Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"

Publicerades den 2 jan 2021
Today we discuss how the Ender Dragon's behavior on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft has changed over the years, and how a recent development has some players worried.
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Rays Works (Footage) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4xR_...
iTristan (Footage) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=XROjE...
a0rta 1 (Footage) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgCsE...
IronException (Information/Renders)
mahan (Information)

Al's Penthouse - www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt9_U...
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NathanaelPlatier - Mecha Drago [Orchestrated] - www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0t6_...
Vexx OST - The Below, Intro


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  • If you wanna see a true final boss try fighting master mode for the worthy moon lord and If they don't work fight Master mode for the worthy empress of light

  • I joined yesterday only 2b2t and I gotten 300000000+ blocks away from spwan in that time I meet many people and they given me op enchated stuff like sharpness 30000866 sword etc etc. So is it in real like this enchat in 2b2t pls answer me and also how can we go in any team

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  • Dream after seeing that they can't kill the dragon with the crystals: PATHETIC

  • I decided to give in and start playing on 2b2t and forgot how long que times can be lol

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  • 2B2T -> Creativity = Weapon

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  • Atleast I have my end world and nether world and own far lands in a minecraft

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  • “And it even got corrupted to where a second dragon egg loaded” Me who has such a sucky computer and has 7: *amateurs*

  • It took you a while to say the phrase.

  • So there is a theory that endermen were trapped players who couldn't leave the end bc they weren't strong enough to defeat the dragon, kinda like this

  • I don’t know if punching an ender dragon with a bow is considered fighting.

  • Just one cycle lol

  • Poor dragon

  • Some random speedrunner with beds: World Record?

  • 1:20 This why you get the Achievement "Free The End".

  • ''oldest anarchy server'' im having nightmares about this sentence xd

  • Mum: Are you studying your history son! Me: Yes! Sound from my phone: The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

  • Do woodland mansions spawn in 2b2t

  • i wonder who has the ender egg

  • You know Minecraft isnte top selling game ever in history.its wow

  • The background music at video start is from Toy Story 2 game from 1999 and is called Al's Penthouse :)

  • Well, people might not know but! If the % of subs are high it means that the algorytm does not like the channel. I can't realy speek or type in Engish. But i had to tell you guys about that.

  • i really wonder why didnt they killed with 32k swords

  • this should be the ressurected version of the ender dragon just make is scale even more bigger and make it come out of the ground and make it roar and add boss music

  • Why do you blur the chat? I’ve been wondering

    • Some things in 2b2t chat is a little, umm, Inappropro.

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  • This Video: Is FIne The Captions: HEP I HAV STROK HEP HEEEEEEEEEEP

  • 7:25 in a bedrock world (at that time I was using bedrock, this was also around a year ago) I respawned the dragon and got another egg, is that normal or nah?

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  • Dragon egg appears a second time Bedrock players : this is fine

    • That has never happened to me and I already killed the dragon 11 times

  • I somehow managed to gain 2 legit eggs in vanilla singleplayer.

  • i want the real ender dragon to look like the one in the thumbnail as a phase 2 of the fight

  • Sea serpent

  • A Team Of Players Who Have Reach 100 Who Can Just Spam Their Mouse Button And Hit Every Hit: Weak.

  • I feel sorry for the dragon at this point.

  • 32k and the 32K bug: Im i a joke to you?

  • I can't remember my first dragon fight but it definitely was super scuffed, I probs died like 12 times without having a bed in the stronghold 😂

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  • the dragon on 2b2t is the boss the server deserves.

  • I wonder how Notch would react to his game now

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  • What happend if dream try to spped the most oldest server 2010 the world oldest minecraft server ever And oh yeah there almost get to 10 years the oldest server ever

  • The automatically generated vietnamese subtitles tell a whole another story

  • I'm curious what the developers think and if these glitches and exploits and coding of 2b2t has actually helped them work on the game more or even shown them something even they didn't know about there own game

  • Hes speak like crime investigation narator or disaster Chanel .

  • The dragon flies higher because it does fly to (0, 0) when going to the nest, but the height is determined by the highest block at the nest. The water counts to this, causing the ender dragon to fly really high. The reason for this feature is likely because the nest doesn't always spawn at the same y-value or something like that.

  • “The dragon is one of the most iconic boss fights in video game history” Bowser: am I a joke to you?

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  • Watch out for swimming ender dragons 🐉

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  • Just found out 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft, pog?

  • these noobs don't know how to one cycle the dragon smh

    • Note: idk if you're joking

    • (2b2t is 1.12 you can not one cycle it) Bruh the ender dragon does not land thst long it only land for like 5second because you can not destory the thing that keeping the enderdragon alive because some player made the end cry go so far away with piston

  • I want to lavacast the end

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  • What did they do in order to do this? I'm asking so I "dont" do it myself Here is a joke btw: 2b2t ender dragon got a few tips from sans, Matt and some other hard bosses

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  • at this point 2b2t is pretty much modded Minecraft.

  • no bull i found the dragon egg on 2b2t and use that torch trick to pick it up its in my e chest now

    • The enderdragon egg was from a long time ago and it was dupped lol

  • "Using crystal aura was the most reliable way of killing it" Speedrunners: Hold my beds

    • Ik this is a joke but crystal are still stronger just saying dont woosh me

  • I’m probably edgy, but damn the thumbnail looks REALLY sick

  • Ender Dragon: I like this Server