VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover why a giant obsidian portrait of the VTuber Usada Pekora has suddenly appeared, and find out who was responsible.
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Additional Footage/Images/Information:
SAMIndex (Japanese 2b2t SElistsr) - selists.info/like/tMMfB_NvoI3X7HoMs-CTAA
Cityboss1 (Images, Footage, Information)
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  • Watchmen: "The OWO is the largest handmade structure on 2b2t!" Usada Pekora: "Hold my carrots..."

  • Salute

  • Never have I been so proud of our Saicho ❤️🥕 . Proud Nausagi 🥕🥕🥕♥️


  • Btw you are not saying OwO you are saying UwU press a little more on the O´s not a mistake just a simply miss pronouncement =)

  • My mission is to end this lol

  • OMG Who is Usada Pekora!?

  • when a cilent maker puts anti anime hax anime vtubers: oh no

  • Nobody can overcome Usada Kensetsu.

  • "owu"

  • What hack client should I use on 2b2t

  • a lazy bone in a group got kicked then become a dedicated griefers. wtf .

  • Man keeps saying owu

  • You look like floki from vikings season 5

  • Ah yes, the war criminal is going to join, yabe

  • Welcome in the rabbit hole peko

  • You got that right

  • Incursion time! Probably...

  • This has to have an Anime Adaptation. STUDIO WITS, you know what to do.

  • Rushia was actually the first v-tuber appearance in 2b2t, aka the great obsidian wal-

  • Why would u even grief a giant project

  • *slap* no anime.

  • Woof is a brave guy, and kind of a moron. Why not get some other players to grief along? Taking all the builders by himself was dumb.

  • Waifus invaded 2b2t, *fellow weebs will apppreciate them*

  • What a pathetic waste of time

  • OwO : IM THE BIGGEST Usada pekora : Hold my carrot Spawn mason : NO

  • This is Massive-Peko.

  • "it's cute peko"

  • why cant i get away from anime


  • I've never seen anyone saying the name "Usada Pekora" with such serious voice. What a chad.

  • every month there is another invasion

  • This is a peko-piece

  • so the story is just simps

  • Ok

  • So cool

  • HA↘️HA↗️HA↘️HA⬆️HA↘️HA↘️

  • But woof still has his main acc right? He could use it and grief the obsidian pekora The obsidian pekora is already done But if he grief it people who wanna see itbin person wouldnonly see it destroyed

  • Dream SMP will handle that.

  • 3 years later: why is there a giant Zero Two face in 2B2T

  • Godzilla and evangelion unit 01 3:23 🤣

  • They got that bastard AND they have the moral high ground

  • This Woof guy acts like an actual anime villain. Hell, he was even sealed like some sorta demon lord.

  • If Woof put the energy he spent getting revenge into being a normal player, he wouldn't have been kicked. Maybe he just needed motivation... it's funny that they created their own supervillain.

  • and an Japanese Advertisement on an 2B2T Documentary for me.

    • And it is another VTuber putting their introduction as an Ad


  • Poor Watchmen, they held the record with oWo for less than a month. RIP

  • Woof is screaming for help till this day.

  • Dream smp fans : wow it has such a complicated lore and history. 2b2t : hold my water bucket

  • 6:18 He wrote ez. He broke the law and will now have to answer for hus crimes against humanity....with death.

  • This is like an anime this could be an anime series lol

  • I love that there is a massive Yamato battleship too

  • These obsidian structures are gonna keep getting bigger


  • Why WEEBS like me invading 2b2t

  • And this is when the World has reached it's limits; when p**ophilia got everywhere; into everything.

    • Oh, cry me a river twittard

  • them be like :haha bedtrap go brrrrrrrr

  • oh boy, just wait for the shark girl obsidian portrait to come out

  • War Criminal Logo in a War server, now we need the War Criminal herself to play in that War server.

  • dying over and over and over? that's some golden experience requiem shit xdd is this a jojos reference?

  • I’m currently waiting the Japanese invasion of korea

  • She's coming to commit war crimes. None of you are safe.

  • We must destroy it It is time for a crusade my brothers DEUS VULT

  • Now we wait for the Gura build to come in at 3mil obsidian when she hits 3mil subs

  • Next : Bitwars reincarnated


  • End them!

  • Is no one gonna talk about player who placed half a million obsidian by himself? Just how much dedication he got in this project


  • time to build a 2.2 mil obsidian Raid shadow legends ad lul

  • I almost feel bad for woof

  • Now this is epic

  • So unironically the largest man made obsidian structure is a 100 year old half bunny and also a criminal

  • How come none of them use NBT Editor to spawn in items?

  • Bro fit looks like a Russian dude

  • Pekora said she wants to go visit it in person herself

  • anime people that do this shit suck

  • What is that compast looking thing

  • i thought that this was gonna be the English vtubers, so, i think the japanese are better than the english

  • And thus, 2b2t fell down the peko hole

  • Woof trying to beat Diavolo in most deaths

  • It was only a matter of time

  • Oh man I havent watch stuff about 2b2t in a long time, here we go again

  • WaifubWaifut

  • Can’t wait for the grief of this

  • The story kinda reminds me of jjba part 5. There is a traitor, and at the end he enters infinite death loop

  • Omg that's so ridiculous

  • Lol

  • if any one of these is gonna get griefed this one is going first

  • I can smell the future incursion from here

  • I only see this documenting guy lose his cool when its about OwO and Anime... And when house master ops one of his friends.

  • "What do you mean I'm popular among dangerous places?" Pekora 2021 when she was dressed up with a prisoner suit.

  • This is still a thing waaat

  • Nuke em again

  • You are banished to heck

  • Wow, the whole story can be a anime show

  • He maybe a douche... but i gotta say.. he is tenacious If it were me, i would already given up

  • im disgusted

  • bro actually yoiru möom

  • Can u try put spanish suntitles?