This Bedrock Survived 8 Years on 2b2t

Publicerades den 3 okt 2020
Today we uncover the mystery of how several pieces of illegal bedrock survived for 8 years without being removed on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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  • *Time travel is invented* Normal people: become rich, know the future, etc Fit: goes back to 2012 to find out who placed the bedrock

  • BOTW shine soundtrack at the beginning tho

  • I have something to say Fit hope you read this I know I bedrock structure that you have never show in you vid

  • I was 4 or 5 when it was placed

  • I place the bedrock there, contact me for more info

  • It could be placed in august 23

  • The modern-day real-life equivalent would be the New York City Central Park survey bolt.

  • i placed the bedrock lol

  • 8:02

  • My guy can talk about a bedrock block and make it interesting now thats talent

  • ...

  • It survived because its not a historical structure. FitMC **makes a video on it** Griefers : well well well, it sure is historical now.

  • Fit. Fit... the thing is the following, Bedrock, in it’s gamecode, is programmed to be unbreakable. How, I wonder just how, was it able to survive for 8 years?

    • their are ways to break bedrock like pyros commet and bedrocked were griefed plus gamecode means nothing anyways

  • nobody: fitmc when I click one of his 2b2t videos: "THE OLDEST ANARCY SERVER IN MINECRAFT"

  • wow its older then me

  • Bedrock at Y 1: Meh Bedrock at Y 10: WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!

  • If there is bedrock in a chest, hopper + dispenser EZ

  • imagine if you just placed a random block accidently today and then in the future it is historical

  • Elysium.....why does that sound familiar?

  • The BOTW music is really fitting

  • Popbob’s skin is the same as mine

  • Zelda music I respecc

  • Are the world downloads of spawn public? If so where would one find them?

  • I placed the bedrock after I pick it up off a dead player drop

  • "sup house! What are you doing? Im making content for future youtubers By placing 2 bedrock blocks? Shut up u will understand in 8 years"

  • Legend of Zelda music?

  • the bedrocks below y:5: *p a t h e t i c*

  • The world was made 10 years ago. It was placed in 2012 and it's been 9 years that means it was there in the second year since the server was made Old bedrock..

  • I literally have never played this server but still watch these

  • The breath off the wild music at the start

  • Eventually, there will be no dirt blocks on the server...

  • Hmm yes 1+1 = 2

  • He can literally talk about 3 pieces of rock and still be entertaining

  • The Bedrock: We may have lost a Brother but we've seen war.

  • this sand near bedrock survived even more

  • Who knows what's hiding under other lava casts....

  • lol i am in queue 164

  • Nuts how you can make a whole 8 minute video about 3 blocks out of a Minecraft world with 921,600,000,000,000,000 blocks

  • Why thers( breath of the wild zelda) music

  • bruh this is so jnteresting its like history

  • Hey fit, im the one who placed it. lmk if you want an interview.

  • Why if the server is anarchist, there are illegal items like bedrock? Shouldn’t be they allowed?

  • E

  • Them people just go full *M O N K E* when they find something weird

  • The bedrock id now 9 years old

  • What's 00

  • To be honest saying that bedrock barely survived tells a lot about this server.

  • For some noobies, u can break bedrock with a stone slab and a sign... All u need

  • Him: how this bedrock survived Me: well it can't be broken

  • the fact bedrock can be greifed specks volumes about 2b2t

  • After watching many of FitMC's 2b2t videos I still wonder if it's the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft or not. He barely mentions it.

  • Nice shrine sound from The legend of zelda breath of the wild At the beginning

  • bruh. the bedrock at spawn stood there for 10 years

  • Even the strongest will die

  • freaking out about 3 pieces of bedrock

  • Wait, imagine surronding someone chest with bedrock...

    • Lol imagine surrounding an entire base with bedrock

  • Well, I mean, the bedrock can't be replaced so...


  • Well is bedrock what you was expecting

  • Not Only These Pieces of Bedrock Survived But The Original Landscape Around It Is Gone. Until 2017 the OG Land Was Still There But after 2018 Until now The OG Land Has Gone. And Also Xcc2's Highway Now Near These Bedrocks Is Also Gone, After 8 Years Is Finally Gone

  • Imagine your a really old player with a photographic memory and you just watch the world changing

  • I was born on the date it was placed (but 2003)

  • its just a block

  • 4:59 Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes!

  • To much lore for two pieces for bedrock

  • Hmm, ofc bedrock survived.

  • Bruh Zelda music

  • What the intro music

  • Bedrock in a normal server: invincible Bedrock on 2b2t: “mommy hep”

  • Welp this video is going to get those 2 pieces of bed rocko removed

  • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • This guy can literally make content from just a few bedrock pieces ;-;

  • Fake the bedrock on the bottom of the world is the oldest surviving bedrock in 2b2t

  • I thought bedrock was unbreakable

  • Make a video on why people lava cast

  • You should make a series called POPBOB, THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND

  • 3 seconds in he says : Oldest Anarchy Server In Minecraft

  • Well that title name wasn't too bright...

  • I'll maybe not join 2b2t but I want to See The Server How Was Back Then from 2010 until now. I Just Want to Make These In My World

  • man i'm really starting to think this is the oldest anarchy server o.o

  • i wonder who placed it..

  • I know why it's survive because all of the bedrock have community and lots of population and that little bedrock has low population

  • Why Zelda music

  • Policemike55

  • Fun fact: your just listening to a man talking about a random rock

  • This appears to have been placed so nonchalantly that even the person who placed it probably doesnt even remember it

  • Man, why isn't he a history teacher?


  • wait if there is world download cant someone just find a person base in the download world then go grief it???

  • the oldest anarchy server

  • I’m just here to comment on the epic legend of Zelda shrine music

  • Lololololololol this bedrock survived 8 years The millions of bedrocks that’s survived 10+ years

  • If you look closely at 8:12, you can see there's even more Bedrock in the background.

  • Wait, 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server?

    • Ye


  • WoW

  • The 3rd bedrock piece were broken by "cerealwithnomilk " search it in youtube

  • I swear, griefers just want to see the world burn

  • It's like the bedrock it can't break btw I know it's illegal bedrock.

  • I did not place it.