This 2b2t Clone Shouldn't Exist

Publicerades den 29 aug 2020
Today we explore a 2b2t "clone" that is just as awful as you would expect. Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device:
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  • First video in a while to actually make me mad while filming. Enjoy! If you want to support the channel, you can try Dashlane Premium for free on your first device:

  • Fit: *imma camite sudoku*

  • Fit: dies once Fit after being trapped in a bedrock cube: die, die, die, die...

  • I dont know why anyone plays bedrock on pc. The only reason i uaed to play bedrock alot is because alot of my friends are on console

  • there is a hack for mbile that can give you op stuff

  • This isn’t a clone this is just people trying to give console and mobile players the chance To play an anarchy server.

  • from the hunt from hunt "ED"

  • This has to be the most kaizo Minecraft experience, tops out Cat Mario.

  • WHAT WAS THAT FLINT N' STEEL WHAT THE HELL Like I play bedrock, and COMMANDS can't do that. what hacks are they using.

  • 0:34 oh that's still a problem? . . . good . . . love that

  • 42k flint and steel

  • What's the ip

  • Joins anarchy server Complains that the anarchy server is anarchy

  • Hi fit so I played on this server for a while can I have the items that they gave to you ? It would be a cool video idea

  • Yeah this is an actual anarchy server, sorry your not tough enough

  • 0:31 excuse you bedrock doesent have that glitch

  • I play bedrock

  • This man uses two periods at the end of every sentence

  • This is odd this isn’t even how normal bedrock is

  • I mean, the original 2b2t is also an anarchy server, a true one, its just anarchy for everyone, Hausemaster included. He could do what he wants, its anarchy.

  • An ACTUAL anarchy server

  • 4:40 you have to type your full name

  • Fit: goes on an anarchy server Fit: WheRe’S ThE aNti-ChEat ???

    • to be fair, most anarchy servers have anti cheats to not have exploits active

  • what is the server code


  • hmm

  • mcbe isnt bad you show a bug when you go to long you fall to void

  • Try 4b4t on java

  • at least its actual anarchy and its not an illusuion

  • Ahh my 2b2t home, 2b2t Orphanange Edition. I yoinked some shulkers with End Portal Frames, a completely hacked in Elytra, Bedrock blocks, a Dragon Head, some of those Nether Portal bits, and a lot more stuff. Oh yeah there was some red obsidian, idk wtf that is about. I was also given more Portal frames in exchange for a single End Crystal. Also yes there I got Fly Hacked on by someone with Damage Pots. I love this server though, its so extreme I can't believe it actually exists. You should make more content for the 2bad2terrible Poorhouse Edition server Fit.

  • berock on console: you fucked up now boi minecraft bedrock pc:egrewhfiuqerfigwerfbetrgfoithfijergfouihteroiuhgfkjftergk

  • i just wanted to say that splash text tho "don't bother with the clones" fits perfectly with the vid theme

  • /kill@s

  • Lmao this is like watching one of those ideological anarchists actually experience real life anarchy. 😂 Learning about the reality of human nature

  • the people who play bedrock watching this video :O

  • Btw sometimes i give just random new players g apples

  • *fit freaking out about no anti-cheat, but 2b2t doesn't have one either*

  • Isnt there /suicide

  • there's a player on there called here itristan

  • "'I at least get to fulfill my dream of impaling someone with a sharp pointy stick" 8:48

  • What were you expecting when you enterer a bedrock portal?

  • Hah as b

  • petiton for majang to combine bedrock and java into one so that i, and many other bedrock players, can experience 2b2t stop saying bedrock is always bad, it's mojang who made these two versions being 2 versions :(

  • Anyone know the ip?

  • Copy cats get it?

  • Wait you don’t know what portal blocks are

  • Plot twist I play in this server

  • Seems the “anarchists” don’t actually like anarchy

  • Hey hey HEY!, We don't have 2B2T on bedrock, so we have this to be our paradise for anarchy.

  • Please give me the link I want to experience hack

  • Please give me the link I want to experience at

  • Idk what u want us to do

  • The chat is basically people asking for hacks/cheats and how to /kill the entire time lol

  • 0:35 yeah no one is a fan of teleporting 1 trillion blocks out from spawn

  • fit: annoyed at there being no /kill me: does he know that /kill doesn't work on 2b2t anymore?

  • Plz what is the name of it

  • School wby

  • Its a good server its just quite bad coz u cant /kill which is because on bedrock u dont have that permissions to /kill unless ur server owner

  • The /kill command for bedrock is “/kill @s”

  • feel my pain

  • “These guys blatantly fly hack” bruh he fly hacks every video hes made lol

  • Well it is *bedrock* edition after all

  • 2:50 *OOF*

  • Life is a constant bruh

  • us bedrock players have no /kill without op

  • Alternate title: *Grown Man craps on bedrock for 10 minutes*

  • I wonder if he'll call 2b2t "the oldest anarchy server" this episode

  • But what about 9b9t? Is this a good clone? Is it worth to play?

  • Like how the message in the title screen was "don't bother with the clones"

  • ...there u go another hate vid of minecraft bedrock

  • The fact that I joined this server

  • Those people making fun of him for being FitMc must feel rlly stupid watching this

  • Policemike55

  • hacking on minecraft servers is sad in java but in bedrock its even sadder (btw i mean on servers like hypixel or the hive)

  • nobody: fit: i want to commit sudoku!!!

  • People flexing iskall85 has mending and unbreaking flint and steel...😎 Me after i saw the flint and steel at 8:00.. 🤨🤣

  • What is the ip?

  • this is a bedrock glich. if u do /give@s it works only on bedrock but /give @s dosnt

  • /suicide is this comand to die

  • Whats the ip

  • Me who plays on Xbox and has no way to join the server on Java. (I can’t join right?)

  • Ip pls

  • Cpe is the better one fit. should make a vid on it. if you do read this contact me

    • OpenAnarchy is better its for java and bedrock

  • Its hard to hack in bedrock

  • Thats why its called minecraft bedrock every server that has no anti cheat Has alot of bedrock

  • Its more easy to strave in bedrock editon

  • you cou;d go out of the portal

  • I just joined and got a fish with every enchantment 32767 from 6 people

  • My school is working on a 2b2t clone just for the school

  • No anti cheat=32k armor

  • 6:34 hey, I played this server before and I've been on that SAME EXACT island before!

  • I play pocket edition

  • "Horrible Knockoff". I think that a server not being your idea of fun doesn't mean that it's not fun for people, like you said it's completely foreign to what 2b2t. I would guess that 99.99% of minecraft players would think 2b2t is a horrible server and can be said to be a horrible cloan of the 1st 'multiplayer' server.

  • Wait I can type server ips on bed rock!? Or is that pc bedrock bc I play xbox and I can’t type IP address

  • What the ip and address

  • i mean....he wanted anarchy didn't he? True chaos!

  • i play bedrock on my xbox and it isnt really laggy

  • Whats the ip?

  • Wish you could access true 2B2T on Bedrock. I wanna play on my PS4.

  • When I see dashlane and free for first device me go on my browser on the link and get that juicy vpn to watch US netflix