Why We Destroyed This 2b2t Minecraft Base

Publicerades den 17 jul 2021
Today we will discuss why after 3 years, we have decided to destroy a massive survival base on 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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In this video, we discuss the history between two rival groups on the server, and how one of them finally took revenge on the other.
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Waiting 3 years is not exactly a speedrun.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!


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    • no way

    • I’m gonna go around soon as I can load in and start asking for free stuff lol 😂

    • Been watching a lot of ur content lately. Question to all: do you need a big beefy computer to run 2b2t or no?? I can run Java, realms etc no problem idk just never went on a “server”.. not on Java anyway All this Minecraft stuff changing around all the different versions over the years has confused me on all the lingo etc haha I’m tryna get back into Minecraft and wanna try out the oldest anarchy server !!

    • @FitMC what hacks do you use on 2b2t?

    • Dude hacks for phone are broken look on mcpe look up UTILITY hub it lets you see Heath and amor I have a bad feeling people are going to make different hacks

  • i hope dashlane is a wither type of company

  • Is OrsondMC an actual player or is he just a spoof front for Nerds Inc. to sell their NOCOM coordinates? "Beardler? Yeah, bigger piece of shit than even us. Go mess him up."

  • Isn’t builders haven the name of a server??


  • I found a duplicating mine shaft glitch omg im gonna get enchanted golden apples

  • i couldn't imagine his reaction when he logged in and saw the guys he did horrible shit to

  • 5:38 that is popularmmos(pat) OmG pat was 2b2t player

  • He should make a video on the veteran players today and what they do and what they used to do

  • How do i join 2b2t

  • top 10 most feared anime groups

  • Friends are family- unknown _______________________________ Guess whats in the blank spot

  • "He almost gotten away with it" *if it werent fot those meddling kids*

  • justice is served

  • you know if i was going to attack beardler and he combat logged i would make a redstone machine which would detonate end crystals when he spawned

  • This grief has been sponsored by Dashlane

  • What hacked client

  • Block game mecca is probably the best base name in the sever history

  • Serves him right

  • I wish I could join 2b2t but I have bedrock 😪

  • What would happen if 2b2t updated on 1.17

  • you know you are in trouble when fitmc gets involved

  • Good video

  • That guy is a monster for taking things

  • Fit finally did a little trolling

  • Come to brazil

  • My parents: stop watching that stupid game Me: Fit is one of the people who takes 2b2t like their life

  • o7

  • Still miss etika

  • 3:23 If you see the see lantern you saw something strange.. right? Its a fricking PE- [Banned For life]

  • i kinda feel bad for the guys not the theif but imagine pouring hundreds of hours of work so you can help some guy on a server just for that to go to waste because the owner stole a ton of stuff

  • I have pobbob’s new base’s cords and he was recently active

  • hey fitmc im trying to beat the record of the valley of wheat and im making the largest tree farm i hope you see this comment and come to my base on bedrock ill dm u the ip and coords if you commented on this video

  • Hey im 7 years old now and im gonna get a good pc so i can play 2b2t

  • I think it would blow my mind to be a couple million blocks out from spawn and still see player made structures. Everywhere you go, someone has been.

  • Why they destroy that?

    • The house is so big and so beautiful, then they destroy (°___°) \ / \/

  • 2b2t and Scicraft are 2 sides coin called Minecraft

  • Fitmc really doesn’t want us to forget it’s the oldest anarchy server on minecraft lol

  • I still don't get it, why would you put so much time and effort into building an actual base on a server like 2b2t?

    • It is fun to know it will inevitably get greifed one day


  • ye

  • Surprised they didn't trap his log spot and try and trap his spawn

  • Um fitmc I'm new to the server and do you have advice for me

  • 8:30 this guy knew what he was doing

  • Can you add me on Minecraft

  • 0:06

  • Oh my God guys!! I think he’s hacking!

  • with or without that grudge, the base will get destroyed since it's 2b2t.

  • Hey fit just curious which hacks do you use?

  • The unsuitable crop curiously release because clover distally concentrate including a longing client. gleaming, supreme kitty

  • nice

  • It is only the first base made

  • Forensic files minecraft

  • This seems staged. Still cool video though

  • I love how he named the withers after his sponser

  • you should do the history of shulker boxes on 2b2t cuz i want to know who the first person to get shulkers was?

  • Wtf I just made a 32k golden enchanted apple

  • Plot Twist:Beardler used his bad reputation to grief the place, steal items and to make both party's satisfied for revenge

  • I found a dragon egg in the nether next to a nether highway. I smacked it and it disappeared lol. Was that rare though?

  • thats fucked up that all those newbies was collateral damage

  • There was no mention of the artifacts. Were those recovered or destroyed?

  • Karma in action right here

  • Please tell me you trapped his logout spot xD

  • Things that the fallens would say: "You can build your frame, but do not grief the base" "(Got the coordinates) Finally....after years of waiting, I shall show him fear!" "Yeah! I'm thinking I'm BACK"

  • karma.

  • 6:27 That was cold...

  • Anybody know why fitmc is using an alt

  • I whoud pay to be on 2b2t with you

  • Not as dramatic as the attack on summermelon, but but.

  • popularmmos?

  • Revenge is a fools game

  • hey fitmc try to ask the server admin to allow you to use admin tool for grifing. (yes i am insane and yes i am a manic)

  • 1:08 best sponsor

  • How about Minecraft oldest communist server

  • "Remember, no enchantment table talk" -fit mcarov

  • dude congrats on 2mil!

  • by griefing this base, beardler had lost his beard

  • I feel like beardler did those crimes just to keep items for future because the bases will get destructed anyway

  • I feel that you like the number 1 2b2t minecraft youtuber

  • I think you should make a pop bob playlist I can't stop watching those videos and that would make it so much easier

  • how did horses get fixed?

  • I just stumbled on this channel & i cant stop watching. Weird thing is, i've never played minecraft in my whole life. Lol

  • U never explained why you used an alt account

  • Destroy 2b2t

  • 2:15 to skip the ad

  • 1:18 “ they aren’t prepared for whats cooming”

  • FitMC I really enjoyed this title but may I recommend a different title? I would try "Minecraft Base That Took 3 Years To Destroy". While it lacks 'The', it still gets the point across. Not only would the it possibly rank better due to 'Minecraft' being closer to the beginning of the title, but it also may capture the interest of new audience members because of the title (which leaves some questions unanswered. 👍

  • I wish I could sub twice

  • bruh that black skin is Luvonox : (

  • beardler when he enters a group: I think im bout to steal!

  • Fuze the best youtubers

  • Stop the larping

  • I am just gonna ask, but can u make a base in the void? past the bedrock? and build a bridge and break it after you got a million blocks away? I think its gonna last long since no one will suspect that there is a base in the void. But idk

  • at this point Im just concerned that maybe beardler hid the stolen items somewhere in the base and the veteran boys just bombed them accidentally...

  • I am subscribed.... Ohh... Maybe there's a bug you know ahhaa

  • Anyone noticed that when you see the thumbnail it says "GRIEFED" but when you play the video it says "REVENGE"

  • Is billion still camping the fitfam comments

  • kpopbob is a stroke of genius

  • I winced when I saw the lich king skin that popularmmos uses