What is 2b2t's RAREST Minecraft Item?

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
Today we finally go in-depth to uncover what could be the single rarest item in 2b2t history.
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BotW:AoC - Lost Woods (Outpost), Daruk's Theme
Octopath Traveler - Victor's Hollow, The Trees Have Eyes
BotW: The Final Trial
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
Crystallising (2b2t Signed Books & Collectibles Network) - discord.gg/s4pYpwr


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    • i thought the rarest items was a trident added in 1.12 somehow it is in one of the e chests in spawn

    • Swol man of crafted mines, bestow upon me your historical wisdom, so that I may know the ancient lore of 2b2t

    • Its hausmaster head

    • House’s head

    • A nongriefed placed

  • ...housemasters and pyrotypes head

  • Has anyone actually made a maximum enchanted wooden sword

  • tommyinnit signed a few books because those are very rare

  • Perhaps items that aren’t in the server yet? Theses items are in Minecraft, but their not in 2B2T... yet...

  • i think its trees

  • Popbob end portal

  • I think the rarest item in 2builders2tool it ores

  • They we never found my diary.

  • The rarest item ever WOULD BE a girlfriend dupe

  • The rarest item In 2b is fire

  • What about the first block ever mined? I wonder if there is even a way to track that down?

  • I'm gonna backdoor dupe something Tristan backdoor books

  • people who scroll down into comments all day, why? most of them are garbage, this one isnt garbage, just meaningless. :)

  • 64K sword

  • I feel like it is the command black as there is only one photo of it held by pyrobite and hasn't been found

  • :D

  • Mrbeast isnt a item🤣

  • Do a vid about all the events that changed 2b2t

  • @ 1:16 what is that texture pack

  • Crystallizing it s not Crystallin ??

  • More equal -fit

  • dragon egg?

  • I actually own what I believe is the most rare thing on 2B2T.... a book signed by Redstoner confirming his undying love for me, it’s titled “For Potato” I own the original in a shulker in my echest.

  • on my point of view having a tattered book is very rare

  • Wait I know this has nothing to do with the video but I just thought of two things realted to 2b2t updating.... one, with conduits you could make literally a ungriefable underwater base. And two, the new updates have risen the build limit meaning unless a build limit plug is put in ALL the logos are gonna be griefed by withers. Oh and pig step is copyrighted and I GUARANTEE that with the amount of streamers and youtubers on 2b2t as of 2021, THAT IT WILL BECOME A WEAOPON. One that actually may piss people off, simply because using it doesn’t mean griefing your build or trolling your account no it’s taking it outside of the server and griefing/trolling your socials and content. Playing pig step to ruin someone’s footage or to stop cords from leaking on a stream is the real world equivalent of walking into someone’s work office, standing g in there desk, and taking a shit on there work they just finished 😂💀

  • Etika’s book.

  • 5:46 Quote from Animal Farm

  • Can we just tall about how the camping rusher now does fortnite news videos

  • Anyone notice he accidentally quoted “Animal Farm”

  • 5:52 that one book is really annoying me

  • This video is s to 100k

  • Popbob's head is rarest

  • the fate bgm is sick

  • i love the breath of the wild background music

  • just say the name of the item, why does this last 10 minutes???

  • Name an item some random name... it’s that

  • the right answer is wood

  • Halfway into the video we are still on not the rarest items.

  • For some reason at the start of the video I thought it was a turd

  • You changed microphone?

  • Love the zelda botw music

  • Pop bob's head

  • You picked a pretty good one, but the fact that you actually picked TWO makes it... not quite the rarest LMAO. “The rarest are Tristan’s back door bookS” that’s plural so out of all the one of a kind books you chose something that’s apparently not one of a kind lol you chose a pair of things- Those books may be most VALUABLE. But rarest... close but apparently there’s two lol (if they’re different then like pick one to be the rarest lmao)

  • "...if all of these books are equal or if some are more equal than others..." that brings back some memories.

  • 𝚒 𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚋𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛'𝚜 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍

  • Or maybe the most rare would be a full oak tree at spawn

  • The rarest item in 2b2t:the first block EVER obtained

  • I play mc bedrock but I’ve seen in a vid with only like a few views it was years ago and they found a book written by a ytuber

    • And the book had commands in it to give u full diamond (armor)

  • the rarest thing ever COULD be copy of tattered, but it cant exist

  • The most common block in 2b2t : obsidian

  • 1

  • medning

  • First block broke

  • The rarest thing on 2b2t is trust

  • 5:52 ocd kickin in

  • Awh mannnn! That stupid notification glitch happened and i missed months of stuff :( at least i have new stuff to binge :)

  • how does something become more equal than equal?

  • Anybody want it, they now where is it, but nobody can hold it hausemaster's head

  • I have a base at spawn 0.0.0 😀

  • Rarest item in 2b2t: Bases Built w/o getting greifed

  • Fake

  • How does fit make these videos so epic

  • Diamonds are rarer

  • what abt pyrobyte and the other guy who thought we was a kings books?

  • How about disc?

  • Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • A rare item is one thing, but fighting itristan like i did (and no it was not a 9 year old with a skin) is another thing. And no im not bragging im just Saying, alright?

  • The most rarest item in 2B2T is not getting griefed on the server

  • a job

  • ahhhhhhhh joining 2b2t for the first time. 12 hrs left in queue pfttttt yeah like its gonna bee 12 hours. falls asleep in front of pc. 7 hours later wakes up ah only 500000 hours in queue to go lovley.

  • Signed book by tommyinnit held by goujon and sanku. He is the biggest streamer on twitch and almost has 10 million subs lmao

    • just overrated

  • "i think i know where to look.." random ad: KFC FRIED CHICKE-

  • Something even more rare exists: Every single player in the server. Technically (You)

  • invisible bedrock?

  • "Some are more equal than others" **Soviet anthem intensifies**

  • Rarest Minecraft Item: According to Location: ~ Spawn - Wood - Dirt - Food Safety: - None -

  • Your forgetting tridents, nobody has one, super rare am i right?

  • I'd argue that a max tier horse would be even more rare considering someone could just kill it and they take a long time to get

  • 0:03 the Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft button

  • I think you have the rarest item on 2b2t. Information on all this dang good stuff

  • My minecraft head is the rarest 2b2t item

  • a vilager, not a villager HEAD, a vilager.

  • my bet is on cake.

  • I thought it would of been a end portal block

  • Epic Legend Of Zelda music

  • Listen it sound stupid but the most likely rarest thing in 2b2t is probably unenchanted leather armour or diamond ore

  • You are more rare than anything

  • dignity

  • i love 2b2t content

  • The rarest item is a diamond sword with thorns

  • me waiting for book signed by pekora

  • the true rarest item in 2b2t is... a tree...

  • Rarest Item: First crafting table ever created from the first tree punched at spawn.

  • rarest minecraft item is simply a texture missing unable to open tattered book. yup thats it,FitMC

  • Structure void is the rarest item. I think there's none in 2b2t

  • petrified oak slab is pretty much rare

  • 9 year olds: nah nah its diamond sword

  • I would think having a dead bush is really rare cause you cant even get a dead bush even if you try to break it.

  • i have a enchanted blaze powder