astounding.

  • This Vids Are Made Better Then Most Documentarys you Can Watch

  • Ngl I bet it was somebody waiting to jump you

  • 11:45 me: YOU LIED RIGHT HERE

  • no no no, not 10 minutes, but 6 minutes Fit! 1 hour has 60 minutes not 100, so that is 8000 divided by 10 is 800 or 6 minutes of flight not 10 minutes, cause 10 minutes of flight would be 13333.333 blocks!