What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
Today we finally go in-depth to uncover what could be the single rarest item in 2b2t history.
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BotW:AoC - Lost Woods (Outpost), Daruk's Theme
Octopath Traveler - Victor's Hollow, The Trees Have Eyes
BotW: The Final Trial
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
Crystallising (2b2t Signed Books & Collectibles Network) - discord.gg/s4pYpwr


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  • da rarest item is ur helmet fit cuz ur fit da rarest guy in da gameeeeeee

  • I think that the book from Etika is the rarest, there’s only one Etika book and he will never write another one

  • 'if some books are more equal than others' animal farm reference???? anyone???? anyone????? ok just me then ;(

  • The rarest item in 2b2t, personally it would be Etika’s signed book that he made for Fit before his passing. That’s trully rare and a relic.

  • The rarest thing on 2B Trees

  • A TREE !

  • I am getting Chinese McDonald's ads

  • Damn. Did fit just do an Animal Farm reference

  • Ohohoho, I guess me and mah bois are in for a hunt...

  • Again, y is there botw shrine music!!?!?!?

  • Not gonna lie, that transition into the sponsor was kinda slick

  • Before I even watch the rarest things are probably barrier blocks or the owner's head

  • Rarest item is at 9:55

  • Housemasters head is the rearest

  • Who tf cares about some minecraft books ?


  • Aren't the 2 dragon eggs rare?

  • End portal frames ?

  • one time I play 2b2t this guy with full nerit he was flying and with a ender_dragon egg and he gave a book where you can use hacks in the book I touch I fly the house adim come see me the guy who gave me the book left and I got banned that means that book is gone if I come back I have that book

  • Mr.beast holding popbob

  • How to rickroll fitmc Step 1:play a 2b2t server. Step 2:run!!!? Step 3:build a house and put a sign and write this.if you find this house congratulations your the owner this house.if you destroy the house or grief your a homeless kid. PS: your homeless

  • Holy shi I been keeping up for 4 years I been watching since the first camping rusher episode on 2bt2

  • Still remember those camping rusher days😂

  • this was made on my dads birthday

  • This isnt an item, but i think a villager would be the rarest

  • The rarested thing in 2b2t is wood

  • Idea for rare item: 32k gold armor If I could get some that would be great (I like gold)

  • It’s probably a fake but a while back I was given what was called pop bobs sword but it’s probably fake

  • Meanwhile iTristan get fucked in normal PVP 2v1, what a looser lmao

  • 5s

  • 9:58 your welcome

  • My old friend has a signed book from etika in game rip

  • The oldest anarchy server on minecraft

  • hrmmmm I'm pretty sure Fits English is slipping... - more rare -fit 2021

  • What about coordinates to the Far Lands?

  • the botw music tho

  • So you mean that if i where in theory, Holding onto a map art of a +18 image that it would be worthless, Well that ain’t very cash money

  • its profound this server is something almost hard to comprehend.

  • The frequent tachometer molecularly fill because poison culturally subtract past a sleepy paperback. clear, five drain

  • The measly soldier contextually open because belief anecdotally coil forenenst a clumsy course. fascinated, numerous insurance

  • I don’t get it. So you can hack all you want and dupe just about everything but there are still certain pieces of gear that are not allowed?? Can someone explain this cause it sounds like this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

  • Would it be funny if they posted a video of throwing all 4 books into lava

  • imagine yeeting the books into lava

  • This minecraft apocalypse and its history is 10x better than anything humans have done IRL

  • the rarest thing is fit making a video that doesn't contain "the oldest anarchy server in minecraft" 0:03

  • Bug armor Nevers break and 64staks at same time and 32727enchatment is the Rares

