This Bedrock Survived 8 Years on 2b2t

Publicerades den 3 okt 2020
Today we uncover the mystery of how several pieces of illegal bedrock survived for 8 years without being removed on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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  • *Time travel is invented* Normal people: become rich, know the future, etc Fit: goes back to 2012 to find out who placed the bedrock

  • Bedrock in a normal server: invincible Bedrock on 2b2t: “mommy hep”

  • Welp this video is going to get those 2 pieces of bed rocko removed

  • The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

  • This guy can literally make content from just a few bedrock pieces ;-;

  • Fake the bedrock on the bottom of the world is the oldest surviving bedrock in 2b2t

  • I thought bedrock was unbreakable

  • Make a video on why people lava cast

  • You should make a series called POPBOB, THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND

  • 3 seconds in he says : Oldest Anarchy Server In Minecraft

  • Well that title name wasn't too bright...

  • I'll maybe not join 2b2t but I want to See The Server How Was Back Then from 2010 until now. I Just Want to Make These In My World

  • man i'm really starting to think this is the oldest anarchy server o.o

  • i wonder who placed it..

  • I know why it's survive because all of the bedrock have community and lots of population and that little bedrock has low population

  • Why Zelda music

  • Policemike55

  • Fun fact: your just listening to a man talking about a random rock

  • This appears to have been placed so nonchalantly that even the person who placed it probably doesnt even remember it

  • Man, why isn't he a history teacher?


  • wait if there is world download cant someone just find a person base in the download world then go grief it???

  • the oldest anarchy server

  • I’m just here to comment on the epic legend of Zelda shrine music

  • Lololololololol this bedrock survived 8 years The millions of bedrocks that’s survived 10+ years

  • If you look closely at 8:12, you can see there's even more Bedrock in the background.

  • Wait, 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server?


  • WoW

  • The 3rd bedrock piece were broken by "cerealwithnomilk " search it in youtube

  • I swear, griefers just want to see the world burn

  • It's like the bedrock it can't break btw I know it's illegal bedrock.

  • I did not place it.

  • bruh im 9 years old

  • The music in the backround is from Zelda breath of the wild

  • 1:23 and how house master placed it theare for fun

  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • no shit its bedrock

  • Ehhh... Isn't all bedrocks on the ground 10 years old?

  • When Zelda Musik hits just right

  • I thought he meant the Bedrock above the void since that could be the only Bedrock that can survive for yrs actually

  • I placed them so many years ago... After getting this bedrock, I wanted to test if I can place them so that’s why the 3 blocks are here. But that was just my test, they are more. And much more at my secret base... Far from the spawn, under an ocean, between level y 1-4 of full bedrock, All the level y 2/3 was bedrock removed Level 5 is a bedrock random pattern to make a camo from xrayers That make my unbreakable secret room, not discovered to this day.

  • I placed it there I was going to go on a giant egg out of glass in bedrock but I failed well it could have been me I think well I know a long time ago I was playing on some worlds and I built a giant egg out i almost built in giant egg out of glass and bedrock

  • New players: well duh it’s bedrock

  • There is a kid somewhere in the world that was born when it was placed and is now watching tbt2 and Minecraft video

  • Fit is this your real voice or do you use a voice actor

  • I mean it’s bedrock

  • When you hear the sentence "this piece of bedrock survived for 8 years on 2b2t.".

  • In the future people might make a hack that Let’s you see who place the block and exact date it was placed and destroyed

  • Housemaster watching this video, will know where the weird bedrock is located and will delete it asap lmao.

  • Make it 9 years old

  • I love 😀 how he put zelda music in the background 😂 respect++++++

  • i like 2b2t

  • When you realize that random imaginary rock is older thesome annoying kid that you've met some time ago.


  • it's not 2020 it's 2021 THIS IS SATIRE

  • What's the name of music at the begining?

  • I was the one who place those 2 bedrocks from 20 13 well i baby reveal my secret

  • Am I the only one who sees that there is climate change in minecraft. The ice after a year was water

  • Tbh I’m impressed you can run shaders on 2b2t without your computer shutting itself

  • Welcome to 2b2t we got no rules This is the oldest blah blah And fitmc What did fitmc do On every video he always say oldest in every 2b2t videos he made

  • Kool

  • ok I think I know how one of the Bedrock pieces was broken it was definitely in 2020 okay so I was messing around with TNT in a flat world placed too much apparently at one point if you place a ton TNT and I'm meaning like 5'000 TNT near Bedrock you can actually break it

  • 2b2r: is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft. FitMC: I can milk it

  • Only in 2b2t is this significant

  • its bedrock it cant be destroyed execpt by hause

  • Hey fit just watched this video and wanted to say I actually placed those blocks


  • Intro song? Heard it somewhere before

  • the fact that you can actually narrow it down to only a few guys...

  • shoutout to that cobblestone who survived 7 years next to the bedrock

  • 2019: Have good day! 2020: Stay alive out there.

  • Considering no one has yet to find bed rock harbor I’d say it’s highly likely plenty on illegals still exist

  • Now this man can said "I made money from merely rocks". Now that's wolfofminecraft. He can sell catshit to a dog.

  • Like my comment no pressure though no pressure

  • *FitMC’s Motto* _The oldest anarchy sever in Minecraft_

  • C mon make a different content

  • The sound is from botw shrine

  • nice music

  • This is what new players think of when people say "reminants of what was placed 10 years ago can still be found today"

  • I love how when ever Fit says someone's name/nickname that person pops up on screen.

  • Your videos are bs

  • Fit cerealwithoutmilk griefed that bedrock

  • Music in the intro was a bit loud

  • oh, i placed it. i stole some from xcc2's stash and placed some of it down trying to build a bedrock boat but then popbob killed me and i couldnt build it anymore.

    • here from r/2b2t memes lol

    • Lmao sure

  • How is it an anarchy server if there are illegal things ?

  • If HauseMaster has been actively preventing players from using illegal items or working around plugins, then is this truly an 'anarchy' server?

  • FitMc's therapist: So, tell me about your past. FitMc: IT ALL STARTED ON THE OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER IN MINECRAFT.

  • oh thats where that bedrock i had went thanks for telling me

  • Love that intro music

  • Fit Makes video the day after housmaster im about to end this mans whole career

  • Im Playing On That Bedrock Since 2014 Bro

  • i love the zelda music in the background

  • person that placed that might be watching

  • How tf bedrock get broken 😠

  • Fit: This bedrock survived for over 8 years The Bedrock Over The Void That Survived 10 years: Pathetic

  • Next infinity incursion date 01122020

    • ii is bad group they aint gonna do shit

  • Imagine if the one who placed this saw this video, breathing a sigh of relief since he never continued on the bedrock serpent, as he leans back on his couch while sipping on his coffee,

  • ive only played 2b2t once found 13 bedrock in a chest and left never been on since (like 7 years ago on my old account)

  • When you realise that the bedrock survived for longer than the anti-vax kids