VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover why a giant obsidian portrait of the VTuber Usada Pekora has suddenly appeared, and find out who was responsible.
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  • Watchmen: "The OWO is the largest handmade structure on 2b2t!" Usada Pekora: "Hold my carrots..."

  • USADA JUNICHIでわろける。ぺこ純てぇてぇ

  • Peak degeneracy

  • Imagine how hard it is to build plus defending it against griefers but the vtuber pekora have no response

  • Vtuber or youtubers

  • I love the fact that Usada Pekora her self watched this video just to see this unimaginable accomplishment

  • first a owo than a wifu...

  • Carai mermao q cabeça de lâmpada da porr


  • 4:19 godzilla

  • “We’ll drop nukes on them”


  • Now we wait for woof

  • Simps

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the giant EVA and Godzilla statue?

  • OwO

  • I hate v tubers

  • He says OwO so normally

  • The LAST thing I ever expected to see on 2b2t was peko.... just wow lol 😆 now her face will forever be cemented as the queen of anarchy

  • Therapist: IRL 2B2T isn't a thing, and it can't hurt you. IRL 2B2T: 0:28

  • No anime

  • i want to see fit's old incursion vids but pekora and 2021

  • cant wait for the grief to happen

  • Wither the weebs

  • Those madlad

  • Hardcore simps be like

  • OWO = wOo

  • Their parallels made me cry T-T instead of conscripting people they pulled through with the power of friendship. Truly an anime worthy endeavor.

  • the obsidian godzilla looks AWESOME

  • 3:40 111 years old?!!?!?!!?

  • Time for the 800th incursion.

  • neat

  • uSAdA PeWkora~!

  • Hololive has invaded minecraft

  • Cool

  • Me go to owo and im gonna start a uwu


  • Building the yamato feels like a reference for the secrecy of the project.

  • Woof sounds like the biggest sore loser ever lol, the fact he got bedtrapped hahaha

  • i unironically want that to be griefed

  • The next incursion is going to be absolutely legendary. Just imagine hundreds of thousands of Nousagis just defending Pekora as she made her way to the build. That would both be amazing and hilarious to see.

  • Oh man 2b2t is now in pekora's hand

  • i can already hear the bgm and laugh combined with TNT

  • sasuga peko

  • It makes me wanna come in and see for myself their effort of it Like siting under a tree and look at it for hours

  • what they did is kinda good and kinda bad

  • Raze it to the ground we must, Anime is a sin.

  • Well, I hope Pekora is satisfied by that lmao But bet she just ignored it, classic Pekora from what I've seen lul

  • only a few knows that the group's banner is japanese army flag which is asian nazi

  • Rip OWO… He should not have lost to something so cringe.

  • I respect their willpower and courage to conquer land and rule over 2b2t

  • Fit: They call themselves “Nihongun” Me: Oh shit, last time I heard that, they were people who commited the most warcrimes in WW2 Me also: oh wait, THEY ARE A WAR CRIMINAL’S FANS.

  • Anything a japanese do is literally anime referenced But srsly the betrayal is one heck of an anime including the bed trap

  • what a bunch of sodding simps

  • Man we live in the weirdest timeline but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to witness history go down again in 2b2t

  • Just wait until the vtubers start playing on 2b2t

  • Oh yes thumbnail

  • His face on the thumbnail is priceless

  • your beard is bigger then my face

  • looking at 2bt2 map i dont see the the anime girl any where or the yamatosen

  • Pekora.. ❤❤❤ army

  • Vtubers: *we will Conquer 2b2t* Popbob Fitmc Housemaster and more: *am I a joke to you?*

  • Why they don't build with whol

  • Imperial Japan will rise again

  • Pekora is secretly a madman

  • I wait for another group to build in NE quadrant "No anime" penguin.

  • Btw it's not yamatosen in real life it's yamato

  • *red army joins* rip japan

  • Vtubers are dumb grown men with motion cap software and voice changers.

  • OMG the player look so cute !!

  • Now, imagine if they made Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Ah yes

  • I felt bad for poor woof

  • Welp time to put my own carving on that server hehe

  • Does anyone else get unnaturally angry every time Fit pronounces what is clearly an “owo” as “owu”? Oh my god it’s pissing me off so much

  • YESSS!!!!

  • AH↓HA↑HA↑HA↑

    • @Zoya oh my god theres too much ollie

    • PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️

  • fine ill subscribe

  • Those Army gangsta until technoblade join the server and want that giant statue gone

  • It's official now:all japanese minecraft players have anime skins

  • It's official now:all japanese minecraft players have anime skins

  • They built eva-01?!

    • That would be amazing

    • Just wait till someone uses Redstone to make a working eva 01

  • I will destroy that if it takes my whole life and years of planning I don't care what height I have to go to that will be gone one day

  • Ow0

  • Woof lost so bad.

  • POV:ur lokking for pekora coment lol

  • あざーす

  • 1:21 a bald man 31 y/o with massiv beard


    • Yes why do you think she’s played so much TABS

    • @AlmondMilk i think you doesnt know what toxic mean

    • @AlmondMilk dude you just say cRY aBoUt iT

    • @IRFAN i dont think you know what toxic means

    • @AlmondMilk you toxic for no reason

  • I want to grief it

  • I can’t believe FitMC literally pulled me into the VTuber rabbithole

  • Me seeing 2b2t: Wtf is a 2b2t? Me seeing few secs of the video: Oh so it's a deadly server where some make obsidian pixel art of some sort, takes a lot of time but shouldn't be that hard Bald guy: All in Survival Nani!?!?

  • "Oh dexter, dexter! say it again dexterr!!" :UwU

  • Meanwhile the server itself is the Minecraft incarnation of Haachama.

  • what was that symbol between uwu and pekora? it is bigger than pekora structure

    • The stone masons group symbol, as it was built using bots it doesn't count for "bigger handmade obsidian structure".

  • SHO_JPN I didnt know these 2b2ters played roblox. Im proud of what they have done.

  • laugh so hard for woof

  • This is disgusting.

    • @MAN streams in America

    • This is America God Dammit!

  • Pekora would be proud to be the inspiration for this build. Here's hoping that Vtube would be the part of eventual world peace.

  • Owooh