  • the only way to keep soemthing safe in 2b2t is to put it in a ender chest and the owner of that ender chest needs to be banned and the account needs to be deleted and (you have to use a hack client for this part) put it in a 10 thick bedrock case thats below the part that people die in the void and (you also have to use a hack for this part) put atleast 20 withers around the case then make it so even the highest ranks in 2b2t cant look at whats inside the ender chest and you need guards with the strongest gear in 2b2t to protect it and use atleast 100 gaurds and you can use a dupplicater to get infinite of the best gear on 2b2t bro it took me so long to get that anwser but u probally aready know how to get into the enderchest with a wood pick oh ya and make it so there is 3 diff enderchests to make it so if somebody broke the first 1 then the item wont just come out

  • Why does this video remind me of greed island from hxh

  • I love the lore and stories in this server and I'd like to play this some time

  • an uncooked iron block

  • Fit mc stands for fit Minecraft?!

  • this is not a item but this is rarest is a a village that somebody have not been explored

  • im guessing fit has played age of calamity?

  • I have a screenie with Chris from mrbeast on 2b2t

  • why am i binge watching your damn videos

  • What about the mr beast books?

  • When that botw theme hits

  • grass in the spawn region

  • Why is legend of Zelda breath of the wild shrine music playing in the backround

  • I learn more from these videos than I do in US History class

  • “Mom, the internet is out, I can’t stu-“ Mom: 5:07

  • Gotta love the age of calamity music

  • Etika's book doe

  • Fit is the Deckard Cain of 2b2t passing around the great stories of old. Making sure the old legends are never forgotten.

  • I have this crazy crazy theory that this channel is owned by dashlane

  • Video begins at 7:20

  • CampingRusher is a fortnite news Channel now

  • Am i watching a Block Game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys let's somehow make dirt the most precious block in 2b2t

  • I like how people live in beacon houses and diamond blocks And heres a book thats 2000 $

  • The rarest item in 2B2T is A healthy relationship And no betrayal

  • i would have thought the rarest items in the game are the items only Hausemaster has?

  • Where do you get your hacks

  • Is my head, cause i never logged in that shithole

  • Set up a shop in 2b2t server

  • what happened to omaliymix? heard his name a few times, never found any info.

  • Everythings Fine Until Theres Books

  • i remember tommy wroted one too xD

  • 4:41 someone is confirmed a brony

  • "sigh" I want to show my dad base but I think my dad will get mad on me so yeah sorry I can't tell you

  • Actually, you can obtain bedrock in survival, but it isn't with a pickaxe, it's with piston/redstone contraptions.

  • love the divine trial music in the background

  • D

  • Hello, it turns out I've got a tattered book written by house master. I thought nothing of it because I thought tattered meant old or something and I knew housemaster owns server but I just thought it was some book. But I've still got if your interested in it there's no point in me having it so I'm offering you it

  • Rarest thing on 2b2t? Girls.

  • What hack client do you use and where can i get it?

  • There actually is a more rare item! It’s surprisingly not a book, or an unobtainable. What is it? I can’t tell you. It’s so valuable, it’s probably almost impossible to find or doesn’t exist. :)

  • "Most Valuable" And "Most Rare" mean mostly different things with some overlap fit

  • I love you fit I hope that in was a veteren but I joined 2b2t in 2020

  • Barrier block

  • 2k times: I wouldn’t consider them the rarest item

  • I love the BOTW he uses in the background

  • The rares iteam is a stick enchanted with knocckback 32k XD

  • this reminds me of sword art online

  • You should do a 2B2T iceberg video, if there is one

    • @randy giffin I'm literally giving him a video idea, what's wrong with that?

    • or just make one

  • Hey Fit, I have a question about 2b2t. How did spawn get griefed so badly? What tricks did they use, which exploits did they use, which items/hacks did they use? Sincerely,

  • 1:16 does anybody know what this texture pack is

    • @bazze11 No problem

    • @pondsy it was thanks so much man

    • @pondsy thanks man will look

    • I think that's the faithful texture pack

  • You’re the reason why I play Minecraft again

  • The actual rarest items are the friends we made along the way :)