Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupted"

Publicerades den 2 jan 2021
Today we discuss how the Ender Dragon's behavior on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft has changed over the years, and how a recent development has some players worried.
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Vexx OST - The Below, Intro


  • dumb lizard lol

  • When you realize bubba j has a Nine skin (MHA heroes rising character) 👁_👁

  • at this point 2b2t is pretty much modded Minecraft.

  • no bull i found the dragon egg on 2b2t and use that torch trick to pick it up its in my e chest now

  • "Using crystal aura was the most reliable way of killing it" Speedrunners: Hold my beds

  • I’m probably edgy, but damn the thumbnail looks REALLY sick

  • Ender Dragon: I like this Server


  • Jesus christ the combat update was 5 years ago?!?

  • anther way for the cristles to get stuck is die dring the cut sean of the summining the dragon

  • Hmm is 2b2t the oldest anarchy server? I’m not sure?

  • The Ender Dragon got fed up after getting killed thousands of times that he/she had to buy a hacked client so that he can fly away off the map.

  • flying lizard

  • I enjoy your 2b2t videos so much. Its peaceful to just chill out and watch some of these.

  • Some needs to get rid of the water cube!

  • Its like WoW boss

  • if 2b2t was in 1.16 it wouldn't be invincible because you could just one cycle it, but in 1.12 you cant one cycle, which is why it was totally invincible.

  • I wouldn't call the Ender Dragon an iconic boss. Minecraft is an iconic game, but as a bossfight, the Ender Dragon is garbo.

  • in survival, i haven't killed the dragon, but in creative, yes.

  • Me that killed the exact replica of this ender dragon while not having any friends: Pethetic

  • Fun fact: this was the first FitMC video I watched.

  • Meh if i could get on of those 32k sharpness tools i could basicly one hit it

  • Moving like that in the water, she looks like a Lugia

  • God damnit rays

  • History class In 2090

  • Took him 19 seconds to say the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  • the tumbnail looks like the dragon got steroids and his veins is glowing


  • 1:44 Ah, this song

  • If they made this into a tragedy story of the End Dragon it'd be hard to read.

  • This was made Jan 2 2021... 7:00 The dragon goes up to the highest point of 0,0 for it to "perch" itself for its breath phase, and can glitch easily like this. I did this on my friends server to them and confused the hell out of them... but how do you not know about that mechanic?

  • Since hause had reset all end dimension progress he accidentally reset the eggs progress so they obtained a second egg

  • Taking dragon egg is possible

  • Why 2b2t's Ender Dragon is "Corrupt" The Ender Dragon is the only government on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.

  • when you realize that this came out in 2021 but it feels like it came out in 2020

  • The egg respawning may have been a duped egg

  • poor Jean.

  • A modded 2b2t with popular mods like engender and draconic evolution the chaos guardian would be so dangerous

  • lol me a noob for 1 year never been to the end without commands

  • Normal days

  • Umm cant you just kill him with beds fast enough?

  • Imagine you could ride dragons it would op

  • Imagine dream speedrunning 2b2t with or without cheats

  • Fit no cap u should be a teacher

  • There is a new egg because the water made a water dragon change the breed

  • "Corrupted"? Is it a griefer too? Genuine question

  • "if you've played minecraft, you've probably tried killing it at least once" _*played for 3 years+ and just bad the game gang"

  • how did the egg respawn? that makes no sense

  • bruh the captions for this video are a mess

  • the captions tho

  • you should use 32k weapon to 1hit the dragon

    • 32k sword were patch like on april 3rd 2017 soooo u cant use them anymore or even use hopper u cant use them still

  • i literly cannot stop watching him lolol

  • Enderdragon casually swan diving is a beautifull sight

  • I know to break it 2b2t: OOOOOOOO WE NOW CAN BREAK CRYSTALS

  • one cycle it lol

  • i discovered that 2b2t is mrbeats's server O_O

  • Wheres the cocaine and hooker stories on 2b2t?

  • She gonna rule longer than Vladimir Putin

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  • Question? Why do you constantly remind people that 2b2t is the "oldest anarchy server in minecraft"?

  • I wish 2b2t had a safe city ware a safe non toxic civilisation

  • there should be some villagers in the end who "got lost" idk but anyway there should be villagers in the end that are hiding from the dragon at the place you spawn in the end, and when you beat the dragon they should make it so the villagers get like swiftness 5 and just zoom to the portal XD giving "free the end" an understandable meaning (but only in seeds that have all the end portal frames filled in. insanely rare ik but thats the point it would be a funny little easter egg)

  • dude cant you bed it

  • When end crystal hacks were in ender dragon you can’t defeat me player I know but he can the hacks roar

  • Damn wtf i like the corrupted texture

  • Every enderman in the ocean: Welp, guess I'll die

  • We have to save it ots the ladt of its kind

  • I mean can't you one cycle

  • “in the java edition” bedrock edition:

  • Invincible crystals and the dragon: you cant defeat us.. The 2b2t men: i know.. but *It* can. The One And Only... *SHARPNESS 32K SWORD*

  • 7:00 it’s a water dragon

  • “ on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft “

  • I’ve played minecraft for years and can’t beat that dragon

  • nope

  • 4:21 where does the trail lead to?

  • can't u just one cycle it?

  • i think ima build a huge structure in the end but i need an idea lol

  • I thiught many players have prevented end crystal from respawning, due to trolls or something

  • Bed bombs can help drastically damage the dragon


  • 2b2t needs an anime Series

  • Now we need bedrock goaded cystals to God the dragon :)

  • Whats funny is in bedrock u can get 2 dragon eggs without duping the enderdragon egg

  • This man makes mincraft so interesting 💀

  • What even is this auto generated subtitles?!

  • I subscribed

  • Surprised fortnite wasn’t top 8 tbh

  • i thought ender dragon started smoking and drinking.

  • When you say that you’ve tried to fight the ender dragon at least once, did you mean in survival or creative or both

  • Dragon got corrupted!?!?!?

  • 2b2t literally defies all laws...

  • So basically the dragon is similar to hypixel sky block dragons

  • Legenda em vietnamita, foda

  • NO.. *SHE* Is now mad... *SHE* isn't dumb...

  • I just randomly found this guy and now i only watch him

  • Swimming dragon!

  • Dragon got supercharged

  • 10 seconds in ultimate cap best selling game is tetris

  • Hey fit I found an dragon egg in minecraft bedrock 2b2t when I was walking